Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs. Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE - Drag Race
What do you do when you have a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500? A muscle-car drag race, obviously. And one that features over 2,200 horsepower combined.
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In this video, we pit these three super muscle cars against one another for quarter-mile bragging rights. Which one is the quickest? Watch to find out.
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
The Shelby GT500 is a high-performance version of the Mustang coupe available in a single trim level. Essentially a track-ready, street-legal Mustang, it has many performance features not available on the standard-issue car.
When you're the top horse in the stable, expectations are high. And nothing short of world-beating performance is expected of the new Mustang Shelby GT500. Since Ford ended production of the previous-generation GT500, Dodge has normalized pony-car extremes with its Challenger Hellcat variations, and Chevrolet has set new records on the crucible of test tracks, Germany's Nürburgring, with its Camaro ZL1.
The Shelby GT500 appears well equipped to reassert itself as the top horse in the stable. Ford developed a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission specifically for this engine and fitted huge 16.5-inch-diameter front brake rotors clamped upon with six-piston calipers. The adaptive suspension can adjust to various modes, including settings for track-day heroics or drag-race showdowns.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye
There aren't a lot of vehicles we consider to be muscle cars. The 2019 Dodge Challenger, with its outlandish horsepower and classic styling, certainly qualifies. Muscle cars are also known for their lack of practicality, but the Challenger bucks that trend by making fewer sacrifices in everyday usability thanks to its large trunk and relatively spacious rear seats.
The new 797-hp SRT Hellcat Redeye is basically the retired Demon but with a slightly detuned V8 and less drag-race-specific hardware. There are also some changes in the supporting trims. All-wheel drive is now available on the base SXT, the Widebody treatment is offered on the R/T Scat Pack, and a new dual-snorkel hood increases the Hellcat output by 10 hp. Some trims also come with fewer standard features and corresponding price drops.
Even without these latest changes, the Challenger would have remained one of our favorite vehicles in any class. It doesn't have the corner-carving chops of the Camaro or the Mustang, and we're quite fine with that. Not many cars have this kind of sinister style or performance that won't break the bank or overtly compromise your daily drive.
The Challenger may not be as quick or as responsive as the Mustang or the Camaro, but it's always a hoot to drive. The Dodge's sheer size makes in-town maneuvering a bit tough (the wide-body fenders don't help), but the meaty tires and upgraded suspension aid handling and body roll.
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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro has been refreshed, with new fascias, front and rear lights, and some tweaks to trim-level equipment lists. But the only quality-of-life improvement is the upgrade to Chevy's newest and quickest infotainment system, the aptly named Chevrolet Infotainment 3. Nothing that makes the Camaro a tremendous performer and rewarding car to drive has changed, but nothing that makes it an unappealing choice for daily living has changed either.
Spend any time behind the wheel of a Camaro, and you'll quickly realize it's sharper and more purposeful than its American muscle-car rivals, especially when equipped with the 1LE package - an assortment of performance upgrades meant to improve handling, steering and braking. For 2019 models, Chevy has expanded the 1LE offering, making it available with all three engine options, including the turbocharged 2.0-liter.
In many ways, the Camaro feels like the odd man out in the American muscle-car trinity. The Dodge Challenger has stayed true to form and is basically a rolling couch you can equip with a 797-horsepower V8, while the Ford Mustang has turned into a solid all-arounder with broad appeal for coupe buyers. But the Camaro has become a true sports car with all the ups and downs that entails, essentially abandoning all the traditional muscle-car traits except high-output V8 engines.
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  • Edmunds

    Read all the performance data, specs, and testing notes from our drivers here: To clear things up: We ran each car separately at our test track (off camera) with the same driver and better weather conditions and got the results you see at the end of the video. Do you think the outcome would change on a prepped surface and if each car had drag radials?

    • Yaboi Guff
      Yaboi Guff

      @billy heaton facts

    • Yaboi Guff
      Yaboi Guff

      @Keith Ghuman I don't think they're losing anything. Even if what you said is true, it's just a drag race.

    • edward arsiaga
      edward arsiaga

      The mustang wouldve just hooked better and gave a bigger spanking to the other two 🤭

    • cobramanphil

      @Jeep Strong Sorry old comment, but just for the fact the race was on a non-prepared street surface the Demon should NOT be used. It would of been slower then the Hellcat in this video IMHO.

