Father, you're doing it all wrong
Bread Boys
Video idea by Jytoi Chauhan during the video idea competition
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    Son:What are you doing?STOOOOOOP Me:laughs until almost dead lol

  • Kristal285

    What gun was that

  • Pyrite Pirate39
    Pyrite Pirate39

    Why do you already have a shell for it. Famous last words

  • 540VarialHunter

    Huh... Each generation has a smaller caliber. These genes water down FAST! If you know what I mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tuấn vũ anh Phạm
    Tuấn vũ anh Phạm

    how can i buy that helmet

  • Anime Potato
    Anime Potato

    Father’s father: *gently taps* here use this

  • Ryan the nightguard
    Ryan the nightguard

    How did he get a 40mm grenade launcher when they are like a million dollars I’ve been trying to get one for like 500 years now and I still can’t get one

  • Crippled Corey
    Crippled Corey

    You fool! Holy water won’t help, the sun will provide

  • Uyen Thu
    Uyen Thu

    I’m love how the ‘farther’ alway had a gun XD


    5 secs before die moments

  • Dogeboy062 2
    Dogeboy062 2

    Why does fathers father sound like Hank from king of the hill

  • MyLifeIsWeird

    There multiplying. There are so many

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin

    Are you dens?

  • Naz does stuff
    Naz does stuff

    Grandfather sounds younger than father

  • Charles Bean
    Charles Bean

    There's 3 now!?

  • Kalvin187 Douglas
    Kalvin187 Douglas

    I love sibling rivalry for the affection of the father

  • Arik _
    Arik _

    What makes me a good demoman?

  • Saying_things YT
    Saying_things YT

    I know what air soft gun that is too

  • Nibras Yunus
    Nibras Yunus

    by writing the date as mm/dd/yy we get: 1/21/21 or 12121

  • Jack DeSessa
    Jack DeSessa

    Pulls out 4 gauge

  • Zero fds
    Zero fds

    Lil Peep

  • Arizona Ranger
    Arizona Ranger

    Using an under Barre m203 grenade launcher as a primary. Truly genius

  • PoKeInG MaN
    PoKeInG MaN

    It just like father and father

  • Luke Bykov
    Luke Bykov

    Fathers fathers father: son, i don't understand why teaching your son to use a m203 on his son is a good punishment. Use a better weapon(gives him an m249). Son: crap

  • Patt45

    "ay father i got you some water" *SMACK* "WHY THANK YOU"

  • sniper iraq
    sniper iraq

    Dad i swear 🤬🤬

  • Meme_dude83

    How the Frick did he get a M203 Grenade launcher off the HandGuard.

  • Zachary James
    Zachary James

    Why do you already ready have a shell for that, NOOOOOO

  • Stronger Than You Undertale
    Stronger Than You Undertale

    Holy water when gets freezed... Holy ice.

  • The Enlightenment Show
    The Enlightenment Show

    it-my.com/watchchannel/UCz2bCFUVDAxQHy3JuDesUag?sub_ confirmation=1

  • Triple plunger
    Triple plunger

    famous last sentece: why do u already have it shell for it, STOOOOOO-

  • iliketrainsornot

    Deus vult

  • Anita Remenárová
    Anita Remenárová

    SCP-777: Consists of Son, Father and Father father also known as the Holy Trinity.

  • Tord The Communist
    Tord The Communist

    when u see a toxic my pov: 0:44

  • yaree zap
    yaree zap

    U S E A B E T T E R W E A P O N

  • hayden holmstrom
    hayden holmstrom

    *Grandpa bread exists* *My confused brain cause i thought papa bread was the oldest thing ever*

  • Incin Corp CEO
    Incin Corp CEO

    I love how genuine the "why do you already have a shell for it" is

  • Hassan Mo
    Hassan Mo

    0:29 Isn't that a stand to hold up a music book

  • Person

    Why did I get a Christian dating app ad before this video

  • Pestilence

    wonder where he puts that shell when its not being used

  • DarkMatterBacon


  • Me Get noob
    Me Get noob

    Bruh son is more like a player and father is more like an NPC

  • Sernade Nad
    Sernade Nad


  • M.C

    my disappointment

  • Pizza Play
    Pizza Play

    Two fathers and two sons

  • ꧁༒infinity nicolas༒꧂
    ꧁༒infinity nicolas༒꧂

    bruh what the hell is that jacket saying my dude

  • Neemias Guedes
    Neemias Guedes

    Are you wearing the peep thing?

  • Dylan O' Shea
    Dylan O' Shea

    The part that gets me is son's manly scream.

  • nightcore lucario
    nightcore lucario

    you get holy water by boiling the hell out of it. that's literally the opposite of holy water

  • Mecha Team Leader
    Mecha Team Leader

    Father is reaching the point where he will use a Minigun

  • ScarredEyeAlex

    What is that, seriously?

  • Crusader Boi
    Crusader Boi

    Should have used the holy hand Grenade

  • Sant kumar Singh
    Sant kumar Singh

    Templar father😂😂

  • Prime Aggravator
    Prime Aggravator

    I never realized how much I needed this in my life 😂 thank you bread boys i am complete.


    Oh no

  • Gary Ghuman
    Gary Ghuman

    My guys dad plays too much cod bo1 that he carries around a China lake in his pocket in real life

  • Perfectly Flawed - N _
    Perfectly Flawed - N _

    Lil peep ♡

  • Reid Foote
    Reid Foote

    To be continued

  • Ruilong Zhang
    Ruilong Zhang

    Is that a really 40mm grenade launcher???????

    • CrazyGamer Gacha23
      CrazyGamer Gacha23

      Yes technically because it is for a airsoft gun I own the same type used in this video for airsoft people get mad a lot of the time when you angle blast a room with one though

  • Trey Marcum
    Trey Marcum

    Nah the grandfather only speak latin

  • OttoLoader


  • epic -
    epic -

    That is a under barrel Granada launcher which if you shoot the helmet will explode and kill everyone in that room.

  • Jabba Your typical Star Wars worm
    Jabba Your typical Star Wars worm


  • haunted medic
    haunted medic

    Like father like son oh god the son will grow up to be like his father. Hold up! Where's the mother? [Sorry if that's a sensitive subject or if you don't one]

  • El Pepe
    El Pepe

    This are the times when son died l l V

  • Данило громяк
    Данило громяк

    Holy water.

    • CrazyGamer Gacha23
      CrazyGamer Gacha23

      Я нашел свой народ

  • its Fuzzyy
    its Fuzzyy

    What are you doing? STAHPPPPP

  • Stressmelo

    Me: playing age of empires 2 going to battle my 2 Teutonic knights in the corner that i forgot about:

  • Ebraw Ebraw
    Ebraw Ebraw


  • Revenant

    "It was at this moment - he knew - he fucked up"

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