Freddie Mercury - Time Waits For No One (Official Video)
Freddie Mercury Solo
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For the first time ever, after four decades buried deep in the vaults, a previously unreleased version of ‘Time’, recorded in 1986 by Freddie Mercury for the concept album of the hit musical of the same name, has finally emerged after two years of work by the globally successful musician, songwriter and producer Dave Clark, a long-time friend of Freddie’s, using the song’s full title, ‘Time Waits For No One’.
‘Time Waits For No One’ shows Freddie Mercury at his most compelling; a completely stripped-down performance, accompanied by just a piano, showcasing one of music’s most beloved and show-stopping voices.
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Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen and solo artist in his own right. Songwriter, musician, singer of songs, lover of life. Freddie majored in Stardom while giving new meaning to the word Showmanship. He left a legacy of songs that will never lose their stature as classics and will live on forever.
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Freddie Mercury - Time Waits For No One (Official Video)

  • Carlos Pérez
    Carlos Pérez

    ¡Interpretación majestuosa! ¿Cómo es que tenga tan pocas reproducciones?

  • House Baelish
    House Baelish

    Dont be sad dont talk about how great the song is Freddie is sending us a message its time to listen people that's how we honor his death

  • Araceli Bessoneaudisio
    Araceli Bessoneaudisio

    Ame ame ame esta canción ❣️

  • Tiina Kontio
    Tiina Kontio

    Freddie Mercury is immortal!

  • Cristobal 6675
    Cristobal 6675

    Top 10 Best Singers of the Universe 1. Freddie Mercury 2. Farrokh Bulsara 3. Drunk Freddie Mercury 4. Freddie Bulsara 5. The Great Pretender 6. Larry Lurex 7. Mr. Bad Guy 8. Alfred Mason 9. The creator of The Land of Rhye 10. The poor boy who comes from a poor family and nobody loves him

  • Michal P
    Michal P

    more than 4k dislike ??? are you happy??? - can you explain what really you dislike? - I dont know...este tipo de voz se aparece una vez por mil anos - glos tego typu mozna spotkac jeden raz na tysiac lat - zlewam na wasze dislajki chorzy ludzie...idzcie i glosujcie na pis

  • yerathel martinez hernandez
    yerathel martinez hernandez

    el tiempo no espera a nadie pero si a que acabe esta canción

  • Ezz Lee
    Ezz Lee

    God had spolied us with Freddie, that's why he'd took him back. R.I.P Freddie may he rest in peace.

  • Desmond Chen
    Desmond Chen

    Why isn't this on the radio

  • weetzybat

    Time waits for nobody Time waits for nobody We all must plan our hopes together And we'll have no more future at all Time waits for nobody We might as well be deaf and dumb and blind I know that sounds unkind But it seems to me We've not listened to Or spoken about it at all The fact that time was running out for us all Time waits for nobody Time waits for no one We've got to build this world together Or we'll have no more future at all Because time It waits for nobody Nobody You don't need me to tell you what's gone wrong You know what's going on And it seems to me we've not cared enough Or confided in each other at all It seems like we've all got our backs against the wall Time waits for nobody Time waits for no one We've got to trust one another Or we'd have no more future at all Because time Waits for nobody Waits for nobody Time waits for no one Best not to be friends with one another Or we'd have no more future at all Time waits for nobody For nobody, nobody, nobody For no one

  • Ioana

    Anyone wondering here why is this song streamed at 20 june 2019 lmao just me? okay xD

  • DeveCat

    The quality is so gooood

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy

    Consistency 💯

  • ศิษย์พระคริสต์ เจริญชีวิตประกาศข่าวดีใหม่
    ศิษย์พระคริสต์ เจริญชีวิตประกาศข่าวดีใหม่

    we love you. freddie

  • ky Jeong
    ky Jeong

    better than Frozen's ost

  • Mustafa Sezer
    Mustafa Sezer

    didnt he die like over 20 years ago how can this be out then

    • ivan lau
      ivan lau

      Unreleased to be released now.

  • Uriel Hernández
    Uriel Hernández


  • Melly Mathers
    Melly Mathers

    play this at my funeral.

  • Nico Robin
    Nico Robin

    Waaaaaaaaaaaa this makes me so sad and regretful for all the time I have wasted boozing and smoking but this also makes me super inspired and moved to get to the work of making my life my best life wwaaaaaaa fredddieee

  • Maxan Wilson
    Maxan Wilson

    Always - Remembered - Freddie - For all we have loved and lost- Thank you Always-

  • Guillermo Damián Lenclud Cicarelli
    Guillermo Damián Lenclud Cicarelli

    Aún estás acá Freddy...tu música sigue viva.

  • Rosy Web
    Rosy Web


  • Ileana Craciun Ioana
    Ileana Craciun Ioana

    My kids grow up with your lil daughter ask me "mama..why he is dead? And i told her...he is not dead..he just...he is somewhere in us..he was a free lil the life as it is.

  • IdahoPotato 986
    IdahoPotato 986

    And to think other freshmen are listening to rap music Instead of this masterpiece

  • Ebony 16627
    Ebony 16627

    I was born after he died and I miss him so so so much anyway he's my inspiration and he helps me try to be more confident and have fun

  • Thomas Petersen
    Thomas Petersen

    Really the Best singer ever

  • Thomas Petersen
    Thomas Petersen

    Wooow the King after Elvis. Freddie i miss you 💋.there was No other singer like you Freddie

  • Mr Roze
    Mr Roze

    Thank u dave clark for lose the recording and find it in 2019!

