From Practice Squad to NFL Rising Star! (What Happened to Allen Lazard?)
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Greenbay Packers WR Allen Lazard had a long journey to the NFL

  • ihurtmytoe8

    Reggie Beggleton will be the number 1 CFL go watch

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    Flea Market Mixtape

    yo Flem!!! your whole family got a similar mole on the side of their face i bet..... that is how my family is except mine is more close to my temple area so my uncles use to call me the milk mans kid lol

  • Chuck Grimes
    Chuck Grimes

    I don’t even watch Football but this series is all that!

  • Artisan


  • Juan Manuel Rangel
    Juan Manuel Rangel

    How about making a video about Devin Funchess, Lazard team mate.

  • Mark ODay
    Mark ODay

    Thanks for this I got faith in this guy I think the Packs receivers will be surprising people this season

  • Ella Wiederin
    Ella Wiederin

    And I’m also a packers fan

  • Ella Wiederin
    Ella Wiederin

    Watched him at Iowa state and he was amazing

  • Nile Fatland
    Nile Fatland

    Man is a stud. Making the state of Iowa proud.

  • Charles

    Great vid and story!!

  • SpasticallyMe

    I don't even hardly follow football, but I love your videos man. Good content.

  • Chris Bonde
    Chris Bonde

    Go Pack Go!!!

  • Dan Grimes
    Dan Grimes

    Another masterpiece from Flemlo

  • vProspxct GG
    vProspxct GG

    Allen look like an American version of giannis

  • Mike Rennie
    Mike Rennie

    Rising star is a bit of a stretch lol...he's average

  • xStr8Savagex

    Potential 2020 fantasy draft pick?

  • Matthew Laird
    Matthew Laird

    when Herbstreit shits on you in Road to Glory in ncaa 11 and Lee Corso comes in looking for food.

  • tobin1677

    As a cyclone fan who had seen 4 years of him making ripples on a team that needed a boost, I have to say I was shocked when he was undrafted. So glad to see he is finally getting recognition though. I wonder what kind of back and forth he and David Montgomery will have during Bears vs. Packers games.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris

    Doesn't this series only go for players who have disappeared from public conscience?

  • Jerome Rotunda
    Jerome Rotunda

    Man @Flemlo You fell off my feed for a while and I was excited when I saw this. I had completely forgot about you man.

  • Justin Mcghie
    Justin Mcghie

    His Dad should of steered him in the right direction and told him to go to a bigger named school.

  • andy onofrey
    andy onofrey

    Love that you’re telling his story. Allen is my “little” cousin and I am so proud of him!!

  • Tyrek Parrish
    Tyrek Parrish

    I remember joe calling that game and it got me so hype!!! “AND THIS TIMW ITS IN THE HANDS OF LAZARD!!...INCREDIBLE PLAY!!! 35YRD TOUCHDOWN!!!

  • B Smith
    B Smith

    AL finna take over in Green Bay. Just watch

  • Fresh Hawaii
    Fresh Hawaii

    Devin Booker lookin ass

  • Cabin 3 Dewey
    Cabin 3 Dewey

    Allen been my fav player since he stepped on the field at isu and I am a isu and Green Bay fan so I was pumped that my boi went to my fav nfl team. Can’t wait to see what he dose this season

  • Marcus Patterson
    Marcus Patterson

    2 things. 1, if the packers ever trade or not give him a new better contract when he’s done with his first I will stop being a packer fan, I say it with true honesty. 2, Lazard has the talent to become another Davante Adams for the packers, I know all WR are different but he has the potential to be one of the greatest

  • Lam

    I kinda went selfish and wanted Lazard to come to Seattle. Where Russell and all my hawks take guys like doug baldwin, Lockette, and now Metcalf! Lazard is gonna be that Doug Baldwin in the future. Just watch him play.

  • Jayden Kolonics
    Jayden Kolonics

    I think Allen Lazard’s story is really inspirational because no matter what happend in his career he kept working and never giving up

  • Matthew Renger
    Matthew Renger

    He said all big ten teams are soft except for Ohio state before a game vs Iowa that kinda hurt me as an Iowa fan but it’s fine we won the last 7 or 6 times

  • benny AC
    benny AC

    I've been an Iowa state fan for a long time, And Allen Lazard, Hakeem Butler, David Montgomery, And Kyle Kempt Were our greatest hopes when they were playing together.

  • Isaac Mejia
    Isaac Mejia

    Jake kumerow is a great story to

  • Kyle Barner
    Kyle Barner

    Gred Ward Jr. next!

  • Matteo Scarpelli
    Matteo Scarpelli

    one of those guys that you love to see succeed, he's just doing everything right.

