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  • Zerklol

    So inspirational

  • No_hoopz

    He rlly said 0 I key at the beginning 🤦‍♂️

  • King Savage
    King Savage

    8:00 How are you on the league????

  • Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook

    8:33 HAD ME DEAD 💀

  • Prod M
    Prod M

    May is here June Flight is near

  • Mix kid
    Mix kid

    what did he say at the end?😂

  • Miles Cromwell
    Miles Cromwell

    yOU AinT No AlL StAr BabY 1:01 while drummond does that layup

  • Gaardsoe

    savagedevil3 is down bad

  • Yung Dyloo
    Yung Dyloo

    Ingram brandom

  • Christopher Gutierrez
    Christopher Gutierrez

    Flight didn’t pray😔

  • Spencer Paschall
    Spencer Paschall

    Curry: Tries to dunk but misses Flight: it is alright it happens to the best of us Next play Green: misses a layup Flight: common man

  • Timkondo

    0 iq is for the video or for flight?

  • Gabriel Madrid
    Gabriel Madrid

    We gonna talk about how flight said he would shutout Drummond

  • Jake Sendich
    Jake Sendich


  • Evan Zmierski
    Evan Zmierski


  • Samyak H P
    Samyak H P

    Flight : 6:25 Also flight : I'm not a curry bandwagon

  • AceTheGreat

    10:13 wtf did flight say

  • Cameron McMullen
    Cameron McMullen

    Tristan Thompson is apparently Andre Drummond Flight come on man 🥸

  • lucha house party
    lucha house party

    flight's face when Josh Hart threw the ball away😂

  • Look at flight man Future 50 time MVP
    Look at flight man Future 50 time MVP

    Curry: exists Flight: look at curry man so inspirational so sensational LeBron: Dunks off the CN tower Flight: That’s not impressive. I did the same move in middle school the problem was that I just didn’t have the cameras on.

  • Eljie Blancaflor
    Eljie Blancaflor

    Lebron on thumbnail👀

  • LaKeesha Brown
    LaKeesha Brown

    They not related but number 0 on the pelicans is Shai brother

  • Afonso Jacinto
    Afonso Jacinto

    my mans from the uk bruh 💀💀

  • Zackary Hill
    Zackary Hill

    Did anyone see savagedevil3 in the chat😂😂😂

  • I like Sk8
    I like Sk8

    This video really chilled at 140p

  • NateB 545
    NateB 545

    Look at curry man so inspirational

  • Bronny LIVE
    Bronny LIVE

    He finna hit 4 mill

  • Trappin

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  • Robert Andrews
    Robert Andrews

    Bro I think he does it on purpose which will get his face out there. That is low key 100 IQ

  • SleepyLettuce


  • Bhakti Khatri
    Bhakti Khatri

    you know what is 0 iq is you not drummond

  • Backwood

    dolphin laugh never gets old 😂

  • Augustas Bendoravicius
    Augustas Bendoravicius

    Pandemic P 😂😂😂😂

  • Augustas Bendoravicius
    Augustas Bendoravicius

    FLIGHT's laugh: eeeeeeeaaaaa aaaaaaaa. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa

  • SwarmxFury


  • Sal Garcia
    Sal Garcia

    6:23 "Look at Curry Man"

  • Agent black Jikiri
    Agent black Jikiri

    Look at flight man so delusional

  • micahRL

    lance stephenson left a god damn print on the backboard at 8:22 LMAO

  • N.O. CentAJ
    N.O. CentAJ

    Ricky Rubio didn’t give advice he literally said the same thing you said which was take the lay up bro

  • Colton Ritchie
    Colton Ritchie

    Flight should watch a comp of him as zero iq

  • Zyaire Joseph
    Zyaire Joseph


  • Clutch God tv
    Clutch God tv


  • Clutch God tv
    Clutch God tv

    Nice bro

  • Good Work Captain Duck
    Good Work Captain Duck

    flight is the type to cry while chopping carrots cause he don't want the onions to feel ugly or something

  • Arnav Gupta
    Arnav Gupta

    At 8:22 you can see a hand in the backboard.

  • iTz VSAT
    iTz VSAT

    "my content is still top tier" - watches other guys basketball compilations

  • Emmanuel Eho
    Emmanuel Eho

    JRs is The most iconic one

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo

    Flights my intro should be “ Right now it’s may my vid gonna make yourrrrrr day”

  • Czakó Márk
    Czakó Márk

    flight at least wait till u finish doing a video and eat after 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • lilstump55

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  • EastonBK !
    EastonBK !

    Shut up flight Ricky could cross you and hit the three

  • Ritchy king DMT
    Ritchy king DMT

    Would put lebron on the thumbnail

  • Varij Patel
    Varij Patel

    more like "flight iq" plays

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant

    Where going to see a lot of warriors trash 🗑 as team green for sure

    • Kswagg Reacts
      Kswagg Reacts

      KswaggReacts vs FlightReacts!

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant

    Not bulls nation we should not be on the this list

    • Kswagg Reacts
      Kswagg Reacts

      KswaggReacts vs FlightReacts 2021!

  • Wagga Monster
    Wagga Monster

    flight should be in every highlight

    • Kswagg Reacts
      Kswagg Reacts

      KswaggReacts vs FlightReacts 2021!

  • bailey Davis
    bailey Davis

    Bruh look at the chat on the right😭

    • Kswagg Reacts
      Kswagg Reacts

      KswaggReacts vs FlightReacts 2021!

  • Aaron Capalot
    Aaron Capalot

    Let’s go BabByyyy

  • Sham

    Only time flight gets a last name right is if he heard it in 2k😭

  • Anthany De Sousa
    Anthany De Sousa

    The outro is just complete gibberish

  • 2 good
    2 good

    Am I the only one rolling on the floor hearing Doris Burke’s squeaky voice 4:00 oH hE jUsT vIoLaTeD, lEbRoN jUsT vIoLaTeD tHe InLiNe💀💀

    • Josh

      bro I was dying 💀

  • marcoXD


  • Stephon Vlogs
    Stephon Vlogs

    🔥 🔥

  • Stephon Vlogs
    Stephon Vlogs

    🐐 🐐

  • Josea117

    9:40 had me dead 😂

  • Shiloh Hubbard
    Shiloh Hubbard

    React to mlb fights

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles

    This man Drummond tried to play me 1 on 1 flight your getting shit on he’s 7’1

  • TayFN

    I just saw a video of another dudes hand on dreyahs thigh focus on yourself flight

  • Oc pac
    Oc pac


  • MrPvP


Prossimi video