Fratelli Ruffatti - Pipe Organ Factory Tour Video
Central Music, Inc.
The distinguished pipe organ builders of Padua, Italy. The Ruffatti family of artisans is the largest European builder of pipe organs for the United States.
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  • Jared Palmer
    Jared Palmer

    Fantastic video!!!! Love this!!!!

  • scronx

    Truly awesome. Wish you'd tell us what modern music is heard here -- I caught the Pachelbel variations.

  • John Tucker
    John Tucker

    This is why I LOVE Europe but despise the European Union!

  • Nathaniel Lionheart
    Nathaniel Lionheart

    Real craftsman working to build beauty for all to see and hear. Bless you all!!!

  • Audio Bible
    Audio Bible

    How did homo sapiens evolve to become so amazingly clever?!

  • Geoff G
    Geoff G

    What a nice surprise to discover this wonderful videos. I always enjoy playing Ruffati organs. Always!

  • Mario Ribeiro de Azevedo Neto
    Mario Ribeiro de Azevedo Neto

    Agora entendo porque um órgão de tubos é tão caro.

  • William Shepard
    William Shepard

    Holy Cow, What a great vidieo. Years ago, this organisto just assumed that pipe organ building would soon be a dead, lost art....too expensive...too labor intensive. 10- 20 hours per note! ???? OMG very thankful I was wrong. Perhaps on one of the Star Trek future movies, they'll feature some labor intensive artistic craftsmanship... like building Chippendale tall chests.

  • David Trainer
    David Trainer

    Fantastic presentation, great to see such craftsmanship at work. I was wondering, how sustainable is your tree procurement from Africa, do you undertake replanting?

    • Central Music, Inc.
      Central Music, Inc.

      Absolutely! All of the wood used in the making of these fabulous instruments is FSC certified.

    • Central Music, Inc.
      Central Music, Inc.

      Thank you David. The mahogany Ruffatti uses is FSC certified for sustainability. Great question. Mahogany is the most stable species of wood against warping, and Ruffatti uses the best variety (Sipo), has the logs quarter-sawn, and then naturally seasons the lumber for 5 years before it is used in organ production.

  • John Norris
    John Norris

    Warmest greetings to all at Fratelli Ruffatti & congratulations on your magnificent work.

  • Officer Gregory Stevens
    Officer Gregory Stevens

    That is some incredible patience these workers have. Agree with you, Rifleman.

  • Eduardo Rohde Eras
    Eduardo Rohde Eras

    Oh yes... This are the real finest craftsmanship you can find!! Those are the the true "best in class" organs! I'm just impressed....

  • Eugene Kosinski
    Eugene Kosinski

    Fantastic video! Thank You.

  • dwarfer777

    im officially impressed

  • Rifleman Racing
    Rifleman Racing

    I don't know how I ended up here, but I am glad I did. This video is great, and you do wonderful work! It warms my heart to see master craftsmanship like this.

  • Howard Begley
    Howard Begley

    This was a very informative pipe organ video and the making of one thanks.

    • Central Music, Inc.
      Central Music, Inc.

      Thanks for your kind words Howard. We're glad you enjoyed it.

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