• Galaxy_baby bear Shadow
    Galaxy_baby bear Shadow

    Did not know they can speak English 😂 that well

  • Lucia BC
    Lucia BC

    Jisoo is literally the YG stan when there is a drug scandal

  • mynosebrokeforjhope

    Lisa and Jisoo made me question my sexuality in those outfits >:C

  • 태양 광Solar
    태양 광Solar

    Kim Line, Visual Line and Vocal line are legit gods Kim Jisoo - Didn't flinch, Vocal, Visual, Kim Kim Taehyung - Didn't flinch, Vocal, Visual, Kim Kim Doyoung - Didn't flinch, Vocal, Visual, Kim

  • Aaishah :D
    Aaishah :D

    *Has a flashback of hobi and jin*

  • •Beware of Red Haired JISOO!!•
    •Beware of Red Haired JISOO!!•

    Idk but jisoo’s English voice is so cute😂💕

  • Yinke 2304
    Yinke 2304

    That girl at 0:58 screaming "JISOo0O" is such a mood

  • Devon Archer
    Devon Archer

    How did Jennie flinch the most on both occasions lol?

  • Jimin’s Jamless Child
    Jimin’s Jamless Child

    Anyone else find Jennie unnie’s reaction adorable

  • S A R A • ᴥ • • ᴥ •
    S A R A • ᴥ • • ᴥ •

    2 type of persons: Lisa and Jisoo Jennie and Rosé

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night

    3:16 *my mind slowly went to Jin and J-Hope...*

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night

    *lisa just killed me, as always*

  • Mary Joy Encarguez
    Mary Joy Encarguez

    3:43 for the second time jennie😂

  • Madison Vorabouth
    Madison Vorabouth

    Is lisa from a TV show

  • Umme Tabassum
    Umme Tabassum

    98% comment are about Jisoo and her "i'm not scary"😂 Yaaa KIM JISOO🔥

  • Smol Animator Gurl
    Smol Animator Gurl

    Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo: Let's wear black boots and not tell Jennie Jennie:I can hear you

  • Deviann Valdez
    Deviann Valdez

    hi jinie i love u

  • Cutorable Taekimio
    Cutorable Taekimio

    Idk much about blackpink but I do know them and some of their songs and yeah BTS DID THE SAME CHALLENGE

  • Thùy Dung Nguyễn
    Thùy Dung Nguyễn

    Do they really understand English

  • Miyoung Kang
    Miyoung Kang

    V is the legend

  • Janelle Saria
    Janelle Saria

    Jennie looked like a scared puppy when they were doing the fruits😂

  • Misty Noelle Quijano
    Misty Noelle Quijano

    JenLisa is back

  • Misty Noelle Quijano
    Misty Noelle Quijano

    JenLisa is back

  • Mystery Aaron
    Mystery Aaron

    Why am i sad for the fruits??....😂😅😂

  • Leah Is a fangirl
    Leah Is a fangirl

    I have never watched black pink but they speak English SO well, especially the blonde one. I was watching BTS before this and only RM can speak fluent English

  • Thuy Tran
    Thuy Tran

    i feel bad for Jenna.....:(


    Wtf are they wearing especially Lisa can they just give them a normal shirt and pants or shorts like something casual the fuck

  • Luna

    I flinched so badly

  • Born A Blink
    Born A Blink

    “More! More!” -Kim Jisoo 2019

  • Jerrylyn Cupat
    Jerrylyn Cupat

    3:44 jennie is scared again lol.

  • darilynn seng
    darilynn seng

    James: Only 2 people have been harmed when we played Flinch Me: Definitely Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok

  • Jouli 12344
    Jouli 12344

    Yay! I love blakpink i am a blink like if u are also a blink

  • _justrxsé_

    *James Corden: *Speaking English** *Park Chaeyoung: *Speaking English** *Jennie Kim: *Speaking English** *Lalisa Manoban: *Speaking English** *Kim Jisoo: *quitely silent** *Kim Jisoo 2: huh?!*

  • Bangtaniee

    KIMS 1.kim doyoung 2.kim taehyung 3.kim jisoo Uwuu~ bestt

  • Johanna Sibyl Disimond
    Johanna Sibyl Disimond

    I'm not scary omg so cute sorry if I'm late

  • Валерия Павлова
    Валерия Павлова

    Rose's English is so good

  • Jimin ssi
    Jimin ssi

    They had such short dresses. Especially Jennie. Theybare in America Dude,Not in Korea. Their is so much terrorism. And they are girls.

