FC Barcelona 1 - 3 Real Madrid - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - (10/24/2020)
Real Madrid claimed a 3-1 win over Barcelona at Camp Nou in the season's first El Clasico.
El Real Madrid se quedó con esta edición histórica de El Clásico con goles de Modric, Ramos y Valverde.
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  • Wilson Signor
    Wilson Signor

    Barca is falling off lately

  • Matheo Rodriguez
    Matheo Rodriguez

    Where's the foul on Messi?

  • Aneesh

    Courtois's save @2:47 is legendary...he was wrong footed and dived to his left instinctively!! So epic. That could have changed things...had to watch it several times...kudos!

  • Willie Guzman
    Willie Guzman

    The Shakiro Pique leaks more than the Exxon Valdez.

  • Kemal Jaramio
    Kemal Jaramio

    And technically Barcelona no seatbelt was going to take any kombucha my whole castle

  • Kemal Jaramio
    Kemal Jaramio

    Philippe Coutinho know Sylvan was Barcelona

  • Kemal Jaramio
    Kemal Jaramio

    Gerardo PK not Sueno Park Barcelona

  • Hugo Figueroa
    Hugo Figueroa

    The madrid player did hand the ball in the area and everyone saw it and refered to the ref. Why the referee did not consult it to (Var) as he did when Ramos dove to get a penalty???? I dont understand how the var works if they should resolve all critical plays when ref cant??????? Does any one know it????

  • AbisonDaGoat

    it was a good game but I mean cmon barca had to have won a penalty for Varane's handball, even Ray Hudson was surprised it wasn't rewarded a penalty. Luka Modric's goal was amazing though, the best goal of the game without a doubt.

  • Pierre Elyass
    Pierre Elyass

    barca unl

  • Hugo Figueroa
    Hugo Figueroa

    If the madrid defender did hand the ballk the

  • screamsaeed

    Pathetic biased commentators for Madrid. Annoying voices also.

  • nickslessons04

    6:18 Mr Pickford you see here the goalkeeper actually attempted to go for the ball 🤙👌🧐

  • why bother
    why bother

    Sooner or later, Real will lose Ramos and Barca, Messi. RIP El Clasico 💀

  • Aishik Chakraborty
    Aishik Chakraborty

    "Twisting and turning like an alligator with an itch"

  • chamakh

    It was all stragedy by Zidane thats why he used a different line up against Shaktar yeah they lost because he didn't want koeman to knew what line line up he was going to use. Zidane is a brillant coach.

  • sadPEEP

    Sergio ramos is a bastard 😂

  • Diego Pons
    Diego Pons

    ¡Hinchando comó nunca por el Real Madrid en el Clasíco! 🇺🇾 🇺🇾 🇺🇾 Barça se merece esta y muchas más derrotas en la temporada.

  • Jamshidbek Jamoldinov
    Jamshidbek Jamoldinov

    But the game was Barca’s

  • xd Sagii
    xd Sagii

    Fair play to madrid. Loss is a loss

  • Juan Nicolas
    Juan Nicolas

    Pique out and glenlet they are too old for barcelona pique the worst i tought he says he's the first one to get out

  • Geovanni Campos
    Geovanni Campos

    Vamos real Madrid

  • Zisan Dabhi
    Zisan Dabhi

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  • Am E.
    Am E.

    Keepers played this match.

  • LiUnderground

    Besides the Spain national team, Pique also needs to retire from whatever planet Ramos is from.

  • El Yisus official 7w7
    El Yisus official 7w7

    Primero en celta después en Getafe y ahora en madrid, grande los árbitros, penales?? Psss es el Barcelona que se JODA

  • GodR GodR
    GodR GodR

    Messi so disappointed and sad. he should've left this summer.

  • Mustafa Hussaini
    Mustafa Hussaini

    Modric should definitely get a chance in the starting line up. he has proved it many many times

  • Juan Lovo
    Juan Lovo

    R.I.P Barca 😂😂🤣🤣😭

  • Carlos Cervantes
    Carlos Cervantes

    Koeman please leave

  • Emmanuel Enyinwa
    Emmanuel Enyinwa

    "Pique's play will do the talking on the pitch." Koeman. Ah, you might want to rethink that, Boomer. Pique had a hand (literally) on all the Madrid goals.

