Franco - Castaway
MCA Music, Inc.

Penetrating into the music industry proves to be a challenging feat for new artists, but for the newest rock band FRANCO, the road to fame looks bright and promising, catapulting the landscape of alternative-rock off to a whole new level.

Not long after they broke into the music scene, the band has already managed to impress and capture the interest of various critics and audiences with their dynamic blend of smashing lines, throbbing beats and melodic sound. The undeniable musical talent radiating from each band member is insurmountable; hailing FRANCO as the Powerhouse band and the next big thing to watch out for in 2010!

Comprised of well-known figures in Philippine rock, members from the band FRANCO are no strangers to music lovers. Lead vocalist Franco Reyes is regarded as a musical genius, who, in spite of his enigmatic persona, speaks through the songs that he writes and performs. Other members include icons such as Gabby Alipe of Urbandub and Paolo "Ocho" Toleran of Queso on guitars, Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar on bass, and JanJan Mendoza of Urbandub on drums.
The band is more than keyed-up as the year starts with a bang with the release of their latest self-titled album FRANCO under one of the major record labels - MCA Music. Featuring their single Castaway, their self-titled album under MCA Music has already been garnering raving reviews from various musical critics.

Joey Dizon, Editor-in-Chief of Pulp Magazine notes that The song Castaway was incredibly catchy, with its dreamy modern rock approach and droning, melancholic guitar riffs and subtle, sonic textures.
The band is also all gearing for the release of their latest music video for their Castaway, slated to premiere on January 10, Sunday at 9 pm on MYX. Pixeleyes Multimedia spearheaded by Jalz Zarate gives off a very modern yet edgy feel to the video. Also catch the behind the scenes on Myx news this Saturday, January 9.

With an ALL-ORIGINAL album, FRANCO vows to give a fresh kick to music with a blend of various musical influences (such as rock, alternative and reggae) injected in their tracks. Other cyclonic tracks include Seasons, Next Train Out, Memory Kill, This Gathering and more.

Grab a copy of FRANCOs self-titled album available in all major record bars nationwide to experience fresh, raw and unadulterated music in its truest sense. Tracks from the album are also available for download via Globe and Smart WAP sites. To download a ringback tone of FRANCOs latest single Castaway, key in the keyword CASTWAY and send to 2728 for Smart Subscribers, or the code KF693 and send to 2332 for Globe Subscribers. FRANCO is released exclusively under MCA Music.

  • raquel olorga
    raquel olorga

    on my own ..cast away ☺

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    Miguel Alivio

    Habang nag dodownhill ng longboard tangal pagod pawis pag naririnig kuto thumbs-up lodss 2019

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    Alden james Cainong

    Naalala ko lang, nong nasa pinas pa ako as a waiter ng isang resto.. Hahaha pag duty ko piniplay ko yong song nila dala ko usb ko hahaha Sakto kc mga callcenter halos mga costumet nmin.. Franco da best..

  • johnell olar
    johnell olar

    June 25, 3000

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    Andre Nazareno

    balik nya superband nyoooo

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    Jerry Unabia

    November 16, 2019 !!

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    Nedge Young Money

    Like if youre still listening up to now Nov 2019! Franco!

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    Radz Lumapas

    puking Ina 2019 the best parin to

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      Marchie Esconde

      Kahit sa 2020 ito pa din

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      Legit pre! Tugtugin ko padin to sa opisina

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    Joseph Similliano

    castaway the best of song of franco

  • Vincent Carmona
    Vincent Carmona

    Nov. 3 2019

  • dioliver castillo
    dioliver castillo

    Putangina franco saves my music taste!


    d kc nauuso ang cd eh, pero may kita din naman sila from youtube

  • 城鐘恵シロエ

    One of my fav song. From Oct 28, 2019. Rock !..!, 😎 ,!..! On!

  • Raquel Sanchez
    Raquel Sanchez

    OVERVIEW LYRICS LISTEN PEOPLE ALSO SEARCH FOR Step to the farthest side of my dream Be careful of what you might see So careless inside I'm dying Slowly Sail into my wildest dream Wrapped up like a little bum's shoelace High strung but I am trying Hopelessly On my own castaway Trapped and caught in between Darkened skies, tidal waves But I am moving on See through the hollowed eyes of my dream Psycho traumatic hypnotic scene A mountain of dust to ponder over On my own castaway Trapped and caught in between Darkened skies, tidal waves But I am moving on Well I'm blind Reaction too late I'm behind but catch me I'm moving on And on... On my own castaway Trapped and caught in between Darkened skies, tidal waves But I am moving on And on...

