Floyd Mayweather Wants to FIGHT Both Logan and Jake Paul! Watch the Pre-Fight Press Conference
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Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather get in each other's faces at their pre-fight press conference. Mayweather says he’s willing to fight both Logan and Jake Paul on the same night! With his opponent known worldwide as an undefeated boxer, Paul says 'I got nothing to lose.' He added, 'I'm nervous for him.' Paul and Mayweather will face off in a special exhibition that headlines a blockbuster SHOWTIME PPV event on Sunday, June 6, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Footage courtesy of SHOWTIME.
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  • Kai Harris
    Kai Harris

    Floyd please teach a lesson to respect you and other. Please please please quietly 🤫 shout him down.

  • Paul Barrientos
    Paul Barrientos

    Iwhated to see Logan get beet ahole

  • Davey Lazaro
    Davey Lazaro

    Imagine getting the 'nothing to lose is dangerous" quote from rocky

  • Metallization OFFICIAL
    Metallization OFFICIAL

    Hes gonna get kicked around

  • Lindsey Smith
    Lindsey Smith

    *gOtChA hAt*

  • Dewayne Mack
    Dewayne Mack

    Floyd better be careful with this IT-my nonsense. One day, age will catch up to him and some non-skilled bum is going to catch him with a lucky KO shot that will forever be part of his legacy. Don't let your first knockout be to one of these bums ...with that said, Paul is about to get embarrassed.

  • Nitrous9976

    As much as I dislike the Paul Brothers.....I hope Mayweather gets knocked the fuck out

  • Jacob Lesio
    Jacob Lesio

    Can we all collectively agree that this is literally a money grab from everyone involved. Obviously Mayweather wants to fight both of them because he sees dollar signs. Idk why anybody would pay to watch this shit.

  • Magic

    Did he said he bought lot of shiba inu crypto currency?

  • Panda

    "I have nothing to lose". Your "undefeated" record.

  • Alan N
    Alan N

    Floyd might as well fight them both on the same night. Shut em up

  • charlie

    6 rounds for jake and 6 for Logan.

  • Kris Vaughan
    Kris Vaughan

    🤡 Vs 🤡

  • Ben Wilkinson
    Ben Wilkinson

    Hopefully mayweayher beats them that hard they will never step in the ring again or consider themselves as 'professional boxers'

  • Drummer Doing Stuff
    Drummer Doing Stuff

    What makes him think he can hit him if Conor and everyone else couldn't?

  • Eddie Sanders Jr.
    Eddie Sanders Jr.

    Lol yo he need some milk. Flyod not about to play with that man. He def getting knocked out after his bro took his hat

  • Vada__

    Let’s pray for Logan Paul to not get knocked out in the first few seconds

  • eleni lavvas
    eleni lavvas

    The glib soap contextually found because pear monthly promise mid a shiny raven. awake, alcoholic crayon

  • The People Brothers
    The People Brothers

    Someone tell Floyd he needs a 6 month layoff after getting KOd by the first Paul

  • Pan1kz

    Funny a Floyd has to bring race up, shows the immaturity and ignorance

  • Mihail Grom
    Mihail Grom

    i hope Logan wins i really do i doubt it though.. Floyd won way too many fights hes a billionaire

  • Ram Gar
    Ram Gar

    Fought the bum Berto over his mandatory Thurman just to tie Rocky Marciano’s 49-0. Then Fought Mcgregor just to break the record. 😂 Now Logan 🤣 Floyd 50-0 record is a Manufactured record. His record will always be a LIE.

  • maximus freeman
    maximus freeman

    100 millions ... they call it " entertainment 🤯"

  • Mojo Joji
    Mojo Joji

    “Can someone shut this kid up” -Mr.Rogers

  • Unconventional Money
    Unconventional Money

    Logan Paul is the Highest Paid Boxer EVER? Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather - IT-my

  • Pan Singhaseni
    Pan Singhaseni

    They both know who is going to win. We're the fools paying to watch this circus while they're laughing to the bank.

  • Lil Norms
    Lil Norms

    floyd is a total legend who does paul think he is fr

  • kingned

    This is such an unfair fight cuz of the difference in weight class

  • Drippy Jxbxrii
    Drippy Jxbxrii

    One day before my b-day

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick

    I hope floyed puts a beating on him to show these guys this ain't a game. Fighting is a serious sport. Ufc Or Boxing = Brain damage

  • Cody Chhin
    Cody Chhin

    Logan is about to be 0-2

  • ProWork National Limited
    ProWork National Limited

    Busy man trading crypto currency...sounds fancy 🤔 😏 😉 👌


    Why is mayweather doing this its embarrasing, why doesn't he just go away hes become a trainwreck now, what a shame

  • addyrye02

    jake paul stole mayweathers had look at logans channel

  • michael edwards
    michael edwards

    stay retired floyd as the champion

  • Jews_rule

    If Logan won it would be funny 😄

  • Monico Punzalan
    Monico Punzalan

    Floyd Mayweather is a talented,shrewed,business boxer but not a real fighter boring to watch

  • mariameee

    logan paul and jake paul are both so cocky. i hope both of them get knocked out lol

  • Lovell Rodriguez
    Lovell Rodriguez

    This is turning into wrestling both this punk mouth are making boxing a comedy show .

