Food Theory: What Makes a Sandwich a Sandwich?
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What is a sandwich? Most probably think that is an easy answer. You've eaten MANY sandwiches in your life, right? Well Food Theorists, you may have partaken of tons of food you never knew were a sandwich. Today we are taking the "rules" of what makes a sandwich and seeing what other foods qualify. That hotdog? Your favorite pizza? All sandwiches! Watch to find out why!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Madeline Amiah Caccam
    Madeline Amiah Caccam

    A hotdog is a hot dog nothing else just a hotdog

  • Synchron180

    If you put Mirelurk meat between two pieces of bread, does it count as a sandwich?

  • Kaushal Karthikeyan
    Kaushal Karthikeyan

    Answer:a hotdog is a hotdog 🌭🌭

  • suorastas1

    By that definition a meatball sub is not a sandwich and that’s a world I don’t want to live in.

  • Stars Matarkey
    Stars Matarkey

    Diet Coke Theory!!!!

  • davo

    subway serves hotdogs per this

  • filthy kevin
    filthy kevin

    Matpat pheasant ain't fancy

  • gabriel esh
    gabriel esh

    At best, a hotdogs COULD be hoagies or subs. That being said, what does it matter? If I want a hotdog, I'll order a hotdog, not a sausage hoagie.

  • Aneta

    Open-faced sandwich = canapé? 🤓 Edit: I just love the dancing hotdog. Seems like you missed the opportunity of adding a clip of Jonah Hill from “Accepted” 🤣

  • Nicolas Faust
    Nicolas Faust

    Pretty easy to know if someone was a sandwich or not. If you ask for a sandwich, they come back and hand you a hotdog, or a slice of pizza. You would think the person didn't hear you correctly or is maybe not all there. A sandwich is TWO slices of bread with something in the middle that is not just bread. As you can use a slice of bread in the middle as sub straight for more ingredients. However, a bun is not TWO slices of bread. A bun is bread but it is not a slice of bread. Thus it fails to be a thing(that is not bread) covered with TWO slices of bread. An open-face sandwich is NOT a sandwich just a fancy piece of bread. The sooner people stop calling it a sandwich the better.

  • Dylan Toth
    Dylan Toth

    What is conspiracy theory the next channel

  • Chu ohno
    Chu ohno

    A hot dog is a hot dog.

  • Starfall 21X
    Starfall 21X

    You really should have a conspiracy theory channel and complete the quartet.

  • Junelle Salmon
    Junelle Salmon

    The hotdog will never be a sandwich

  • Junelle Salmon
    Junelle Salmon

    My daughter puts mayo on her hotdog

  • Junelle Salmon
    Junelle Salmon

    A hotdog on a bun is not two slices of bread

  • Alien Arts
    Alien Arts

    Now we need to know if eating dead skin/finger clippings on your fingers is cannibalism

  • Valen Leon
    Valen Leon


  • Ronald odom
    Ronald odom

    So by that definition of Philly cheesesteak and the poor boy sandwich which are served on rolls like a hot dog would not be sandwiches even though they're called sandwiches. I think you missed the mark on this one.

  • bvanwart

    Worchester county MA? Never heard of it despite living next to Worcester all my life :P

  • Bill Hutchinson
    Bill Hutchinson

    R.I.P. Notorious RBG :(

  • MPlive


  • DeathGodRiku


  • Rick Cicchini
    Rick Cicchini

    Is RBG in her casket a sandwich?

  • yeetBOI YT
    yeetBOI YT

    i am American so that is amending so hot dogs are sandwich

  • yeetBOI YT
    yeetBOI YT

    is pizza bread

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam Robinson

    Doesn't this imply that Subway don't sell sandwiches? Their subs are rarely cut completely through, meaning it's a single piece of bread. They are also not typically buttered.

  • Victor Rivera
    Victor Rivera



    Ok MatPat the all knowing. If you think you know so much about sandwiches, what do you think is the way to make a perfect toasted sandwich?

  • Zach Lap
    Zach Lap

    Well no a sandwich is a female sorcerer that lives in the sand or is made out of sand Inedible

  • veronica Ahumada
    veronica Ahumada

    rip supreme court

  • Tucker Keeney
    Tucker Keeney

    Rip ketchup

  • Henry Wik
    Henry Wik


  • Myles Welnetz
    Myles Welnetz

    1:00 Yeah. I think you might be right, MatPat.

  • Philip Bradley
    Philip Bradley

    Hufflepuff FTW!

  • Yug Shukla
    Yug Shukla

    Rest in peace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • David Rodriquez-Ramirez
    David Rodriquez-Ramirez


  • History Forgotten00
    History Forgotten00

    Here’s another debate. Is Beef stew a solid or a liquid? Is Mac & Cheese a soup or not? And if not, what is it?

  • Sebastian Agredano
    Sebastian Agredano

    is this a sandwich ???

