FIFA 21 | Official Gameplay Trailer
Get rewarded for your creativity and control with new gameplay features in FIFA 21:
On the street and in the stadium, see what's new in FIFA 21:
FIFA 21 releases October 9, 2020. Pre-order the Ultimate Edition before August 14th for an untradeable Ones to Watch player for your FUT 21 team:
Entitle for FIFA 21 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before the release of FIFA 22 and upgrade your game for the equivalent next generation console (Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5) at no additional cost:
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    • Luigi Iannucci
      Luigi Iannucci

      Avete rovinato quel poco d'Italia che c'era su FIFA

    • Michael

      Not after you guys ruined fifa 20 with the awful defense.

    • Shawn Fernandez 12
      Shawn Fernandez 12

      Your games are rubbish

    • Marcelo Fojo
      Marcelo Fojo


    • alvaro.chileno

      Fix your game

  • Conor Patrick
    Conor Patrick

    Love the new update for fifa 17

  • mbappe169 7
    mbappe169 7

    This sounds difficult

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar

    Nintendo Switch :( just why if we could get Doom Eternal and other great games why can't y'all do the same

  • javier cano
    javier cano

    Fifa debería arreglar el gran problema que existe en el modo carrera DT, cuando diriges la selección mexicana(en mi caso) siempre se saltea mínimo un mundial, eso me viene pasando desde fifa 18

  • Diogo Apolinario
    Diogo Apolinario

    FIFA 17 ops...FIFA 21 👍

  • FernanGamer HD Modzz
    FernanGamer HD Modzz

    deseando que llegue ya el dia de comprarlo

  • Surapob Napawarastien
    Surapob Napawarastien

    Football circus

  • Sayed sultan M
    Sayed sultan M

    We need a first person soccer game

  • LtMadJack 98
    LtMadJack 98

    why buy this game when you can just play the game from last year which is the same

  • VR Sofa
    VR Sofa

    "Can't spell Steal without EA"

  • Liam

    This is next gen? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Kavya Pokharel
    Kavya Pokharel

    Fifa 21 .... more like.... Premier league 21

  • Stan Ryazantsev
    Stan Ryazantsev

    Cut the dribblers please. Absolutely unbalanced with new type of defending. Nowadays every freak that doesn't understand how to play football can score using only the dribbling. And you didn't do anything about different experience you have when you play different modes. Why it is so DIFFERENT? Even the speed, tackling etc. Example: When you play single mode - it is one Fifa and when you play with your friend in one team - it is absolutely different FIfa...

  • Azeem Khan
    Azeem Khan

    Ain't you gonna sub to this egg ?

  • Mohammad Abdul
    Mohammad Abdul


  • NotKedavra A
    NotKedavra A

    2:07 RIP FIFA MOMENTS :(

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    Not realistic enough, they need to remove the crowds ;)

  • Скрудж Магдак
    Скрудж Магдак

    в фифа надо пофиксить товарещеские матчи не на своих стадионах, а на других, и стадион такой старенький + болельщиков надо ооочень мало,а то товарещеские матчи а полные трибуны

  • ahmed alkhalde
    ahmed alkhalde

    It will be a trash same as 2020

  • Jaick 101
    Jaick 101

    The gameplay looks so bad, trash as always

  • Marvin Lemus
    Marvin Lemus

    Lmao nothing changes in this game no more. They literally just added new celebrations haha

  • DestroyPlayz

    This could just be a update to fifa 20, its not worth full price.

  • Richie Rifle
    Richie Rifle

    Fifa 17.05 update...... Get rid of frostbite and it's buggy animation garbage!!

  • Richie Rifle
    Richie Rifle

    Dude every defender in fifa 20 already blocks like Van Dijk how about you nerf blocking as its an RNG no skill occurrence? *EA:* But how will we make money if we don't slowly buff defending over the course of each Fifa to encourage people to spend money on better players to break down the bus?

  • Pek Vek
    Pek Vek

    EA focuses 90% of its work force to improve menus and scoring celebrations. Core gameplay is button smashing

  • Jomh

    Konami pse2021 it look better then fifa 21 Konami makes it more real then fifa21

  • AscoRe14

    Only new thing is blue vs red

  • cool_mind

    why are next gen graphics not at all better than last gen?

  • DJ Haleh Sultanpour
    DJ Haleh Sultanpour

  • Noble Society FIFA Recruiter
    Noble Society FIFA Recruiter

    Keep uploading some more good content 🙏🙏

  • naaman kisby
    naaman kisby

    "This year we've introduced headers into the game"

  • Emanuele SANTAERA
    Emanuele SANTAERA

    Voglia la serie b

  • HypnovaFPS

    *Same game every year*

  • Brian

    Players still look like they are gliding on the pitch. Something Konami got right since 2011

  • ProPain

    Just like PS2 PS3 now is the time for ps4 as fifa and WWE games will comes for formality without any updated graphics for 2 3 years and after that no fifa and WWE or anyother game for ps4 .