  • Joshua Q
    Joshua Q

    One thing you gotta give Money is his ability to get the crowd to make him a lot a money... no pun intended.

  • Martin Kane
    Martin Kane

    Mate you ant got no fans you look like a hill Billy 😂

  • Saitama 22
    Saitama 22

    Logan is confident and brave because of his size compare to Floyd. Why not pick a fight with Tyson fury or Anthony Joshua.

  • doctor dunkans
    doctor dunkans

    The only fight i'd watch with jake paul in it will be with floyd mayweather Cause after that, jake wont be fighting anymore

  • FZRZ Vortex
    FZRZ Vortex

    1:20 he said his own name

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi

    *_Like Canelo did.. I think Logan is fighting Mayweather way too early.. Logan is going to lose!!_* *_He should’ve fought some more ppl a cpl more years before trying to fight Floyd! LOL like Floyd says, It’s all psychology.._* *_When are these lil boys going to learn!!_* 😆😆😆

  • J3ss3 Jam3s
    J3ss3 Jam3s

    Floyd is Rasist,

  • 타요Tayo

    Imma put the both of them in Floyd's hands

  • wepbo p
    wepbo p

    hi boomers

  • Justin O'Donnell
    Justin O'Donnell

    Mayweather fighting some Disney royalty w/ zero wins in an exhibition match will demolish any real respect from boxing fans. Poor guy must be broke AF, hope he justified the risk.

  • Clayton Gonzalez
    Clayton Gonzalez

    Here is the thing. Logan is going to have to have a miracle to land a punch on him. Floyd has the greatest defense in the world. Logan must reserve 100% of his energy on wild uncontrolled haymakers thrown at floyds head ONLY WHEN FLOYD SWINGS. Logan can not go after him, and Logan can not swing on Floyd first. If he follows this strategy he has a great chance at catching Floyd with that 1 punch he fears. Logan can not come close to winning by a judge. its just not possible. His only chance to win is by knock out. And if he waits for floyd to throw first he has a chance to catch him & end him on the mat

  • Great Puma
    Great Puma


  • Joshua Litvak
    Joshua Litvak

    Watching Logan even compare himself is hilarious

  • Michael Crawford
    Michael Crawford

    I would love to see Floyd come back and have a rematch with Canelo. Now that would really be a test of Floyd's skills with how sharp Canelo has been looking lately.

  • SayLessKhris🏋🏾‍♂️

    there honestly doing it for the money, but we all know Floyd's gonna win, Jake n Logan are not experienced fighters

  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez

    Floyd is not the best fighter hes not the GOAT

  • JMast1981

    He’s going to get hurt

  • Clarence Henson
    Clarence Henson

    Only.reason why Floyd fightin him because Logan or Jake they going get like a million floyd going get like 100 million for doing the fight

  • Adalbertho Hernandezo
    Adalbertho Hernandezo

    Lol dip shit

  • John Winchelle Barrera
    John Winchelle Barrera

    If floyd only want to entertain he can just join america's got talent and stop fighting un experienced boxer like f*cking logan brothers! Dont disrespect the sport we love!!

  • its milly._.
    its milly._.

    This is legit am in....another fight!!!!

  • arrd 18
    arrd 18

    The thing is Ksi was nearly 100kg before the fight went on tour and then in what 3-4 months was mainly losing weight and boxing, Logan was physically already in shape and claimed, he had already had been training, what the fuck was he doing bruh, Floyd has more than 20+ years of experience he’s a dog

  • Breehoney Wardlow
    Breehoney Wardlow

    lol im ready for them to fight

  • alonedigz

    jake you getting folded

  • Jared Reier
    Jared Reier

    I'd rather take a Bubble bath with my mother on Saturday night then see these two clowns wrestle..

  • Stephen Darrenkamp
    Stephen Darrenkamp

    You can tell by their smiles that they are friends and this is all an act.

    • Unconventional Money
      Unconventional Money

      See the video we did on who makes more Paul or Mayweather from Fighting

  • khongrohk cheamreav
    khongrohk cheamreav

    Princess floyd needs to go against mike tyson instead of this youtuber!!! 😎👍🏽

  • 3mpty Room
    3mpty Room

    baaaah he said doodoo

  • Joseph Mcvey
    Joseph Mcvey

    Send in jake MAYWEATHER will destroy him I'm not even gonna watch jake soft Logan crazy


    Y’all come back to this comment after the fight, Logan Paul is going to win, it’s all apart of the plan lol , 🙇🏿 Floyd is gone lol

  • hujimwa

    Lol what's the weight difference? Think he is going to have a shock. I hope Floyd teaches his a lesson who is this fella anyways?

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