First season 9 Flint Knock only win?
FaZe Replays
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  • Destiny Mikaere-Toto
    Destiny Mikaere-Toto

    your trash

  • Gregory Robinson
    Gregory Robinson


  • Aloke Sarkar
    Aloke Sarkar

    Lol playing

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    Incredible World

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  • NotAsianBoii 69_96
    NotAsianBoii 69_96

    "If I want to really survive this I'm gonna have to go to the storm" ~ FaZe Replays

  • eul rath
    eul rath

    Minigun only win

  • Asmr Aaryan
    Asmr Aaryan

    2:40 Perfect Timeing

  • skama2010

    That was nasty.

  • SAYAD 402
    SAYAD 402

    Hi 👋

  • christian wachel
    christian wachel

    Not the first but very nice dude

  • The Kassidy Show 101
    The Kassidy Show 101

    1:04 OMG there was still three seconds left and his health went up!?

    • Mudcats FN
      Mudcats FN

      He probably edited the video to skip those 3 seconds dumbass

    • I don’t like u Idiot
      I don’t like u Idiot

      Oh yeah

  • gianni kurio
    gianni kurio

    You are fycking hacker

  • Alfie Collins
    Alfie Collins


  • DusRut

    Youre a God ❤️

  • Yifei Duong
    Yifei Duong

    You guys seeing what I’m seeing he has the green version of that school but it look white mud game

    • Yifei Duong
      Yifei Duong

      Mid* sorry

  • Benjamin Gang
    Benjamin Gang

    14:25 did he say nigga

  • QuickScopes YT72
    QuickScopes YT72

    Use code FAZEREPLAYS this is what u came for🏆

  • Rexkt 4u
    Rexkt 4u

    Sound is delayed

  • Haakon Horten
    Haakon Horten

    I watched this stream when i was in school

  • 1000 abonnés sans vidéo s ?
    1000 abonnés sans vidéo s ?

    What do you need to win a game ? NINJA:a pump a PM and a scar Replays:yes

  • Machine- 7000
    Machine- 7000

    If u hadnt that glider at 5:12 u wouldve die 😅

  • Circusmudge

    how does he waste so many mats?

  • Skaty_Ping_HD Ps4
    Skaty_Ping_HD Ps4

    Tour the best fortnite player i ever saw can you add me im a noob i always lose

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat


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    10,000 Subscribers with no video

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  • bob sonics
    bob sonics


    He looks like ninjas evil twin lmao

  • VOID

    Me: I can only find flints Replays: I can’t a flint

    • Mergawi Nabi
      Mergawi Nabi

      He's speaking the language of Gods

  • Vincent swift
    Vincent swift

    8:56 *when u play pubs 😂

  • Shane Dimiceli
    Shane Dimiceli

    I’ve done this before?not first

  • Sierra Alexus
    Sierra Alexus

    1:01 3 seconds left and full heal? Explain lol

    • Sierra Alexus
      Sierra Alexus

      I mean did anyone see that

  • Tall Herbivore Feeder 1
    Tall Herbivore Feeder 1

    Intense keyboard smacks for just landing

  • lAccurxcyl •
    lAccurxcyl •

    Ur better then gorb?

  • Kokau

    fortnite sucks !!!!!

  • iPlumy -_-
    iPlumy -_-

    Next video: Worlds first boogie bomb only win

  • khadiata barro
    khadiata barro

    Only people that were og can like this ok bots

  • Dana Yassin
    Dana Yassin

    Ur a god with that flint knock press the like button

  • me you
    me you


  • Clxppin

    Your nasty

  • Peter Silie
    Peter Silie

    80% tho

  • Thailen Buiey
    Thailen Buiey

    He broke the defaults shield twice

  • Bmrz XD
    Bmrz XD

    If u subscribe to faze replays sub to me it is BMRZ XD

  • bradley peters
    bradley peters

    ninja toxic

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    foxy the name

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  • Sports Seb
    Sports Seb

    11:18 is so clean

  • Pub g Boys
    Pub g Boys

    No one is better then replays with a Flint knock

  • Pub g Boys
    Pub g Boys

    The Flint knock God

  • Zachary Botz
    Zachary Botz

    Who else gets triggered when they use some bandaids and their health is 74 and you have no more bandaids

  • RealGamer1

    who is watching this from 2020?

    • 1000 abonnés sans vidéo s ?
      1000 abonnés sans vidéo s ?

      Im watching un 3089

  • Charlie Robertson
    Charlie Robertson

    Like if replays is nasty

  • Ta Fa
    Ta Fa

    Can I have you a friend on Fortnite?

  • Ameen Al-Robae
    Ameen Al-Robae


  • Daragh Carey
    Daragh Carey

    14 minute video 14 kill game illuminati

  • Profit -1
    Profit -1


  • Quinn Brown
    Quinn Brown

    You got a win with only flint knock, meanwhile I can’t even get a wain normally


    Oh 9od!!!

