First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.

  • å

    Biden wants people to get trapped in gas filled weatherized homes.

  • user

    First time going to the circus, way different than what i expected

  • vape water
    vape water

    If trump says joe mama to joe I will be happy

  • Dylan


  • Ron DeMeio
    Ron DeMeio

    All biden can do is try to run on the coronavirus Wich no one in this world has control of. Biden has no clue and his son is a junkie Wich is a sign of biden being a shitty parent.

  • Legendary Soc
    Legendary Soc

    *Bill Gates Should Be The President Of America*

  • saurabh kulkarni
    saurabh kulkarni

    47 years!! 47 years. you haven’t done nothing.😂😂 Trump Rhetoric Entertainment. 😂

  • Nayely Trujillo
    Nayely Trujillo

    Biden can barely hold himself up lol

  • iyfif ihgyfiyg
    iyfif ihgyfiyg

  • Nana Kwesi
    Nana Kwesi

    I have never loved Trump more. He is extraordinary. Even though the debate was noisy but I guess that's is why it's called a debate.

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken


  • you goo
    you goo

    Joe Biden cheating. His son and even his family have violated U.S. laws.

  • K. J.
    K. J.

    anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering .. think about that and choose trump .otherwise you will go through life as a robot that smile on biden face is not a good sign!!! Wake up people

  • Kris Tee
    Kris Tee

    Why does Biden pretend like he's not a millionaire too?

  • Adam Mystery
    Adam Mystery

    I miss Obama

  • Josh

    what are these old gas bags talking about?

  • Mindy Lurie
    Mindy Lurie

    Trump be

  • Zach Evans
    Zach Evans

    Joe Biden looks like a bleached asshole. Trump doesn't look any better. I just can't stand a guy that smiles when he's insulted.

  • sprd2thin

    The CDCs report shows the so called virus was never purified and isolated and used exosomes as a virus that is our immune system fighting off toxins so therefore the virus does not officially exist. So what is in those vaxxes? Dislike both especially Big B. The ones in control are in the shadows and the ones u see are sock puppets.

  • Ardan Hutasuhut
    Ardan Hutasuhut

    "Can you shut up man!" - Biden, 2k20

  • Darren E
    Darren E

    America is the biggest meme of 2020

  • C Burch
    C Burch

    Look, I'm sure that there were people in America who were far more suited for a presidential debate, but then what would we have? This keeps it entertaining. This is publicity.

  • Tyler Poplow
    Tyler Poplow

    Dumpster fire

  • martha

    Can you guys just tell me who won I am way too lazy to watch this stupid debate

  • 孙晓美

    trump vs Biden and Chris

  • Hammy C
    Hammy C

    Wtf is this.

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman

    It wasn't a debate but a brawl on the intellectual level of the amoeba. I don't know how intelligent people could watch this. This all explains why there is chaos in the US, the country's political elites are primitives who cannot conduct substantive discussions.

  • M. Asif khan
    M. Asif khan

    Being a Pakistani, I enjoyed every bit of this kindergartens speech.

  • ouma otengo
    ouma otengo

    I was not happy on how the president Donald Trump bullied Joe Biden and the moderator Chris Wallace, but I was also happy on how Chris Wallace tried to cool him down and how Biden presented himself am grateful. Americans will remain wise and I know they will elect carefully

  • MRA

    Whats with biden and harris laughing as if there nervouse everytime confronted.

  • VeryMiles

    Well I know I won’t be here next time 😉

  • Cody H
    Cody H

    why is chirs wallaces intro muted?

  • Santos Chloride
    Santos Chloride

    If you didn’t watch it live you shouldn’t be allowed to comment IMO

  • Chapender

    Woefully disappointing. Considering that we know in advance that any Presidential debate is centred around points scoring and making empty promises to gain power, why not then reduce it to a slanging match for the entertainment of the baying masses? And even in that regard, it was sorely lacking. I was expecting more visceral personal attacks. The Romans knew how to hold a political debate, take for example Cicero who, when defending Sestius, accusing Clodius of incest with his brothers and sisters. All we got was dodgy Tax returns and dubious Russian payments, meh.. pussys.

