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  • ReckFN

    How many likes would I get ?

  • Imabosser

    Look at the ads😂

  • Donny

    when he said nerlens noel player build💀💀

  • Im Durk
    Im Durk

    I love flight but damn them ads

  • Artifxcts-

    And what’s crazy is they decline millions of dollars, I wouldn’t even decline 1 million😭

  • No Named Goat
    No Named Goat


  • ZEL

    Didn’t Shannon brown play football 💀💀💀?

  • James Manley
    James Manley

    I’ve watched this video on rebound, troydan reacts and now flight 😂

  • gucci erikk
    gucci erikk

    bro lemme hear the vid pls

  • Jake Giguere
    Jake Giguere


  • Aking Berk
    Aking Berk

    Nigga flight said is that my geometry teacher 😂😂

  • Blake Wallace
    Blake Wallace

    Delonte west

  • Ismail Ibrahim
    Ismail Ibrahim

    I got like 3 ads this entire video

  • Clutch God tv
    Clutch God tv

    Good vid

  • Hxesluv ninja
    Hxesluv ninja

    bro it makes me so happy to see nerlens noel on fligjts channel or at any channel because he s a good dude in person and he went to everett high with my brother

  • Tayvion Gardner
    Tayvion Gardner

    We not gonna talk about that cringy plead for likes🤣

  • young hussein
    young hussein

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 his geometric teacher

  • nani&mike :
    nani&mike :

    So many adds

  • ひRudy

    flight randomly using the word buddy

  • saucylotionn

    shit has me crying 😭

  • Zak Gooderham
    Zak Gooderham

    Your not even good enough to be trash😂😂💀💀💀

  • Sway-deeYT G
    Sway-deeYT G

    U knew Lakers fans that was boring In 2019 don’t even know what I’m talking bout🤣🤣- u must be talking to 2 year olds lmao

  • YoCrxyy

    I loved this video😭

  • Rome God
    Rome God

    Join the fucking lonzo gang you already know 💪💪💪

  • Ynw Melly
    Ynw Melly

    11:30 lol

  • Jake Woodruff
    Jake Woodruff

    Almost 4 mil suns and only 10k likes wtf

  • Leafs Fan
    Leafs Fan

    Hope everyone finds there true path like this guy never give up homies




    I love flight ong

  • Lpugo69

    Wtf do flight be saying in his outros?😂😂

  • Canarsie Woo
    Canarsie Woo

    Lol who else was weak when flight said " Is that my Geometry teacher is that you".

  • Jah Tillah
    Jah Tillah

    Imagine being a lakers fan born in 2019😀😂😂😂

  • Jah Tillah
    Jah Tillah

    I’m telling y’all flight got them teeth done no shade flight worked hard for it y’all can’t say none about him now

  • brandon Brown
    brandon Brown

    Just like Kevin hart missing a mill from his bank account and he didn’t know

  • C-Beezy

    Still can’t believe zaytoven stolen 1.5 million from Lonzo bank account

  • Jamo

    There are 19 ads on this vid :)

  • Tuffywtf

    “you new Laker fans that was Born in 2019 wouldn’t know” I can’t with Flight bruh lmaoo

  • Thijs Flier
    Thijs Flier

    Did you earn 1 million with this video? i had 20 ads

  • Max Is Blacker Than Me
    Max Is Blacker Than Me

    The NBA would only release a star player if they broke the law. They definitely aren’t releasing a star over a racist slur. No way in hell.

  • Max Is Blacker Than Me
    Max Is Blacker Than Me

    Bruh how do you not vet the person who is handling your finances 😂 saying watch your back and all that when you’re a kid from the suburbs ain’t no one scared of yo ass. He got finessed 💀💀 what a idiot

  • Drei Plays
    Drei Plays

    You young kids that was born in 2019 that is telling me your a lakers fan, just get out -Flight speaking to 2 yr olds

  • Diego Luis Dizon
    Diego Luis Dizon


  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Trust in Jesus he will get you through the storm

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Jesus is King 👑

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Push through y’all tough times don’t last your time to shine is right around the corner patience is key god is with you

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Keep your head up yal stay strong it gets better remember it’s not how you start the race it’s how you finish pull through god is with you

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Jesus loves you so much he wants a relationship with you give him all your stress and worries and doubts to him he will get you through the storm

  • vlogbrudda

    Flight these ads chill

  • Francesco Di Fonzo
    Francesco Di Fonzo

    Can I just ask why two-year olds would be watching you Flight

  • Colton Freeze
    Colton Freeze

    12:40 dude has waves 😭

  • 2 Channel’s
    2 Channel’s

    He fixed his jumper btw flight

  • Theo TL
    Theo TL

    Flight when he saw his geometry teacher get signed 30 mil: 👁👁

  • savannah gascón
    savannah gascón

    ayyyeee where’s his fall guys video ? I have been waiting for him to post a new one 😩😩

  • Bergy

    22:00 thanks Flight. You’re the real GOAT man. FTC 💯

  • BigHeadKing

    God loves yall

  • Zavi Zay
    Zavi Zay

    Warriors reaction

  • Caymen Webb
    Caymen Webb

    Flight remember In 2017 you got scammed by prettyboy Fredo barber ?

  • TBB Crispy
    TBB Crispy

    OH NOOO 🤬🤬🤬... like the video 🥰

  • erick aybar
    erick aybar

    smush parker one if the most misunderstood nba players ever in my opinion

  • focus

    11:26 pog

  • Evoid Clxps
    Evoid Clxps

    Is that my geometry teacher 🤣🤣😂

  • Leonardo Soares
    Leonardo Soares

    How much fucking ads flight

  • Boogie Gooba
    Boogie Gooba

    Nigga went from getting offered 70 million to getting 4 million

  • Javi

    any more fucken ads?

  • Different

    11:21 Flight tbf lying is wrong

  • Different

    6:30 Flight speaking fax

  • Milan Daminovski
    Milan Daminovski

    bro pause the vid when you talk

  • Tactical Beast
    Tactical Beast

    I thought this was a video about flight 😂

  • HellFire XLR
    HellFire XLR

    Flight: i couldnt use my card because the atm told me no The ATM:i guess the cameras was off

  • Mared Morris
    Mared Morris

    It may be may but adin Ross is gay

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