  • Reddit Memes
    Reddit Memes

    My dad says for every 100 subs i get by tommorow , he will buy me a tub of gfuel , pls help a brother out , much appreciated guys have a good day

  • Joshua Ott
    Joshua Ott

    yeet pistols boi

  • Splae Yt
    Splae Yt

    Nope I already did that

  • TRC Hesi
    TRC Hesi

    I am going to sleep 😴 And if I wake up with 1.1k Subscribers I will be sooo happy🙏


    I did the challenge and I won twice

  • Dell JS
    Dell JS

    He wastes all his material and complains about mats 🤦‍♂️

  • G3T WR3CKT
    G3T WR3CKT

    U should change your username to. FaZeFlintknocker

  • Charles Reed
    Charles Reed

    You can tell his sensitivity is extremely high, So damn jittery. But he hits his shots...

  • JSD Vlogs
    JSD Vlogs

    Crouch while your shooting bc I will make you not fly away

  • JasonDa Beast1
    JasonDa Beast1

    you didnt just use a flintok gun u used a rift to go and healings xD lol so it should be called i won using a rift to go and healing things xD

  • Winok go
    Winok go

    This is how many times faze replays |

    • Tragic Brezee
      Tragic Brezee

      Winok go u liked ur own comment pathetic

  • Morfear

    Who the heck puts meds in there first slot

  • 50 Cent
    50 Cent

    I love this dude so much cause he’s not cocky and shit like the rest of the streamers

  • StriVe Bull
    StriVe Bull

    btw like this if you think flint knocks are over powered


    Faze names coming in 2020 Faze pencil Faze paper Faze cloud Faze reverse Faze shorts Faze wardrobe

  • Freddy Roman
    Freddy Roman

    That smacking of the mouth is driving me insane!

  • Ricardo YT
    Ricardo YT

    1:04 how the heck that med kit finished already when its 3 sec ._.

  • Anab Mohamed
    Anab Mohamed

    replays is lying. how does he have that umbrella if this is his first season 9 win?

    • RG Blue
      RG Blue

      Its his first win using flintknock only retard hes won other games just not usung flintknock only

  • Adithya and Sal ur mom hahaha 123
    Adithya and Sal ur mom hahaha 123

    Ur insane with the flint 🔥


    who wants a bang bang?

  • WeeN-Synoツ

    I typed this with my pp

  • Le,Kamren Meadows
    Le,Kamren Meadows


  • Rawad Ibrahim
    Rawad Ibrahim

    you are a legend

  • moncho roro
    moncho roro

    nija fake!!!

  • NinjaBro3000

    He would die if he did not have the gladors

  • Aaliyah Ackerman
    Aaliyah Ackerman

    You’re a beast

  • expulse

    i can’t even get 9+ kills with stacked loot smh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Diogo Ferreira
    Diogo Ferreira

    This video should be called humilliating players for 14 minutes

  • _ Hadez
    _ Hadez

    I’m the worst fortnite player I can’t even get a win using all weapons Nd he’s doing it flint only

  • Bryan Lit
    Bryan Lit

    He was annunciating so much in the beginning

  • Reece Petrunich
    Reece Petrunich

    How did u finish the med kit three second early?? 1:00

  • Rothstein100

    make this blue if replayz is the g.o.a.t

    • Aa Perm
      Aa Perm

      Rothstein100 I’ll make it blue if you stfu

  • #The Souno gamer#
    #The Souno gamer# please sub :)

  • CDM Willygg
    CDM Willygg

    Like thet. 👍👇

  • Alice Grangeon
    Alice Grangeon

    the killer

  • Debby

    him building belike: gO crAzy AaaAaAhHh Go stUpiD yEah go cRaZy aAaaaAaahHhHh gO sTuPid

  • I LiKe ChIckONS
    I LiKe ChIckONS

    Well thank you for the tip go to storm for mats smart but not long though

  • Flameless Boil
    Flameless Boil

    He dosent have the real of skull he just became good at fortnite but most pro have og maybe he just like this style?

  • Default like U
    Default like U

    U are underrated

  • Tommibelo YT
    Tommibelo YT

    Much appreciated if anyone could sub to me

  • Ripping lips Outdoors
    Ripping lips Outdoors

    Look at this sweat 😂

  • Dalton Peck
    Dalton Peck

    Bro i cant do this anymore without commenting.🤦🏼‍♂️ Not one player has had skill at all in this game. Not one. Literally not talking shit, its just so confusing cause they give a really good player all bot lobbies, but someone whos not a pro at this game, gets the biggest sweaty no life mf ok console and pc like🤷🏽‍♂️😭

  • Spafel

    No youre not i created it I discovered new double flint knock meta

  • Tung Tran Quy
    Tung Tran Quy

    Stop doing this challenge again and again

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