First Family Outing! (It was a MESS)

  • KKandbabyJ

    Please click these links below and help BLM

    • Allison M.
      Allison M.

      Jae Jae all. lives. don’t. matter. until. black. lives. do.

    • Fiona Faulkes
      Fiona Faulkes

      RIP Dave Dorn

    • Jae Jae
      Jae Jae

      All lives matters!

    • Aimee Martian
      Aimee Martian

      thank you for using your platform for what is right <3

    • MaiCie Peña
      MaiCie Peña

      I will hit those links love you best IT-my fan ever

  • Anne Crosser
    Anne Crosser

    Sutton is going to be a big guy! He makes Keren look small when she holds him! lol

  • Katie Elizabeth Payling
    Katie Elizabeth Payling

    Sutton was thirsty for a LONG TIME bless him

  • Azlyn Belisle
    Azlyn Belisle

    khoa “at the park”

  • Azlyn Belisle
    Azlyn Belisle

    khoa: at the park, sure

  • Halle Burch
    Halle Burch

    Everything was “at the park” lol

  • lycardia ann
    lycardia ann

    Make merch that says “AT THE PARK” 😂😂😭😭😭 I was dying lol

  • Stephanie Gutierrez
    Stephanie Gutierrez

    "At the Park"

  • Jamie Ward
    Jamie Ward

    Does anyone know when they stopped uploading daily? I’ve been catching up on vlogs and noticed they don’t do that anymore 😢😢😢

  • lcgiroux

    Sutton is getting so big!

  • Somaly Lam
    Somaly Lam

    No one: Not even Moro: Khoa: AT THE PARK Edit: didn’t realize other people commented this....oops

  • Shani Rose
    Shani Rose

    Love u guys!!!

  • jada //
    jada //

    thank you so much for supporting the movement 🥺❤️

  • Nessa S.
    Nessa S.

    Omg i just realize something your kids really are it again

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez

    I still find it hard to believe that Karen has had three kids like she looks amazing!!!

  • bildahome


  • Beverly Ison
    Beverly Ison

    Gorgeous view!!

  • Kayla Hanshaw
    Kayla Hanshaw

    I love Kerens dress

  • emilie bivort
    emilie bivort

    I love how khoa gets so excited seeing the sunset, it’s just like me seeing the sunset or a dog

  • D Cee Sharma
    D Cee Sharma

    Moro listen to Khoa more than the kids 😂

  • Fernanda Dedic
    Fernanda Dedic

    Keren has had 3 kids and looks stunning, if I don't look like that i'm gonna be mad

  • lilbita honeydust
    lilbita honeydust

    GOOD JOB swimming Jackson!

  • Grace Willis
    Grace Willis

    Karen! Where is your bathing suit from???

  • PWJ

    "no don't throw that jackson, please do not throw that!" this is what being a boy parent is like😂

  • Viki Lin
    Viki Lin

    “Oh you are at the swing .....AT THE PARK” 😂

  • Nicole Epp
    Nicole Epp

    Does Moro get scared of the thunder?? My dogs go INSANE when there’s a storm!

  • Debbie Bowling
    Debbie Bowling

    Your dog is so cute and she will get to about 85 lbs. Also there is more to just training a dog to sit before giving her a treat also request her paw and just plan obedience is more important than anything else

  • FuryInferno

    This is how many times he said "At The Part"🔻

  • Carmela Fabular
    Carmela Fabular

    this is how many times khoa says “at the park” 👇🏻

  • Emily

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Koah:"AT THE PARK"

  • Samiha Hoque
    Samiha Hoque

    Beautiful video esp Jackson and Karen in the pool

  • Leah Park
    Leah Park

    so did you go to the park??

  • Timothy Danielson
    Timothy Danielson

    Karen glad to see you wearing something that fits. finally

  • Me, my Kids and I
    Me, my Kids and I

    Khoa was more excited being at the playground then the kids 🤣



  • I Ruiz
    I Ruiz

    Hottest mama award!!!!

  • Addi Sullivan
    Addi Sullivan

    What was the blurred box for?

  • JBCC411

    how did you get so lucky to have such a calm puppy?!

  • Crystal Marie
    Crystal Marie

    My oldest London has that shirt Landon is wearing 💖

  • BigNick

    These music damn it broke my ears lmao

  • Greta Nilssen
    Greta Nilssen

    So corona doesn’t exist anymore?!?

  • Hallie Forrester
    Hallie Forrester

    Look at the way khoa his with Moro!! Now picture him with a baby girl😫

  • Hannah Watson
    Hannah Watson

    I love how Landon FaceTimes instead of coming to get Keren 😂❤️

  • Kaylen Marshall
    Kaylen Marshall

    I just wanted to let you guys know if you already didnt... probs already do... but girl dogs get periods like a female. I didnt know this when I was dog sitting and it ruined a piece of furniture.

  • River Luxori
    River Luxori

    THANK YOU! Black lives matter!

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones

    Omggg Sutton’s little crocs!!!

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones

    I love the description! And ur comment. Y’all are the best☺️🧡🧡🧡 I love you guys

  • Lexi Bell
    Lexi Bell

    As a mother of biracial children (black and white) it terrifies me what the world has come to in the last week.

  • Serena A.Z.
    Serena A.Z.

    Thank you so much for not pointing fingers at BLM for the violence but for referring to it as a part of the fight for equality! We need more influencers like you!

  • Emily Morlock
    Emily Morlock

    Omg 🤣 I feel like khoa was more excited to be at the park than the kids ever will be 😂😂

  • Gaby Frutuoso
    Gaby Frutuoso

    im laughing so much right now... ''at the park''

  • TheAlexanderSeries

    Landon soundin like a teenager 😂

  • Adriana Medeiros
    Adriana Medeiros

    Does anyone know about the random blur ? I’m so confused lol

  • Zoey Davenport
    Zoey Davenport

    no one gonna talk about Landon calling khoa’s phone? 😂

  • Mary catherine Smart
    Mary catherine Smart

    Socializing puppies are important

  • Mary catherine Smart
    Mary catherine Smart

    Have you introduced marrow to your moms puppy. That would be interesting vlog

  • Liz

    Take a shot every time Khoa says” at the park “😂.

  • Lisette MJ
    Lisette MJ

    A like for each time Khoa said “at the park” 😂

  • Connie Manrique
    Connie Manrique

    Khoa reminds me of that spongebob episode where they open the restaurant at night and say “at night”

  • Melany Castelan
    Melany Castelan


  • Duffy A
    Duffy A

    Worthless POS...

  • Anja Cicu
    Anja Cicu

    OMG KEREN 😱 YOUR BODY IS TOOO 🔥🔥🔥 WOW 🤩 AND THE BIKINI 🤩❤️ sorry but i had to say this 😋❤️

  • melissa strapp
    melissa strapp

    Here in NC, our parks, well playgrounds are still closed. We are in phase 2

  • Manny 2020
    Manny 2020

    Anyone else just have a blur on they’re screen when they are at the park for the last minute or so?

  • Leslie Brown
    Leslie Brown

    How old is Moro?

  • Ashlee Nicole
    Ashlee Nicole

    Khoa sounds like Spongebob when he worked the night shift! " night!"

  • Tina Wise
    Tina Wise

    Damn Keren! You are looking amazing 👏🏻

  • Mariah Kumor
    Mariah Kumor

    Where is that bathing suit from??

  • Rebecca Kurszewski
    Rebecca Kurszewski

    This vlog is just cuteness overload!

  • Up The Hill With Noah
    Up The Hill With Noah

    Thank you so much for the support from your family! All the more reason to love you two and your family!! Thank you!

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