Riot Games just announced their new card game, Legends of Runeterra! (LoR). Watch Scarra play the game ahead of time and listen to his commentary while he figures out the gameplay!
Thank you Riot Games for giving me early access to the game! Remember everything shown is subject to chance before the official release!
Register here for pre-access:
directed & edited by: basti

  • Ryan Connor
    Ryan Connor

    This is great, they totally screwed up Magic Arena's meta and it won't be fixed until the next set comes out, at best. Riot needs to give WotC some competition with this and get them to step up their game.

  • chris L
    chris L

    "riot really got hurt i kept calling them riot game" which they still are hahaha riot games really trying to make there name schtick


    I have error and cant log in to game why ??? HELP

  • Bluedog79

    Riot must've figured "Hey,Blizzard is losing all their players...there is an empty void where Hearthstone once was..Now is our time to scoop up all of their bailing fans!"

  • 심심한_페퍼_게임 채널
    심심한_페퍼_게임 채널


  • Curseius Gaming
    Curseius Gaming

    newest brand new game gotcha

  • Nathanael Lee
    Nathanael Lee

    *Legends of Runeterra has entered* Hearthstone: "aight, ima head out"

  • kinoshkiwa

    Are riot games determine to kill blizzard? lol.

  • SangerZonvolt

    Why are you blocking like this is magic? They don´t regenerate, you can use your small units to block damage from your nexus. Even if they are weaker they still damage the enemy units. You are giving the enemy free shots.

  • sapphire cat
    sapphire cat

    how to play this game:

  • kihan

    this game looks good thanks scarra

  • mike johnston Bob
    mike johnston Bob

    imagine the stealth cancer of early league in card form

  • TheLiderr


  • Owen Heart
    Owen Heart

    Your first card is 666 that tells me something. Dont install the game

  • RevivedSoul

    Please dont skip dialog, i love em.

  • Valentin Weber
    Valentin Weber

    I didn't care that much about the game. But seeing scarra play it, makes me want to play it too.

  • FanaticalDrummer

    Oh look Riot following trends again. Only 2 years late. Waste of time and money. Seriously Riot? This company is way too divided and all their products will suffer due to it. They arent focused. They are just trying to grab at everything no matter how half ass or uninventive it is. Quantity over Quality. Ritos motto.

  • Michael Giraldo
    Michael Giraldo

    so far a big drawback is the limit of creatures you can play and you can only block once.. but maybe it's because it's so different.. it might be healthier I guess.

  • Allen

    Is no one gonna mention lux’s visuals in the thumbnail 💀

  • Thomas Mackay
    Thomas Mackay

    Do you have to pay to play this in the future?

    • SeK•

      Nope, it's free to play

  • Chris Rosch
    Chris Rosch

    is there a reason why scarra always has his mouth open?

    • Chris Rosch
      Chris Rosch

      @Mr. Joesterr mouth breathing deforms your skull tho and is overall more harmful than breathing through your nose.

    • Mr. Joesterr
      Mr. Joesterr

      Chris Rosch breathing

  • Andre L
    Andre L

    They should do a gamemode where they switch decks. I think that would be a very interesting gamemode. Or at least some type of deck switching, further down the line of course, the game just started so you don't want to make it too complicated yet.

  • Douglas Mota
    Douglas Mota

    It's completelly free or P2W like any other card game? ( if say they r not u'r naive AF )

    • shadowatom

      Hasn't felt that way during the beta since I've played for 2 days and managed to unlock every card in the set without paying/using wildcards, so it seems healthy so far, but I can't say how it'll be at release.

  • Legends of Runeterra Twitch Highlights
    Legends of Runeterra Twitch Highlights

    Feel free to checkout my channel for Runeterra highlights :)

  • Williammist 2412
    Williammist 2412

    38:45 damn I dunno why that frustrated me so much

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    I like hearthstone more because i dont need pepsi if i Can get a coca coke

  • Christian Caldwell
    Christian Caldwell

    Wow...this is embarrassingly bad.

  • Cory Keelan
    Cory Keelan

    custom voices give life to the game this card game looks SICK

  • Hakim Smailliw
    Hakim Smailliw

    You are the biggest mouth breathing loser I have ever seen.

  • Undead Mystic
    Undead Mystic

    Why do all the champs look so off model?

  • APK.GG19

    Played at EGX, shit game

  • CmrdDarius Sapphire
    CmrdDarius Sapphire

    Oh! A new Riot game AWESOME! Oh!, its a card game featuring League Champions cool!...... oh wait.. Teemo's here..... oh... fml

  • Michał Kacała
    Michał Kacała

    This is URF LUX xS

  • Piyehs

    dont get why people say its an hour long. its 30mins for me (x2 speed is the way)

  • GentleBreeze


  • Joker KB
    Joker KB


  • Evangelos Vasiliades
    Evangelos Vasiliades

    >"The custom effects and sounds are a major part of selling a card game." >Us Tabletop simulator players be like

  • HeckinGracken

    "Poros? What are you going to cuddle me to death?" That has to be a reference to YuGiOh, like the kuribohs.

