Finding Treasure by Accident! | Sam Golbach
Sam Golbach
Sam Golbach explores the top 5 craziest treasures to be found by accident!
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About SamGolbach:
Hey I'm Sam Golbach, some youtuber who does scary videos, 3am / midnight challenges, hide and seek in haunted places, and games with my insane group of friends! Watch my weird life here and check out my collab channel, Sam and Colby, for more adventures and exploring videos.
Finding Treasure by Accident! | Sam Golbach
Sam Golbach

  • Sam Golbach
    Sam Golbach

    PART 2 OF TREASURE HUNTING TOMORROW AT 1:14 PM PST!!! sorry for the late upload i just honestly forgot that I"m a youtuber

    • Nathan Hale
      Nathan Hale

      I need that jacket

    • Karlos Ebrahem
      Karlos Ebrahem

      Im worried

    • Kai The Bean
      Kai The Bean

      You kinda sound like BadBoyHalo you should check him out he plays Minecraft

    • Claire Campbell
      Claire Campbell

      Ok. We are now skidoosh noodles 😂

    • Crxptic_girl

      Listen I get sceard at ur hurnted shit but it's fun to whatch

  • Shank_Alta

    Btw Sam your thumbnail is border police finding drugs in the tire of a car. Idk if IT-my would allow that

  • liqui_ rorz
    liqui_ rorz

    THATS from philipines the worlds largest pearl found in:puerto princesa

  • GetZoinked

    Those glasses would be dope for the date 4/20,Jean jacket would be dope too.

  • Stephanie Burgett
    Stephanie Burgett

    I like your jacket my dude it's cool

  • Averie Puffer
    Averie Puffer

    I love your vids so much! 😁 and could you do another spending 24 hours at a place again like you and Colby always used to do?

  • paulina

    why does he kinda sound like bad boy halo

  • Brooke Lerwill
    Brooke Lerwill

    Sam: Us: why is Sam not posting

  • ggbrxkenv1bes

    This might sound insane but my dads ex’s brother found a Declaration of Independence in his basement wall and I wanted to look at it and so did this other girl and we ripped it...

  • Zoey Mason
    Zoey Mason

    did you know sam, and colbys separate channel, has 2 mill subs, and their channel together has 4 mill, so if you add both of their separate channels subs together, and it makes 4 mill

  • Bruno

    Tank guy called the cops and lost gold. Wow!!!!!! wrong move

  • emmy Summers
    emmy Summers

    I do

  • Sweeperboy

    Hmm, it seems like I'm both a skadoosh noodle from Sam and a chickpea from Connor Franta, so that makes me...skadoosh chickpea noodles. Now I'm hungry...

  • Nahte -
    Nahte -

    Firts one gave me up above so below

  • Aesthetic Annie
    Aesthetic Annie

    Me:wakes up to watch Sam Sam:”Goooood morning skadoosh noodles” Me:looks at time* Also me:It’s 3pm 👁👄👁

  • Madeline Gray
    Madeline Gray

    Wow I'm a scadoosh noodle🤗🤗🤗

  • Kawehi Viela-Dudoit
    Kawehi Viela-Dudoit


  • Kawehi Viela-Dudoit
    Kawehi Viela-Dudoit


  • Jace Dinglas
    Jace Dinglas

    Your are allowed to by a tank all you need is money and some where to put it

  • Grace Koch
    Grace Koch

    How did you know it was two in the morning...? Wait.... How did you know it was morning!?

  • Amy Ketchum
    Amy Ketchum

    Ugh i want a million dollars.

  • Tiffsny marie Estrada
    Tiffsny marie Estrada

    Sale The jean jacket I would buy I would buy 8Because if is derty I can wear the other one!!!!!

  • Lethal Liquidator
    Lethal Liquidator

    14:00 100% I would. Most people never see 1mil in their lifetime

  • Bryce Lazarus
    Bryce Lazarus


  • bbgurl Egypt
    bbgurl Egypt

    Skadoosh noodles

  • Firdaus xoxo
    Firdaus xoxo

    Sooo idk if this is an obvious question, but, who does the gold go to then??

  • Livia

    Tanks are completely legal as long as certain artillery are removed from them. You will not be able to load and fire.

  • brooke sidwell
    brooke sidwell

    Jean jacket pleaseeee

  • Brenda Caldwell
    Brenda Caldwell

    Man for some reson I like him alot BUT NOT AS MUCH AS I LIKE COLBY BROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E Murray
    E Murray

    Sam, you are the reason that I got everyone on my zoom class to name themselves skadosh noodle. My Science teacher has a sense of humor and didn't fail me.

  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark

    There are 200 copies of the Declaration of Independence and only 26 are known to be alive

  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear

    Goood morning Sam

  • Emilyn Messina
    Emilyn Messina

    I love the word skadoosh noodles 😂😂💀it's so funny and cute to call your fans

  • just another manic monday
    just another manic monday

    who wouldn't keep a jackson pollock??? i'd rather have a jackson pollock than be a multi-million/billionaire and i have almost all of the original nancy drew books from 1939 to 1969

  • Azzaryah Shay
    Azzaryah Shay

    If sam called me on a hand phone I would answer 102%

  • Directioner Forever
    Directioner Forever

    No one: Not a single soul: Sam: “He pulled a museum out of his toilet” Me: lol 😂

  • Random Tingz
    Random Tingz

    Ya there’s copies of the contract

  • tanner studebaker
    tanner studebaker

    Rtodto has legs?

