FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football
Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world.
Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early :
VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe.
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    Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20

    • REDKIRB Y 20
      REDKIRB Y 20

      Fifa is a bad game

    • EckToR

      "Break" the Game mode! No Support. Nice EA

    • Lino Gomes
      Lino Gomes


    • Hinter Gamer
      Hinter Gamer

      Before you add new stuff fix what you “created” so far

    • yt dunkzee
      yt dunkzee

      So I figured I would tell u on here because I can’t log onto the website so I lost my Daniel James that I had done challenges for and now I have restarted Fifa several times and he’s not coming through so if u could help me my Xbox name is yt dunkzee and my Fifa team name starts with De Ligt Thankyou for reading please can u help

  • utsa karmakar
    utsa karmakar

    Tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok

  • digga dee
    digga dee

    Imma tell my kids this was pes

  • PS_SN07 Gaming
    PS_SN07 Gaming

    Qui parles Français

  • ToMMy

    No zajebista ta volta XDDDD

  • Liam


  • Zetz

    Whose here from 2022?

  • Mori Camara
    Mori Camara

    Who's here after fifa 21 reveal trailer and think Fifa trailers are getting worse year by year since fifa 17?

  • SK9HDr

    Who else is here after seeing Fifa 21 trailer ?

    • Loveeurofootball

      I love the song.

  • Abstract

    I’m here just before eaplay

  • fraserjj14

    EA Sports... Teaching children to gamble and destroying lives since 2009

  • Andee Elikem
    Andee Elikem

    I'm from the future..... People will come flooding here with "FIFA 21" comments

  • Jason Selvadurai
    Jason Selvadurai

    Whens fifa 21 coming

    • Oum 3imad
      Oum 3imad


  • Melvyn Mze
    Melvyn Mze


  • Ali Adem
    Ali Adem

    Where is the Fifa 21 trailer

    • Arran Coleman
      Arran Coleman


  • Ujjwal Garg
    Ujjwal Garg

    No one cares about volta mode.

  • Reid McEvoy
    Reid McEvoy

    Guys, DON'T BUY FIFA 21. It will be the same game that we all rage at constantly. You will spend money on packs just to get a rigged goal against you in the 90th minute and you will break something and then buy more packs and get mad again. Video games are meant to be fun. This one isn't. If enough of us don't give them our money they will notice and have to make a good and fun game again. Please oh please, I beg of you #BoycottFIFA

  • Nath CPR
    Nath CPR

    The fact that this vid has 6.9 m views is inspiring.


    Use this as a ”fix FIFA button”.

  • Susan Nassar
    Susan Nassar

    Please remove all this phon

  • clodz gaming
    clodz gaming

    Who is here during lockdown trying to figure out whether there will be an upcoming trailer for fifa 21

    • Kraze

      @juloel smonk cos of ea play. It was today but got delayed until next Thursday now. Ea play is on the 18th.

    • juloel smonk
      juloel smonk

      Kraze how do you know?

    • clodz gaming
      clodz gaming

      @Kraze I'm excited but not excited at the same time

    • Kraze

      Next Thursday

  • Prox Fix
    Prox Fix

    Fans= fix the career mode Tik tok = please make music EA= TIKTOKTIKTOKTIKOKTIKTOK

  • س ل
    س ل

    Oriental music

  • Kimbo Slice
    Kimbo Slice

    Worst Game ever so many Problems. After 12 years fifa, i will never buy it again

    • Reid McEvoy
      Reid McEvoy

      Same man. Let's #boycottFIFA and maybe something will change. 🙏please oh please🙏

  • mario508 vlog & gaming
    mario508 vlog & gaming

    FIFA Street is back baby I love it and I want it

  • Benjamin Adjadj
    Benjamin Adjadj

    Who was afraid in 0:49 when the ball comes to you?

  • T3lda

    Worst FIFA ever :)

    • Param Singh
      Param Singh

      T3lda For gameplay, Fifa 17, in terms of the community and the servers this one

  • GuilleGR

    Volta is sh*t

  • Xmelo _13
    Xmelo _13


    • Oum 3imad
      Oum 3imad

      @Reid McEvoy we gonna don't give our money btw fifa 21 is gonna be good we still had Volta football and maybe they fix career mode

    • Reid McEvoy
      Reid McEvoy

      Don't buy it. Please. This game and this company is so bad. It could be so much better. If we don't give them our money they will realize they need to make a change and we may have a fun game again

  • 2K VXLTA
    2K VXLTA

    Ah can't wait for FIFA battle royale



  • Apata Bayode
    Apata Bayode

    Hello guys!! Play me on fifa 20 ORIGIN username: iamdrhock PS: any lady fifa player out there? Add me...