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    dan villasor

    Boy swabe

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    hit like if youre listening to this until now

  • Johnleee Recimientooo
    Johnleee Recimientooo

    Sana pag dating nang Year 2043 tigilan na nila yong mag comment na " 2043 sino andito at nakinig pa '' ? pota eh lousy!

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  • Leoncio Gutierrez VII
    Leoncio Gutierrez VII

    This song still gets me on a feels trip everytime. Such a beautifully written song, a song that narrates challenges, sadness and loneliness but at the same time tells us to be strong and move forward. The good and the bad, balance.. and harmony. Yin and Yang in an eargasmic rock fueled fashion. This is why this song is a masterpiece. 💯

  • Raizor Suban
    Raizor Suban

    Nostalgic, panahong wala pang touch screen na phone at uso pa ang textmate ito pinapa tugtog ko habang nag iilusion.

  • Samantha vlogs
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    Old but GOLD!

  • canine unit
    canine unit

    Bakit nandyan yung vocalist ng bandang urbandub? Kasama din sya?

    • canine unit
      canine unit

      @emmaolin macantan tahnks sa info

    • emmaolin macantan
      emmaolin macantan

      yan yung original line up nla. gab on guitar - urbandub. buwi on base - parokya ni Edgar. drummer - chicosci

  • krabby patty
    krabby patty

    grabeeee goosebumps. i've been sleeping on Franco for a very fcking long time. I feel bad for myself. but it's not too late, i think?

    • Leoncio Gutierrez VII
      Leoncio Gutierrez VII

      Same feels when I found out Franco Reyes and his musical journey years ago 😆 but it's never too late to find some good old music! 😃

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    Grayscale Gray

    We need more of these!

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    2019 still running 💪

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    2019 pero the best pa din ito i love opm

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    Anthony Briza

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    ano kaya pa ?? sino nanonood pa sa panahon ngayon? tangina, grade 6 ako nung una ko to narineg tangina hanggang nayon wantusawa ako, pakyu kpop

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    Bakit kaya ngayon ko lang kayo nakilala.

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    July 30, 2019... this song never gets old... song of all ages

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    kenneth sateniaman

    dinala ako dito nila buwi(pne) at gab( urbandub).

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    Rico Blanco pag tanda hit like kung agree 👍

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  • Vijay Moscare
    Vijay Moscare

    Alam nyo para matulungan cla makilala sa ibang bansa request tayo ng reaction sa kanta nila from foreign youtuber like alex hefner or no life shaq... Putaktihin natin para makita nila kung gano kalupet at kasarap sa tenga ang genre ng franco.

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      russel dave

      oo nga para ma expose sana

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    gandaaaa ❤️. 07/02/2019

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    iba tlga boses m idol Franco...

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    Dubista D

    Legit eargasm

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  • Tokneneng Santos
    Tokneneng Santos

    I'm 47 years old, got introduced to Franco's music by my youngest brother and nephew when they used to jam with their music in our house

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    2019 anyone?

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    Benny Kupeng

    Happy Birthday Islaw

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    Uncle Franco

  • Any Stuff
    Any Stuff

    So underrated.Filipinos must appreciate this kind of music.Akalo ko nga foreign band yung kumanta.Support OPM guys!!

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    Francis Aypa

    The best Pinoy band Franco !

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    Trapped and caught in between this 2019

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    secretly inlove b. falc

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  • Chelle Diaz
    Chelle Diaz

    Dinala ako dito ng isang facebook post tungkol sa pag-ban sa kanta ni Shantidope kasi tagalog yung lyrics, kay Franco english kaya hindi magegets ng PDEA haha and damn! Ang ganda pala ng mga kanta ng Franco at matagal na pala sila bakit ngayon ko lang nadiscover 🙄. I'm into any kind of rock kasi and this band adds to my fave. Kudos! 🙋😄

    • Jason Jason
      Jason Jason

      @John August cebuano or what ever, still bisaya... 💪

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      John August

      Cebuano si franco

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      Same here babe. 👌💪

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      Tapos isang line lang naman na reference sa shabu/coccaine

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    franco concert nman kayo sa ormoc leyte parang awa niyu na😭😭

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    2019 eargasm

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    May 10, 2019. Dedicated to that guy with a dark and deep mind

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    vocalist ng Urbandub yung kasama niya a

  • Grayscale Gray
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    we need more of these

  • K's Covers
    K's Covers

    Oh god please bring back the days when people love this kind of song and they're really supporting the ORIGINAL PINOY MUSIC (OPM)

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    2019.. pbalik balik ako sa video nato!

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