Fast Food Done Right With Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
Fast food recipes done right. From fried chicken to tostada's.
#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit -

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  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez

    Ew that is not how you make a tostada, you ruined the definition. Not going to lie that popcorn looks good.

  • JohannaMueller57

    sooo faaaaast. only some hours.

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald

    His fridge is bigger than my bed

  • Nova Gaming
    Nova Gaming

    salt in pepper in cloves in

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald


  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald

    Where does he live that prawn tostadas are considered “fast food”. Where I live, real meat is a delicacy.

  • Tyrone

    Me watching while eating with deli ham and supermarket cheese made In a microwave

  • Lucky Pikachu
    Lucky Pikachu

    Best combo ever

  • Lucky Pikachu
    Lucky Pikachu

    the best and always the best gordon ramsay is always number 1# in cooking

  • U.F.O

    i could swear we have the exact same knives at home!!!!

  • Kemal Omolo
    Kemal Omolo

    piiickle rick

  • Rolando UwUr Suazo Castillo
    Rolando UwUr Suazo Castillo

    Ponga subtítulos, viejo pirujo :vv

  • Vzz T0008
    Vzz T0008

    Hello chef can you come up with a perfect recipe of "soya chunks" ?

  • Mr. Tomato Head
    Mr. Tomato Head

    Crazy to think Jack’s in the Royal Marines now

  • zackoween

    Being Gordon's kid would be amazing...Such good dinners every night

  • Keny Jaye Mylankca
    Keny Jaye Mylankca

    very cool vid..

  • DiscoCODBlake Paul
    DiscoCODBlake Paul

    This video just shows that Ramsay isn't all talk, he can cook

  • SuperCN28

    I want Gordon to say Donkey as if he was in hell kitchen

  • The life of samantha's pets
    The life of samantha's pets

    Anyone else noticed at 13:15 he talked about food but they showed the dogs 😶😐😂

  • Food Fashion
    Food Fashion

    Yammi 😋 😋

  • MyName IsJeery
    MyName IsJeery

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, is how I feel when he cooks, mainly because afterwards I'm usually hungry.

  • Johanna Jazmine Solorzano
    Johanna Jazmine Solorzano

    Alfajorge? Or alfajores?🤔

  • All Lives Matter
    All Lives Matter

    Gordon makes me so hungry. lolol

  • Sir Scorpion
    Sir Scorpion

    dude he put in salty in the popcorn while cooking and he said delicious lol lmafo

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    1:04 Diabetes? Anyone?

  • Maite Contana
    Maite Contana

    My man Ramsay prounounced Alphajoge instead of Alfajores... We STAN

  • Darebare17 ?
    Darebare17 ?

    bro he dont look old at alll

  • Mike Bass
    Mike Bass

    Дети еще маленькие, но уже толстые.

  • OhNoWh0ah

    "Knock up a salad" he said


    I love how Jack is pretending to not know things for the camera so Gordon can explain it for the audience.

  • \/

    I stopped eating meat but this made my mouth water

  • Muhammad Humza
    Muhammad Humza

    5 pieces for a family of 6 🤣

  • Justforkicks01

    Gordon’s son is literally a clone of his father 😂

  • jessica mosley shewman
    jessica mosley shewman

    And your high on something

  • jessica mosley shewman
    jessica mosley shewman

    You burnt that popcorn I seen it. It's shit Mr Ramsey. Ducking shut it down.

  • Gimbee Gaming
    Gimbee Gaming

    I would love to see him cook some vegan meals

  • Gimbee Gaming
    Gimbee Gaming

    I would love to see him cook some vegan meals

  • Why_I_Game

    Damn this all looked too good! Now I'm starving.

  • Ibrahim Atiq
    Ibrahim Atiq

    Black fried chicken by famous chef Gordon Ramsey

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh

    “Nice pinch of salt” Continues to pour a handful of salt in...

  • Javier Salazar
    Javier Salazar

    he really made 5 pieces for dinner and the son proceeds to call the whole family gordon inside “shut the fuck up its for us”

  • Góc chế tác Ốc Sên - OSF
    Góc chế tác Ốc Sên - OSF


  • Chongo Ok
    Chongo Ok

    shrimp salad is not a fast food im coming out saying that

  • Your own hangout room boooi
    Your own hangout room boooi

    Looks delicous btw👍👍👍

  • Chongo Ok
    Chongo Ok

    he dumped so much sugar into that popcorn my veins are dead

  • saitama double
    saitama double

    Happy with maggi Thankyou

  • Ramiro Cooking Show
    Ramiro Cooking Show

    "a touch of oil" So the whole bottle?

  • Ameerul Aqmal Malek
    Ameerul Aqmal Malek

    Jack is a good son.. I would bargain better than "once in a three week chicken"..

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez

    I've yet to see an episode where he makes his own tortillas. A lot of people down in MX do it, so it comes as a shocker to me he hasn't started making his own instead of eating those store bought ones cause they are garbage.

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos

    I hate watching these shows “they never share with the audience, lol. And we are the ones that give the reviews.

  • zara hana
    zara hana

    Am i the only one who's impressed with his duration with hot things like the pot is metal and the fire is low heat but he just grabbed it with bare hands like it was nothing im like-

  • Skylicity

    Brain: “it’s 2AM, please go to slee-“ My peen: 12:20

  • Michael Soroosh
    Michael Soroosh

    do we put water in with the sugr or am i just dumb

  • H0lz hacker
    H0lz hacker

    Deli olucam burda bunları izliyorum evde yemek mercimek çorbası var hayal kırıklığına uğruyorum

  • Riddhi Rahman
    Riddhi Rahman


  • Sarah Dsouza
    Sarah Dsouza

    *nose bleeds a lot* am so Hungry 😵

  • Zalsa Iva Zahra
    Zalsa Iva Zahra

    Uncle roger like it

  • Edgardo Castro
    Edgardo Castro

    Gordon:Just a pinch of salt. Also Gordon:*puts a handful of salt to the dish*

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

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  • Victor

    Olive ol

  • Byte Sized Tech
    Byte Sized Tech

    Gordon: Buttermilk relaxes the chicken... Chicken: I already died dude how much more relaxed can I get?

  • -

    oh that's a burned caramel popcorn

  • Inferno

    after this video i can enjoy my two packs of ramen

  • LUchesi

    Make sure to be careful teaching an apparently right-handed Jack left-handed cooking.



  • Reidan Tan
    Reidan Tan

    Jack: Nice

  • Sophie Bantin
    Sophie Bantin

    Why does the croissant look so weird lol

  • Niranjan Kanna
    Niranjan Kanna

    more kind of indian

  • Swauve Baal
    Swauve Baal

    This guy would be worshiped in food wars

  • Kyle Kamppi
    Kyle Kamppi

    “I’m gonna knock up a salad.” - Gordon Ramsay

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