  • Craig Barton
    Craig Barton

    O are you colby

  • Craig Barton
    Craig Barton

    Yo sam

  • Kaylynn Carmikle
    Kaylynn Carmikle

    Am I the only person to get mad that they don’t post that much they probably do I just watch all there videos before I can even see another one I’ve been watching them for so long and it wold really make me happy if they notice me but they probably won’t oh and if you do see this Sam I’ve been watching your whole friend group for like years just wanted to say that

  • Truebornseeker

    Actually; *dont call the cops if you find (old) treasures!* they can legally seize everything under the excuse of it being ‘evidence’ and take it for themselves lol, call experts! If the experts think it could be a part of a cold case (which is unlikely but whatever), then go to directives specifically, not the cops Btw: cops steal CARS on the daily, they steal HOUSES on the daily under the guise of evidence, you think they wouldn’t steal full on fuckin treasure???

  • Nick Estuesta
    Nick Estuesta

    Sam Golbach love you fun family weekend night love 💗

  • Tyler Little
    Tyler Little

    Skadooshnoodles. Is officially is new catch phrase. Am I wrong???

  • The Weird Queen
    The Weird Queen

    Wow just disrespecting my sis she got those glasses

  • gamer 0895 Bell
    gamer 0895 Bell

    Team Kobe team Sam is stupid

  • Natalie Pikula
    Natalie Pikula

    Scadush noodles 😂

  • Daleycia Partridge
    Daleycia Partridge

    :D im a little skadoosh noodle! :D

    • Daleycia Partridge
      Daleycia Partridge

      @Skadoosh Noodle UwU

  • Chelsea Olano
    Chelsea Olano

    The pearl was actually from Philippines. its from Palawan Philippines💓

  • Sophie Love’s unicorns
    Sophie Love’s unicorns

    Sam:HELLO my little scdouce noodles Me:I FOUND THE MEANING OF LIFE!!! To be a scdouce noodle☺️

  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh

    I love when you make Top 5 videos.✨ Love you.❤️

  • Jada Roper
    Jada Roper

    Skadosh noodles 🤣🤣 Sam omg why

    • Skadoosh Noodle
      Skadoosh Noodle

      I'm proud to be Sammy's skadosh noodle

  • MuffinMakinJew

    Nah man don't call the cops. Fuck everyone else and make bank 💲💲. I'm fairly sure that in order to buy a tank, it needs to be de-weaponized

  • Vetina Maui Verzosa
    Vetina Maui Verzosa

    i love your editing skills Sam, i find them very entertaining. :D you've gone through a lot Peace! And may God bless you with love and joy and grace hihi

  • Jasmineplays Lol
    Jasmineplays Lol

    Sam: talks about Jamie Oliver Me: gets add about coles with Jamie Oliver in it also Jamie Oliver stars in Australian tv adds I’m Aussie

  • Tazthefunnymutt409

    Hi Sam! I subscribed and I hit that like up and it lit up like a light. it also didn't go out of sight. Man, what a night. :)

  • Gacha Dumbass
    Gacha Dumbass

    Guys we should get him to ahve a vid white fang Matt smith

  • Nathalie Santiago
    Nathalie Santiago


  • Mo. Ahil
    Mo. Ahil

    If sam called me on the phone I would change my voice and try to make demonic sound to scare the shit in him👆😂☝️ But damn that's a good tank investment

  • Gabriel Balignasay
    Gabriel Balignasay

    Yess the Philippines made it to the honorable mentions

  • Xander Harkins
    Xander Harkins

    man you guys are so lucky to be able to do haunted things i would love to do anything haunted like the baltimore hotel queen mary all the most haunted things and plz subscribe to me and my friends youtube channel we need help from one of the pros like you

  • Etika Ribss
    Etika Ribss


  • potato love
    potato love

    Did u just call us scodoosh a doodles what the CRAP😂😂😂

  • Shine


  • Lyric Perry
    Lyric Perry

    Skadoosh Noodles? What in the world!? 🤔

  • deltadragon

    well you gota remember some people will spend there entire life trying to earn 3 million dollars so i feel yes i would spend 30 years searching for 10 mil dollars if it will be 100 percent successful

  • Sam & Ashley
    Sam & Ashley

    Skadoosh noodles really😂😂😂 🎵every body loves Sam fu fighting😂😂😂

  • Karina Chavez
    Karina Chavez

    Heck no, I would never call the cops, they keep it for themselves lol

  • psycho emo
    psycho emo


  • Sydney Schofield
    Sydney Schofield

    I don’t know if u said this but gave u found any treasure and how much money do u have if u want to say just wondering 🥺 love your IT-my ❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺

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