Fine Line by Harry Styles but you don't want to say goodbye
I've been crying with this song since it was released oop-
I own no credits of this song. No copyright infringement intended.
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  • // milothefairy //
    // milothefairy //

    do adore you pls😳

  • Ashalia Eliza
    Ashalia Eliza

    Love More by Sharon Van Etten but you're attending your ex funeral, please idk, why am i like this

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man

    Imagine Listening To This While Walking In The Middle The Road Of A Post-Apocalyptic World.

  • theyruinedmysociallife

    sunflower vol 6 but it’s the future and you’re in the kitchen with ur kids

  • julia vaughn
    julia vaughn


  • Ballard Krebs
    Ballard Krebs

    reminds me of my grandparents.

  • Glassy

    my broke ass outside his concert with an umbrella in the rain just crying my sorrows and having a flashlight on my phone as its really emotional

  • brianna bah
    brianna bah

    me: “what do they mean you don’t wanna say goo-“ also me: oh now i get it🥺

  • Micaela Leroux Burch
    Micaela Leroux Burch

    BIIIIGGG sad. Like, HUGE

  • Jailynn Lopez
    Jailynn Lopez

    this is the sad part in a coming of age story

  • Ranch Bottle
    Ranch Bottle

    Imagine: Cherry by Harry Styles plays while your walking back to your dorm room. You suddenly bump into someone! His name is hArrY sTyLeS 😳🤯🤯🤭. He GRABS you by the wrist and throws you into the concrete. You fell so hard on your head that you die. Harry laughs as he walks away.

    • kaitlyn elizabeth
      kaitlyn elizabeth

      iM clAiMinG woTs riGhtFulLaY mInE lUv. x

  • Penny

    me: “I’m okay :)” my recently watched:

  • Kacey Abbott
    Kacey Abbott

    golden: your in California in the summer of 68 with your dream boy/girl

  • Nancy hawes
    Nancy hawes

    listen in 0.75x >

  • Shelbie Poulin
    Shelbie Poulin


  • Bruh Ilovelarry
    Bruh Ilovelarry

    Yeah I just ran out of my antidepressives.

  • Harrys Nipples
    Harrys Nipples


  • 5SOS Xplr
    5SOS Xplr

    Hold on by Chord Overstreet but you’re rushing to get to the hospital because the person you love tried to commit suicide.

  • Ana Beatriz Sousa
    Ana Beatriz Sousa

    meu coração está apertado

  • Rafael Abasov
    Rafael Abasov

    I have made a cover of this song. I would really appreciate if you check it out🌌

  • Jayne

    When I get my license, I’m making a playlist of music like this to listen to while driving at night in the rain and I can’t wait.

  • Mia G
    Mia G

    this song played while me and my ex we were breaking it off, so now when i listen to this i cry every time 😭

  • AR_ Arachnid
    AR_ Arachnid

    To be so lonely by Harry Styles but you are happy you broke up with your ex

  • Skyisnever My limit
    Skyisnever My limit

    gosh everything's specific when it comes to harry songs HAHA

  • nellie

    i can’t even cry , my heart just hurts so bad

  • YourGucciMom

    I thought he would be my soulmate. Oh how wrong I was. Everyone knew I should just break up with him before it gets worse. But i decided to stay because I thought we were meant to be. I guess I’m just nothing to him.

  • Simar Hunjan
    Simar Hunjan

    pov your best friend who said you'd be together forever found a new best friend and you see them happier with that person

  • Fatima


  • Jenna Trahan
    Jenna Trahan

    i’m crying in a cool way

  • Faty Azim
    Faty Azim

    no i’m not crying

  • D. A.
    D. A.

    Idk how I'm gonna survive this song during the concert

  • allexis

    she by harry styles but everything was only a dream.

  • Emma B
    Emma B

    this is so incredibly peaceful.

  • Grace Rose
    Grace Rose

    i’m def not the only one who sees a whole “notebook” moment happening with this song

  • Harriet Harold
    Harriet Harold

    I just realized this is the most underrated song in the album after hearing it here. Now i like it so much... and im having this feeling that this is the best song in Harry's Fineline Album

  • r chavez
    r chavez

    this song is a masterpiece. it's so raw and personal to him, like, you can feel his pain in his voice. i'm soft bye :'(

  • Jillian Rose
    Jillian Rose

    That hurted 🥵

  • Miray Ozturk
    Miray Ozturk

    Your standing in the rain watching him walk into the distance. He just broke up with you after his management said he had nothing beneficial to gain (popularity) from you. Your drenched not only in rain water but in tears. You plug in your earphones and watch him walk away whilst you sob; you expect him to turn back and glance at you but he doesn’t he keeps walking until he’s too far to see. Your broken and he’s not there to hold you.