  • Shakirin Sabran
    Shakirin Sabran

    What i ca say, pes more better than fifaaaaaaaa

  • Yxng Play
    Yxng Play

    Loved it 🎮🎮🎮🎮⚽️🎮🎮⚽️

  • Turningedge 58
    Turningedge 58

    cant wait to play

  • Martin Sanner
    Martin Sanner

    Compren el fifa 21 en pc

  • Hypnotic

    oh wow, they can update rosters, change menu colors and add different penalty mechanics, so good so far 10 years the same, conclusion: millions for a few days work..

  • GDXD

    Its literally the same fucking game every year

  • Az0rian77

    So long story short same game has last year minors some tweaks! No thanks

  • Hamburg E.A
    Hamburg E.A

    Kein Spiel ist so realitätsfern wie Fifa. In einem realen Fußballspiel sieht man maximal 2-3 Tricks und das meistens von den Stürmern, und selbst die funktionieren oft nicht. Bei Fifa sieht man in einer Partie weit über 50 Tricks, von Abwehr, Mittelfeldspielern -einfach allen. Damit sollen wohl Kleinkinder ihren Spaß haben. Der Realismus bleibt aber auf der Strecke. Daher Daumen runter und ich kaufe kein Fifa mehr👎🏻 Es ist immer eine Mannschaft gravierend im Nachteil. Das System bremst Spieler aus und erzeugt Vorteile für den Gegner. Meistens ist die Gastmannschaft sehr im Nachteil. Aber auch umgekehrt kann das Problem auftreten. Man kann also nicht von Wettkampf oder FairPlay sprechen. Keine 5€ wert dieser Müll👎🏻

  • Olufemi George
    Olufemi George

    i know fifa 21 will be great my favorite team is chelsea

  • Sergey Fursov
    Sergey Fursov

    Когда можно заходить в приложение через телефон???

  • NickZoOoR

    Pokemon Booster pack simulator 21

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Oh look its Fifa 17.4

  • Hyeonsik Li
    Hyeonsik Li

    Remove momentum!

  • X-gamer Pro
    X-gamer Pro

    It’s the same thing every single year. What’s different? A tiny bit of better graphics.....

  • Ahmed Gamal
    Ahmed Gamal

    I hope the Goalkeepers are not dumb and don’t do the same stupid mistakes as FIFA 20 Goalkeepers must be improved because we’re living in 2021 I think

  • I3 O R D O
    I3 O R D O

    Go back to Fifa 11, you guys accidentally made a promising game those days

  • Rus

    And folks, that's what you get when a company has almost no competition.

  • Amin Jakoby
    Amin Jakoby

    Wtf Ramos 89 🥱

  • hAx0r s0Lo
    hAx0r s0Lo

    Cant wait to play Fifa 20 with better graphics

  • SpartanOfTheApex

    I've never really understood why people buy these games every year like Madden 2020, FIFA 2020 and 2K20. To me they just seem like a copy and paste of every past game. So genuine question for people that buy these games every year: why do you buy them every year instead of sticking with just one?

  • Freddy Bloß
    Freddy Bloß

    Hallo Leute, ich suche noch treue Anhänger für meinen Twitch-Kanal: Paengu_Twitch In den nächsten Tagen werde ich zum Twitch Affiliate und streame Games wie, VALORANT, FIFA, COD, WOW und viele weitere. Momentan ich bin gerade stark im Aufbau und benötige eure Unterstützung ! Wieso immer nur die gestandenen Streamer Unterstürzen und sich jeden Tag das gleiche anhören .. erweitert den Markt, die Auswahl und schafft Platz für neues :-) Seid von Anfang an dabei und baut mit auf, ich werde regelmäßig was an meine Follower zurückgeben, denn nur so funktioniert eine Gemeinschafft. Ich liebe es mit Menschen zu arbeiten und deshalb suche ich DICH/EUCH ! Liebe Grüße Pängu Twitch: Paengu_Twitch Instagram: Paeng_u

  • Kra fstoff
    Kra fstoff

    im hyped for it...

  • TheMcgillacuddy

    Looking at all the negative comments, I feel like EA paid off IT-my to give this video more likes.

  • Armand Arion
    Armand Arion

    Haven’t bought a fifa game since 2015

  • TinCanDan

    Am I the only one who buys one of these like every 5 years?

  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh

    bought PES 2021


    dam boi

  • SogTheGreat

    I play on mobile what is it ganna be like

  • Michael


  • CPY X
    CPY X

    looks trash to me lol

  • umesh kumar
    umesh kumar

    Who's here after PES 2021 official trailer? *MUCH BETTER, PES!*

    • umesh kumar
      umesh kumar

      2 minutes silence for this guy who thinks fifa is still better than pes 😂

    • Guilherme Fernandes
      Guilherme Fernandes

      No one bro that's why your comment got 2 likes pes is a joke with no sales lmaoo

  • Jonas Kahler
    Jonas Kahler

    People still playing this?

    • Akshat

      Fifa 20 outsold gta5 and cod in UK in lockdown

  • Dana Red
    Dana Red

    The same broken trash game marketed with a new date/ kits and lineups

  • golf r32 r32
    golf r32 r32

    Wtf hahah reiwen i shot IF you miss The first shot is not fotboll is call fore cheting

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