Fishing For Sharks In A Boat That's Too Small
Daily Dose Of Internet
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Pelican: Risekube Jun
Bear: Elijah S via
Dog Sunglasses: Glenn G via
Cat Paw: Benjamin A via
Slowly by Smith The Mister
Smith The Mister
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Middle Class (Instrumental) by RYYZN
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  • Felipe

    Omg I feel so bad for the guy who got trolled by hey_z_ree

    • Lunar YT FL0CK
      Lunar YT FL0CK


    • T W I S T Y
      T W I S T Y

      W H Y D I D T H A T G U Y P I N N E D *F E L I P E*

    • bernardakoito

      Would be much more hilarious if Siri replied "you got trolled"

    • BabyBear

      Your pfp is hwot

    • Mia Luther
      Mia Luther

      get nood.

  • Eric x
    Eric x

    I wish the shark broke free, capsized those canoes, and ate those people.

  • Just A Saxophone
    Just A Saxophone

    we're gonna need a bigger boat

  • Derethevil

    Honestly? I wouldn't have cared if they would have tipped over, fishing for sharks and the sharks starting to fish for idiots and assholes instead. Go sharks!

  • random earthling
    random earthling

    Why tf wouöd you kill sharks? :(

  • Patricio Bonatti
    Patricio Bonatti

    I love how the guy saw the bear an was like "meh just another bear" but then he saw the baby bear and went "my time has come"


    2:39 this dude is better than 5 min craft lIfE hAcKs


    0:23 this triggered my thallassophobia

  • muhammad sukroni
    muhammad sukroni

    1:10 lol triggered

  • I Edit a lot :,D
    I Edit a lot :,D

    “your gonna need a bigger boat”

  • zwadstheiguana

    Other compilation youtubers: The thumbnail might be somewhere in the middle of the video if you pay enough attention. Daily dose of internet: The thumbnail is literally the first video.

  • Arun Kumar Santosh
    Arun Kumar Santosh

    Fisherman:lets go for fishing Shark: so you have chosen death

  • ManicBot

    0:31 Thats one way to get down

  • Akiko and Akira
    Akiko and Akira

    Da cat like 👁👄👁✋🏽

  • Suzanne de Vreugd
    Suzanne de Vreugd

    2:50 crock gloves i think you can sell them i would buy them

  • VickyMicky- Brawl Star
    VickyMicky- Brawl Star

    00:43 dang I hope this guys is ok

  • King Bitten
    King Bitten

    Guys its not horrible fishing for sharks, its horrible cutting their fins off and kicking Them in the ocean, theres a Big difference

  • Sam World
    Sam World

    0:35, that one kid in gym class.

  • TheGameGuru

    01:10 trolling at its finest lol

  • Oüber fox
    Oüber fox

    Thats what you get for hunting a shark

  • ꧁• Random vines •꧂
    ꧁• Random vines •꧂


  • Akshay Devadiga
    Akshay Devadiga

    @2:13 Guy: *I was just reading a book & umm...HELLO......(A Bear appears)... Whatsup?.. (Gasps) There's little babies....THERE ARE LITTLE BABIES* ME: *GET OUTTA THERE... Get out...HAVENT YOU SEEN THE MOVIE REVANANT?...Where Leo DiCaprio was Mauled by a Bear???*

  • Dawit

    Jesus Christ is coming for his people soon brothers and sisters!!! Wake up and look at all the unrest in the world and the biblical prophecies being fulfilled all around us! Repent of your sins and accept our Lord Jesus Christ as YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR and receive salvation and eternal life through Him‼️ He died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day for OUR sins! Whether you believe or not judgment comes to all EXCEPT those who put their faith in Him. Through Him we are no longer under condemnation but under GRACE! Dont wait until its too late! God bless you all. Amen🙏🏽‼️

    • Evan shrestha 101
      Evan shrestha 101

      Wtf `is this

  • AlephQ

    “ We need a bigger boat. “ Fishermen : Did you guys hear something?

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson

    I thought the sock thing was a real thing and was upset

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins

    if he just said 'zed' ree he would be fine

  • BucketSquid 17
    BucketSquid 17

    We need a bigger boat

  • Steve Ramdial
    Steve Ramdial

    The man who said hey boo boo made my Google assistant open :/

  • SheevRave

    "There's little babies" - famous last words

  • bingoviini

    Have you ever been as tired as this pelican? I am that pelican


    0:35 anime agile characters be like

  • Random Doggo
    Random Doggo

    ‘My was

  • Jonas M.
    Jonas M.