  • Rowan Walker
    Rowan Walker

    Love this channel man, gives me stuff to watch in COVID-19 times

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    Is this due part asian?

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    Tyrek Walls

    I fw yo content heavy my boy 💪🏾 but you gotta change that intro from that wayne 😂

  • markanthony1004

    He needs more targets. He'll get there

  • silversteen9

    what a story! thanks flem for giving me a guy to root for

  • John Willimott
    John Willimott

    Great post!!!!!!!

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    Myke Lengieza

    Like your content. Just subscribed. Keep up the good work.

  • Cole Hall
    Cole Hall

    DJ Chark Jr vid?

  • Jeffrey Krippner
    Jeffrey Krippner

    on one hand, I want lazard to do good and unlock his full potential, but on the other im a bears fan so he cant do it on the packers

  • Andrew Fosteson
    Andrew Fosteson

    This is random and I’ll doubt you’ll see this... but man you this best. You’re the coolest dude on IT-my and you do a phenomenal job. I watch you all the time and just wanted to let you know you’re the best and never stop making content.

  • ashton holloway
    ashton holloway

    if he becomes a star I can sell his Iowa state football card about 10 years from now

  • Detroit vs Everybody
    Detroit vs Everybody

    I think every football fan no matter what is rooting for this guy Lazard

  • Gabe Maddern
    Gabe Maddern

    Great video man. This dude deserves the #2 spot on the roster. I've had my eye on him since his first game for green Bay. Dude is a beast in the making. So happy to see him getting love

    • Gabe Maddern
      Gabe Maddern

      @FlemLo Raps hope you're well through these crazy times man. Be easy bro ✌🏻

    • FlemLo Raps
      FlemLo Raps

      Appreciate it!

  • George Curtiss
    George Curtiss

    Dude Lazard is awesome when I first saw him make that incredible jump Catch in the preseason I knew the Packers should pick him instead of shepherd aka fumble machine

  • Damon Weathers
    Damon Weathers

    Great video! Just stumbled onto your channel and enjoying it all. Keep it up!

  • Robin Rodriguez
    Robin Rodriguez


  • Ladh 70
    Ladh 70

    the NFC North is full of corners and Lazard did not do anything vs Bears in 2019, the Lions got talented new corners as well as the Vikings, Lazard will be shut down in division play

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    Survive The Pagonging & Don't Get Backdoored

    What happened to Markus Wheaton

  • Aron O'Bannon
    Aron O'Bannon

    Allen Lazard has been one of my favorite players, love to hear his backstory! PackerFan4Life!!!!

  • Cameron Howard
    Cameron Howard

    Go Pack GO!

  • Kerry Roby
    Kerry Roby

    Have you considered doing a vid on Eagles WR Greg Ward? Former Houston QB that made his way into the active roster to help the Eagles make the playoffs last year.

  • Zap

    patiently waiting on that Akeem Davis-Gaither video

  • Devin Yang
    Devin Yang

    hell yea about time to talk about him hes an upcoming superstar mark my words

  • Brandon Burden
    Brandon Burden

    I'm proud of him, good luck to him and the rest of his life!🙏

  • Geoffrey Yoste
    Geoffrey Yoste

    Diamond in the rough, Aakiel Greer???? Google him, he’s got good hands!!! 😎🏈🤙

  • Geoffrey Yoste
    Geoffrey Yoste

    Enjoy that video about Alan, let’s get Flemo to a million subs!!!! Take care of our Mississippi boyz 😎🏈🤙

  • Dawson Walters
    Dawson Walters

    Iowa State wasn't nothing to him. He loves the school and with Matt Campbell and Joel Lanning, lead the way to a new program. Who beat 2 top 5 teams that year.


    Positive story!! Needed that!! Thanks fams!

  • mick heaton
    mick heaton

    Yo, we love him around here, but "Rising Star" is one helluva stretch. The organization likes EQ better. Lazard is solid, but he is pretty close to his cieling. No real stand out tools and not real special with the ball in his hands.

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    damn its crazy i started watching you at 50k subs wondering how yo dont have more and now you at 600k!! all love bro keep grinding and moving forward

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    noah folts

    update on braxton miller

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    Adam Madhat

    Flemlo you da man

  • Troydan said the n word
    Troydan said the n word

    Do what happened to Felipe Franks

  • No Star Reviews
    No Star Reviews

    People keep saying GB has nothing after Adams, but I keep saying don't sleep on Lazard

  • Tim Dore
    Tim Dore

    Boycott NFL

  • Jeremy Chapman
    Jeremy Chapman

    Just want to shout you out, started seeing you from the Last Chance U stuff, but every time you kill it. Breaking it down, but feeling like it’s just my homies spitting facts. Keep getting it

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