First day of riverdale season 5! | Madelaine Petsch
Madelaine Petsch
After 6 months of not working... we're back baby! Join me in vancouver for season 5 of Riverdale.
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Hey there, I'm Madelaine Petsch! You may recognize me from The CWs 'Riverdale' as Cheryl Blossom. I made a channel just so I could show you guys who I am when I'm not being Cheryl :) Subscribe for all things 'Madelaine' & for videos all about my adventures, bts footage and more!

  • Hector

    I love your dog !!!

  • rakelg

    i loved this!

  • skipper 4 real
    skipper 4 real

    09:44 Madelaine : I love ya Future Madelaine: I won't say it back

  • skipper 4 real
    skipper 4 real

    08:17 Madelaine is concerned about Vanessa. So cute

  • sofia chancay
    sofia chancay

    Sister school and they're like ready for me and ioma yo a mi Lili reinhart it's so very very very very veryset


    Madelaine:Why don't you bring me to record how cole brings lili? Vanessa:because they go out and we don't Madelaine: Let me change the question. Why don't you go out with me like Cole goes out with Lili? I found the above on wattpad

  • Natoya Bernard
    Natoya Bernard

    You look so different in the the movie riverdale

  • Jaimie Dee Photography
    Jaimie Dee Photography

    4:45 - Check out mask brackets on amazon. They do exactly that! They go in between your mask and your face and adds some space so the mask isn't sitting right on top of your nose/ mouth! They kind of look like muzzles. 😂😂😂

  • Miss Malfoy
    Miss Malfoy

    wait a damn min- did she say, "short brown hair for cheryl this year"

  • Julia Aznar Rubio
    Julia Aznar Rubio

    I love you Medaline 💞

  • cracked clipzz
    cracked clipzz

    Can you pls do more of these

  • Ryn Alizd
    Ryn Alizd


  • Soz lovely X
    Soz lovely X

    Am I the only one who actually loves riverdale

  • Andienails planning
    Andienails planning

    Vanessa morgan is so adorable! I love their friendship ❤️

  • •Honey Peach Gaming•
    •Honey Peach Gaming•

    I like how most of the cast Hate's Riverdale , and here I am, literally thinking "I would kill to be in riverdale" I wouldn't really kill somebody PLEASE DON'T COME FOR ME COPS XD

  • Kate Harris
    Kate Harris

    hi madelaine i noticed your face got really big at 1:30 i see you tried to cut it out but we saw it and we're kinda worried about you. could be some sort of allergic reaction??? love your vids xxx

    • Is Sweeney
      Is Sweeney

      very good point! i had a friend with a similar problem x

  • Leah

    When does the next season come out?

  • Kaycee Chu
    Kaycee Chu

    Choni with a baby? Hahaha

  • x Nikita
    x Nikita

    Hej polska 🥴


    como escondera la panzita de embarazada?

  • DayLight

    Turkish subtitles please

  • 20 AKHIL A I
    20 AKHIL A I

  • Комок Счастья
    Комок Счастья

    When is Season 5 coming out?

  • Jump enourmous_003
    Jump enourmous_003

    River dale more like river side

  • Heather Flick
    Heather Flick

    I’m so excited to see what’s coming in season 5! I love your boots Madeleine! Hope it goes well! Waiting for some new drama!

  • Gaming_Unicorn

    I just stared riverdale

  • Ntht Emektn
    Ntht Emektn

    I love riverdale

  • Maddie_rblx

    People can keep hating on the show but lets all be real here its a very addictive show with a lot of action and the actors are amazing!!!

  • Delmar Small
    Delmar Small

    I love your show big fan❤️

  • Abigail Dalton
    Abigail Dalton

    Please make another one love ya❤

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller

    You should definitely try to do more video's of you on set so when we all watch the show, we know what you were doing before and after the scene 😂

  • Yasmin Lobo
    Yasmin Lobo

    I love

  • Memo 8
    Memo 8

    I looooove you

  • Vaishnavi Sharma
    Vaishnavi Sharma

    When is the season 5 cmg

  • Fátima nicol Domínguez peña
    Fátima nicol Domínguez peña

    madelaine petsch it's art ✨

  • Diana Gerz
    Diana Gerz

    OMG i m so exciting yeyyy

  • Jazmyne Asbury
    Jazmyne Asbury

    Tee Tee

  • Lotte Meier
    Lotte Meier

    Is Jordan there too?

  • RaltySalty

    I like the fact that her character is really douchey but she is actually really nice. Like I bet you she had some second thoughts while filming those douchey scenes

  • Lina Alhethily
    Lina Alhethily

    امانهههه توي ادري ان فيه سيزن خامس😭


    I can’t believe they are already filming the fifth season of riverdale 5

  • Lyn Fine China
    Lyn Fine China

    I actually enjoy watching riverdale

  • Ravenclaw Girl
    Ravenclaw Girl

    If u didn’t know they were finishing season 4 then when they are done with season 4 they are gonna do season five. There is a interview with jimmy Fallon with Lili

  • Thatcher Hileman
    Thatcher Hileman

    this is the funniest thing i've seen today

  • Mariah Urquiza
    Mariah Urquiza

    How do u change the photo on here my profile is M Anyone know how to change the photo

  • Mariah Urquiza
    Mariah Urquiza

    Omg I am such a big fan like I love this show more than anyone I literally watch the show over and over and over again.

  • MixedTeesMusicGolf

    Stick with editing it is fun! It’s a form of art!

  • Pau

    No entendí nada pero te amo Madelaine

  • Josh

    I love riverdale

  • Abdellah Biad
    Abdellah Biad

    just amazing knowing how bitchy Sheryl can be even in real life

  • Juliana Demetrio
    Juliana Demetrio

    Eu sou o comentário em português que vc tava procurando? 👁️👄👁️

  • Manoj kumar Velauthan
    Manoj kumar Velauthan

    Wow! Amazing

  • Edits :l
    Edits :l

    Hi me and my mom love riverdale (I’m 9 and she’s 31) so we are going to be riverdale vixens :)

  • Journie Nabors
    Journie Nabors

    I only watch the show for choi 🤣

  • Lily Mai
    Lily Mai

    Just wear a f**king mask it’s not that hard

  • Hu Hu
    Hu Hu

    Did you use Kassel labs for the Star Wars thing??

  • Marciela Ramirez
    Marciela Ramirez

    ngl ALL I KNOW vannesa from is my babysitters a vampire that was one of my favorite shows

  • Britt Noordhuizen
    Britt Noordhuizen

    When is THE new season coming out

  • Sena Kashiwazaki
    Sena Kashiwazaki


  • Thais Mayana
    Thais Mayana

    Gnt é serio que não tem nenhum BR aqui? ksksjs

  • Krisha Basnet
    Krisha Basnet

    please show cole sprouse

  • The Bro Cave
    The Bro Cave

    Bro riverdale is the best show ever no 🧢

  • mariana guzman
    mariana guzman


  • lmbink iloverose
    lmbink iloverose

    Im so excited for season 5🎉🎉🎉

  • tia Lester seaton
    tia Lester seaton

    Cant wait 🥰😬😬😬❤❤❤for the next season

  • BigBy

    At.east we know the outfit u wear in one of the scenes

  • Jorgelina

    I love riverdale

  • Insyirah Jeffri
    Insyirah Jeffri

    Ik why shes wearing a wig cap its smthg gotta do with veronica wig too right?

  • Insyirah Jeffri
    Insyirah Jeffri

    Even the dog is a cast?!

  • Insyirah Jeffri
    Insyirah Jeffri

    I wanna be a cast😢

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