Filipino Bloody Trail! When Manny Pacquiao Shocked The Boxing World!
The World of Boxing!
Manny Pacquiao is the first and so far the only boxer to win titles in 8 weight categories, he started with the lightest and successfully climbed to the first middle category...
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  • Nasty shiz
    Nasty shiz

    This video is dedicated to Paulie Malinaggi!!

  • sabin97

    i remember the months before the fight vs de la hoya. in interviews de la hoya shrugged it off as it if was just one more victim to beat. pacquiao said it was the most important fight of his life. and he trained incredibly hard. when it was time for the fight it really showed the work each boxer put in their training.

  • Elmer Afuang
    Elmer Afuang

    Dugong pinoy" matiisin at mapagkumbaba; n alway faith to almigthy god; jiovah yahweh; yan ang pinoy!.

  • Brandon Canoy
    Brandon Canoy

    Mabuhay ka paquao.

  • michael ocampo
    michael ocampo

    A lot of his fights he was just throwing while punches

  • Stevenson Ranui
    Stevenson Ranui

    sorry guys he lost to floyd the true one and only p.4.p undefeated boxer the world has ever seen i put manny behind floyd

  • matthew pepchinski
    matthew pepchinski

    Sad Mayweather was to afraid to fight Pac-man in his prime

  • Youtube General
    Youtube General

    No to disrespect him but some guys here comparing him to prime mike tyson. Like really? What ru guys high on?(I'm Asian too just to say I'm not biased)

  • Cindy Robles
    Cindy Robles

    Love it!!Thanks for featuring our hero Manny 😍

  • Stefano LOPEZ
    Stefano LOPEZ

    Filipino's that watch this 👇🇵🇭

  • Rondee Barlis
    Rondee Barlis

    pacman is a G.O.A.T IN BOXING

  • Robby Rodriguez
    Robby Rodriguez

    im glad he choose boxing instead of being an actor in this shitty Philippine cinema

  • Ramlan Goddos
    Ramlan Goddos

    Manny is definitely a clean fighter.

  • Noel Manarpiis
    Noel Manarpiis

    I was about 10 years old when Muhammad Ali from the US was the talk of the world... i thought I was proud of that chance to have lived in the Ali era. But I never thought that a Filipino would someday be the world's apple of the boxing world in the person of Manny Pacquiao. Mabuhay ka Manny! You made all Filipinos proud. Daghan salamat sa imo, Manny.

  • Ron Benjamin
    Ron Benjamin

    Great Christian man also!

  • Wack

    Jesus, pacman not only ended careers but tormented his opponents mentally

  • Ramon Gimez
    Ramon Gimez

    So many lies on this video. 1. Mexicans did no hate paquiao we liked the hell out of his fighting style. 2. He lost to Morales early on so he did not dominate all Mexican fighters and had a draw and loss to Marquez. 3. De la hoya was not the favorite and he was not on his prime when they met he was a shot fighter using drugs like crazy when they fought, as a matter of fact that was the last de la hoya fight, he was way past his prime.of course that's not paquiao's fault I think paquiao is one the greatest boxers in history if not the best ever, so no Mexicans don't hate him.

  • Jake

    Everyone scared that De la hoya would badly injure manny but that ended up being the match that ended his career

  • Jake

    Pacquiao's biggest problem in his career was getting his family out of poverty and hunger.

  • 1st Lt. Rob Atkinson
    1st Lt. Rob Atkinson

    Paquiao is so great that he makes his opponents think that surviving is victory.

  • ulissitos

    Whaatt?? what about the one that was knocked out Vs. Marquez???

  • Ericson Dublin
    Ericson Dublin

    He is the best he is the proof

  • Ryphex

    Money is the greatest boxer I have witnessed. He dominates those welterweight even he was from the low division. The greatest 8 division champion

  • Raiden Croft
    Raiden Croft


  • jerz domingo
    jerz domingo

    50-0 < 8 DIVISION TITLES

  • Dirka Dirka
    Dirka Dirka


  • Christian Cabaddu
    Christian Cabaddu

    7:26 he is not more skilled than morales and Marquez? What is this guy talking? B.S! He’s an 8 time world champion. Do you think it was just luck that brought him to the top? What an idiot .

  • TravelwithNAM

    🇵🇭 ❤️ 🇲🇽

  • Drezzyy

    Now I know why merryweather dont wanna rematch

  • Tridice Ignacio
    Tridice Ignacio


  • vanlalhmangaihzuala tuallawt
    vanlalhmangaihzuala tuallawt

    manny a true boxer

  • Danny B.
    Danny B.

    Still not the best in boxing, steroids, lots of them and a boat full of over the hill fighters. Been exposed more than once. Dropped like a sack of dirt.

  • Luis Pedernera
    Luis Pedernera

    very good document, thanks for your fantastic job,

  • k Kelly
    k Kelly

    I always felt he beat Mayweather

  • Reymart Lacambra
    Reymart Lacambra

    earned so much dough I stopped my job today thanks to, *M y E a s y O n l i n e J o b s .c o m*

  • The Spark
    The Spark

    Why do all these videos call it shocking? I never expected less from Manny, nothing shocked me, weird titles.

