Friends - Joey doesn't share food
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Friends Season 10 Episode 9 "The One with the Birth Mother"
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  • After Climax
    After Climax

  • Ayreana Lashell
    Ayreana Lashell

    Joey or not Joey. If someone is on their first date with you why do you think you can just touch their food?

  • Radu

    Moor =))

  • Heleve Joergon
    Heleve Joergon

    This entire show was carried by Lisa and Jennifer's sweater nipples.

  • TheDivineKali

    I cant stand it when people take food off my plate either!!

  • cross over
    cross over

    Best date ever

  • aga dan
    aga dan

    3:20 - 3:32 that's me when i promise myself not to eat sweets 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tamil Best
    Tamil Best

    My son name is Joey ... 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • scp 5237
    scp 5237

    3:43 Before a vampire drinks blood 3:59 After a vampire drinks blood

  • Oscar Deza
    Oscar Deza

    Sarah was really pretty !

  • Swastika Choudhary
    Swastika Choudhary

    Joey doesn't share food, Joey is me, I am Joey😂

  • Erin Tilley
    Erin Tilley

    I’m not even sorry” that would be me as well😂😂😂😂😂

  • Erin Tilley
    Erin Tilley

    My fave Joey quote

  • Alexandra Reinert
    Alexandra Reinert

    Lol why did they use theme music from the Twilight Zone?

  • Maèva Yoka
    Maèva Yoka

    « I take a girl out she can order what she wants the more the better just don’t order a garden salad and then eat my food » PERIODT. I mean he was so true about it

  • Foxtrot Nation
    Foxtrot Nation

    Oh man, I relate to Joey on this on soo many levels!

  • Light Kira
    Light Kira

    Man if that girl would have told me that I couldn't have any of her desserts I would have told her so am I paying for everything or are we going dutch cuz if we're going dutch then fine but if not I eat whatever the hell I please

  • Anastasia Ruzina
    Anastasia Ruzina

    omg I feel that on the deepest level I will buy food for you, I will pay for you, JUST DON'T EAT MY FUCKING FOOD

  • Prep JuniorA
    Prep JuniorA

    puto el que lo lee

  • Kanika Vyas
    Kanika Vyas

    1:53 that's the line for what 10 million people watched it😂😂

  • Kanika Vyas
    Kanika Vyas

    This particular clip has over 10 million views! We love joey😂😂❤

  • Илияна 07 Михайлова
    Илияна 07 Михайлова

    The golden rule 💯 Joey doesn't share food😂

  • rafael rusydi
    rafael rusydi

    Joey is Taurus and that’s on that

  • s̶t̶r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶
    s̶t̶r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶

    Toot to la froot

  • Tim Lownsdale
    Tim Lownsdale

    studying music

  • The Marie Show :D
    The Marie Show :D

    I can't blame Joey for being upset

  • Ro994

    Raspberry cheesecake?? I love chocolate as much as the next guy, but dang, I would've traded!

  • Sohini Das
    Sohini Das

    This can never get old!!😍

  • user 525
    user 525

    I just wonder how phoebe don't know about joey doesn't share food thing

  • kristineliwanag

    Imagine your sister doesnt share foods then 1 day you got fries then she wants it staring it then u wont share your fries.

  • Pierry Pereira
    Pierry Pereira

    BR carai kkkk

  • J B
    J B

    The twilight zone music always made this epic 🤣

  • Vincent Grobben
    Vincent Grobben

    Imagine watching this vid for a school assingment...

  • Dimitri Lortkipanidze
    Dimitri Lortkipanidze

    Rose are red Covid is not good Joey doesn’t share food!!

  • Gökçe Yılmaz
    Gökçe Yılmaz

    Joey must be a taurus like me 😅

  • Free Thinker
    Free Thinker

    I love how no one in the cafe turns to look why Joey is shouting. They're all obviously used to his antics.

