Franco - Castaway
MCA Music, Inc.

Penetrating into the music industry proves to be a challenging feat for new artists, but for the newest rock band FRANCO, the road to fame looks bright and promising, catapulting the landscape of alternative-rock off to a whole new level.

Not long after they broke into the music scene, the band has already managed to impress and capture the interest of various critics and audiences with their dynamic blend of smashing lines, throbbing beats and melodic sound. The undeniable musical talent radiating from each band member is insurmountable; hailing FRANCO as the Powerhouse band and the next big thing to watch out for in 2010!

Comprised of well-known figures in Philippine rock, members from the band FRANCO are no strangers to music lovers. Lead vocalist Franco Reyes is regarded as a musical genius, who, in spite of his enigmatic persona, speaks through the songs that he writes and performs. Other members include icons such as Gabby Alipe of Urbandub and Paolo "Ocho" Toleran of Queso on guitars, Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar on bass, and JanJan Mendoza of Urbandub on drums.
The band is more than keyed-up as the year starts with a bang with the release of their latest self-titled album FRANCO under one of the major record labels - MCA Music. Featuring their single Castaway, their self-titled album under MCA Music has already been garnering raving reviews from various musical critics.

Joey Dizon, Editor-in-Chief of Pulp Magazine notes that The song Castaway was incredibly catchy, with its dreamy modern rock approach and droning, melancholic guitar riffs and subtle, sonic textures.
The band is also all gearing for the release of their latest music video for their Castaway, slated to premiere on January 10, Sunday at 9 pm on MYX. Pixeleyes Multimedia spearheaded by Jalz Zarate gives off a very modern yet edgy feel to the video. Also catch the behind the scenes on Myx news this Saturday, January 9.

With an ALL-ORIGINAL album, FRANCO vows to give a fresh kick to music with a blend of various musical influences (such as rock, alternative and reggae) injected in their tracks. Other cyclonic tracks include Seasons, Next Train Out, Memory Kill, This Gathering and more.

Grab a copy of FRANCOs self-titled album available in all major record bars nationwide to experience fresh, raw and unadulterated music in its truest sense. Tracks from the album are also available for download via Globe and Smart WAP sites. To download a ringback tone of FRANCOs latest single Castaway, key in the keyword CASTWAY and send to 2728 for Smart Subscribers, or the code KF693 and send to 2332 for Globe Subscribers. FRANCO is released exclusively under MCA Music.

  • Marvin John Leviste
    Marvin John Leviste

    Yung mga kolehiyo dati. Mga tito na ngayon

  • Dizzy

    suggested by juan karlos - Buwan :O

  • Jeremy Ann Alvar
    Jeremy Ann Alvar

    Grabe. 10 years na pala. Parang kailan lang.

  • Renan Umali
    Renan Umali

    Solid padin tlga to kahit lumipas na ang panahon ❀️

  • Rick Mdn
    Rick Mdn

    Still my favorite

  • Val Jasme
    Val Jasme

    On my own Castaway...

  • Shred.

    Ung pauwe knang 6pm tpos ito ung pinatugtug mo sa sasakyan πŸ‘ŒπŸ» swabe lang ❀️

  • Jeric Francisco
    Jeric Francisco

    2020 anyone?

  • J A A
    J A A

    I remember, this is the first song na napakinggan ko from franco & the rest is history for me ❀️

  • Cambria Villero
    Cambria Villero


  • Zarah Agne
    Zarah Agne

    solid pala cast ng kantang to.

  • Tina Calonia
    Tina Calonia

    Believe it or not, isa to sa mga pangpaantok ng baby ko hahaha

  • MrCreeper 31
    MrCreeper 31

    yung mga rock gods ang kachill mo. sarap sa feeling

  • lucas rosario
    lucas rosario

    MAY 2020πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • oKawaii oKawaii
    oKawaii oKawaii

    Woaahh, good old days, lagi ko tong naririnig dun sa Computer Shop sa Sta.Rosa,Laguna πŸ‘Œ 2011

  • Boy Kalmado
    Boy Kalmado

    Best music while on quarantine..