    Oh man I sure hoped the people would've died hunting the shark such horrible human beeings

    • zhawker

      @ninetailz I think the issue with the comment is that he said he wished the people died lol

    • ninetailz

      @Joe Momma Having concerns about a typically overhunted species being hunted is “being PETA” to you? Lmao okay, if you say so, buddy. Caring about animals doesn’t make someone PETA, in fact it makes them the opposite of PETA because they kill pets all the time

    • Joe Momma
      Joe Momma

      Jonas M. Are you stupid? Lmao caring about a man eating shark is insane aye we got peta in the house

  • Wolfgang Von Zubaz
    Wolfgang Von Zubaz

    1:50 reminds me of the random dialogue NPC's say in GTA V ..."I'm on the cover of health magazines"

  • NiKhil Majalkar
    NiKhil Majalkar

    hey_z_ree did him dirty

  • Ahmed Elian
    Ahmed Elian

    "unnecessary inventions" ... **a few seconds later** ... "A tool to help you take your socks off" ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

  • • bxunny_skies •
    • bxunny_skies •

    This made me so stressed (the first one)

  • Magnus Holm Rørby
    Magnus Holm Rørby

    -He has never clickbaited us. -He credits his sources. -He gets straight to the point. -He isn't a sellout. -He doesn't beg us to subscribe. -He doesn't violently bludgeon us with avertisements of other social media platform that he uses. Ladies and Gents. I believe we have found the Perfect IT-my Channel

    • Sydney G.
      Sydney G.

      I can't stand IT-myrs who beg for people to subscribe.

    • AlephQ

      nice copy m8

    • ᴍᴏᴏɴxᴍᴏᴄʜɪ ᴄ.
      ᴍᴏᴏɴxᴍᴏᴄʜɪ ᴄ.


  • jiveturkey23

    That invention to take your socks off -- there's definitely people who could use that! Elderly, arthritic, disabled... There's already one invented to help you put your socks on.

  • Shmeepicus

    2:22 *that's when he knew... he fucked up.*

  • Criptix Anonymous
    Criptix Anonymous

    I would be too if someone was trying to reel me in.

  • Dub Glass
    Dub Glass

    That mama bear was for the boys

  • Trax


  • Some random meme boi
    Some random meme boi

    Bull Sharks ( the one the fisherman caught) are EXTREMELY dangerous. They are potentially the most threatening sharks. Don’t take that the wrong way though. When they want food, stay out of their way!!!

  • Alexa C. Roblox
    Alexa C. Roblox

    And I can’t even _get in_ to the boat...

  • 10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
    10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge

    Let's be honest now. The guy had 0 lives left. 'hey_z_ree" saved them the disappointment of losing when he was closer to winning! You should thank him!

  • Louisa Martin
    Louisa Martin

    0:32 : me trying to get away from an awkward conversation

  • Sprows

    1:07 this is why I never open Siri

  • Joai Gonzales
    Joai Gonzales

    2:30 why the heck that activates my Google Assistant

  • Tyshio IvIex
    Tyshio IvIex

    What’s that drone called 1:20


    Como se llama la app

  • Eleazar

    0:46 He went from dog to dawg

  • pach76


  • Diremass

    0:32 When I saw this, I immediately thought of Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku

  • Erik Mr. Nobody
    Erik Mr. Nobody

    Got caught with pants down on 2 cent game did he

    • Erik Mr. Nobody
      Erik Mr. Nobody

      I dont normally but for her I will go down for less than 2 cents lmao

    • Erik Mr. Nobody
      Erik Mr. Nobody

      I could go down for 2 cent prostitution shhhh

  • Erik Mr. Nobody
    Erik Mr. Nobody

    The kid was happy that shark fought back finally

  • Beefy Stew
    Beefy Stew

    The bear was just chillin and was Vibin

  • Suckeychicken

    notice on the bear clip, he wasn't scared until he saw the cubs, most bears don't have an "invade" instinct, explore is big but they don't often get aggressive while doing so, however cubs change the game, bears are super defensive and quintuple times that when cubs are involved.

  • Level 72 THOT Slash SIMP Slash TRAP Destroyer
    Level 72 THOT Slash SIMP Slash TRAP Destroyer

    There definitely gonna need a bigger boat

  • ajay- faze
    ajay- faze

    I hate yore video

  • D P
    D P

    It amases me how well people record stuff like this 0:35 but cant record a simple streetfight...

  • Piakchu Butter
    Piakchu Butter

    We're gonna need a bigger boat

  • Young dizz stomach
    Young dizz stomach

    When she said she's home alone 0:32

  • Mr Messy
    Mr Messy

    "This guy was on the cover of a magazine and nobody seemed to care" A) Why would anyone care? B) It's London, you'd be lucky to get anyone to even look at you.

  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome

    Anybody want to say how they lost the finger on the app game I lost cause I was watching bee movie

  • Wilson Gang
    Wilson Gang

    These videos show you just how beautiful the world is.

  • a b
    a b

    1:50 aww poor guy

  • Derp

    *Green Hills theme intensifies* 0:32

  • Caleb Humphrey
    Caleb Humphrey

    0:37 I saw A meme of this...

  • Rachel Tidd
    Rachel Tidd

    Hey_Z_Ree: Gott em!

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