Fortnite Money Wars PWR Tournament! ($$$)
Jump in to the new PWR Creative Hub to play! 1767-7499-3185
Today the PWR crew played the *NEW* Fortnite Creative Money Wars map!
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PWR squad in this video:
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❱ Looter |
❱ Repulse |
❱ Chanzes |
❱ Worthy |
❱ Radius |
❱ Aftr | (Designer)
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  • PWR

    Favourite the PWR Hub : 1767-7499-3185 and use code “PWR” to support our creators and team! #epicpartner

    • Myskked

      Code pwr

    • Myskked

      Sorry pwr I wasn't sure but I now am . Use code owr

    • EE Clan
      EE Clan

      K you guys are so funny and cracked at the game thx for all the great content

    • Jack Duffield
      Jack Duffield

      Money wars is trash


      I use c4 to bed

  • Tadej Dodovski
    Tadej Dodovski

    The pwr hub is the best hub in fortnite history

  • Cassandra Barnes
    Cassandra Barnes


  • Kristen Farley
    Kristen Farley

    I have watched this about 20 times

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    that's wrong i out healed the storm with floppers

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God


  • Caiden Lovejoy
    Caiden Lovejoy

    Make dous money wars plzzzz

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Fortnite bedwars

  • Irene Stephens
    Irene Stephens

    The wicked grasshopper microscopically invent because lyre beautifully develop at a tacit shape. abortive, heavenly heavy hellish soy

  • Zero

    This is basically bed wars from hypixel

  • Fortnite Recon expert
    Fortnite Recon expert

    B tec bed wars

  • Moksh Nanwani
    Moksh Nanwani

    FoRtNiTe BeDwArS


    when You are Seeing fortnite content Anouncements: fortnite

  • Saif AlShorafa
    Saif AlShorafa

    i love it i had 98 wins

  • Elliot Millen
    Elliot Millen

    this was a good video


    money wars is literally bed wars from hypixel server in minecraft

  • Holiday in Pattaya
    Holiday in Pattaya

    Interesting post

  • Jane Calabro
    Jane Calabro

    The regular environment histopathologically hand because kimberly metrically gather through a scary woolen. needless, quickest river

  • 3421mine. mr
    3421mine. mr

    Me and my friend was playing iy

    • 3421mine. mr
      3421mine. mr


  • Daniella Inserra
    Daniella Inserra

    Only the OG’s remember him play Minecraft

  • French fries
    French fries


  • Ranveer Singh
    Ranveer Singh

    Ur so flipping wet with all ur fortnite kids copying Minecraft bedwars

  • Mythed

    I killed u in forti the other day (I won with 23 kills)

  • Stephen Canales
    Stephen Canales

    It’s so fun

  • Mary Majella Mullin
    Mary Majella Mullin

    Who else sees that the base looks like a gas mask

  • Mary Majella Mullin
    Mary Majella Mullin

    I already won this And yes plz make it harder

  • BOTlz_kovac kovac
    BOTlz_kovac kovac

    this is copeing minecraft bed wars wtf

  • Doctor _ Poody
    Doctor _ Poody

    Ye this is basically bed wars

  • Aspect edits
    Aspect edits

    lachy "you can play right now" 0/8 players in the lobby :/

  • CreamCubez

    I love how Chanzes is just going and breaking everyone’s beds 😂

  • seema sharma
    seema sharma

    Can you guys plz create a box fight in which you can chose the epic shotgun like charge tac. Pump dragon breathe plz guys also love the vids

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez

    Basically bed wars

  • Ryan Smid
    Ryan Smid

    This is the best creative map on fortnite I hope they put it back

  • Aditya Nalla
    Aditya Nalla

    why does lachlan call repulse "puck"

  • Kristen Farley
    Kristen Farley

    I use the best code. = code pwr

  • GamerK

    Lachy you should make a good pump in the big vending machine for 100 gold

  • The Twins - Not Really
    The Twins - Not Really

    Dude it looks so awesome but no offense this is a huge copy of bedwars it was made way before money wars

  • Winston Torres
    Winston Torres

    Its like minecraft

  • sHrEK IsAaMaZInG
    sHrEK IsAaMaZInG

    8:24 be like “ ok whatever floats your boat :| “

  • Johnny Brianna
    Johnny Brianna

    I’m cracked at that game

  • Alfie Kelleher
    Alfie Kelleher

    Got to get on the Hub

  • David Wormald
    David Wormald

    after is pissed

  • Marie Hilditch
    Marie Hilditch

    You Lachlan I played this map and it’s sick

  • Scorpia

    Code lachy? or code PWR?

  • Jaydon Jajou
    Jaydon Jajou

    What about loose lachy

  • Jamie Navarro
    Jamie Navarro

    I em the best at money wars

  • Disk YT
    Disk YT

    You are the best content creater


    Aka bed wars

  • Khristine Wallner
    Khristine Wallner


  • hawkeyzi

    This is just bedwars idk if im missing smt

  • Devon Hoogendoorn
    Devon Hoogendoorn

    I know I played it and got first

  • Jacob Edwards
    Jacob Edwards

    This map is so good

  • Results on crack
    Results on crack

    Can you guys make the storm tic for like 20 or 10

  • T3ch G4ming
    T3ch G4ming

    So do I use code lachy or code PWR?

  • AKAG

    How In the world did Mitch get a charge shotgun

  • Amzad Hossain
    Amzad Hossain

    I played this game mode like a year ago

  • Chalfie Games
    Chalfie Games

    Like if you’ve won money wars

  • gage burks
    gage burks

    "make sure to hit up the hub" *dont laugh*

  • F34R Blast
    F34R Blast

    Can you make a pwr rocket league team I’ll love it

  • Jonas Johnson
    Jonas Johnson

    I love this gamemode I play it with my friends all the time

  • Drizzy Savage
    Drizzy Savage

    I played 15 money war games and lost 3 lmfao 1 of the games it was a hacker

  • STNGWolfBud

    Yo Money wars is my favorite gamemode!

  • samir pogi
    samir pogi

    I always play this but i actually stopped because too much people team thats why its really hard

  • Alex Easton
    Alex Easton

    You should make a duos version

  • Byron Leavell
    Byron Leavell

    When you teamed in the map

  • SoaR the KiD
    SoaR the KiD

    lol won my first game of money wars as lachky girlfriend lol

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    I see y Lachlan choose those ppl 4 the team

  • Theme Park Madness
    Theme Park Madness

    I just played it and won 2 matches in a row it was fun thanks for the fun game 😁

  • T Josh
    T Josh

    Is no one gonna talk about how he uses big Jill’s rap song??

  • Not Frostie
    Not Frostie

    Hit up the hub 😃

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