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We've got #fails to fill your Monday blues! Tickle your funny bone with these #funnyfails and try not to laugh lol. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that will get you through the weekend with a laugh 😆 Which #fails made you LOL the hardest?

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  • Lil Cupid
    Lil Cupid


    • Lil Cupid
      Lil Cupid


    • Lil Cupid
      Lil Cupid


  • Lamia Hasan
    Lamia Hasan

    Who wants to earn $200 daily with your smart phone.....inbox me


    Escalators are one of the nastiest, germ - ridden things there is

  • Israel Santos
    Israel Santos

    Break face Hhhahahaha.

  • Jacob Feldman
    Jacob Feldman

    Crazy gymnastics fails and fancy tricks have gone viral!

  • Jaakko Pitkänen
    Jaakko Pitkänen

    There are some funny fails but stupidity is now reason to laugh.

  • Tuva Andersson
    Tuva Andersson

    I coming from Sweden 🇸🇪

  • F en el chat
    F en el chat


  • Aleksa plays
    Aleksa plays

    ꙅbɿɒw ʞɔɒd ᴎi ꙅi ꙅiʜƚ

  • Mad Videos
    Mad Videos

    Man: I am born to fly Plank: I am going to destroy this man's behind 1:39

  • Mad Videos
    Mad Videos

    Friend on the swing: timing is everything Me: 0:05 bruh I live my life by timing. Lemme show you..

  • Kinda Track
    Kinda Track

    And 3:35

  • Kinda Track
    Kinda Track

    Why???😂😂 3:30

  • Vovo Bani
    Vovo Bani

    its not funny to see people falling for me unless they fall maybe in a new way that I haven't seen

  • R M
    R M

    These are stupid

  • Summer Yang
    Summer Yang

    0:51 when me and my friend are bored

  • Brooklynn Eby
    Brooklynn Eby


  • Andrea Dt
    Andrea Dt

    Geniales 🤣🤣🤣!!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😘💖🇦🇷

  • Syd Hoover
    Syd Hoover

    What on earth is going on...

  • man jared
    man jared

    Has the video with the dog and tail 1:52 been on the TV AFV?

  • Mohamed Elsherbiny
    Mohamed Elsherbiny

    that dog is smart/impressive

    • 2big 2fail
      2big 2fail

      see, i was thinking how dumb does an animal have to be to be made such a fool of ... but thats another take

  • Leah

    0:40 when you live in Colorado

    • loser on the internet lol
      loser on the internet lol

      I'm a giraffe

  • meesersuperman

    soo when do we wanna revolt and demand they stop reusing old videos???

  • Madison Baxter
    Madison Baxter

    You used to ride like a metro

  • Bestran 2002
    Bestran 2002

    Purak nga buah

  • 0UnterhaltungTV


  • Make me Happy
    Make me Happy

    Oh god it hurts 🤣

  • Kay Chez
    Kay Chez

    So do we have an update on if 2:32 is even alive?

    • America's Funniest Home Videos
      America's Funniest Home Videos

      Humility took the hit for her 😂

  • Bam BamTv
    Bam BamTv

    0:01 “This is How I slide on your DMs” 😂

  • The pug family Australia
    The pug family Australia

    I'm just here shamelessly looking for subs. ♥️💐😁👍💐💐♥️👍👍🤪😂😎👍😁💐👍🤪🤪💐💐👍😎🤪😁💐♥️😎🤪🤪😁💐♥️♥️. If everyone reading this comment pop's over and gives me a sub it would be much appreciated.

  • Crazy Pancake
    Crazy Pancake


  • barbaranne boyer
    barbaranne boyer

    just wondering how many had severe head tramma,spinral cord injuries, broken bones.. can't watch anymore cheers

    • 2big 2fail
      2big 2fail

      is that why you can't spell? head ... Tramma? hehehe, too funny

  • Hurricaneplays

    0:20 lady in background is like idc that you fell.

  • Fernanda Rivera
    Fernanda Rivera

    Jajajaja Fernanda Rivera Luisa María lulu99 videos de lulu99

  • mary Huke
    mary Huke

    0:43 ARE THEY INSANE ????!!!!

