Fortnite added a FLARE Gun!
Flare gun but you cant find it for 4 hours...
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  • Tommy Missus
    Tommy Missus

    How did he not know that a flare gun is meant to be shot in the air lol...

  • Nathan Stern
    Nathan Stern

    Wait wait wait what skin is he wearing??? Is that the henchman from grotto, the old ones

  • RobloxUser: Deragedbob6
    RobloxUser: Deragedbob6

    Not big fan of charge shotgun I rather use tactical shotgun because the player can hear u charging the charge shotgun which is a disadvantage

  • Samx904 Gg
    Samx904 Gg

    Couldn’t be me😭

  • bigslimmdawg1979

    Rip flare gun

  • pequenopedrinho

    cool, but where are the minecraft parody videos?

  • Shadow Knight38
    Shadow Knight38

    Funny how the video ends with oofs

  • Shwifty

    when lachlan realizes that hes been using the fare gun the wrong way

  • Florijan Dalipi
    Florijan Dalipi

    The flare do not kill people

  • Salty Sam
    Salty Sam

    Imagine still playing fortnite😂

  • 1000 subs without any videos
    1000 subs without any videos

    lol I find flare guns all the time

  • Chiwo

    U sware alote plz stop

  • Snippet Plug
    Snippet Plug

    5:13 lol

  • Walter

    The flare gun can find people but why can't it find my dad

  • Caleb Saidel
    Caleb Saidel

    Imagine losing i can’t 10:25

  • Jaxon Corbin
    Jaxon Corbin

    10 Out of 10

  • Oladapo Sokunbi-Jones
    Oladapo Sokunbi-Jones

    theres a glicth to activate god mode i think he has god mode glucth so u cant eliminate him🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Aura


  • Felix Playz
    Felix Playz


  • NotYakko

    Dude no way, fortnite has the pyro update from Team Fortress 2!

  • Connie Snead
    Connie Snead

    well bad aim

  • Zevi 76
    Zevi 76

    You never see lachlan were another skin

  • Angel_ Fortnite45
    Angel_ Fortnite45

    Shoot it in the air

  • Ali Hasssn
    Ali Hasssn

    انت كمان مرحبا مليون مبروك ٩٣

  • Nijen Maharjan
    Nijen Maharjan

    Hi can you send me the battelpas my name of Fortnite is Nijen 348

  • Mya, Gymnastics for ever
    Mya, Gymnastics for ever

    I have captain eamrica

  • Mya, Gymnastics for ever
    Mya, Gymnastics for ever

    How did you not see it

  • Mya, Gymnastics for ever
    Mya, Gymnastics for ever

    You passed it a million times

  • 1k subs with 2 vids Challenge
    1k subs with 2 vids Challenge

    Who else is happy that Lachlan uses meme sounds now. 👎🏻👎🏻

  • big kilo sosa
    big kilo sosa

    Lachlan is it freezing over there😂😂😂😂love you mate.

  • STOOPID Things 103
    STOOPID Things 103

    Henchman skin?????!????!!!!!?

  • DarkestKnight

    did any one notice the skin lacy was wearing in the beginning ITS A HENCH MEN FROM LAST SEASON!!!!!!!!!

  • Collin C
    Collin C

    Who is watching this when captain America came out

  • Soccer pro Fortnite
    Soccer pro Fortnite

    Who else saw the flare gun under the stairs in present park when he got the Vic roy

  • Mr. 900
    Mr. 900

    When's the flare gun only challenge coming lol

  • FIN skipzy_
    FIN skipzy_

    watch my new video

  • ToxicxBodies

    When did this skin come to the shop

  • Ursula Valdivia
    Ursula Valdivia

    It’s because they have an added it yet now they have

  • Philip the fish also I’m 11
    Philip the fish also I’m 11

    The way it just burns everything is satisfactory and op.u see a one by one flare gun them then there dead or at least no cover

  • Gregoria Esquillo
    Gregoria Esquillo

    PUBG: We Have Flare Gun Fortnite: We Have Flare Gun

  • Oriol Roca
    Oriol Roca


  • Oriol Roca
    Oriol Roca


  • Sneaky Thief Gaming
    Sneaky Thief Gaming

    firefly stink bomb gun.

  • Cesar Mendonca
    Cesar Mendonca

    Does lackey know that we’re in the middle of summer?

  • Help Me
    Help Me

    5:27 he actually gets the flare gun thank me later

    • UK Leaked Music
      UK Leaked Music

      Help Me no thanks I wanna watch the full vid

  • Sebastian Alvarez
    Sebastian Alvarez

    i just noticed he has the old henchman skin from when season 2 started

  • Deanieeee94

    Can I be in your next fashion show

  • Warzone_Clips Joshua
    Warzone_Clips Joshua

    no the P90s have a glitch we’re the billets don’t penetrate

  • Kroubiq PL
    Kroubiq PL


    • UK Leaked Music
      UK Leaked Music

      Kroubiq PL aim

  • நமசிவாய வாழ்க
    நமசிவாய வாழ்க

    Hi brother how r u please please your help

  • pink tubby boi
    pink tubby boi

    love ur vids

  • Jakie Person
    Jakie Person

    Somebody else made a costom skin of Lachlan and the channel is trimix

  • Flaming Storm
    Flaming Storm

    When he hits someone for 200 with a charge shotgun: “200 pump

    • Zevi 76
      Zevi 76

      Yea rember the old gray pump back in chap 1 season 1 it hit max for 225

    • Royal Aidan
      Royal Aidan

      rip pumps

  • Itzz Jaser
    Itzz Jaser

    Copied Pubg

  • kayden graham
    kayden graham


  • kayden graham
    kayden graham

    Lachy is a bot because the p90 is broken

  • ZPS_Ewor 173
    ZPS_Ewor 173

    I respect the time Lachy

  • Allen Bolina
    Allen Bolina

    time to add a flamethrower

  • Alan Puchowski
    Alan Puchowski

    Shoot it in the air

  • 1,000 followers with no video
    1,000 followers with no video

    Wow!!! Lol

  • Psychomcbeefy

    Pro tips how to get a kill with a flare gun Hit ur shots Hit ur shots Get good

  • Michelle Justice
    Michelle Justice

    Lachlan, the point is always to have fun. Duh. ☺️

  • Felix K.
    Felix K.

    Fortnite: * gets a flare gun * PUBG: Get a load of this guy

  • Josh Pope
    Josh Pope

    What skin was that

  • Hector Mercado
    Hector Mercado

    Lol lmao this guy couldn’t find this for five hours gee epic

  • Pls help I’m Trying to get 100 subs without a video
    Pls help I’m Trying to get 100 subs without a video

    Read name

  • eddie diaz
    eddie diaz

    nice content

  • Wiremu Perenara
    Wiremu Perenara

    the compact smg is broken.

  • Ibz ktv
    Ibz ktv

    "Who else went straight to the comments"😂 Thanks nexiph for commenting on my video

  • Matthew Sabogal
    Matthew Sabogal

    Casually comes across every Mythic item in one game

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