Franco Columbu R.I.P 🙏 - Tribute Video
My tribute for Franco Columbu who recently passed away. Thank you for inspiring so many people everywhere. Rest in peace 🙏

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  • Dean Garside
    Dean Garside

    I was 15 when I met franko1976 he was doing a seminar in Liverpool England what a true gentleman rip my brother

  • ankit kaliraman
    ankit kaliraman

    Old franco is the cutest person ever.

  • 65ropero

    Grande Franco, Dios te cuide dondequiera que estés campeón

  • Shriraj Kesariya
    Shriraj Kesariya

    RIP Legend

  • Mickey Fletcher
    Mickey Fletcher

    My favorite bodybuilder of all time.

  • BERG

    Por que o doria tava dando role de bike com o arnold ?

  • Sebastian Chlebecek
    Sebastian Chlebecek

    *long* *life* *the* *golden* *era*

  • Sunny Entertainments
    Sunny Entertainments

    Best friends ever

  • بيبرس Albadrany
    بيبرس Albadrany


  • Сява Богданин
    Сява Богданин

    Вот пример настоящей дружбы!👍

  • Lasha Goginashvili
    Lasha Goginashvili

    for arnold , franco was like little brother

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis

    Rip big brother

  • Der Penetrator
    Der Penetrator

    I watch this every day

  • Waqar Ul Hassan
    Waqar Ul Hassan

    You are doing good work on this channel ❤️👍

  • Manikandeshwar Sasidhar
    Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

    If he was born same time as Ronnie Coleman, he wud have arguably made it look like the weight Ronnie Coleman was lifting as light weight

  • Aitor Coedo
    Aitor Coedo

    "Steroids" columbu

  • michael Castle
    michael Castle

    They look alike physically specially when they became older.

  • Sail & Game
    Sail & Game

    Franco orgoglio italiano ma soprattutto sardo, un uomo che ha portato il bodybuilding ad un altro livello, mi ha ispirato e ora vorrei essere il secondo sardo a vincere il mr olympia.❤💪 Franco Italian pride but above all Sardinian, a man who took bodybuilding to another level, inspired me and now I would like to be the second Sardinian to win mr olympia.❤💪

  • Mitko Mikov
    Mitko Mikov

    Every time when i watch this video am crying. I will always remember you Franco Columbu.


    Pionero de la esteroides!! Nunca se dejó intimidar por su tamaño..! Grande columbu!!

  • SaveBlueEyes

    Ouabain. Strophanthin. Save your heart.

  • iudicium X9
    iudicium X9

    What legends...

  • Chris montgomery
    Chris montgomery

    Gay lovers.

  • Radicool Gaming
    Radicool Gaming

    My guy was 5ft5 and could still stand next to Arnold without being dwarfed by Arnold's physique. THATS CRRRRAAAAZZZYYYYYYY

  • Radicool Gaming
    Radicool Gaming

    You wouldn't think he weighs 185lbs. I thought he was at least 200lbs for sure. Damn thats crazy

  • MasTeRKıLLeR 13
    MasTeRKıLLeR 13

    Real Friendship, Arnold and Franco

  • giorgio ciaravolol
    giorgio ciaravolol

    The pride of Italy and the legend of bodybuilding. Grazie Franco!

  • Zak Williams
    Zak Williams

    How did he pass away???

    • Sail & Game
      Sail & Game

      He had an heart attack

  • Major_lazer 1
    Major_lazer 1

    Fun fact: he played as a T 850 in terminator 1. And yes it’s a T 850


    Osm video

  • TheMetalVagabond

    Franco's book on boby building is still the best weight training book you can find, very charismatic person, only realized recently he passed last year

  • Willie Daniel
    Willie Daniel

    Extremely handsome Franco Columbu

  • Willie Daniel
    Willie Daniel

    My magnificent One Schwarzenegger best friend rest in Paradise

  • IT'SME

    I remember watching Franco & Arnold on television blowing up rubber water bottles by blowing into them. I think Franco always won.

  • Ralph Nohra
    Ralph Nohra

    Legends never die. They become a part of you

  • Aquatic builds lrp
    Aquatic builds lrp

    I didn't even know he passed i loved generation iron they were best buddy's thats got to be hard to lose a friend like that... God bless his soul 🙏

  • Rick Ricardo
    Rick Ricardo

    Franco was a beast with a heart of gold.

