For Honor Season 3 PREMIER TOURNAMENT Vs CaRt0oNz, Daithi De Nogla & MORE!!
This is me TrU3Ta1ent 2V2 CaRt0oNz, Daithi De Nogla & MORE! from the L.A. Season 3 PREMIER TOURNAMENT! CaRt0oNz, Daithi De Nogla & MORE!
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  • EpicGrunt

    Tru3 has legs?

    • CesarDark187

      Tru3 have a head? Or that cap is part of his head

    • Enes Tüysüz
      Enes Tüysüz

      I was thinking about that ahahahaaa!!

    • Tilearian

      Sin Cara He pinned after I made my comment, notice my comment from a month ago and then EpicGrunt's comment from a week ago getting a pin lol.

    • Sin Cara
      Sin Cara

      Tilearian He pinned

    • Tilearian

      EpicGrunt because True works in mysterious ways.

  • Brandon Vice
    Brandon Vice

    Love it!

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae

    Anthony: How are you doing? Cartoonz: I'm all right. I'm dead. XD

  • Murv

    TrU3Ta1ent at the end: "We are going to win, kill fucking bastard" I died laughing, dude!

  • PillowCaseStain

    the face paint man is a YIKES

  • Nice Booty YT
    Nice Booty YT

    i would kill to be Tru3's teammate, hahaha

  • espnz _
    espnz _


  • spicy meat
    spicy meat

    this is cancer

  • Sebastian Kjelland
    Sebastian Kjelland

    Tru the only decent player in this tournament

  • Eternity101

    Am I the only one who thinks that Tru3 looks like Terroriser?

  • DedaerD

    All of them are pretty bad apart from tru3.

  • Stephen Freeman
    Stephen Freeman

    True has some long ass arms

  • Shane Galloway
    Shane Galloway

    They tried to gank and still lost lol

  • Zachary Cappiello
    Zachary Cappiello

    dude true needs those 1v1s i love watching him just pull out skill kills

  • Vatan Yolalan
    Vatan Yolalan

    dunno if anyone said that before but you look like crazyrussian hacker :D

  • Torva Messorem
    Torva Messorem

    Tru3's teammate is godawful

  • † Masterhp †
    † Masterhp †

    That guy must be good at sucking.

  • † Masterhp †
    † Masterhp †

    Some shitty mics.

  • Ozankes

    team righteous? more like team cancerous

  • Dreamie Queen
    Dreamie Queen

    Nogla actually made it fun to watch. lol

  • kubhfbebr

    Tru3 getting introduced as "The man himself, Tru3Ta1ent" as he should be. :)

  • Luis Angelo Tomas
    Luis Angelo Tomas

    Teawrex sucks true is carrying his ass to victory

  • BizzBizzStudio

    M I N D G A M E

  • Bradazz

    Ive never seen the point in competitive stuff like football i dont support a team but in this when those bastards started doing 2v1 and true started dying i actually cried! ecks dee gg tru3

  • Amadán

    When Nogla and the announcer are dicks

  • \/•🐽•\/ MrBacon 'n Ham slice Entertainment
    \/•🐽•\/ MrBacon 'n Ham slice Entertainment

    That ending was so funny and satistifying and man I really don't like 2v2s just because of that douchiness but it was a fun change cuz in the end the team of the higher skill did adust to something they didn't encounter before which was exciting and cool!

  • Ony Xerxes
    Ony Xerxes

    Cartoonz's voice really does not fit his body.

  • Keith Chadwick
    Keith Chadwick

    when you've never even heard of leg day before

  • Darryn Rooza
    Darryn Rooza

    We're gonna win you fookin bustids

  • joey s
    joey s

    the ending had me in tears xD

  • Matty Atkins
    Matty Atkins

    That last slow mo part had me in tears x'D

  • Martin Koča
    Martin Koča

    You made me laughing at the end fooking bastards xD

  • Mr Deadpool
    Mr Deadpool

    True is so bad,how he is in a tournament?WTF

  • Kalihan Mclean
    Kalihan Mclean

    everyone else in that tourney was fkn ass lol tru3 was the only competent player imo