    • TheRobloxGoldenSword

      awesome race

  • Mustang Flyer
    Mustang Flyer

    The Hellcat curb weight is 4527 lbs. What the hell, did Dodge use an M1A1 chassis??????

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    kelvin Chung

    Those cars make me sick

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    Subdidk Jqvdifkjr

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan

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    Red Curtains

    If it's a manual transmission sign me up✊

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    Mojo fvckfine

    three thumbs down on the gt 500 fuel economy,is it that terrible?? or was it just a pumped desire to press more emojis....

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  • Daniel Munoz
    Daniel Munoz

    Yeah. Ford definitely filmed this. There is no way that the hellcat would be that far behind. Not to mention she was a terrible driver.

  • Paul

    If you are driving a 765Hp redeye, and you lose a quarter-mile drag than you are not driving it right.

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    Kolo Rivera

    that mustang is just a overall better car 💯💥

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    Crim3 Pays

    Where is the roll race?

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    All that and all we got was one race. Bit of a joke

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    Nissan GT-R nismo will beat the shit all this American muscle cars and that is the fact BOY!!!!

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    Chris Hessey

    it was close.

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    Kanta Verma

    The Mustang gt

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    Because girl in dodge!

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    Dual clutch is an automatic....

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    The hellcat and ZL1 didn’t stand a fuckin chance LMFAAAAAOOO

  • Anthony Gaona
    Anthony Gaona

    Hellcat and Demon are to heavy and slow. Yeah they brag about having the most HP but that doesn’t help if. Dodge just keeps adding more weight like adding a wide body kit vs reducing weight that’s there problem. Ford and Chevy focused on aerodynamics and keep the weight lighter and they are increasing HP over time that’s is why Mustang and Camaro will always be ahead of the game. Only way Dodge will be able to compete is when they introduced The Barracuda which is the same size of the Mustang and Camaro and discontinued the Challenger.

  • Ghost

    put a demon in the race

  • Mr Perfectionist
    Mr Perfectionist

    ZL1 1LE Exorcist vs Mustang GT500 vs Dodge Demon


    Put that Demon to a Boy, He will Make It HELL!!!

  • Laser Beams Are Cool
    Laser Beams Are Cool

    I thought the Dodge Challanger SRT Red Eye was the fastest drag car(stock) in the world right now.

  • buk kuk
    buk kuk

    Real winner is that whole "Dodge - Mopar - Hellcat - widebody" family of cars .. they are the best Modern Muscle Cars on the market .. .. "Smoke'em while U've got'em" because they are last of a kind .. .. next generations of these Pony-Muscle will probably become some under-sized 4-banger 'ecoboost' - hybrids .. ) ..

  • Eli

    They should’ve done a race with the c7 ZR1, Dodge Challenger demon, and the same GT500. That’d be more fair me thinks

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    geeky zebra

    There all automatics that sucks who wants a muscle car with an automatic trans waste of money

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      Samiam 666

      geeky zebra "There all automatics that sucks who wants a muscle car with an automatic trans waste of money" I love how people randomly draw a line in the sand that they don't want to cross. People said the same thing about traction control, launch control, ABS, power steering, power brakes....

  • Brayden Cooper
    Brayden Cooper

    I'm a ford guy, but all 3 of these cars are incredible, I absolutely love them all.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall

    AMERICAN PONY CARS ROCK!!! It's amazing to see what good old fashioned Capitalist COMPETITION can do. LOVE ALL THREE!!! If I had the money I would skip the super cars and buy all three of these... Money for only one of these GT500....IN BLUE!

  • calvin loper
    calvin loper

    I'm a Chevy guy but I feel like Chevys not doing their best letting Dodge and Ford Beat them I feel like Dodge is taking the world over

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      @Lil Aleksandzr lol yeah hell get a tesla. Quick af

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      Jason crites no need c8 just a c6 😂

    • Jason crites
      Jason crites

      c8 smokes em all

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      the ZL1 1LE is a beast on the track, which is what they built it for

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      They should've gotten the exorcist 1LE

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    Brendan Yazzie

    got the female in the hellcat😔 no damn way hellcat loses to camaro

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    The Camaro ZL1 is amazing, is the most beautiful!

