Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!
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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gem in the history of movies. It stands out not just for the acting and the main story, but all of the things you can find hiding beneath the surface. It is a surprisingly ominous movie and the character of Willy Wonka is at the center of the horror. We've talked about Wonka using the Golden Tickets to pass off his OSHA violations onto the winner, but what if that was not the only trick he's trying to pull? What else is Willy Wonka up to? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • a random drummer
    a random drummer

    Whhhaaaattt?????? This channel doesn’t have 10mil yet????!!!!!!

  • Ziggy

    anyone else catch matpat making a mistake. saying nearly 10 years ago, when it was nearly 11?

  • judestee

    I hit that subscribe button, I’ve always have enjoyed your nerdy and passionate takes on such pointless, yet insightful, subjects.

  • Lachlan Blake
    Lachlan Blake

    To much numbers

  • taym

    I live in Israel

  • Colin tRAn
    Colin tRAn

    Follow Tony Kiet to understand this

  • Redux Gamingyt
    Redux Gamingyt

    #doesnhe have a life

  • Trevor Slinkard
    Trevor Slinkard

    I think there’s one thing that’s not considered and that’s when the golden tickets were shipped out. Were they shipped out in the same shipment? Remove the factors of Slugworth and adults, I wonder what the results would be?

  • Anthony Woertz
    Anthony Woertz

    So basically the getting a ticket was like getting an lr in dokkan

  • endless III
    endless III

    Willy Wonka reminds me of Glitchtrap from FNAF. RIP childhood 🙂

  • Ben Afik
    Ben Afik

    yay israel

  • Alpha75

    Mat pat: spends 15 minutes explaining why it’s not likely it’s rigged Also mat pat: spends 5 minutes saying why it is rigged

  • hatchmaster _
    hatchmaster _

    The fact that the movie specified Augustus was in West Germany should have helped to date the movie a bit. I know you got there in the end, but that was how I surmised it was somewhere in the 70s myself

  • Kanbei

    9:24 - I wonder what Bormann has to do with the 5th winter? News hard to come by in the bunker?

  • r sousa
    r sousa

    the fact that they didn’t add at least one poc kid in the remake ...

  • Jenna Silver
    Jenna Silver

    I love this channel and how much hard work you put into it. Truly beautiful♥️

  • Minecraft Bee
    Minecraft Bee

    Oh....dont worry Matpat.... we know Willy ;)

  • play time with spinel
    play time with spinel

    I have HATED the face when it changed it's so cringey.And I still HATE that I HATED this face for 6years PLEASE CHANGE IT.if you want

  • Toxophily

    Who else want mat pat to be your teacher

  • EWT

    Isn’t the number of people going down constantly tho?

    • 『 ローレン 』
      『 ローレン 』

      it's also going up because of birth

  • Dylan Turney
    Dylan Turney

    Game theory idea: Why among us players can still do tasks without hands

  • Dylan Turney
    Dylan Turney

    When Matpat says to to play fortnite on a mobile device in 2020

  • Leafytheleafyster

    0:39 matpat:*lets all the students play Fortnite on their phones*

  • Brenda Yoon
    Brenda Yoon

    Phantom:weird? Me:what? Phatom:why say so? Me:CUS I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING Phatom:well i dont even know what your sayinXD Me:😤😠😡🤬

  • Nathanket4625 bob
    Nathanket4625 bob

    I shame them for letting me see it it gave me nightmares

  • Siraaj Jones
    Siraaj Jones

    real life conspiracy theories?

  • kitten craft
    kitten craft

    Matpat it takes longer than 15 minutes for you to get back to the kid

  • Denise Cullen
    Denise Cullen

    Do an episode on Turbo and if Turbo could have really been fast

  • Nerdynedd

    "if you haven't seen it shame on your parents," i'm dying

  • Jacob Betancourt
    Jacob Betancourt

    its literally a 2e-6% chance of winning edit: TIL that the makers of that movie were racist

  • 12345 67890
    12345 67890

    I wonder what MatPat's FBI agent thinks of his search history.

  • Paul Slosser
    Paul Slosser

    I love the fizz it made when the world 🌎 filld up w soada

  • JJ & Cocoa
    JJ & Cocoa


  • Ariel V.B
    Ariel V.B

    I LIVE IN ISREL idk why i said that he said it in the vido

  • Claire Arnold
    Claire Arnold

    still waiting for killer theory

  • Hat Storm
    Hat Storm

    Teacher: “I can do this danny, just give me 15 minutes. Just play fort nite or something on your phones.” Students: “YES! We love you, daryl!” Danny: “It’s Danny.” Students: “Shut up I’m playing fort nite.”

  • dumb doodles
    dumb doodles

    As a kid a thought that sweettarts came from willy wonka

  • Isaiah Calabro
    Isaiah Calabro

    fortnite X_X also disregards the book

  • PlumpusMcRich

    Is it just me or does the teacher sound like Dawko

  • Cam Playz
    Cam Playz

    17k comments currently

  • Emma Kimzey
    Emma Kimzey

    Wait, I just realized, all of the kids are from Europe and America. Charlie is from America. The spoiled rich girl (cant remeber her name) is from I think Britian. The chocolate boy is from germany. The tiny boy is I think from the us, And I'm pretty sure the bubblegum girl is from either britian or the us. None of them are from Australia, or Asia, or Africa, or even South America. That's suprising

  • Robert Medina
    Robert Medina

    Did the guy think that Charlie was a disappointment to the whole city and so he would have his head pointed to the ground as he walks the sidewalks. That’s why he stuck that dollar way down in the gutter!