  • SuperClasherWar FIFA And PES Tutorial
    SuperClasherWar FIFA And PES Tutorial

    Guys Watch At 0.25x Speed And See This Clip 0:34

  • Rene Garcias
    Rene Garcias

    The game mode is absolutely trash, it’s to defensive, very, very slow, the players feels so heavy. This time PES won easily, and I am a FIFA suporter, buy this time EA did a bad bad bad job.

  • Leonardo Avila
    Leonardo Avila

    Puto ataque de epilepsia sufrí bro

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos

    a marcaçao no fifa 20 ta muito ruim, consertem por favor



  • wael eljihad
    wael eljihad

    Molto bello

  • onur kumru
    onur kumru

    00:34 fail 00:34 hata

  • Vfb 1893 canstat
    Vfb 1893 canstat


  • leop

    jugue con Uruguay la selección no tiene un jugador , flamengo tampoco se pasaron

  • axelino.15

    Like volta


    Fix your gameplay worst game ever

  • Jordan Chiappetta
    Jordan Chiappetta

    Fifa 21 should bring back multiple players on the cover.

  • JR. Games
    JR. Games

    FIFA trash 🤢🤮

  • Soccer Tournament
    Soccer Tournament

    برشلونة ضد اليوفنتوس .. 😳 هزيمة ساحقة Bar vs Uvi - 6:2 😳

  • LucAS POKER_man
    LucAS POKER_man

    Cel mai dezgustator joc ever , Liverpool asta e prea avantajata in acest joc de kkt👎


    Buenas amigos no e podido iniciar fifa no sincroniza con mis datos ya esto me paso en una cuenta anterior y fue hackeada y no me solucionaron el problema lo q hicieron fue bloquearme la cuenta de verdad estoy muy molesto porq perdí una cuenta muy antigua de origin sin q me dieran solución y ahora esta cuenta muestra los mismo síntomas q la anterior señores yo necesito solución sobre mi problema ya esta es mi segunda cuenta yo no juego UT solo juego Clubes Pro y estoy en una liga latinoamericana la cual esta en curso en este momento necesito solución rápida a mi problema porq ya es la segunda vez q ocurre y de verdad estoy muy molesto tengo todos las seguridades activas y siguen ocurriendo estas fallas de seguridad. mi cuenta actual es: Wizzardven la bloqueada que no solucionaron y bloqueron es: Wizzardve se les agradece solventar este problema.

  • AmaanYT

    Time traveler:let’s go back to 2014 when fifa was good

  • TryhardGamer- Francisco
    TryhardGamer- Francisco

    The song was lit tbh

  • Everything Football
    Everything Football

    What I don't understand is how i play against top of the table and beat them 3-0 scoring my only 3 shots of the game, but then when I play a team in a relegation battle I have 20 shots and they score a shite goal in the 90th minute and win 1-0. Pls Explain EA

  • HRmist rl
    HRmist rl


  • MrvJcksn


  • Tuk Tour Portugal
    Tuk Tour Portugal

    ea sport fifa yu foken

  • Andrei Cristian Parlea
    Andrei Cristian Parlea

    May I suggest a referee career in fifa 21, please and thank you

  • Jojo 11
    Jojo 11

    Ea Server gehen nicht was da los ?

  • Darwen Gonçalves
    Darwen Gonçalves

    Jogo lixo! FIFA da EA é muito lixo!

  • Gd pedro Rodríguez clan
    Gd pedro Rodríguez clan

    Y la juve

  • Pedro Nogueira
    Pedro Nogueira

    Jogo lixo. E pior q ainda tem otário que nem eu aqui q achava q ia melhorar......não compro mais. Mas estão pouco se lixando pra isso né.

  • Cesar Leroy
    Cesar Leroy

    Skate 4

  • Pemba Mpakateni
    Pemba Mpakateni

  • Eier Kopf
    Eier Kopf

    Tut mir leid das wars bei Fifa bin ich raus Ist nicht normal was ihr mit dieser Spielreihe gemacht habt Es war mal so ein schönes Spiel aber jetzt kotzt man beim WL spielen einfach nur noch in die Ecke Fifa 21 kommt nicht in meinen wahrenkorb Tschüssi ✌

  • Drippy spaff
    Drippy spaff

    This had so much hype for absolutely not reason

  • King Kong
    King Kong

    Your game is not even working, it freezes all the time

  • Letif Rehmanov
    Letif Rehmanov


  • Valentin Dumitru
    Valentin Dumitru

    The music of TikTok:)))

  • Yannella Parrales
    Yannella Parrales

    Por que solo cuando Ecuador pasa a los mundiales lo licencian

  • FaZeKasper 09
    FaZeKasper 09

    Nice vidio

  • Ivan Yates
    Ivan Yates

    My game crashed twice on squad battles and I lost 0-3 in each game while at the start I was 2-0 and 5-0 up

  • Davi Ciciliotti
    Davi Ciciliotti

    Why don't tou stop rushing into IT-myrs that desagree about some things in the game

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