    • America's Funniest Home Videos
      America's Funniest Home Videos

      Winter does weird things to people, lol ❄️

  • mary Huke
    mary Huke

    first one : hes goona fall......oh cool

  • Vadim Schubernel
    Vadim Schubernel


  • Seret Dhanoa
    Seret Dhanoa

    6:48 And that kids, was how I met your mother

  • Seret Dhanoa
    Seret Dhanoa


  • Василий Попов
    Василий Попов

    0:55 Когда была резкая смена кадров, я испугался!

  • Zeus De Niro
    Zeus De Niro


  • Mind Mesh
    Mind Mesh

    8:07……Well, she was right! She did make a strike...When she struck the floor!!!

    • Ivy The Blind Husky
      Ivy The Blind Husky

      @America's Funniest Home Videos haha...no trash cans needed to predict this one lol 😅😅

    • Mind Mesh
      Mind Mesh

      America's Funniest Home Videos …Ha!!!…Spot on!!!…Man, I could be the Bob Sagget!!!

    • America's Funniest Home Videos
      America's Funniest Home Videos

      A strike, AFV style 😆


    So good

  • Dave&Tam Forever
    Dave&Tam Forever

    1:30 Wow😳 that was awesome 6:05 😂 7:23 👍 nice

  • Popular Allen
    Popular Allen

    I would appreciate it if someone could view my channel :)

  • Emma Sanford
    Emma Sanford

    A lot of these look like painful wipeouts

  • Yazid Gouri
    Yazid Gouri


  • DailyFunny

    Love this video, i have a funny video compilation on my channel, check it out, thanks :)

  • Movie Star
    Movie Star


  • Amanda Dike
    Amanda Dike


  • Amanda Dike
    Amanda Dike

    Thanks for letting him know 😊😊😊 i

    • Amanda Dike
      Amanda Dike


  • Гриша Гапон
    Гриша Гапон

    Даже не знаю, что больше вызывает извержение рвотных масс: сам костюм динозавра или поведение в кадре идиота сидящего в нём.

  • Lucy Beebe
    Lucy Beebe

    0:23 oh my God is that a brick???😫

    • šñāķê boy
      šñāķê boy

      23 second into the video someone already breaks there nose!

    • šñāķê boy
      šñāķê boy

      Yes btw

  • Rinalds Staņevičus
    Rinalds Staņevičus


  • Zhanna Doran
    Zhanna Doran

    I thought the little kid was gonna go help and comfort his dad who just broke the trampoline and fell but ok 😂 Edit: Thx, this is the most likes I have ever got!

  • Zhanna Doran
    Zhanna Doran

    Dog and tail one👌🏻

  • Zhanna Doran
    Zhanna Doran

    I liked every single comment before me, do me a favour and like mine?

  • Zhanna Doran
    Zhanna Doran

    I’m the 32nd comment

  • Zhanna Doran
    Zhanna Doran

    So annoying how people turn the camera off as if they gonna go help the person who failed, 😔

  • Haley Sanchez
    Haley Sanchez

    Cool I’m here pretty early

  • BillyTheHardcoreGamer

    First one was not a fail

  • evolet nunez
    evolet nunez


  • MOUSUMI Sopner Tara
    MOUSUMI Sopner Tara


  • Neilton Farias Filho
    Neilton Farias Filho

    Thank you 😂😂😂😂😂 obrigado!

  • Fun World
    Fun World

    NYC keep it up

  • Marc Tompkins
    Marc Tompkins

    Time stamp. 1:35 and 6:56. 9:56

  • mayogamercool 467
    mayogamercool 467

    I like the video but sometimes I poop my pants

  • Sean Rosenau
    Sean Rosenau

    How was the first one a fail? Love AFV. LOL.

    • Jack Malik
      Jack Malik

      Sean Rosenau I was thinking the same thing.

  • fernando haguiwara
    fernando haguiwara

    Lol 😂😂😂

  • leonardo antonio Carmona
    leonardo antonio Carmona

    muy buen video, jajajajajaja. saludos...

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