  • Rojin Namer
    Rojin Namer

    „And man I can hate you sometimes“ hits different

  • Ollie Allie
    Ollie Allie

    I saw the Tito and tatted bollinggg

  • father bree
    father bree

    this just sent me back to a time in life when i didn’t quite understand that i was in a toxic relationship and really really liked (maybe even loved) a guy and i just didn’t want it to ever end and i just wanted this “perfect” human being to show me some love too. idk it’s stupid

  • anaïs

    i don’t know where to say this, so it’ll be my safe place : i started i relationship with someone months ago. we fell in love, we understood each other, it was fucking powerful. he’s the most special human to me today. the thing is, we live far away from each other. we didn’t make it. i deeply wish we’ll meet again. he promised that we will. but we’re young and very naive. i hope the future will reunite us, because he might be my soulmate. so see you soon, i hope. (ps: i love you)

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    y/n is quaking

  • jackie o.
    jackie o.

    shoot me, it would hurt less.

  • Dominik NN
    Dominik NN

    Can your production be on a Spotify? I’d die for it.

  • Kinglsleigh.textz

    Omg I read the title and I just started balling fndjnfdj

  • sweetie idk
    sweetie idk

    I just had a break up and I'm dying

  • McKenna Davis
    McKenna Davis

    this gives me anxiety. but not like the bad kind that i normally have. it’s a good kind, an exciting one. that shows me there is more to come.

  • Olivvw

    My depression hit me

  • enchanted watermelon
    enchanted watermelon

    i know everyone in the comments are fangirling, as am i. but i seriously can't breathe. it hurts my chest. this audio does.

  • stranger danger
    stranger danger

    pov: your neighbors are blaring fine line on repeat at 2am while it’s raining. your mom calls the police to file a complaint. the police find both of your neighbors dead do to a heroine overdose.

  • Elin Alkefjäll
    Elin Alkefjäll

    And thats on wattpad

  • cabbalist karma
    cabbalist karma

    it tastes like goodbye, it hurts because it reminds me of her

  • Peanut Head
    Peanut Head

    I know this comment will get lost but I don’t mind as long as I vent. I just recently broke up with my first real boyfriend and it was terrifying being with him. I was terrified of being so open about myself and telling him about my depression and anxiety. I was scared but he still accepted me and comforted me but he was also being fickle about his feelings and I couldn’t tell what he really felt. I broke up with him and I’ve cried so many times; I wanted to ask him to get back together but when I saw my friend yesterday, while we were driving in the rain, he grabbed my hand and said: “if you get back together with him, you’ll just get mad at him again and fight and break up and it will keep on continuing. That’s not a relationship.” My first gave me so much confident and hope, and holding his hand made me feel as though I could love again, even if it hurts.

  • Siur Indah
    Siur Indah

    this. is. what. ive. been. waiting. for. THANKYOU

  • احمد ال كاسي
    احمد ال كاسي


  • Bailey Peters
    Bailey Peters

    Sounds like Harry is singing to me in the bathroom

  • ella x
    ella x

    this one hit different

  • Sheila Carranza
    Sheila Carranza

    him saying ‘it’ll be alright ‘ makes me believe one day i will

  • lottie l
    lottie l

    I don't want to ever say goodbye.

  • Renske Buri
    Renske Buri

    i like the part where it rains

  • lindsay m
    lindsay m

    started having a panic attack in class lolol

  • laila

    yes i am crying and now i’m not regretting it.

  • nurinyaakub

    I just started dating this guy and we already had an argument. The both of us misunderstood each other, he thought I was bored by him so he decided not to text me which made me think he was bored by me. I tried to talk him out of it but he didn't seem like he wants to deal with it. He told me he needed time and I'm just afraid that he'll end things..I wanna keep moving forward with him but I got a feeling that he's not on the same track (p.s. this is long distance relationship)

  • weronika cv
    weronika cv

    I literally remember sobbing to this when I first listened to that song.. it's so powerful, perfect.. also congrats u made me cry again :)

  • Syeda Gulbun Zaidi
    Syeda Gulbun Zaidi

    This be hittin different rn.

  • Zoey Cahill
    Zoey Cahill

    This just made me realize I’m not over someone I thought I was over. I don’t know if I should say thank you or not. He means so much to me, ever since I first met him. He really tried to be the best friend he could even in the worst circumstances. He never reciprocated my feelings, but he knew they were there and continued to be my friend anyways. He’s helped me through some very tough times and I don’t know what I would be doing with my life if he wasn’t in it. I might love him, but I’m not going to get too much deeper into it because I’ll just hurt myself with scenarios that will never happen. Damn you, Buddy. ♥️

  • Diana

    Falling but you’re driving while crying in the rain

  • Viviane Kemke
    Viviane Kemke

    fuck, it hurts so much

  • musical vlogs
    musical vlogs

    adore you by harry styles but your boyfriend is telling you that he doesn’t love you anymore

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