  • Emily Vlogs
    Emily Vlogs

    “It’s about what the fries represent” “What?” “ALL FOOD!!” So funny 😆

  • Maameadwoa Quayson
    Maameadwoa Quayson

    The origin of the fruit snack challenge 😂😂

  • Sooraj Shine
    Sooraj Shine

    But he does offer ross.. a bite from his pizza in chandler's engagement ring episode...

  • Fouad Gb
    Fouad Gb

    4:01 I'm not even sorry 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Ray Gasta
    Michael Ray Gasta

    1:52 I live for Joey's poker face -___- lol

  • Riley Crosskey
    Riley Crosskey

    1:53 thank me later

  • Sarah Khan
    Sarah Khan

    Rachel's top🤩

  • jack Toui
    jack Toui

    Stop staring at me

  • Sarah Venable
    Sarah Venable

    "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!!!" Sharing food is DEFINITELY Joey's turn-off.

  • david clark
    david clark

    Omg 0.48 end of the music with joeys look of how serious this is 🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead!! One of the best moments in friends, so true to how so many guys feel during a meal!! Haha

  • akshin1556

    Some people are okay with sharing food. Some people aren't. Some people are willing to share food as long as you ask first, but they don't like it if you take food without asking. You can't just assume that a person is okay with you taking food off their plate without even asking. Also ... The first time Joey and Sarah had dinner, she took a few fries off his plate. The second time, Joey ordered a basket of fries for them to share, but then she tried to eat stuffed clams off his plate, even though he was moving food around his plate in an obvious way to make it clear that he didn't want to share. Sarah really should have just ordered something more substantial if she was hungry, or at least asked Joey if it would be all right for her to have some of his food.

  • Wolf Lord
    Wolf Lord

    I am completely Joey here. If you ask, maybe I’ll consider it, but the chances are slim. But you try and grab stuff I’m eating? I growl like a wolf

  • TheCazlerOne

    Joey must be a taurus because we dont like sharing food that's on our plate

  • Meera Malhotra
    Meera Malhotra

    Guy eats an English trifle with beef without batting an eyelid but bitches about pureed fruit sauce on his cheesecake.

    • Nikki Chehrazi
      Nikki Chehrazi

      There seems to be some sort of red crap on my cheesecake

  • Nikhil Menezes
    Nikhil Menezes

    Well he's paying fr it so...

  • İpek Demir
    İpek Demir

    1:54 LMAO

  • İpek Demir
    İpek Demir

    Who's come 5 minute fun ?

  • Jodey Tailor
    Jodey Tailor

    He is a hypocrite nobody can do it to him but he can eat somebody elses plate if he wants to without asking nope sorry not on joeys side he would have got a big slap on the face from me and be dumped immediately oh a good kick in the leg under the chair too.

  • Jodey Tailor
    Jodey Tailor

    Sharing is caring

  • Jassin Ragab
    Jassin Ragab

    Joey is sooooo my favourite Character

  • Atikur Rahman
    Atikur Rahman

    1.54... hhha hhhaaa... i watched it twice

  • Idk

    ross taking a piece of joey's muffin, "JOEY DOESNT SHARE FOOD >:O"

  • Idk

    stop staring at me

  • Amelia-Iris Woodward
    Amelia-Iris Woodward

    Taurus 100%

  • Srinish fansclub
    Srinish fansclub

    Pause and see joey's eyes at0:35

  • Frijolito ATOMICO
    Frijolito ATOMICO


  • Alisson

    Joey is my animal spirit

  • GiverPlay007

    Essas atividades de ingles...

  • Tiffany

    Joey should've ordered a “my girlfriends not hungry” combo. Look it up people

  • zen

    Yes I also dont share my food but I always eat others food.hehehehehe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Raman Preet
    Raman Preet


  • Joanna Compton
    Joanna Compton

    Me and Joey are so much alike 😂

  • Tony Li
    Tony Li

    what is that song when she takes a fry called?

  • Tsar Alshehri
    Tsar Alshehri

    Joey got fat

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