Fine Line by Harry Styles but you don't want to say goodbye
I've been crying with this song since it was released oop-
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  • Melissa Sujo
    Melissa Sujo

    I can’t wait to go to a concert and just cry like just let it ALL out all my stress everything dance like no one is around me just be there and enjoying the moment. Harry makes me feel so comfortable even though we have never met I feel a comfort when I listen to his music I feel so safe.

  • Lea Laldering
    Lea Laldering

    This made me cry and I don’t even know why

  • Gølden //
    Gølden //

    POV: 17 days left for harry's concert but you cant go bc of the covid so you cry so hard listening to fine line that your tears looks like rain👁👄👁

  • Alessandra 2.0
    Alessandra 2.0

    me while reading adore you too and this playing in the back👁💧👄💧👁

  • coweey cookie
    coweey cookie

    i've been listening to this song while my brother has told me that my grandpa made an suicide. relatable

  • Lina Smith
    Lina Smith

    The world don't deserve Harold

  • Grace Hayward
    Grace Hayward

    This is the best thing I’ve ever heard

  • stylejc

    you’re with your loved one and they are dying. you get your guitar and sit next to them, no ones in the room except them on the hospital bed. you’re sing this song to them while playing the guitar for they’re last moments.

  • I simp for Denki so yeah
    I simp for Denki so yeah

    Is it bad that I knew the whole album except this song? Cuz I feel like that’s bad. Please don’t come for me.

  • Kara Zorn
    Kara Zorn

    i cant imagine ever losing harry he is such a big part of my life.

  • Mariah Fratus
    Mariah Fratus

    pov: you are in your car with your bf. He’s telling you that things aren’t going to workout. He leaves the car, you sit there and think about everything you’ve done together

  • AveryMK 26
    AveryMK 26

    why am i sobbing

  • adi nissim
    adi nissim

    be careful what you post online. you have a digital footprint. seriously. make way make way. MAKE WAYYYYYYYYYY.

  • Chr. B
    Chr. B

    if you're not crying, yes you are

  • Mina Gurdal
    Mina Gurdal

    no one: literally no one: not a single soul: not one living organism: youtube: ayo bro wanna cry lmao

  • Jessica Cleary
    Jessica Cleary

    POV: your in the bathroom at a party the girl squad that bullied you since you were little had pushed you... You couldn't help your self so you just fell head first in the ground. your passed out on the floor with your eye sight blurry. Unable to move or speak ,the only thing you can slightly make out if the face of Harry styles kneeling down putting your head on his knee trying to get you to speak . Everything goes faint the music is blurry and your eyes slowly start to close unwillingly. the last thing you remembered before you blacked out were sirens ,Harry's voice and crying . You wake up with a sore head connected to hospital wires you panicked a little until you were brought back to your senses by Harry grabbing a hold of your hand. You finally felt safe. When his soft warm skin touched your hand ylu could smell his strong. Scent of vanilla . fast forward 4 years in the future your Happily married for 1 year now and have a little girl. And a baby boy on the way

  • Aubrey Goins
    Aubrey Goins


  • ThisIsAlex

    4:38 we'll be alright

  • Rania Ranini
    Rania Ranini

    Fine line by harry styles but your airpods get damaged by the rain

  • Victoria Silveira
    Victoria Silveira

    Crying, but *not* in a cool way

  • Paraskevi Bar
    Paraskevi Bar

    I Will never get the chance to meet him :'( im from greece btw... I just want to talk to him.. Or just go to his shows and sing with him.. See him from up close or hug him or what ever. Just to be in the same room with him. But right know it feels impossible:' (

  • Asma Asma
    Asma Asma

    Treat People with kidness but everyone left you and now you’re all alone

  • storm styles
    storm styles

    i’m going to explain your life right now. you are missing harry, you can’t go see him, you haven’t met him, you want to harry to post more on social media. and last but not least, you cry to fine line and falling every night. how accurate was i?

  • Gcbh Ggcc
    Gcbh Ggcc

    This just hits in some type of way u know what I mean

  • rainbows cupcakes unicorns and mermaids
    rainbows cupcakes unicorns and mermaids

    This reminds me soo much of Roslyn by Ben Pellow/ Bon Iver

  • Krystal Peake
    Krystal Peake

    full body chills

  • sc.cowling༄

    i listened to fine line while saying goodbye to someone... they were also listening to it

  • Bailey Faye
    Bailey Faye

    It’s like you knew I was broken or something

  • eshika


  • um fanfiqueiro qualquer
    um fanfiqueiro qualquer

    pain pain pain pain pain

  • Fatima

    Him saying "we'll be alright" is the only thing keeping me alive :)

  • Bran Veiga
    Bran Veiga

    POV: you just came out to your homophobic/transphobic parents. Now you're leaving your conservative town in your old car with the windows down, in order to achieve your dreams somewhere else, while this song plays on the radio. You've never been happier.

  • Katelin Parra-Castro
    Katelin Parra-Castro

    * switches my led lights to blue *

  • Orion 4278
    Orion 4278

    Cant cry anymore, but hey I can still drown in self-pity

  • Andrea Buccat
    Andrea Buccat

    listening to this before online classes. extraordinharry.