  • Mae Alipio-Valdez
    Mae Alipio-Valdez

    Legend boxers..I can watch replays over and over..Exciting..

  • James Price
    James Price

    Pound for pound should be considered the best ever. At least in very high conversation. Would like to see him fight the other welterweights now that he has beaten Thurman. That would be great box office. What a great example to his country. He should run for President when the time comes. Great heart for his people and others. God Bless 🙏 😇.

  • Rory Watkins
    Rory Watkins

    Should have had the nickname honey badger because he has the heart and fight of one. Once in a lifetime boxers.

  • D P
    D P

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao is not even worth mentioning. The gay ass dude never performed a show, it's all about money. While Pacman made boxing re-introduced to the new audience.

  • Michael James Gacutan
    Michael James Gacutan

    Put pacman in mobile legends bang bang

  • Asakura Kun
    Asakura Kun

    i wonder how did he train to be a beast like that

  • noel franzia
    noel franzia

    Even the greatest of them all ALI could have not had 8 DIVISION TITLES and became the ONLY BOXING CHAMPION in 4 DECADES!!!!!!!!

  • nesto arroyo
    nesto arroyo

    humble man

  • Jacoman S
    Jacoman S

    Damn that Manny is fast! Phillipino hero...he deserves it...worked hard and is uber talented!

  • Ronnie Sutton
    Ronnie Sutton

    People like Manny as a man and boxer do not come along very often in life. Just total respect

  • cem cem
    cem cem

    Nobody's better than him!...lets talk about achievements 🤨

  • Geoffrey Sam
    Geoffrey Sam

    lmao,,,*Miguel Catto* lol

  • TheSeanocasey

    I've been a boxing fan most of my adult life. I'm in my 70's and have seen the best of the best in all weight classes. But for my money Pacquiao is the most exciting fighter. He is one of if the quickest fighters ever. The difference between Manny and other fast fighters is that he fights at the same pace throughout the bout. He has the ability to turn it up anywhere and in every round. And with all this speed he packs a punch. No matter what weight he fights at he is still extremely fast and powerful. In my opinion Manny is the entire package. He is the real deal. And through all of this greatness he remains humble. He doesn't run his mouth or fool around in the ring.

  • Tony Suyetsugu
    Tony Suyetsugu

    In Hawaii and among boxing crazies, Manny P. Is the real deal and is a shining star in our Filipino communities.

  • jbsuris4

    Manny is just incredible...A top top top notch boxer, sportsman and human being

  • Guitar Dave
    Guitar Dave

    HE IS AN AMAZING CHAMPION WHO STANDS ALONE AT THE TOP !!!!! and no mayweather does not compare .

  • Emy Màlolos
    Emy Màlolos

    That's Amazing Fight s,the greatest fighter ever.

  • Azlisham Mohamed
    Azlisham Mohamed

    Little monster .. talking polite and humble 👍💪🔥

  • Lunmalsawm Chongloi
    Lunmalsawm Chongloi

    My favorite packo

  • Dean_ YouTube Channel
    Dean_ YouTube Channel

    I proud to pacMan.. he very humble and give me to much moral in my life . his from poor family so very difficult to survive, but strength with pray he succes until now.. how hards our life Gods will give hands.

  • Lorenz Guilaran
    Lorenz Guilaran

    You watch the reflay. -Manny

  • malou bednarek
    malou bednarek

    Wow basta Idol Manny ako

  • rosly rahmat
    rosly rahmat

    Super Manny

  • Ale Al
    Ale Al

    it should be noted marquez was on steroids when he fought manny the 4th time. moving around like a piece of metal=steroids. knocking pacquiao with a single punch=steroids.

  • Pacific Coconut
    Pacific Coconut

    This short docu is superb, thanks!

  • Fernando Noriega
    Fernando Noriega

    EP PINOY matador

  • Calico D'Nikonian
    Calico D'Nikonian

    Hatton was heard saying, "I thought I was fightin' a fohkin' octopus.. or Freddie Roach was hitting me, too..."

  • Boon Leong Toh
    Boon Leong Toh

    The most humble person in boxing.Salute respect Amitofoh

  • Levi体調

    His footsteps are perfect👏🏻

  • Halbert Reyes
    Halbert Reyes

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  • D R
    D R

    This guy voicing this video has no clue wtf he's talking about. He calls Cotto Kahto. Even when the commentators of the fight are calling him CO-TOE... Learn how to fuckin read. O's are not pronounced ah's....

    • Son

      It's the accent dude

  • Wamuu Pillarmen
    Wamuu Pillarmen

    Manny is the GOAT of Boxing

  • cofside mcdangle
    cofside mcdangle

    The deal with Pacquiao in some fans minds is his possible use of PED's. He delayed the Mayweather fight and refused to take the tests during that time. Fair or not fair it is a true that seemingly every other athlete who has a career performance curve like Pacquiao is on some type of juice. And it aint grandpa's apple cider.

  • Herby Mendez
    Herby Mendez

    My grandpa has Muhammad Ali My father has Mike Tyson And I'm proud to say that in my generation I have Manny Pacquiao 😊💪

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