Fortnite WTF Moments #230
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Welcome to the episode #230 of Faiz Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments!
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Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments #230
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    Faiz on the top !!! WTF 230 let`s go

    • Ethan Ravinovich
      Ethan Ravinovich

      Hola mami cómo estás 😸😃😃😗 e

    • Ethan Ravinovich
      Ethan Ravinovich

      JC lo kf


      @Scoped Joker Where is the vid ?

    • くりやや


    • Scoped Joker
      Scoped Joker

      I have a vid for you

  • TheFortniteFan

    Faiz is the best! 😇😇😇😇😇😀😀😀😀😀

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    A mi nunca me tocan esos tipos de dispararos

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    RAMIREZ115 1


  • Michu Games
    Michu Games

    1:56 poland beznikos

  • Muhammad Kashan
    Muhammad Kashan

    When did you started playing Fortnite ? Season :1-7 = like Season :8-13 = comment (Read My Name)

  • Romana Farkašová
    Romana Farkašová

    Čus mufine

  • RyanL V
    RyanL V

    The funny part was when it said why are u running and ahahhahaaaa the guy running

  • Shorter Wong
    Shorter Wong


  • المعلم الصغير
    المعلم الصغير


  • Glitched Robloxian
    Glitched Robloxian

    2:56 would be me if that happened to me


    في واحد عربي

  • O Square TV
    O Square TV

    Very funny video, loved it. BTW, we just released a NEW Fortnite Music Video, please be sure to check it out.

  • Xx_franR.08_xX

    What skin is?? 9:00

  • Guadalupe de los angeles Heredia
    Guadalupe de los angeles Heredia


  • Sandra Garbolino
    Sandra Garbolino

    killfild. via

  • sypher pk
    sypher pk

    This allways cheers me up when I'm down in the dumps



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    Maria Teresa Rosales Luevanos


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    Pawlo Tak to ja


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    Angelena Lynn


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    4:12 that is the fourth place guy in mcreamys trick shot tournament

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    Du Tarn


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    6996 subs with no videos

    Fun fact: Ur reading this comment! Ily 😘

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    0:30 Creative

  • Maciej Jurgo
    Maciej Jurgo

    Kto z Polski 8:10

  • Benoit Bernier
    Benoit Bernier


  • Yuridia Garcia
    Yuridia Garcia

    imagine geting killed by a 3 year old

  • realmehGONNA Y33t
    realmehGONNA Y33t

    I love that guy who just says EZ

  • marie-ange bauduin
    marie-ange bauduin

    Au début j'allai mètre le son plus fort j'ai bien fait de pas le fair lol

  • a. gggarfio
    a. gggarfio

    gggarfio add me yooo lol lmao add me please please

  • a. gggarfio
    a. gggarfio

    haha are u fr

  • Stevan Mijic
    Stevan Mijic

    Liked mal wenn ihr deutscher seit

  • Pavlito RNG
    Pavlito RNG

    O nawet Beznicos się tutaj znalazł haha

  • Gamer Boss
    Gamer Boss

    The thumbs of this guy is the same fucking thing

  • Rap Français / Music
    Rap Français / Music

    lis mon pseudo bg! tes le s si tu le fait 😉❤️

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    Maria Pinto


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    Amirreza Rasekh

    Love you faiz❤❤💘

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    To the 1% of people who read this. You are amazing and blessed please stay safe. Have a amazing day. I have been struggling on views so some help is appreciated.

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      I got u bro

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    Pls pin my comment I love ur vids

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    Je fait aussi des vidéos fortnite pour se lui a qui sa intéresse

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    Mario Gutierrez Baez

    Q pro😀😀

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    Zed Sankriwala

    Giving free account password is user name is

  • ינאי איסק קראוז
    ינאי איסק קראוז


  • Jose Luis Zepeda
    Jose Luis Zepeda

    Jajjajajjaja the actionman7 is a noob😂🤣

  • Not- Pivetz
    Not- Pivetz

    intro song please?

  • Daily information
    Daily information

    At 7:00 his face tho tbh i think he forgot he was recording

  • hedrick g4ming
    hedrick g4ming

    Mga Americano pengeng skin ni fanny life guard

  • Glasto Boy
    Glasto Boy

    Check out Glasto boy for an amazing & epic fortnite moment involving a Marauder spawn and supply drop while in a helicopter. A MUST SEE!!!

  • kayden Thao
    kayden Thao

    Epic name is kayden thao

  • كابتن سامي
    كابتن سامي

    في عرب

  • Dennij Whinnett-James
    Dennij Whinnett-James

    7:01 young noah beck?

  • Dennij Whinnett-James
    Dennij Whinnett-James

    no one: literally no one: FRESH: oh my god i’m crackeddd

  • İlpo

    4 58 haaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkk

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    Bruce Verkaik


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    Alejandro Morante

    Good video pana migel

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    swamp rat xox

    Send this to everyone Atlantis is here

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    Simply Jonathan

    Faiz you really have inspired me to start playing fortnite omg these are so epic I started my channel to be just like you and I hope I grow to make content like yours one day you’re so cool bro

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    Gacha _cookie


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    salut je vien de poster une video pe tu la regarder et me donner ton avis❤❤😗😋

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    Can you guys please check out my montage, I put real time into my videos so hopefully you guys enjoy, thanks ❤️

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    6:00 Kkkkk Best Part

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