    • Peach Macabre
      Peach Macabre

      their dresses are considered too tiny for casual wear in the usa.

  • Mary Uehara
    Mary Uehara

    rose kinda sounds like wengie XD

  • BricksbergStudios HD
    BricksbergStudios HD

    when you didnot bust in a year

  • 3000 Bitvh
    3000 Bitvh

    jennies english is really good


    3:44 LMAO JENNIE

  • mynamesjichuu

    3:13 🤔 Why am I thinking of J-Hope and Jin?

  • Janice Williams
    Janice Williams

    *im not scary*

  • Pamela Gunay
    Pamela Gunay

    Hahaha jennie losses 1 like-for jennie plsss heh

  • shumei

    1:46 Jisoo is a bad bitch confirmed

  • Did you see my bag?
    Did you see my bag?

    Nobody is talking about how incredibly skinny Rose's and Lisa's arms are, I hope they gain some weight.

  • Spring Rolls
    Spring Rolls

    I’m not quite sure if that scream was Rosé or Jennie’s 🤔

  • jacob choa
    jacob choa

    Lisa looked pissed.. Ahahhaha

  • Azra Akın
    Azra Akın

    Just Jisoo and Tae not afraid(VSOO)

  • lps ALEXA
    lps ALEXA

    Forever young Young forever

  • Jackson Vandee
    Jackson Vandee

    It actually would have been way better if BLACKPINK said the machine didn't work and James Walks in front of the glass and Jennie pushes the button then BAM! Gets splashed in fruit juice

  • 감자 언니-spicytatoes ;
    감자 언니-spicytatoes ;

    “They May be cool on the surface, but we’re going to test their nerves in a game we call flinch” Jennie: o no She’s so cute ㅠㅠ she’s such a scarlet cat and a cutie sjsoieiuhsuihsuhiskjbajkh Also Jennie and Jisoo feeding the James fruit cannon 😂

  • Umerayaz Ayaz
    Umerayaz Ayaz

    At 3:45 I also got scared

  • Umerayaz Ayaz
    Umerayaz Ayaz

    At 2:25 when Jennie said"literally,my heart is beating so fast right now"did anyone hear the audience said awww

  • Umerayaz Ayaz
    Umerayaz Ayaz

    Who got angry at 5:35 at the cameraman that Jennie was going to do the fly kiss but they stopped the camera

  • Ali Muhammad
    Ali Muhammad

    Ooh Jios❤️❤️💕💕💕💋💗💗💗👌👍😍👏👏💞💋♥️😋💓 I am a girl

  • blink in your area
    blink in your area

    i flinched myself the second time god

  • Nagwn Chana
    Nagwn Chana

    I can't believe they really did that I'm shocked. it-my.com/watchvideo/video-SKAsHxi1Tlc.html

  • mishi ali
    mishi ali

    Please invite got7 plz plz PLZ 💚💚💚🐤🐥🐥🐥 ITS A HUMBLE REQUEST

  • Limameren Jamir
    Limameren Jamir

    I'm not scary?

    • creatrixND

      Jisoo's not fluent in English like the other three but she's improving. she's more comfortable with her native language

  • Trashy Tiff
    Trashy Tiff

    Looks like my friend pick the right bias because she doesn't actually Flinch that easily


    215 komsunuz oldum senide bekliyorum destege

  • Suga Suga
    Suga Suga

    Jisoo’s soft “yeah~” 4:10

  • derpy.doopie

    the iconic *I'm not scary*

  • nur azhimah
    nur azhimah

    Kim taehyung n kim jisoo 4D

  • The New Vanilla
    The New Vanilla

    i flinched just by watching this

  • Jada Garcia
    Jada Garcia

    When James said "well it fair that JeNnIe and JiSsO go first Jennie: JISSO CATCHHH MEEEEEEE

  • Nathy Flores
    Nathy Flores

    Jennie is a baby🍼🍼🍼 and be scary cat for ever

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie

    Jisoo and Taehyung didnt flinch... UNBELIBUBBLE

  • Hayden Vong
    Hayden Vong

    It’s actually better to flinch because if u do flinch it means ur more prepared to be attack then if u don’t flinch then ur not prepared to be attacked

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