Fast Food Employee Secrets (GAME)
Good Mythical Morning
Can we guess these shocking fast-food employee's confessions? GMM #1599
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  • Teh Hyper Gamer
    Teh Hyper Gamer

    When I read this video's title I immediately thought of: *NUMBER FIFTEEN,BURGER KING FOOT LETTUCE*

  • Elizabeth Morin
    Elizabeth Morin

    What restaurant did Christine’s character work for? Taco Bell maybe?

  • ella walsh
    ella walsh

    For the second question, I thought "I mix in my period blood into salads" lol

  • iamChristine

    Stuff like this makes me question everything now. I can’t trust hotels of restaurants. Smh🤦🏽‍♀️😤😭

  • Amy Eliza
    Amy Eliza

    Well those kids at the end eating pig brain def got the virus

  • Slater Records TV
    Slater Records TV

    i love Emily way too much.

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins

    This is why I always try to be as friendly as possible to fast food workers

  • robert wetmore
    robert wetmore

    Clipped nails was a lot cleaner than my guess.

  • Anton Prothe
    Anton Prothe

    call it fusion heheh

  • Starco Svtfoe4Life
    Starco Svtfoe4Life


  • Mike McCune
    Mike McCune

    I new right away it was a pickle I just guessed

  • reptile

    *the old green finger*

  • Damien

    Are you calling me a liar? Me - Well I ain't calling you a truther.

  • Lampshade1660

    Be kind to your Starbucks Baristas because you never know when you’ll get decaf ☕️ cheers

  • NinjaBinjaGAME

    Emily, are you doing okay?

  • Samantha Anne
    Samantha Anne

    That subway one though 😂 I can’t stand to be in the freezer for a single minute, it’s way too cold. Those people must love the cold 🥶

  • Garrett Prickett
    Garrett Prickett

    One of those people were your crew!!! >:(

  • Glass Dragon
    Glass Dragon

    Oh my gosh, give that woman (Emily, but all actors were great) an Oscar!

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21


  • Jorge Fernando Avendaño Avila
    Jorge Fernando Avendaño Avila

    Emily looks like a freak in bed yo

  • Hugh G. Rection
    Hugh G. Rection

    I knew it was a pickle

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly

    You guys should do a hotpot episode

  • High Road
    High Road

    Stop trying to make the crew stars. Just read the sentence.

  • kittyy conundrum
    kittyy conundrum

    also known as a floor croutons!

  • Cici Woods
    Cici Woods

    'I will say that mine was the one with HARD in it'

  • Emily Tyner
    Emily Tyner

    12:16 I called it just not the bread

  • Cayden Hart
    Cayden Hart

    Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh

  • Ca’Leah _x
    Ca’Leah _x

    I am ashamed for actually guessing that last one...

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Holy cow! Clipped nails disgusting

  • Riley Graves
    Riley Graves

    I got way too many of these.

  • Rose

    I knew there was a reason I don’t like subway... 🤢

  • Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video
    Let’s Get 100 Subscibers With No Video

    Was the last guy from Subway Cotton Candy Randy without a beard? It sounded like him🤔

  • Alexa Sanchez
    Alexa Sanchez


  • LoveAlways_Krissy

    I can't believe I got the last one right

  • Sara Coleman
    Sara Coleman

    Rhett: "we're playing 4 nights only" **holds up 2 fingers**

  • AleSmith

    I accidentally farted on some pizzas once when I worked at a pizza place.

    • AleSmith

      We would make the pizzas in the morning and store them in pizza coffins in the cooler, so they would be ready to pop in the oven throughout the day. The cooler was so small that when we would go into it to get something, our bodies would sometimes brush up against the coffins. I happened to be facing away from the pizzas and passed gas.

  • The Author
    The Author

    Number Fifteen: Burger King foot lettuce

  • Tim

    Rhett's reaction at 6:49 😂

  • Almost Intelligent
    Almost Intelligent

    I put salad in your toenails

  • Lucky Luxius
    Lucky Luxius

    That guy with an accent works at Texas Roadhouse.

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez

    Where does the country man work?

  • LiquidBlack Sleepsick
    LiquidBlack Sleepsick

    "I mixed in my blank blank" Me: vaginal discharge

    • TheSphinx

      Rabbit dude why would you watch this while eating? Lol it’s going to lead to nothing savory

    • MjaySenoj


    • Rabbit


    • Darrian Weathington
      Darrian Weathington

      looking at your profile pic... im not surprised you thought of that

    • bappo


  • Sadia

    A colleague once told me that at the Papa John's she used to worked at, they would regularly drink/party in the back and one time a guy puked on a pizza-making surface, wiped it down, and continued making orders 😩

  • RadenWA

    0:16 I heard "we're playing Fortnite only" 🤣

  • Punkichu

    4:39 "floor crouton" lmao

  • Glen Humphreys
    Glen Humphreys

    Salty potatoes

  • well done
    well done

    women arent funny

  • Emmy Kate
    Emmy Kate

    Hi I’m Emily love u

  • OokySpooky

    Why did I get the last one right 😂

  • Charlie Venture
    Charlie Venture

    Is it bad I got the answer right because i work at Subway??

  • D. Parks
    D. Parks

    13:16 I see that WVU hoodie "ALMOST HEAVEN, WEST VIRGINNAAAAAAA"

  • Jordanna Dilan
    Jordanna Dilan

    I actually really like link’s handwriting

  • SnowCaine 36
    SnowCaine 36

    Anyone else think Link’s shirt was for MSU at first??

  • TurtleDude PK
    TurtleDude PK

    The guy at 5:53 said he worked at Texas Roadhouse

  • Schwibbs

    Can we just take a second to appreciate at 3:03, he said “It’s no big dill” and no one noticed it...

    • Alexis Wagner
      Alexis Wagner

      I missed it till u said it

    • Ezra

      Schwibbs I missed it!!!!

  • Autumn Lewis
    Autumn Lewis

    I got the subway one spot on!! Lol

  • ihave7sacks

    Can we get an age rating at the start of your videos? So glad I didn't watch this episode with my kids . . .

  • Angelica Deranleau
    Angelica Deranleau

    As a former Subway employee, I'm over here chanting "SWORD FIGHT IN THE FREEZER WITH THE BREAD!" But I'm guessing this was 100% a Subway inside of a Walmart.

  • Mutah

    I literally just finished eating Subway.

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill

    Emily’s part was so good wow an actress

  • Jane Watson
    Jane Watson

    A local restaurant where I live was just caught washing their utensils and rags in a river behind the restaurant.

  • Ryan

    0:16 two fingers yyup that's four

  • Aurora Rose
    Aurora Rose

    6:09 why link?? I was eating spaghetti and you made me spit sauce all over myself.

  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi

    Floor crouton...... pickle pickle..... 6:09

  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi

    Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

  • N3xtF00lM4RTYR

    cockroach is one word

  • Dappie

    I wonder where they actually got their sources from.

  • RW Adendorff
    RW Adendorff

    4:56 Customer: What is this nice crunch I am feeling?

  • Jack Crow
    Jack Crow


  • Braxton Bye
    Braxton Bye

    5:49 Texas Roadhouse

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