Forbidden memes - YLYL #0065
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  • leetae

    My chair is from ikea, I think I am good

  • Luke Estes
    Luke Estes

    use son screen to kill bugs

  • guccitaestea

    At 3:34 is it just me or that looks painful af?

  • sokmine junior
    sokmine junior

    the såg var från clas olson

  • Bb Bb
    Bb Bb

    12:20 I'm italian...

  • Garchomp guy
    Garchomp guy

    I don't think but is anyone watching this in 2020?

  • Vinny O'Brien
    Vinny O'Brien

    I understood the accent it’s irish

  • Lucas Garcia
    Lucas Garcia

    Who else looked up the chair thing?

  • Amina

    Good thing I watched this video standing

  • Ahnaful Kabir.
    Ahnaful Kabir.

    I need better poison to kill spiders so then y u don’t use mustard Gas?

  • Aksh Pathak
    Aksh Pathak

    please just skip lizard memes. i beg you.

  • Nafi Lg
    Nafi Lg

    Wait you can retract poop

  • Dhruv Raghuwanshi
    Dhruv Raghuwanshi

    Well, I felt like you didn’t know what the video was, it was a scene from justice league after Superman is brought back to life.

  • Aliyah Abrahams
    Aliyah Abrahams

    3:37 now I want to get one just to be able to do that.

  • Morphimer Groock
    Morphimer Groock

    1:29 like if you also did that... Comment "HEY-YO" if you also got kicked out of class after doing that...hahah

  • duck'splan _
    duck'splan _

    1:13 That's the most terrified scream i have ever heard

  • Bad Odor
    Bad Odor

    what is the spiderman meme called?

  • hayley knijnenburg
    hayley knijnenburg

    me as the cat trying to get my sisters food.

  • Neal Colin
    Neal Colin

    7:58 i figured out that cockroaches can kill thanos

  • /•_•\

    Grandson: *fixes TV Grandparents: You did it you crazy S O N O F A B I T C H. Grandparents daughter: WhAt diD YoU jUsT cAll Me !!!

  • Adrian Lara
    Adrian Lara

    I like to watch your videos because it makes me feel like I wam watching videos with someone. I dont have any friends.

    • Adrian Lara
      Adrian Lara

      @Hermione Granger ok

    • Hermione Granger
      Hermione Granger

      Omg?! It makes me feel the same but I do have friends. So sad u don't have friends. I didn't have friends until my 7th grade. (I'm in 8th now.) Well, v can be friends if u r ok with it.

  • Andrea Camarda
    Andrea Camarda

    3:57 GODDAMN

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell

    Memes back then were weirs

  • Weird Dog Thing
    Weird Dog Thing

    8:43: Pewdiepie: "get nice chair" Me: ide rather be floor gang.


    7:12 owner i don’t feel so good

  • Darkenet

    Shidbot yay

  • PoisonTippedSword

    *the dog is bEiNg T H A N O S I N G*

  • Pascal J. de Sousa
    Pascal J. de Sousa

    Haha the Noodle one was the best XD

  • David Do
    David Do

    I'm sorry pewds but I'm a 14yr old not a 9 year old but love your video

  • bt21ipurpleyou forever
    bt21ipurpleyou forever

    ok so the dude pumping the dolls chest that guy that told him to stop went to my school and he brung a baby doll with him and someone stuck their fingers in the babys mouth and it started crying lol (unimportant trash right here .__. ;--;)

  • Max Savage
    Max Savage

    7:33 it’s called simp now

  • Quackojacko 554
    Quackojacko 554

    I laughed so hard when pewds couldn't understand the Irish accent

  • 森林ヴィンセント

    9:33 holy shitttttt

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP

    he still trash do

  • Maciej Drozdowski
    Maciej Drozdowski

    Pewdiepie you really shouldnt be searching Explosive gas chair

  • Gabriella Nix
    Gabriella Nix

    Everytime I see the you laugh you lose letters it makes me think of that one time Patrick Star was like LeedillLeedillLeedill

  • sollyman 2000
    sollyman 2000

    That bar went right up his butt 9:40

  • Emu La-ne
    Emu La-ne

    when the girls are screaming you can hear a faint sound of Fake Love playing. Overprotective and over dramatic army's these days.

  • Audra Grace Binkley
    Audra Grace Binkley

    I like hearing him say nooooOOOOOO. And eewwWWWWWWW IT’ᔕ ᖴᑌᑎᑎY, ᖴIᘜᕼT ᗰᗴ

  • Kele Beck
    Kele Beck

    You laugh you smol pepe

  • Pruckly Pear
    Pruckly Pear

    7:26 this man was ahead of his time

  • William A. Lepore
    William A. Lepore

    I failed in 5 seconds.

  • Precious Anomaly
    Precious Anomaly

    9:35 **laughs in sitting on yoga ball**

  • Chronic master
    Chronic master

    Now i know how females eat without opening their mouth

  • latecat37 yt
    latecat37 yt

    3:14 "Felix questions life choices "

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child

    5:09 facts

  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname

    How is PewDiePie standing up if he doesn't have legs

  • Keopi

    7:20 that's some Ghibli crap right there

  • MorfBjenerderte

    get a nice chair orrrrr FLOOR GANG

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez

    Sup pewds

  • TheFeelingsIHave Has Gone God Mode
    TheFeelingsIHave Has Gone God Mode

    I retract my poop too

    • Sensaye Saitama
      Sensaye Saitama

      Me too

  • H Weever
    H Weever

    5:42 cat: I’m not touching you I’m not

  • •シB u b b l e T e aシ•
    •シB u b b l e T e aシ•

    *The exploding chair* Me: This is why I joined floor gang

  • Dove HQ
    Dove HQ

    Now I'm just paranoid about my $24 second hand swivel chair.

  • Elliot

    First clip 5:20 6:50 8:10 keep watching

  • Dienstmann Family
    Dienstmann Family

    Pewds: 9:42 Me: sad floor gang noises

  • Malabzee Choudhury
    Malabzee Choudhury

    When he said ur ptobably sittin on a gas chair i was on the toilet

  • Nathan Yao
    Nathan Yao

    Who needs chairs FLOOR GANG

  • Isaiah Mandujano
    Isaiah Mandujano

    3:22 when 3 year olds see mom and dad kiss

  • Designed By Nicki
    Designed By Nicki

    "Mr. Bark, I don't feel so good..." 7:07

  • Party Quest
    Party Quest

    1:27 omg! i geniunly laughed!

  • btsblobyblob

    Being a russian and watching peiwdiepie it really an experience lol

  • GachaVids

    0:52 Me: **waiting for nigerundayo**

  • lycheemilk 0_0
    lycheemilk 0_0

    No no, it's okay. I sometimes retract my poops.


    Before he was floor gang...

  • 、質問マン


  • Gecko

    Pewds ur not alone i retract my poop as well

  • Madex Daigle
    Madex Daigle

    This is why I’m floor gang.

  • unbeatable gaming
    unbeatable gaming

    We dont set in chairs gamers were floor gang

  • Cloudy _
    Cloudy _

    8:07 , k felix now ill never go to london but thanks for warning me.

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