  • Beji

    4:46 amm, that's not a quesadilla, its a sincronizada. Quesadillas go with corn tortillas and Sincronizadas go with Flour tortillas, but most important, Quesadillas only have one tortilla, not two.

  • Marcus Winslow
    Marcus Winslow

    So by the judges logic subway could move in right? A sub roll isn’t two pieces of bread nor is it typically buttered. Don’t get me wrong I agree with the burrito thing but I feel like the “two pieces of bread” really limits that definition to things we would largely consider a sandwich.

  • game place 2.7
    game place 2.7

    I think a hot dog is a real dog in China Chinese people eat dogs

  • dja.dja22

    Uhm, a chickenwing is a sandwich: It's a piece of chicken wraped in Fried Bread. I'm mean this seems very rational to me A hot dog is a sandwich, only because the piece of bread isn't cut in two so it can be eaten vertically (when you consider Eating a Burger horizontally) it doesn't make it not a sandwich. Also a typicall "sandwich", let's say a grilled cheese sandwich, is also made of one piece of bread because the loaf is the bread. And eben if it is cut in thin layers it is still one piece. Same as a hot dog.

  • FurballisticFinn

    Conspiracy theory: new 5th channel called The Conspiracy Theorists coming soon

  • gavi yisrael
    gavi yisrael

    I don't think Paul or Ringo would lie.

  • Ming Ling
    Ming Ling

    So does budan count as a sandwich a sausage or something else

  • CazToons

    Does two pieces of bread, meat and and a battleship in the middle counted as a sandwich

  • universal squid
    universal squid

    No its anything between 2 PEICES OF BREAD AND ONLY THAT

  • T D
    T D

    A hot dog bun is a singular price of bread

  • Chickens Do Fly
    Chickens Do Fly

    I’m just waiting for the “is Kit Kat a lasagna?” video

  • Timothy Cenova
    Timothy Cenova

    Rip rbg

  • Reagen Fifield
    Reagen Fifield

    A hot dog can be a sub. Which is a sandwich. So yes, sandwich

  • Nicolas Buitrago
    Nicolas Buitrago

    13:08 Dolphin Mall! Now the food court looks nothing like that for obvious reasons

  • Megan Newcombe
    Megan Newcombe


  • squishalish YT
    squishalish YT

    Do veggie-dogs count?

  • creativecreepyturtle

    Time to resolve this problem 1. A sandwich is two prices of bread that have stuff in between them 2. Said stuff must be edible 3. A sandwich with bread in the middle does NOT count as a sandwich

  • Chuckiphicus

    At my school on the menu when we are having hot dogs it says hot dog sandwich

  • Fred Krazé
    Fred Krazé

    There is an age old legend of how the sandwich was invented. One late night an old man, perhaps a traveler happened into a tavern and seemingly on a whim he asked for some meat between two peices of cut bread. Why did he ask for this in particular to create the first ever sandwich? Because that's likely all he had to make a sandwich. And so as the inovation spread we only expanded the original concept, one so simple it can't be changed or substituted. The sandwich is basically anything you might want between or surrounded by bread. Just as the man who invented it intended for his own sandwich.

  • Fred Krazé
    Fred Krazé

    Whenever I get pizza, I get two, one with veggies (my mom's vegitarian), and one with meat, then I sandwich the slices. Best way to eat pizza in my experience of eating pizza.

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    Welp Ruth is dead now

  • baby boi
    baby boi

    but that definition of sandwich (two thin slices of bread filled with etc) would classify subway sandwiches and hoagies and things like that as NOT sandwiches, since they have one single slice of bread cut almost all the way, but not fully, kinda like a hot dog bun......we need to go deeper.....i mean yeah, the whole common sense thing but still.

  • Timothy Stinnett
    Timothy Stinnett

    I think it's funny that this video has over 3 million views but only 1.7 subs. Hotdogs are a big topic I guess!!!

  • Nerdy Nugget
    Nerdy Nugget


  • Jenny Fisher
    Jenny Fisher

    Eggs are poultry

  • Proyectos Informática
    Proyectos Informática

    Welp. In Chile we have "Completo" it's similar to a regular hotdog, but with a bunch of topping things: it can have tomatoes, avocado, onions, and even fries. And it tastes WAY better than regular hotdogs

  • Thomas Morter
    Thomas Morter

    Congrats to you for being able to spread the statement, “Hot Dogs are not sandwiches” over a 15-minute video.

  • Christina Sirignano
    Christina Sirignano

    As someone from Massachusetts, I am wholly *triggered* by MatPat’s pronunciation of Worcester. It’s pronounced “Wooster!” (Unless of course you’re a Masshole; then it’s “Woostah”). We’re not in jolly old England, you Tory!

  • Balake 443
    Balake 443

    ahh chicken wings my favorite sandwich

  • StokeBeaver

    Wish I could have a decent pizza from time to time but my dad will only ever have wood fired pizzas but I hate them as they are all very thin and have burnt spots 🙁

  • Etta Shaw
    Etta Shaw


Prossimi video