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Check out Some Of The Best Perfectly Timed Emotes and Memes Fortnite Has to Offer.
This Compilation video is full of perfect timing emotes and memes as well as funny and epic moments in fortnite battle royale. There are some instant karma moments as well as perfectly timed emote moments in this compilation video.
buying skins in fortnite does not make you better at the game. they are simply cosmetic and some can even argue that defaults are smarter because they dont spend money on a free game. there is somewhat of truth to that but i still think that it is a funny meme. i mean, who doesnt like some dank memes.
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  • La Flame
    La Flame

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    • Internet nerd lol
      Internet nerd lol

      You gave up

    • Kursad Sari 026 NL
      Kursad Sari 026 NL

      La Flame how do you get so much famous? I wish that i was that famous 😢

    • pradip poudel
      pradip poudel

    • MgoRngFishMango


    • SAD

      La Flame salut je suis nouveau , est-ce que tu est français ?

  • Alex Vega
    Alex Vega

    Me when it’s it’s Friday 9:03

  • edith pecito
    edith pecito

    Quality trash

  • Lucky Sword Patcher kidwell
    Lucky Sword Patcher kidwell


  • J Sarr
    J Sarr

    I like this video and the clips are funny af, but I honestly don't see how like half, if not more, are perfectly timed. Can somebody explain some to me?

  • Hatem Mslb
    Hatem Mslb

    00:12 when thanos play fortnite

  • AlexZ933 Playz
    AlexZ933 Playz

    When thanks tried to snap but failed


    Last clip that happened to me but everyone was going to lucky landing..

  • Cxrlxs Dxvxd
    Cxrlxs Dxvxd

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Randomly Ethan
    Randomly Ethan

    8:51 I remember seeing XxMADMAX18xX before

  • who are you
    who are you

    9:19 is this battle royale?what mode is this?

  • //Gacha Olivia//
    //Gacha Olivia//

    3:00 wtf are they doing🤣🤣😂😂

  • Jared FRA
    Jared FRA

    0:40 lord that was amazing.

  • Mercier

    Thanos has been stopped 2:16

  • Ziyyan Ali
    Ziyyan Ali

    0:00 the power of defaults

  • kichona gori
    kichona gori

    0:11 Thanos came back... but in a different universe

  • McCloud Vlog Bros.
    McCloud Vlog Bros.

    0:18 that default is secretly thanos

  • Pinkguyhere5321


  • super EVEE
    super EVEE

    0:13-0:14 thanos default Bright bomber: well WE.IN.THE.ENGAME.NOW


    The default had the infinity gauntlet

  • Aimee.K0


  • Thanos


  • Kengi Her
    Kengi Her

    WHO HERE still waching this in 2019

    • Leslie Balvanz
      Leslie Balvanz


  • Josiah Jaen
    Josiah Jaen

    0:13 when Thanos snaps his fingers I got a like... Wait why is it blue?!

  • Wolfy _Demon
    Wolfy _Demon

    Not all of them

  • Wolfy _Demon
    Wolfy _Demon

    Pros bully defaults

  • TimDaOne

    Soooo... You ran out of clips and added random stuff to get 10 minute mark? I am disappointed in you brother.

  • Safeena Kader
    Safeena Kader

    Dude that default tho at the beginning

  • Delma Guerra
    Delma Guerra

    0:12 Defaults have the power to do anything

  • I’m just a guy that likes Xbox
    I’m just a guy that likes Xbox

    0:29 I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂

  • Philipozt Zröslerg
    Philipozt Zröslerg

    Pause at 0:00 the beginning was in the beta

  • AffectiveCorn21 Crashunter684
    AffectiveCorn21 Crashunter684

    What's it the song of 9:55

  • Raven Xergoth
    Raven Xergoth

    Lmao the first one had me

  • Jerry .y
    Jerry .y

    0:11 default get the power

  • Alessio Curci
    Alessio Curci


  • DrxyFN

    Hey Guys! I’m doing a small giveaway of a $10 giftcard once i reach 100 subs would appreciate it if you guys could drop a quick sub and support me on my way to becoming a fortnite pro player!

  • Laura XDXDXDXD
    Laura XDXDXDXD

    In the first vid I just screamed THANOS

  • Jamjuggleberries

    8:01 and it was at this moment, he knew he messed up.

  • Kasper Lundby Franck
    Kasper Lundby Franck

    01:00 was not perfect timing but a trick shot

  • Hopy

    5:43 200 IQ

  • Suong Bui
    Suong Bui

    That was Default God .o.

  • Boombox111

    0:11 The power of defaults

  • XxxJuniorxxx Boi who r u
    XxxJuniorxxx Boi who r u

    0:12 thanos is still out there after endgame

  • TheRealDorami


  • diaztwins

    The last clip was so funny

  • vernadine De Guzman
    vernadine De Guzman

    0:12 THANOS?!?!