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    The Amazing CJ

    They need to put the lt5 that was in the zr1 in the camaro

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    eric meek

    She sure talks alot for being so lame

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    Jay Shim

    Been a bimmer person a long time, but that Mustang, OMG!!!!

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    الشلبي GT500 😍

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    I still prefer Chevrolet they always put low horsepower motors in

  • Cool Squad
    Cool Squad

    She didn’t launch it right if you want a good launch on the hellcat put it in 2nd gear and then put the stick over into drive

  • Udaiaditya Baruah
    Udaiaditya Baruah

    5:16 I am a Dodge fan. I like their aesthetics and raw power. It's why the Challenger is my personal favourite. The most powerful but also the heaviest. But what she said also rings true. #Dodge4Life

    • KSIOlajidebtHD V2
      KSIOlajidebtHD V2

      Mercent Perrault because I did a quick search to find out that they didn’t max out the challenger like they said they had

    • Udaiaditya Baruah
      Udaiaditya Baruah

      @KSIOlajidebtHD V2 How do you know that?

    • KSIOlajidebtHD V2
      KSIOlajidebtHD V2

      They didn’t max out the challenger though. They put track packages on the other cars and extra added stuff but then didn’t put the 807 horsepower trim on the dodge

    • Andrew Brown
      Andrew Brown

      Mopar or no car

  • anthonypagan20

    Great race but I would’ve preferred to see the Chevy Corvette rather than the Camaro

    • anthonypagan20

      Samiam 666 that mustang is pretty bad ass I don’t know

    • Samiam 666
      Samiam 666

      We all know how that would go.

  • slamtimeson

    lol of course they put a woman in the hellcat, sorry hellcat already stomped both of these multiple times, any of you take all 3 of em to the track and your hellcat time will be best, god why do people put these vids out, all 3 cars are kick ass but in a 1/4 mile neither touch the redeye

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    Lord's Knight

    This must have bruised hellcat fanboys feelings! 😥😂

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    Mustang Shelby gt500❤

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    Nice comparison. Yay GT500! Finally pitting it against cars in the similar range.. not Corvettes LOL

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    We’re not talking about how the mustang is on cup 2s

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    Meanwhile a regular boosted 5.0 will drag all 3 asses....

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    Aston R

    All 3 are Great Muscle Cars.. But that Ford Shelby Gt500 is Brutal..Ford Always

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    Terry Hallahan

    GT-500 for me, please 👍💪👊

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    Jocelio Aguiar

    4:20 "Good job, Pony! Or Snake? Do i call it Pony or Snake?? Snony? Poke?"

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz.

    No more female driver reviews plz. Can we have one thing exclusively for men still...just one.

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    Oslec Liedbag

    Why put a fat woman in the challenger?

  • Rafael Castelán
    Rafael Castelán

    Where are the specs of the Challenger.???.

  • Bob Falfa
    Bob Falfa

    The hellcat redeye would of won if there wasn't a girl driver

  • edward arsiaga
    edward arsiaga

    Maybe if I had bigger engine I'd go slower! Dam I don't think anyone got that subtle insult. Yay ford!

  • Devon Jordan
    Devon Jordan

    That mustang looks fucking mean

  • jorge Carrillo
    jorge Carrillo

    gt 500

  • Bigboibob Legit
    Bigboibob Legit

    I really want the GT500, but sadly the gas is premium.

  • Laddie Langlois
    Laddie Langlois

    Ford is 👑

  • Terry Starks
    Terry Starks

    I love all 3. It's a tie! #American Muscle

    • Nolan Patrick MVP
      Nolan Patrick MVP

      2 are American

  • Sally Hillal
    Sally Hillal

    Such Drama I could watch a loser reality tv program.

  • Robrony Hoodlum
    Robrony Hoodlum

    you've got to have lots and lots of testosterone to push the pedal to the metal and win. If my testosterone is low, I lose everytime.

  • Jerry White
    Jerry White

    Figured the Challenger would beat the Camaro , guess not , the Challengers are just so heavy , WTF why are they such pigs my god

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