  • abigail busch
    abigail busch

    i think my soul left my body

  • hey angel
    hey angel

    ew I’m crying but it’s so sad I can’t help it :(

  • yafa marouf
    yafa marouf

    the minute he started signing i started crying

  • Evie Hines
    Evie Hines

    I’m crying because I love him so much but I know he will never know who I am and I’ll never meet him but he is such an inspiration to me and I love him

  • meena y
    meena y

    i got chills

  • Karly Tenhoff
    Karly Tenhoff

    okay ouch um--

  • Sophia monteiro
    Sophia monteiro

    not doing well :)

  • Ivana Radomirović
    Ivana Radomirović

    fuck i am thinking about the moment when I will have to say goodbye to my long distance boy and i am bawling my eyes out right now

  • Ashlie Wright
    Ashlie Wright

    It's one of those night where it just need a good worked

  • Jaya

    Hi I’m very very late but POV: You just got the news that your partner is moving away and wants to breakup, and you decide to take a walk even though it’s raining. As you reach the park and sit yourself down on a bench, you pull out your headphones and put this song on. This was your song, you and your partner. As the songs plays, memories flash through your head. Picnics by the river, your first kiss together on the Ferris wheel, your late night walks, dancing together in the kitchen, they were your childhood sweetheart. You grew up together, but only realised your love this past year. It was the best year of your life. You come to the realisation, that you are not children anymore, people need jobs and that is more important. But, you know they are your soulmate, that one day later on in life when the time is right, you will cross paths, because that’s just how soulmates work. You will miss them dearly but will always have the memories together. As you walk through the door to your house with tears streaming down your face, you hear a faint sound of music coming from the kitchen. You slowly take of your coat as the love of your life steps towards you and takes your hand, pulling you towards the music. It was how it always was, candles lit and your favourite song playing. You wrapped your arms around each other and began slow dancing, knowing that this would be your last dance in a long time

    • Jaya

      Brittany Hylton omg thank you🥺💕

    • Jaya

      I wrote this at 4am last night hshshdh it barely makes sense

  • Jade uwu
    Jade uwu

    I neeeeed to know what did you edit this with cus I can’t find one freaking app that let you reverb/modify the sound on a video

  • Ana

    the feeling this song gives you is indescribable

  • sammy winter
    sammy winter

    i had to stop my cheetos so i can really take it in

  • Julia Dumont
    Julia Dumont

    Lets be honest, we just need to rlly appreciate every second of our lives bcs it will be over soon. Think about it. Time flies so fast, it hurts. Life is kind of a marvelous journey, and we need to be grateful for this. But dont u think that its a waste of those who we love? Cherish them, ok? Whatever will happened, we’ll meet them again somewhere better than this world.

  • Jade uwu
    Jade uwu

    Where did u get the rain sound

  • Just A Lil Muffin
    Just A Lil Muffin

    This reminds me of THAT scene in Duplicity iykyk

  • Euphoriabitches

    I just want things to be easier

  • Alva Ek
    Alva Ek

    Said goodbye to my best friend yesterday, he’s moving away for three years

  • sabrina

    She by Harry Styles but you're a stripper

  • oh ok
    oh ok

    the only thing i can think of while listening to this version is imagining that i'm in the stadium at like the sound check or the rehearsal in an empty outdoor arena while its raining and its just me him, and his band and i cant stop cryinggggg

  • Merce A.
    Merce A.

    my soul just left my body

  • Hey Baby
    Hey Baby

    8 years you've been together. Life was full and without pain. You loved him, you still do. Rain starts to pour and the wind blows beneath your feet. 9pm on a Wednesday and you're spending it without him. You stand on the bus stop with your brown coat and white shirt. "It's time to let go" you say. You've bought him the flowers that he wanted because you promised him that you would buy him flowers for every date night and you have for 7 consecutive years but now it's different. 9 years you've known him, 8 years you've been together. Every 9pm on Wednesday you stroll to the park and you buy hin flowers but now things have changed. The rain stops, you put the bouquet on the street. "We'll be alright" You miss him more than ever. "I'll be looking up always. And when I do, know that I'm thinking of you. It's you, it always has been."

  • Madi’sLife

    I’m moving to Arizona in a few months. I’m leaving my childhood home, all my friends, starting a new life. It’ll be my senior year. Life is strange.

  • Melisa Kalkanci
    Melisa Kalkanci

    If you listen closely enough you can hear my tears

  • Nxyil

    Just reading the title makes my heart ache. It hurts sooo much.

  • Emma 1
    Emma 1

    I still think of you everyday. this song reminds me of the pain I felt when you left, when I realized I no longer had you anymore, when you were no longer mine. I miss the times and memories we had but I need to let go of you.

  • carys

    u had no right making me cry this much

  • nina malik
    nina malik

    is this the paradise?

  • Natalia Opozda
    Natalia Opozda

    yes you're right. I don't want to say goodbye


    Can anyone hear running wotah

  • rachel

    i have such an emotional connection to this song

  • Kylie Smiley
    Kylie Smiley

    Pet Cheetah by Twenty One Pilots but your actually pet cheetah run away and now your driving all around town looking

  • MaryJane Beukers
    MaryJane Beukers

    stop i can’t listen to it this is already too much and i’m 15 seconds in

  • • bitterness •
    • bitterness •

    From the dining table by harry styles but you woke up alone in this hotel room

  • Melina

    this hits hard

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