  • Anything Channel
    Anything Channel

    Sabi ko sa gf ko nun tara sa bahay gusto ka daw ma meet ni mama tapos pag dating dun wala tao tangina pasok sa kwarto sabay play ng franco gg kang tilapya ka haha memories

  • Yan Diaz
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    ML PRO


    • Koreen Blancia
      Koreen Blancia

      tita na po pero like padin hahaha

  • RainzFiggz TV
    RainzFiggz TV

    Covid19πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ 420 quarantine:(


    Tangina 10 years na to Dapat daang milyong byus na to.

  • RonJean TV
    RonJean TV

    April 17, 2020 habang nka Quarantine haha

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  • Remmy Boi
    Remmy Boi

    Wala na sa spotify to! 😭

  • John Carlos Apolonio
    John Carlos Apolonio

    This song cope my depression. Im still fighting.

  • Josh Bagsik
    Josh Bagsik

    2020 and still one of the best

  • Drei Turingan
    Drei Turingan

    Who's here this Quarantine period

    • Drei Turingan
      Drei Turingan

      Tae antagal pamapos ng quarantine

    • smashgaming

      Ako din idol hahah

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      Jeryl Salas


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      Roden Cabucos

      Ako bruh

    • Roden Cabucos
      Roden Cabucos

      Drei Turingan di ka nag iisa

  • tash sultana
    tash sultana

    Sarappppp sa earsssss


    #WatchListenCastaway 27th Day of March 2020 Quarantine Friday 0722H.

  • A.Laurence

    10 yrs na pala to..quarantine pa more (1st week down 3 weeks to go)

  • Harvey Guiang
    Harvey Guiang

    Step to the farthest side of my dream Be careful of what you might see So careless inside I'm dying Slowly Sail into my wildest dream Wrapped up like a little bum's shoelace High strung but I am trying Hopelessly On my own castaway Trapped and caught in between Darkened skies, tidal waves But I am moving on See through the hollowed eyes of my dream Psycho traumatic hypnotic scene A mountain of dust to ponder over On my own castaway Trapped and caught in between Darkened skies, tidal waves But I am moving on Well I'm blind Reaction too late I'm behind but catch me I'm moving on And on... On my own castaway Trapped and caught in between Darkened skies, tidal waves But I am moving on And on...

  • AG

    Putanginanyo 2020 na mga mahmen ang angas padin putanginanyo ulet ./.

    • empty dark soul
      empty dark soul

      Potangina same napaka halimaw nila tangina nila

  • Paul Vincent Barsaga
    Paul Vincent Barsaga

    2020 and still listening. ❀

  • xaleraden1

    Inspired by Killswitch engaged my curse?

  • christian jay urbano
    christian jay urbano

    Drummer nla dto pg k alm ko sya ung drummer ng kadangyan

  • Grace Lopez
    Grace Lopez

    Feb 2020?

  • Mike Dawson
    Mike Dawson

    Discovered franco and his music year 2009

  • yelnor


  • Nath Andaya
    Nath Andaya

    This song brings back high school memories ❀️ Year 2020, but still listening to it πŸ‘Œ

    • Nath Andaya
      Nath Andaya

      Bertson Mecua hahaha totoo yan. Tapos naka-max pa yung volume para damang dama.

    • Nath Andaya
      Nath Andaya

      Bertson Mecua hahaha mga tugtugan ng mga rakista/emo/punks nung HS

    • john patrick ci
      john patrick ci

      hahaha yung tipong buong araw ka lang nakatutok sa NU 107 inaabangan tong kanta na to 😁

    • Bertson Mecua
      Bertson Mecua

      Nath Andaya yes high school days 🀘

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  • Erika mae Ragos
    Erika mae Ragos

    2020 🀘 still in πŸ™ƒ

  • Kory Alphee
    Kory Alphee

    Ganito yung music ko naririnig before sa mga TEENAGE FUCKINGS LOVE SHIT SONGS. This is Gold.

