Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (Official Video)
Freddie Mercury Solo
Support the work of The Mercury Phoenix Trust - Fighting AIDS Worldwide - in memory of Freddie Mercury. Donate @
Animators Esteban Bravo and Beth David said of making this short film, “We wanted to tell a story that was relevant to Freddie's life, but not explicitly about him. The AIDS crisis of the 1980s is a huge part of LGBT+ history, and it's something that we knew needed to be handled with care. It's a fine line to walk between shedding light on a subject, and perpetuating a stigma, and we were cautious not to lean into tropes and stereotypes that might hurt the modern understanding of the AIDS virus, rather than help it.
In researching the HIV/AIDS virus and the way it affects the body's immune system, we were inspired to take a look at the story through a more microscopic lens. It is a love story between two white blood cells, one of which has become infected by the virus. This perspective gave us a more direct visual representation of our conflict, which allowed us to explore the more nuanced struggles the characters face in their relationship with each other, their perceptions of themselves, and society's perception, bias, and neglect of them.
The LGBT+ community fought for years for the right to proper research and healthcare, and because of that fight, millions of lives have been saved. We wanted to celebrate that victory. Through perseverance, strength, and love, our characters not only survive, but live long, healthy lives together.”
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Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen and solo artist in his own right. Songwriter, musician, singer of songs, lover of life. Freddie majored in Stardom while giving new meaning to the word Showmanship. He left a legacy of songs that will never lose their stature as classics and will live on forever.
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Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (Official Video)

  • Roddie

    I love this song.. Freddie sang with his heart

  • Gio


  • Sabina Scofield
    Sabina Scofield

    sad and heartbreaking at the same time majestic and adorable ✨

  • bags silv
    bags silv

    Jajajaja ese par de florecitas jajaja

  • Nadim Mostafa
    Nadim Mostafa

    This song brings tears to my eyes, every frickin' time.

  • GOLD K45
    GOLD K45

    Las visitas es lo que debe tener de suscriptores este canal

  • Raffaella Cé
    Raffaella Cé

    Tutto bellissimo e straordinario ciò che faceva FREDDIE unico sempre presente cuore e baci

  • Mert


  • Alaaa Hamid
    Alaaa Hamid

    Crying every time I see this

  • Mara Silvia Timpurim Fontes Mara
    Mara Silvia Timpurim Fontes Mara

    Freddie muitas saudades muito triste ti ouvir

  • Elijah Mendez
    Elijah Mendez

    1. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH FREDDIE😭💕😭💕. 2.I see stuff like this I genuinely wonder how we have homophobes in this world. Like how? HOW?

  • Teral Space Program
    Teral Space Program

    it makes my cry every time why did Freddie have to leave so soon?

  • ꧁ŋศŋศɧ K̶øøk̶꧁ツ
    ꧁ŋศŋศɧ K̶øøk̶꧁ツ

    💔Love queen forever

  • may flowers
    may flowers

    When I tell you I was in TEARS

  • Dayana Paola Chávez Lozano
    Dayana Paola Chávez Lozano

    Ojalá a Freddi le hubiera pasado así 💙

  • Joshe208

    Hace 7 meses la escuchaba cuando aún estaba con mi novia y de tanto que la reproducía me acordaba de ella hasta la fecha. chale. :’)

    • Ángel Guzmán
      Ángel Guzmán

      Sí pasa

  • Jess Bachety
    Jess Bachety

    My favorite 💗💗 miss u oh so muchhhh

  • Maria Lays
    Maria Lays

    For me, watch this video without cry, is the biggest challenge 😢

  • Valentina Millahueque
    Valentina Millahueque


  • Adrian Anguiano
    Adrian Anguiano

    I love the details especially at 1:00 when they each spin each other and the shorter one has a little trouble spinning the taller one

    • Stephanie Evjen
      Stephanie Evjen

      I still thought it was so dorbs.😊💗 Those two are truly my favorite couple.

  • alexia 1248
    alexia 1248

    la verdad no me gusto mucho este video por que es como una ofensa a mercury y bueno la verdad la idea de que sean dos lobulos blancos y todo eso no es muy bueno y si freddie mercury siguera vivo diria "esto no es mi musica" sin mas que decir caso serado

    • Panafresco

      Porque ofensa?

  • janet morelos
    janet morelos


  • Hattori Official
    Hattori Official

    i always listening and then i cry😭😭

  • Leleco SILVA
    Leleco SILVA

    Vejo que tem vários diz-like esse povo não saber apreciar muito boa de verdade 😪

  • aria charizard
    aria charizard

    me and my gf when she gets covid

  • VIVA la pizza e la pasta al forno e le lasagne
    VIVA la pizza e la pasta al forno e le lasagne

    This song make me cry😭😭

  • A Person
    A Person

    This made me cry

  • Cesar Mendoza
    Cesar Mendoza

    Quien hiba a decir q le dio coronavirus

  • Gabriel Farias
    Gabriel Farias

    Não importa quantas vezes eu assista esse video vou sempre me emocionar

    • sky black
      sky black


    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • apov lolo
    apov lolo

    i am crying

    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • blanca lokati
    blanca lokati


    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • Adam Mauladi
    Adam Mauladi


    • Mongo Magus
      Mongo Magus


    • Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!
      Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!