  • Moon Bitch
    Moon Bitch

    This is so embarrassing to watch👁️👄👁️

  • reneecd1967

    what is wrong with the american people ??? what is wrong with you and you and you???? what ever happened to "WE THE PEOPLE"? anybody who supports a government that wants to repress its people and snuff out a once thriving country has got to be crazy or suicidal. all of you should be ashamed of will all surely be sorry that you closed your minds and fell into the lies that the democrats have you believing. you are all glorified puppets to them.....may you live long in a state poverty should they regain control....i for one am proud to be an American!!!!!! God BLess and good luck!!!

  • Jay Chou
    Jay Chou

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  • lennart hallberg
    lennart hallberg

    Dems friendly moderators will be answering Joe Biden’s questions and bringing him back from his confused delusions also during the next Trump-Biden debates. And asks hard questions only from Trump. Just like Chris Wallace did.

  • ale joyner
    ale joyner

    Joe biden 2020

  • Let's Go
    Let's Go

    It's China's fault for making this debate so entertaining.


    When watching your child's favorite program is more palatable then watching a debate = FAIL

  • FTC SD
    FTC SD

    All the comments are way more civil than this shit

  • abhi bansal
    abhi bansal

    such ugly laugh biden, yuckkkkk.

  • Mouth Piece
    Mouth Piece

    The health care thing is a bunch of garbage.. Insurance companies are profitable, aren't they? If you don't think that government expects to profit from it, you're silly.

  • Channel Canceled
    Channel Canceled

    Two demons debating.....✌

  • Cas Franssen
    Cas Franssen

    I watched this and support Joe even more now. “Will you shut up man”?! lmao.

  • mUfFiNs mOm Brawlstars
    mUfFiNs mOm Brawlstars

    You came cause you went to explore and pressed on the video that is #1 trendng

  • jojo jam
    jojo jam

    The only people unconcerned about the Enemy of Democracy being reelected are: The Republican Party ( Shame on them ) His Base Fox News ( Shame on them ) Vladimir Putin.

  • y0url0calweeb

    they acts like such children i feel sorry for Americans and there future president jeez least be alot more mature if you wanna run a country

  • GuldursTV

    School debate XD

  • BabyMetalMemes

    Well at least its not as bad as some presidential debates in other countries. Because they usually get into fist fights.

  • Underground


  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu

    Welcome to the covid-19 debate😏

  • M L
    M L

    Trump Ended sensitivity training. Because it was teaching ppl radical ideas and looks bad in USA? 😱

  • abhi bansal
    abhi bansal

    when u say your president a puppy, you lost the battle right away.

  • 【M̷e̷l̷a̷n̷c̷h̷o̷l̷y̷ ̷ C̷h̷i̷l̷l̷】
    【M̷e̷l̷a̷n̷c̷h̷o̷l̷y̷ ̷ C̷h̷i̷l̷l̷】

    Could you shut up man?

  • Dop Ra
    Dop Ra

    Wauw what a shitshow this was... Nothing concrete just mudslinging and old policy retorics both are falling short off the guarantees the constitution ensures but than again so has every presidency. I'm done with the Hierachies of Mythomania just go home and don't come back.

  • Discover

    Trump 2020

  • ankit nair
    ankit nair

    So who is the real impostor?

  • betty black
    betty black

    As an australian with a great healthcare system that is most similar to what Biden wants, hearing Trump fearmonger by using the words "socialist healthcare" like it's going to be the downfall of America is both funny and sad. This dude is conning you guys.

  • harry sidhu
    harry sidhu

    Trump is Tom and Biden is Jerry!..... Remember my name Harry!

  • hello hello
    hello hello

    Trump is the worst thing to happen to America

    • Bubby

      if you do your own research maybe you won’t think this way. the media and people on social media definitely play him to be some evil guy , but really he’s not

  • Ernő Berezvay
    Ernő Berezvay

    ‘Here is the deal’, there wasn’t a single coherent sentence spoken in this debate.

  • Nekry Koneko
    Nekry Koneko

    And that's exactly why the rest of the world thinks that Trump is the best Comedian ever....I hope for the whole World Biden gets elected

    • Bubby

      biden wasn’t any better. i’d much rather have trump

  • mark bell
    mark bell

    45.50 ...... Biden revealed he has a ear peice, his first word was good luck before answering. His copied what his handler told him.

  • Nasia Lenay
    Nasia Lenay

    No big deal

  • M L
    M L

    Trump answer to Charlotte and Mt. Floyd??



  • farah hasan
    farah hasan

    Me throughout the whole video: Tf is this?

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