  • Rothaar Shanks
    Rothaar Shanks

    ageing is the horroble illness existing , the person u was once is gone , it makes me so sad so see how people changing if they getting old. Manny of my childhood stars are rly old now or died . Stay healthy guys

  • Someone from Istanbul
    Someone from Istanbul

    The Sardinian Strongman.

  • Şahin Yılmaz
    Şahin Yılmaz

    Why is he deaht :'(

  • Abhishek Mishra
    Abhishek Mishra

    He was more muscular and stronger than Arnold.

  • هيثم الهاجري
    هيثم الهاجري

    انا عربي واحترم ارنولد واعتبره قدوه لي وصديقه الوفي لايوجد مثل هذا الصداقه في زمننا هذا

  • Dexter D
    Dexter D

    Rest in peace Sir Franco!😢

  • Пак Толик
    Пак Толик


  • brah2130 n
    brah2130 n

    Que macizo

  • Mad Marc
    Mad Marc

    Ooh man its always sad to see one of the Greats pass away. Rest in Peace Franco.

  • Franky San
    Franky San

    Su novio de arnold

  • Станислав Хван
    Станислав Хван

    это легенды и они не забудутся по крайней мере пока живёт наше поколение....👍Арни молоток.

  • Rich Perry
    Rich Perry

    When I was a 9 yo kid (40 yrs ago) Mr. Franco was on a t.v. show, Merv Griffin maybe. Mr. Franco was in a suit. He took off his jacket laid on his stomach, grabbed his ankles and flexed/pushed his stomach. He came 5 inches off the floor and bounced like that several times. My Texas step dad said "Gawwwww Damn" we all laughed hysterically as me, 2 brothers and dad tried it. Sweet memory..R.I.P. Mr. Columbu.

    • Sail & Game
      Sail & Game

      Columbu not columbo

  • M M
    M M

    Drugg is bad

  • clash gamer
    clash gamer

    Its old era gold era

  • Mr Faza3
    Mr Faza3


    Que lindo video! Se nota que eran muy buenos amigos. Saludos desde Paraguay.


    fucking steroid mutants,nothing else

    • Alejandro González
      Alejandro González

      And you a loser

  • ghilan ghiorghita
    ghilan ghiorghita

    RIP champion

  • The Better Society
    The Better Society

    Let this be a reminder that these guys cheated with tons of steroids.

  • Angel Monsivais
    Angel Monsivais


  • Omar Sloan
    Omar Sloan


  • Genghis Khan Wei
    Genghis Khan Wei

    Hey show the Part where yall inject Roids in your Butts.

  • Ded Sadovod
    Ded Sadovod

    Кто дизлайки ставит?! Сабаки

  • Faiz Ali
    Faiz Ali

    True SPIRIT.

  • muP8085

    If he was as tall as oh man!...arnold would have had a serious competition... RIP Legend 💪

  • DLo

    I miss when bodybuilders looked good and I know I'm not alone. Bodybuilders of today are straight sideshow circus freaks and they look disgusting. Not in a good way either.

  • Bore Desmo
    Bore Desmo

    Oh yes, so big friends that Arnold even didnt go to his funeral in Sardinia ... big friend. I think it was more appreciated by Franco than a video in a social

  • Mike O'Horny
    Mike O'Horny

    2:24 Stallone....

  • furbs

    It's sad what time does to humans. He's a legend.

  • Valentine Bawole
    Valentine Bawole

    Arnold loved him forever ...💙❤❣

  • Steve Lagana
    Steve Lagana

    Fucking cheating ass drug user. He shouldn't even be talked about. A piece of shit excuse for a human

  • Aloysius John
    Aloysius John

    What Franco had, was pure FUNCTIONAL muscle. Not just esthetic show stuff. He was a strong man, boxer, athlete & then body builder. People don't realise this fact. In truth, the REAL TOTAL PACKAGE. I know 20 inch arm body builders who cant open a bottle of jam.

  • Tarciso Erik
    Tarciso Erik

    Todos tem seu tempo nessa terra 🌎

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