  • Ja Faith
    Ja Faith

    I heard about this band when I was in college circa 2009, pero di ko agad na appreciate ang music nila dhil kasabayan din nila dati sa CEBU ang mga Bisrocks bands which is mas malakas ang influence that time. But when I heard it again mga 2014 na dun ko na namalayan na anlaki ng na miss ko ewan bat ko naisip na may na miss tlga ako. Sguru dun pa ako nag mature ang galing ng music from lyrics, voice ni frank at ang pgka semi metal nila hanggang ngayon nakikinig pa rin ako 2020 na. Sana may mga acoustic version din ang Franco 😁

  • chester adrian bulaon
    chester adrian bulaon

    Ito yung ginagawa kong muaic kapag nasa outing kami sa beach. Siguro kahit this summer to pa rin paoakinggan ko.

  • REDC

    cameos: 3:18 - Jay Contreras 3:20 - Paolo Ballesteros ? 3:21 - ? 3:22 - Chito Miranda

  • Margel Lanugan
    Margel Lanugan

    2020 na THE BEST parin mga MUSIC ni FRANCO.

  • DKMBstudio

    hindi ko alam kung bat nasa panaginip ko tong kantang to. kaya dito na muna ko habang nalulungkot sa pagpanaw ni Kobe

  • Paps Sikol
    Paps Sikol

    2020 still rocks!!!!!!!!

  • SephSep TV
    SephSep TV

    Whats the reason why the other member left/move out? Franco supporter pls react. Thanks. πŸ‘

  • MV# Katorin
    MV# Katorin

    Ito yung first song ko na napakinggan from Franco. I miss this!!!!! ❀️

  • jay fuentes
    jay fuentes

    kamikazee fan ako ... pero sa tuwing maririnig ko tong' kantang ito para bang nadadala ako sa kantang to ,di ko ugaling kumakanta pero sa song na cast away ampota.. solid!!

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway

    2020 solid pa din

  • kcire deleon
    kcire deleon

    Pag sabog ako eto soundtripan ko

  • Sharmaine Carreon
    Sharmaine Carreon

    FRANCO ❀❀❀❀

    • Lexy Boy
      Lexy Boy

      fav ❀❀❀❀

  • Jessa May Borromeo
    Jessa May Borromeo

    Love na love na kita franco.. Really avid fan ng The closer I get to you..

  • Jessa May Borromeo
    Jessa May Borromeo

    Love na love na kita franco.. Really avid fan ng The closer I get to you..

  • Nickhulast Balili
    Nickhulast Balili

    anyone 2020?

    • tash sultana
      tash sultana


  • Nhoy Buenacifra
    Nhoy Buenacifra

    2020 still listening. makes me more complete, kahit sobrang pagod na sa trabaho

  • CypreiseYT

    Jan 3 2020 - 3:01PM exact time love this song i remember my childhood playing my uncle drum.. ahh i miss it alot

  • miharbi cortez
    miharbi cortez

    2020 and still rockin'

  • Ralphyyy Garcia
    Ralphyyy Garcia


  • Miggy's Playground
    Miggy's Playground

    Still @ 2020

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    arc unta

    this song rockin @ 2020!

  • chano chano
    chano chano

    pukingina 2020 na!!!

  • Mark Pagador
    Mark Pagador

    2020 ?

  • Juvs xx94
    Juvs xx94

    Damnnnn 😍😍😍😍

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    Ben Ten ATG


  • Jelan Madrigal
    Jelan Madrigal

    Wala PO ba cila IT-my channel? .nakakamiss nmn yung highschool life KO..ganitong mga musika naririnig KO halos...

    • RAI

      Meron boss, search mo francoVEVO

  • Child of Solitude
    Child of Solitude

    I suffer from addiction and franco's music is one of my inspirations to quit i am 5 months sober now.

    • Al Cisneros
      Al Cisneros

      @Ceejay Vergara Congratulations brother! ako naman naging adik dahil kay franco, anyway continue what u doin!

    • IG: Josh
      IG: Josh

      Never Surrender Brother. πŸ˜‰πŸ€πŸ€œπŸ€›

    • arigo valbacero
      arigo valbacero

      But franco never quit.. Hehe πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒβœŒβœŒ

    • dave nunesa
      dave nunesa

      Keep it up dude

    • Jude Svidler
      Jude Svidler

      Keep going bro. It's gonna be harder but you can make it.

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