  • NeNoboss 90
    NeNoboss 90

    2:49 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The HawkGuy
    The HawkGuy

    *99% Thanos* *1%* My Dog is on fire

  • Fresh_Panda

    0:07 That’s why noobs are the best

  • ShrewdDataLimit

    Is it just me or is this video not filled with ads?

  • EpicGamer 43210
    EpicGamer 43210

    6:50 this actually activated Siri for me

  • Nico Cookie
    Nico Cookie

    *Defaults are evolving... they are turning into thanoses! :o*

  • Teresa Mcgrath
    Teresa Mcgrath

    0:13 HES THANOS

  • yogita Tayde
    yogita Tayde

    The first clip that girl is thanos

  • potato boy
    potato boy

    2:40 😂

  • Cai Buckland
    Cai Buckland


  • JUMPonTHERow 819
    JUMPonTHERow 819

    2:17 You didnt destroy half the universe but destroyed almost all your yealth

  • BitsizeDiamond

    The start is that default is secretley thanos

  • Slither Gaming
    Slither Gaming

    These aren’t memes

  • Mckayla Raasch
    Mckayla Raasch

    2:43 got me laughing so hard lol

  • Lok Yin Cheng
    Lok Yin Cheng

    0:13 *Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.*

  • Glen Adam Beringuel
    Glen Adam Beringuel

    0:13 thanos as a default

  • Curren Wennerstrom
    Curren Wennerstrom

    Come back your brother

  • Ninja Ninja
    Ninja Ninja

    The emotes are paid actors

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    Imagine half of people die

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez


  • Davis Barnes
    Davis Barnes

    He wiped out half of the dancing players 0:11

  • Po0r_Qual1ty

    5:47 - 6:19 Lol

  • TheTFKCrew GJ
    TheTFKCrew GJ

    5:34 I feel so bad

  • Kiwi Viking
    Kiwi Viking

    stoupid bad!!

  • Cake Crafter
    Cake Crafter

    In the first clip the default is thanos

  • Philip Nyqvist
    Philip Nyqvist

    The defult in first klip had the infinite stones

  • Hamad Gamesship
    Hamad Gamesship

    I that thanos 0:11

  • unknown prakrit
    unknown prakrit

    mystery solved thanos is the default god

  • Musical Bomb
    Musical Bomb


  • ITS exile
    ITS exile

  • Bo Warmenhove
    Bo Warmenhove

    2:43 hahaha my Favo lol

  • xd tagscleaning
    xd tagscleaning

    HE IS THANOS!!!!!!

  • Diella Gonzalez
    Diella Gonzalez

    That default is thanos because when he snapped his fingers the other one died

  • Younes

    0:10 Thanos is back

  • i dk
    i dk

    0:13 thanos, is that you?

  • Ninja 2.0
    Ninja 2.0

    I used code LAFLAME in the item shop

  • Keelan Tahana
    Keelan Tahana

    The first clip she’s thanos secretly

  • Uchiha Tsuna 5678
    Uchiha Tsuna 5678

    2:11 when Thor actually went for thanos’s head 😂

  • Pokémon Gamer
    Pokémon Gamer

    0:12 thanos

  • Dayveon McGary
    Dayveon McGary

    Thanos default

  • candance drone
    candance drone

    Like. For. P ewdiepie comment for Ass

  • Yo Shisui
    Yo Shisui

    The noskin on the start was a legend

  • Des Kel
    Des Kel

    Literally from the first clip I died 👇😂😂😂

  • kallices

    0:29 who else feels bad for that kid? All that money and hard work just to get it broken.

  • M4G Сталин Play
    M4G Сталин Play

    What the song 3:17

  • Fuzzy Cat
    Fuzzy Cat

    Half of the clips weren’t even emotes

  • XXXÅnxiety :3
    XXXÅnxiety :3

    3:16 Another Australian crack head has died from laughter

  • daddy pee me bleach
    daddy pee me bleach

    0:12 *SNAP*

  • WolfyWolf W.I.P
    WolfyWolf W.I.P

    Default in first clip is thanos

  • Quinn Baum
    Quinn Baum

    1:00 how is that perfectly timed

    • Kai Suddaby
      Kai Suddaby


  • Kaz Montgomery
    Kaz Montgomery

    9:00 when your dad is picking you up from school

  • Quenouille Québécoise
    Quenouille Québécoise

    8:30 Reason why you should play Minecraft.

  • Nicola Diamond
    Nicola Diamond

    That pumpkin at 2:56

  • panama boy
    panama boy

    0:12 default thanos

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