  • DJ.TK.Kobra.17

    bets for cartoonz vs nogla

  • A Concerned Citizen
    A Concerned Citizen

    True's teammate had a stale "haha im garbage" act but that fake smile made him punchable, at least he tried. The Team Gallant was typical tilt bait but Vanguard was a really close matchup, Good fights. Team Rightwing was a cool fun matchup living to 2v2 standards but Daithi really made a the vod a lil more lighthearted at 36:26 but his teammate was more tilt bait. Really good vod don't think I'd want to watch the whole thing tho

  • Forgot to Zhonya
    Forgot to Zhonya

    Dayum... it makes me so happy to see Tru3 earning the subs he deserves :) Been here since your 1k days bro. You definitely deserve it :)

  • Curtiss Ball
    Curtiss Ball

    Lol wearing a vest top 😂😂😂 where's the gains bro

  • Jethro Loredo
    Jethro Loredo

    Those two at the end is annoying . . good thing you beat their asses . . .

  • EmboaRule6

    LMAO people talking shit about nogla, you do know he's fucking around and having fun right? He doesn't care about winning

  • Cool_ Alfredo
    Cool_ Alfredo

    Tru3Ta1ent putting on his carry pants🙄

  • Ellis Cleveland
    Ellis Cleveland

    Where is tournament mode?

  • Cameron M
    Cameron M


  • Steven O'Brien
    Steven O'Brien

    I HATE hearing the word "meme" being used by casual people nowadays. Especially when used in terms such as "meme-ing".

  • Steven O'Brien
    Steven O'Brien

    28:55 should be on a cringe compilation somewhere. True literally rolled his eyes at that nonsense.

  • Steven O'Brien
    Steven O'Brien

    Teawrex was so cringy lol

  • Linkin Whatley
    Linkin Whatley


  • Jo

    Fuck truetalent

  • Zack Gilliland
    Zack Gilliland

    It was basically like TrU didn't have a teammate. He had to single handily beat every one of those guys. TrU is so much better than most people that play For Honor, it's ridiculous. I'd like to see him play with Archwizard CJ, or play against him. He's pretty good too.

  • Corey Maxwell
    Corey Maxwell

    Your cockiness is your downfall

  • Jaden V
    Jaden V

    You could tell the narrators like tru3 cuz when everybody else stopped an execution or double teamed they called "no honor" but when true did they acted like it didn't happen 😂

    • Boss J Desano
      Boss J Desano

      Silent Wolf because most of the time it happend to him first

  • Blambit
    • Porter Pan
      Porter Pan



    Fookin bastads

  • Angelo Colon
    Angelo Colon

    Bajheera? Nah he needs to stick to what he does best, For Honor isnt for him

  • Inama Rapture
    Inama Rapture

    2v1 is part of the game get used to it instead of waisting your time saying how 2v1 is cheap find a way to counter it

    • Kyle J
      Kyle J

      Jstackz Remix XD You can't counter being outnumbered if you're the only one alive, and there's no revenge either

  • Anubis

    lol I always thought cartoonZ was black XD

    • Raknesh Craśad
      Raknesh Craśad

      Keenan Krivanek you’re late

  • Rattlesnake2002

    Wait.. is parrying not allowed or are they just shit?

    • Benny 120
      Benny 120

      Rattlesnake2002 as soon as I saw your comment tru parried someone lol

  • Pete Parkour
    Pete Parkour

    You are a beast tru3

  • Nano

    Dathi de douche bag

  • cc pie
    cc pie

    When they spam zone with gladiator and win

  • oJester

    Team valor looks too awkward lol

  • Erk

    Why does sacriel take a shit with his mouth every 5 seconds

  • Spencer Aragon
    Spencer Aragon

    What are you wearing lol only 1s in shape were cartoons and his partner

  • Kaden Jack
    Kaden Jack

    Let's all be honest here. We all wanted our boy nogla to win

  • looks-like-kristoff

    people talking how ceap and pathetic Noglas team was because they used what the developers intended and even the Host actually wanted to see , yet ignore TrU3Ta1ent using those IT-myr names in the Title to get more Views ....

  • Customers Always Right
    Customers Always Right

    omg.. TRex so fucking cringy

  • Boomer Lizard
    Boomer Lizard


  • Boomer Lizard
    Boomer Lizard

    Everyone Tru3 fought has no chill

  • Corbin H
    Corbin H

    Why does true look like he slept at the motel next door to the event and didn't shower before the event.

  • Simon Albert
    Simon Albert

    the first team was salty af before anything began cause they knew they would get fucked 😂

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