  • Final Boss Veigar
    Final Boss Veigar

    When i inevitably play this game, i'm gonna do a kalista teemo deck. Whenever Teemo dies he just comes right back with more shrooms heheheh

    • Aaron Wolf
      Aaron Wolf

      @Asphyxia I mean he is Veigar the master of evil

    • Final Boss Veigar
      Final Boss Veigar

      @Asphyxia I like just making poison decks in any card game Makes it so you have some hope, but in the end if you don't have a good deck, you are just dead

    • Asphyxia

      You're one evil fella

  • uglyAvocado

    did zed get a new voice actor

  • Pedro Carvalho
    Pedro Carvalho

    thank you for doing this

  • It's legal to think
    It's legal to think

    Riot give me nothing! :p I wrote them, but they said I have to wait, unless I am a IT-my'er/Twich streamer, which I'm not.. So as a regular mortal being I'll have to wait.... zzzzZzzzZZzZzzzZZZzz

    • It's legal to think
      It's legal to think

      Got one finally :D

  • KhaoNeu

    Scarra. In your opinion in light of these recent events do you feel that Riot Games will overtake Blizzard as one of the top dogs in gaming?

  • Rahmoun Tahar Zakaria
    Rahmoun Tahar Zakaria

    Is this pc game or mobile?

    • SeK•


  • Kaia Worthy
    Kaia Worthy

    It’s basically very much like Magic: The Gathering

  • Patrick Banks
    Patrick Banks

    Anyone else get like 20 minutes of unskippable ads? :/

  • gongal

    Wow this looks primitive as fuck

  • The Faux Fox
    The Faux Fox

    Are you going to turn into a Legends of Runeterra channel now? Seems to be a recurring theme.

  • Alex S.
    Alex S.

    Scarra: literally puts no pressure for 6 turns in fear of accidentally getting blocked by opponent's win condition Scarra: why is this so busted wtf

    • Person Human
      Person Human

      Exactly it infuriated me how he kept passing and not attacking

  • Rabios

    Scarra overthinking shit as always, which leads to not knowing the most basic shit like its not worth it to have more than 3 mana at the end of the round since its just lost.

  • kimjakal


  • Fernando Calazans
    Fernando Calazans

    tilted... completely tilted 53:30

  • Nathan

    *has the option to attack Scarra: So I should pass this turn right

  • Just Kidding
    Just Kidding

    Do you guys think that this game will come to mac?

  • Tyler Blair
    Tyler Blair

    Sooo it's tft with it's own client and a few changes? Give us the MMO we want dammit riot

  • ClaudioHer

    Mitos y Leyendas meets Heartstone! LoL themed! :O

  • Connor Sky
    Connor Sky

    When you were counting the icons (26 of them)...I was like..."If he counts one at a time, he's NOT ASIAN"...Glad you counted 26 icons within 3 seconds. HEHE. Math for life. LOL

  • B A
    B A

    i love that there are character interactions. so fucking cool

  • Vesper Lilly Ann Pratt
    Vesper Lilly Ann Pratt

    I love all of the new assets the game has received. Elise for example A++

  • Ciubo Ciubo
    Ciubo Ciubo

    Heart tft is unic...riot try something else..

  • Arif Aizuddin
    Arif Aizuddin

    Lol scarra just explain when the game just explain it lol stupif scarra

  • Peinfull87

    At 38:33 why did you give zed +0/+3 instead of +3/+0? he's got first strike so he would have killed the oponent

  • Sniperzduty

    I wish I could play this game!

  • Golden Dawn
    Golden Dawn

    bye blizzard

  • Ghost

    I just played the hearthstone intro last night, and this looks like a strange tutorial, however, I think it is very different when you can feel when you can do what in the actual game.

  • dzello

    The balance in this game seems terrible... You did 35 damage in like 5 turns... There's no skill in this game, it's too fast. They'd need to like double the HP or triple.

  • dzello

    Reminds me of Spellweaver.

  • Drunken Muppet
    Drunken Muppet

    Scarra acting like this is something new and exciting... Riot is 5 years too late on this game. Even hearthstone's gameplay looks more engaging than this and it's already a dead game.

    • SeK•

      hearthstone's gameplay looks more engaging? pleaseee, for me it's fun but for a lot of people i'ts boring and ugly. this looks more fun and fresh. Don't forget hearthstone it's p2w

    • Yaseen Aslam
      Yaseen Aslam

      @Drunken Muppet literally in the top 10 most played game of 2019

    • Drunken Muppet
      Drunken Muppet

      @Yaseen Aslam Maybe once it might have been, but there's no way it still is.

    • Yaseen Aslam
      Yaseen Aslam

      Hearthstone one of the most played game, but you calling it dead hmmmm...

  • Евгений Бильдюг
    Евгений Бильдюг

    Looks like good old game "Etherlords 2". Lovely

  • ParaDonut

    even in the closed beta the shop, where you throw money at tencent for imaginary things, is the most fleshed out part. nice

    • Damian Kułaga
      Damian Kułaga

      What do you mean flashed out? Btw. I like this store way more than HS store. You pay for the cards you want not 5 random cards.

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