  • Kate Colyer
    Kate Colyer

    EVERYTHING IN THIS MAKES ME CRY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 y’know what I’m sending this to my crush who just moved to America ;-;

    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • Tylah Jay
    Tylah Jay

    This video is MORBID... LMFAO

    • Tylah Jay
      Tylah Jay

      Stephanie Evjen because I’m allowed to have an opinion? I don’t see why I should have to explain myself tbh... you leaving a comment is not spreading positivity sis so reevaluate

    • Stephanie Evjen
      Stephanie Evjen

      @Tylah Jay Look, let's not get personal okay. I'm just trying to share positive thoughts about the video, not negative ones. I'm not really close-minded; I'm all for LGBTQ+ rights, and I've been a big fan of this masterpiece of a video for 9 months now, what I don't understand is why you call it morbid.

    • Tylah Jay
      Tylah Jay

      Stephanie Evjen no ones hating?? You guys think an opinion is hateful then get off the internet I’m sorry lmfao. Y’all clearly sensitized asf.

    • Tylah Jay
      Tylah Jay

      Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME! No one said anything about genders LOL you’re delusional sis

    • Tylah Jay
      Tylah Jay

      Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME! I’m gay so don’t be going off before you know the whole story sis. Don’t assume people are anti because they think a concept of a video is strange. You’re the reason why people look at the LGBTQ+ the way they do because you’re clearly the hateful one here

  • victoria gauna
    victoria gauna

    I love this video♥

    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • chalid tan
    chalid tan

    So sad

    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • Akira_Choi

    It's 4 am and I'm crying so fuckin' loud

    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • not the kids
    not the kids

    RIP Freddie and white blood cell 😭

  • Thangboi Mate
    Thangboi Mate

    How many of you think you saw Coronavirus cell?

    • Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!
      Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!


  • melina mercury
    melina mercury

    V Crying right now.....

    • Gokce

      queen - love me like there's no tomorrow cover on my channel <3

  • Mehmet :’
    Mehmet :’

    Müzik zevkin çok sağlam be

  • Corrupted_file 101
    Corrupted_file 101

    Fun fact: there are 5 million blood cells in one drop of blood 🩸!

  • fernanda hermoza
    fernanda hermoza

    Sigo llorando después de escucharlo 36376836836568 veces

  • Corrupted_file 101
    Corrupted_file 101

    I wish I could dance with someone to this

  • Corrupted_file 101
    Corrupted_file 101

    Even the white blood cells have a better relationship status than me 😂

  • Diesebel Lim
    Diesebel Lim

    this song was really meant to me a nice song

  • kookie

    Such a beautiful song by a beautiful soul with a beautiful message ♡

  • Erminia de gregori
    Erminia de gregori

    Very special cover. LOVE U GREDDIE...MY ANGEL

  • Fiona Black
    Fiona Black

    The first time I watched tye video a couple a months ago, I couldn't stopped crying and watching it over. And even after watching it again now it still has me crying😢 Man the feels!!!😭😭💖

  • Tu gatita Salvaje
    Tu gatita Salvaje

    Oh no, the big guy have coronavirus ;(

    • Stephanie Evjen
      Stephanie Evjen

      It's HIV, not the coronavirus.😒

    • Tu gatita Salvaje
      Tu gatita Salvaje

      @Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME! I know xD

    • Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!
      Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!


  • bono

    esse vídeo é a minha vida todinha :[

  • SlamaWolf

    i think they are white blood cells

  • numero 5
    numero 5

    El clip oficial...salio justo un dia antes de el estreno, de it capitulo 2..eso quiere decir..que esta es la canción oficial de reddie

  • LilClaudine

    Stop chopping the onion! I'm trying to watch it!

    • Stephanie Evjen
      Stephanie Evjen

      Hey, who left this bowl of onions here?

  • Chaplin Flores
    Chaplin Flores

    The song is beautiful but I don't like the video

    • TuNombreYaHaSidoElegido

      Chaplin Flores why?

  • Dude von Sofa
    Dude von Sofa


    • Dude von Sofa
      Dude von Sofa


    • Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!
      Chaeyoung Is Art. FIGHT ME!


  • Madisonl Aldrich
    Madisonl Aldrich

    I am the 15,000 comment!!

  • Rochelle Morris
    Rochelle Morris

    I've up all night listening to this guy and he's really good at doing it

  • Vanecat :3
    Vanecat :3

    Ah, caray. Ese men tenía coronavirus.

    • isack núñez
      isack núñez

      Es una broma cierto?

  • rené bernadox
    rené bernadox

    This song makes me cry every time. It's beautiful. RIP FREDDIE😭

  • Zakima Fanai
    Zakima Fanai

    This song deserve 1 billion view

  • magdalena seehuber
    magdalena seehuber

    I cried. That´s the best video i´ve ever seen

  • God

    Ive been in tears for forever now

  • Zazil Aimee
    Zazil Aimee

    i am craying when i watch this video

  • No No
    No No

    When I had to say goodby to my teacher of 4/5 years I could not stop thinking of this song! I started balling my eyes out on her shoulder and I said like in the song { This is our last goodbye, and very soon it will be over} And then the whole class started crying! She has done so much for me and I’m so thankful for her! I have no clue where I would’ve been without her❤️Miss you Freddie! Love this song to much❤️

  • Kukicoia

    I'm not crying, you are!

  • Emily Ballesteros
    Emily Ballesteros

    Aw why did you do this to my heart 😢

  • bono

    this is so beautiful. thanks freddie and the person who made this beautiful animation :')

  • Mulata ASMR
    Mulata ASMR

    Happy Pride Day🏳️‍🌈❤

  • luke

    I'm so angry. He didn't deserve to die and I'm can't stop crying

    • ClosetMountaineer

      I felt this. I really did. 😭😭😭😭

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