Forbidden memes - YLYL #0065
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  • Zacharry Lubang
    Zacharry Lubang

    Yosemite pewdiepie lives in de mate land

  • insertrandomname

    10 seconds in and I failed when he said it shouldn't be too hard

  • Seraphine L
    Seraphine L


  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis

    Sphinx + Spectrum = Sphincter

  • Alicja Kosno
    Alicja Kosno

    Spray bleach on a spider, it dies almost instantly

  • Hffvyhjjdjf Hdurifjfhf
    Hffvyhjjdjf Hdurifjfhf

    I'm scared of sitting now.

  • David R
    David R

    3:15 npcs eating without a mouth animation

  • TheMightyAkkYleX

    If you slap an unconscious victim and break their cervical nothing bad will happen, they'll just be paralized from the neck down. What could go wrong? DO NOT SLAP UNCONSCIOUS PEOPLE!

  • Large Big
    Large Big

    Now im scared to sit on chairs

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    Stfu you pp poo poo lookin frick

  • Patrick Pich
    Patrick Pich

    Why is this in the Minecraft playlist

  • Eliot TTP
    Eliot TTP

    daaaaannnnggg, that girls wiht the glasses grossed him out so much he had to replay it treee timmes!!! like if u get the joke.

  • sub me for no reason chill
    sub me for no reason chill

    *If Pewds ain't in IT-my rewind we gonna drop the 420 million dislike*

  • Hansi Ratnayake
    Hansi Ratnayake

    He didn’t get the N word joke properly.. whatever the word in number 6 was black so it wasn’t visible..

  • j vlogs
    j vlogs

    New movie doggo's:endgame Very epic movie👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Dev Mehta
    Dev Mehta

    I legit thought that pewds was about to refer to 177013 for a second there

  • 100k sub goal no vids
    100k sub goal no vids

    Pewdiepie must grow a very large beard search Hr skæg Thats what his beard should be

  • Libby B
    Libby B

    11:17 what does it say??

  • Bryan Unchondo
    Bryan Unchondo

    Honorable mention: Ni- Pewdiepie: NOOOOOOOO!

  • little Riri
    little Riri

    nani? if the chair broke when was sitting on it would she feel pain or pleasure?

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee

    3:21 yay, someone who can suck my micro pp

  • jaison jaijohn
    jaison jaijohn

    Barber shops in India literally gives you a bath

  • alien pancakes
    alien pancakes

    11:36 It's Irish for "the handbrake's down"


    I like your Video..and you?

  • Mcgee SunShine
    Mcgee SunShine

    Bro why did Bill gates name his company after his dick

  • Ryan GamerKid
    Ryan GamerKid

    You laugh you get 8.5 m views

  • Abrammk

    Umm... actually I’m sitting on a toilet

  • GangBeasty

    When you're taking a poo and you just *🆁🅴🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃 🅸🆃 🅸🅽*

  • WillhiteStephen

    link to video of cat trying to be friends with the dog?

  • Sebastião Campos Alves
    Sebastião Campos Alves

    11:55 Marzia is cringing so hard right now

  • AGS 15
    AGS 15

    Imagine being the person who made the meme at 3:05 and getting that reaction from pewds...

  • Diego

    Hate th3 vid

  • ANNA adams
    ANNA adams

    "Get off your chair" *falls off bunkbed* *falls out of window* *falls off the end of earth*

  • Blue Vaquita
    Blue Vaquita

    4:16 *those girls just could not handle the mighty power of the now god status music*

  • Lisa Stormo
    Lisa Stormo

    Wow. That girl with the spagetti almost made me vomit

  • Harish Srivastava
    Harish Srivastava

    The dog is thanosing 😂😂

  • PeshoTheKaiser

    Pewdiepie retracts his poop because he likes to shitdildo (google to find out)

  • Random 4eva
    Random 4eva

    Is it sad I laughed at the intro?

  • Not_XFlow

    9:37 but I sit on my couch

  • Yasmin Al Sharif
    Yasmin Al Sharif


  • Yasmin Al Sharif
    Yasmin Al Sharif

    No one: Pewds: I HAVE A 9 YEAR OLD ARMY Me: Yup i've been 9 for 2 years now

    • Yasmin Al Sharif
      Yasmin Al Sharif

      @Featureless 0 hmmm interesting...

    • Featureless 0
      Featureless 0

      Is it an army of 9 year olds, or an army that's lasted nine years?

  • c o u h i i n i i p s
    c o u h i i n i i p s


  • L ø k i i
    L ø k i i

    The dog is pooping

  • XxJessi UwU
    XxJessi UwU

    PeWdIePiE: It’s a pie pie video so it should be fine Me: uhm well then I suck at try not to laugh 0~0

  • MajorPlodd

    13:26 i really want a soft crow now that i've seen this.

  • Ein Max
    Ein Max

    Me chillin on the Toilett: Felix: you are sitting on an exploding Gas Chair right now Stand Up! I stand up, Brother enters the room xD

  • Ice Queen ASMR
    Ice Queen ASMR

    The Microsoft bit was cute tho😍

  • Brian M.
    Brian M.

    The dog is thanosinning 😂😂😂

  • Todd Griffin
    Todd Griffin

    I really don't think pewds has ever and never will complete a you life you lose challenge. I challenge you pewds, complete the challenge

  • Lukex33

    Nice try selling your merch but I'd rather die the way I lived... Getting penetrated by whatever life seems fitting.

  • Lukex33

    Love how the piercings chick kept a straight face. Gotta love making others uncomfortable 😂

  • Collin Duffey
    Collin Duffey

    WHAT THE FUDGE!! I literally was sucking in my crap when he said that....

  • Jenn Vlasic
    Jenn Vlasic

    5:26 to 5:28

  • TheSlicer

    This is how many L's Ppl that disliked took ->

    • TheSlicer


  • apoclypse for nothing
    apoclypse for nothing

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Pewdiepie:I retract my poo

    • Leland Acuna
      Leland Acuna

      slurp slurp

  • Vithuran Karvan
    Vithuran Karvan



    hello i'm vietnamese i can make a game video, could you please assist me with the sign up button

  • Min Yoongi Jjang Jjang man poong poong
    Min Yoongi Jjang Jjang man poong poong

    4:28 *BTS fake love silently playing*

  • The Janitor
    The Janitor

    I bought the chair. My ass will forever be protected!


    honourable mention😂 1:11

  • eraserheadSH

    lmfao billie eilish is NOT talented, which automatically makes her career pure cringe lol

    • TheLonelyMe

      eraserheadSH she isn’t talented, then your a dumbass, listen to some of her songs pal.

  • DaneZ Life
    DaneZ Life

    Three dollars and ninety nine cents for a gaming chair? YES PLEASE!!

  • Tyler Sandor
    Tyler Sandor

    Cat=mad lad

  • Ezra Wilson
    Ezra Wilson

    I just got an ad with pewdiepie in it on this video and so to show respect I watched all of it

  • Sneaky Sloth
    Sneaky Sloth

    Dog: “I don’t feel so good Mr.Stark”

  • Ibirdball

    3:59 "It's like that feeling when you have a big poo and you retract it in" no Felix, it's not

  • The Red Pheonix pootis
    The Red Pheonix pootis

    hold on hold on at 6:12 that is not the real sven that dog has a red collar instead of a blue collar

  • Time Breakage Productions
    Time Breakage Productions

    just spray the bugs with febreeze

  • Jujus 847
    Jujus 847

    You should remake the chair vid with your chair felix

  • ToxicSniper. Dinner is the best
    ToxicSniper. Dinner is the best

    #5:32 that's my older brother

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