  • garb a
    garb a

    Боже каой голос Спасибо тебе Фредди

  • Uilmara Machado de Melo Gonçalves
    Uilmara Machado de Melo Gonçalves


  • Fábio Rolo
    Fábio Rolo


  • Juan Carlos castillo martInez
    Juan Carlos castillo martInez


  • jayispro -
    jayispro -

    Rip Freddie Mercury 😖😖😖😭😭😭😢 dead from aids so sad:(((((((((((((((

  • Janique Vaillot
    Janique Vaillot


  • Clea Galhano
    Clea Galhano

    Love you Fred! Thanks for always inspiring us

  • Johnathon Adams
    Johnathon Adams

    This is awesome

  • AntAlia

    Потрясающее видео! Спасибо огромное Дэйву Кларку за проделанную работу! Фредди как живой, кажется, что можно протянуть руку и прикоснуться к нему.... Великий был певец, сильный и талантливый человек, очень харизматичный мужчина. Всё остальное не важно. Фредди Меркьюри удалось победить время - прошло почти 30 лет после его смерти, а Фредди всё еще помнят, любят и слушают. Данное видео отличное этому подтверждение: за 4,5 месяца 18 млн просмотров, около 300 тыс лайков и 18 тыс комментов.

  • stonenpebble

    4100 dislikes? Wtf!! how can anyone dislike his beautiful voice🤷‍♂️

  • Brenden T.
    Brenden T.

    It's weird to not see him stuck in a slide

  • Isabella Lini
    Isabella Lini

    Cura per l'anima....

  • KawaiiGhostDes

    So just imagine this feeling. He is singing about not having time, and that time will take all of us. Just imagine his feeling when he knew he had an AIDS and knowing that he is dying. Try to put yourself on he's shooes... It breakes my heart... And I admire him so much for heaving this strenght to perform, and sing like that. All my love to Freddie

  • Rosetta Schiavone
    Rosetta Schiavone

    I didn’t mean that Freddie decided on leaving early, I wrote He, in reference to him. All of us have a day already in the book when we are to leave this world. No, please don’t think I said that Freddie decided to leave early.

  • Rosetta Schiavone
    Rosetta Schiavone

    In several videos that Freddie sings, he wears a tank top with Betty Boop on it. I would love to have one just like the one Freddie is wearing. If anyone knows how, where this could be purchased, please let me know. I’ve been searching all the sites that sell Freddie and Queen mdse but I’m not having to much luck. Im sure it’s going to be impossible but I’ll keep trying. I have a few of things that my Darling had, crazy but it makes me happy Love you Freddie

  • xd

    It's like he's come down from Heaven to give us one last show. The white shirt and pants looks angelic as he sings so beautifully. We miss you Freddie!

  • Natalia Silva Carrillo
    Natalia Silva Carrillo

    Freddie Mercury you will be always in our hearts😢😭❤❤


    Просто супер !!!

  • Snigdhorup Mondal
    Snigdhorup Mondal

    How many would like to sacrifice Justin Bieber in order to bring back Freddie Mercury ? Hit 👍 for ur support.

  • Liliana Locicero
    Liliana Locicero


  • xq6r

    Meme never dies

  • Darko Ianculov
    Darko Ianculov

    R.I.P. Freddie Mercury!

  • el yiyito loco xd
    el yiyito loco xd

    Freddie you are a champion of the World

  • Princess lluvia cae lentamente sobre mi Mercury
    Princess lluvia cae lentamente sobre mi Mercury

    *-* Who is the greatest singer *:* *-* Freddie Mercury *:* like *-* Freddie Mercury *:* comment

    • Cambs TV
      Cambs TV

      Princess lluvia cae lentamente sobre mi Mercury Legend. Nothing but a legend.

    • pan - da
      pan - da


    • IdahoPotato 986
      IdahoPotato 986

      @Ruff64 same

    • Ruff64

      Sorry but I like Freddie Mercury better 😳

    • klocix

      what about farrokh bulsara?

  • Jeffine

    Freddie Mercury

  • Maria P Sarthou
    Maria P Sarthou

    oirte me da paz. Gracias, donde estes!


    Podría escucharlo todo el día sin aburrirme... extraordinario Freddie!!!

  • Luisa Palumbo
    Luisa Palumbo

    Freddie i love you , ovunque tu sia , my heart ❤❤❤❤

  • Alex666Murdoc

    Every time I hear this song, I cry. I was 11 when Freddie passed away. Until today I can't get over his death. I love him so much. Forever. Btw, read the newest book - A life: in his own words. It's amazing and so well-composed like Freddie's still alive. Love to all his fans and lovers. You all know what I mean.

    • Calebsorangejuice

      Alex666Murdoc i just looked up the book, and it’s 500+ dollars

  • Daniel Vitor
    Daniel Vitor

    Vc era tão perfeito, freddie❤💔

  • Fernando Fresco
    Fernando Fresco

    We miss you so much

  • Andres Miranda Music
    Andres Miranda Music

    Colombia presente 2019

  • Melih 54
    Melih 54

  • Melih 54
    Melih 54

  • Melih 54
    Melih 54

  • Melih 54
    Melih 54

  • ольга пашинина
    ольга пашинина

    Время жить дается один раз.Думай,друг мой..на что его истратить.

  • Nouria Seghiri
    Nouria Seghiri

    AWESOME !!!

  • Артем Бабенко
    Артем Бабенко

    Фредди , ты космос!

  • Elrohir

    Freddie and his micro.

  • Catalina Santelices
    Catalina Santelices

    I don't think I'll ever stop crying for Freddie.

  • Para _ digma
    Para _ digma

    There will be no other.

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