  • dragon rose biollante
    dragon rose biollante

    It's really random,but totally spies had a episode where a candy/girl scout cookie was really addictive and caused people to eventually become morbidly obese,what are the calories needed to cause rapid weight gain along with being very addictive. The show had tons of stuff that was scientifically impossible, totally spies was a show about teenage international spies under the employ of a organization called whoop.

    • Nimar

      Why are you explaining Totaly Spies here ? I mean are there even people watching this channel who have never seen how Jerry desperatly tries to write to the eulogy and kept failing to do so ?

  • Robert Medina
    Robert Medina

    You cared about the question because you have finger arthritis.

  • Sofia Solis
    Sofia Solis

    Can you please do the umbrella academy!

  • Pedro CC
    Pedro CC

    Be cautious with shout out, or you I'll end like pewds, just saying, I Don't want media at your back (but I think it's not gonna happen)

  • Kimberly Elkins
    Kimberly Elkins

    I don't know if this is the right place to put my theory for MatPatt to see, but here goes: If you guys have read/watched the story Beowulf, my theory is that Beowulf and Grendel are brothers. In the story of Grendel (sadly, I don't remember who wrote it.) The last chapter states that Grendel called Beowulf a kinsman. I don't think these stories that I'm mentioning right now is for kids, (as in at all.) because Grendel receives a gory end. But, I hope that this sparks up at least a little bit of interest.

  • Peep & Stitch
    Peep & Stitch


    • Noriaki Crocyoin
      Noriaki Crocyoin

      that’s not the point, but ok

  • Adam S
    Adam S

    i want you to do a theory on blues clue's about how blue, our favorite puppy is actually god.

  • Gowon is cute uwu
    Gowon is cute uwu

    I love how he makes us watch the hole video with math and everything to at the end reveal us that everything is rigged

  • Kyle Winslow
    Kyle Winslow

    On the topic of where the movie takes place is questionable to say the least. @ 9:32 Charlie runs past a couple of cars one being a yellow car that has a European front license plate. Not touching on the style of the surrounding buildings.

  • Michael Kelligan
    Michael Kelligan

    Of course he rigged it! What would the odds be that the LAST ticket would be won by a kid,in a world of billions, who lives in the same town as Wonka?

  • Bae Kun
    Bae Kun

    Most of the video was self promotion lmao

  • lonnie romero
    lonnie romero

    In 1971 when this documentary was made, wildly wonka sold 2.8 million chocolate bars a month. In the days following his announcement that figure skyrocketed to 1.23 million bars a day. Despite China being a communist nation wonka bars were readily available in China. In 1972 wonka declared sales of 9.72 million bars in China alone and a whopping 14.2 million bars in Asia and the pacific rim (excluding soviet Russia which did not allow the importation of chocolate in a vain attempt to encourage the Lenin bar, a gritty and almost inedible “chocolate bar” that actually contained 16% wheat chaff and only 4% cocoa). Globally 32 million chocolate bars were sold by wonka confectioners inc. in 1971. So nearly half the bars were sold in Asia and none of the five winners were of Asian do the math.

  • LinkPlays

    You should do a theory on oompa loompa are they slaves?

  • DE Plays
    DE Plays


  • Momo Moore
    Momo Moore

    Something tells me that the last channel is gonna be music theory and its gonna be blue

  • Heidi Pratt
    Heidi Pratt

    I have a film theory for you, is captain hook a wizard? Because in Harry Potter the first movie you see captain hooks ghost, in hogwarts over on of the tables, but howarts is so heavily garded that muggles or people who are not wizars can't get in. But yet you see captain hook. Is he a wizard?!?!

  • Heidi Pratt
    Heidi Pratt

    You know Mat Pat, would make an amazing teacher.

  • Avery Jones
    Avery Jones

    You need to see what the thorzer

  • Jessaca Benson
    Jessaca Benson

    Removal shouldn't be a factor unless you know that once someone found a golden ticket they were removed from the equation, ergo couldn't continue looking for other golden tickets.

  • Wyanes123

    When he says play Fortnite on ur cellphones That hit different in September 2020

  • Ronaldo Seals
    Ronaldo Seals

    Wow! That's what I'm talking about MatPat! That was a good theory! Well done!

  • Phantom Pheonix
    Phantom Pheonix

    Removibility dosent apply. A person could by two choclates with tickets and have two tickets.

  • Gil Foreman
    Gil Foreman

    The intros kinda creepy...I LOVE IT


    matpat why don't you do something on flash

  • ZACHARY concessio
    ZACHARY concessio

    Plot twist: Denny is Matpat's son

  • TurtlePlusGaming

    Game Theory: Vault tech bombed The Commonwealth?

  • Anu Sachdeva
    Anu Sachdeva


  • Angie Yo-na-ga!
    Angie Yo-na-ga!

    Hi this is a request! I was hoping you could do a theory on Dangonronpa mainly the executions pick at least 3-5 and see how likely you could survive. Thank you for coming to my Ted-Talk. (Also Dangonronpa is an anime and a game I hope you could do it on game theory and for the 3 main games!)

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