  • EEmeldo Bautista
    EEmeldo Bautista

    Wow, wow! The third what a beautiful goal... 😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Barragan
    Aaron Barragan

    No wonder Barca lost they have Neto in net🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Max888

    That Penalty changed everything.!! Barca was playing better but after that penalty the mood of the the team changed .!!!

  • Cody

    Barca need to get a new cb already 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Koffy Kingy
    Koffy Kingy

    Neto definitely saved Barca from crying, after the first goal, I said damnn, it's cause there's no Ter Stegen, but then I watched and saw the real legend Neto was. Well done to Real and I hope we can win the next one 😔

  • halfwaydowntheroad

    Dumb ass Messi should've left that shitty team when he threatened to. Should've taken them to court. Hopefully he leaves at the next chance and goes to a real Champions League contender.

  • Kodier

    Busquets played real bad today. Where’s Pianic?

  • Arthur Tarwo
    Arthur Tarwo

    If you will retain old players why sold Louise Swaray? This is just the beginning of our disgrace.

  • mg natural
    mg natural

    Koeman doesn't want to win this match. 4 - 4 - 2 would much better.

  • Juhjay Brums
    Juhjay Brums


  • RâjiBelgium

    Barcelona got these exceptional goalkeepers but that doesn't help in stopping them from conceding

  • Isai Aparicio
    Isai Aparicio

    If you don’t want a penalty then don’t grab the damn jersey.

  • David Godoy
    David Godoy

    The future of Barcelona, losing in big games

  • George Sanchez
    George Sanchez

    Vinicius Jr might not have scored and even gave away a few simple passes but his workrates were incredible. He ran all game and put in a shift defensively.

  • C Burns
    C Burns

    Why put a spoiler in the title?

  • BlueShift36

    horrendous finishing on both sides, game could have easily been 6-6 or higher

  • Torres-Kun

    Messi should genuinely stop playing good. Sucks he was forced to stay.

  • Hansly Vieux
    Hansly Vieux

    Where is Ter stegen?

  • Enrique Franco
    Enrique Franco

    Messi is y’all goat? LOL “It’s a team game,” “no help from his team” Yeah yeah shut up

  • Tom Boston
    Tom Boston

    Messi wishing he left

  • HiXen

    What’s the point of putting dembele in the last 2 minutes. how stupid.

  • King Andy921
    King Andy921

    I’m sorry but there have been worst fouls and you call that penalty.

  • justin paris Imbert
    justin paris Imbert

    That lost is purely on Koeman. No reason to not react after your team went down to 2-1.

  • leejuro

    When Barca will learn that their defense is pathetic?

  • rejeebush

    I forgot there was el classico today. Khabib time baby

  • Tom Boston
    Tom Boston

    Why is this commentator still here bruh. He makes so many dumbass analogies

  • T K
    T K

    Modric for ballon d’or!

  • Manny Cacho
    Manny Cacho

    Modric you a G dude not even a Madrid fan but I love this man fucken class he his

  • Adib Rahman
    Adib Rahman

    Messi needs to leave Barca asap

  • Aziz Akhmedov
    Aziz Akhmedov

    Is it just me or that commentator is annoying as F! Lol

  • Daniel de los Santos
    Daniel de los Santos

    Where is Suarez? He'a always doing noting, :D

  • Nicholas Farmen
    Nicholas Farmen

    Pique hasn’t been good in a fat minute... almost as bad as vidal. And put Griezmann on the pitch, ay?

  • alvaro.chileno

    Messi is heading for retirement with the way he's playing

  • Humzah Hassan
    Humzah Hassan

    So whose the announcer’s cocaine dealer?

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh

    Neto saved barca actually

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    Hahahaha Barcelona and Real Madrid are the living shit right now, with this match everyone’s going to forget about madrid being shit and Barca is gonna make the same mistakes. This match was too see who was the worse team of both, Bayern right now would be happy if they get both these teams as rivals, everyone know would love to face them instead of Sevilla

  • Nicholas Farmen
    Nicholas Farmen

    Benzema misses some damn easy goals... reminds me of cavani


    Ramos: say no . Messi: say thank you . But courtoi ; say not today 😂🤣

  • Emanuel Ramos
    Emanuel Ramos

    Roy Hudson is honestly one of the best commentators to listen too. Really makes la liga more exciting.

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