Full Episode: "LisaRaye McCoy" (2021) | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network
Actress LisaRaye McCoy returns to Iyanla to complete the work that she started on her last visit. This time around, however, rather than healing the relationships with her mother and daughter, LisaRaye is looking to address the breakdown within herself. For more on #FIXMYLIFE, visit WatchOWN.tv/Iyanla
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(Original air date: April 10, 2021)
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Full Episode: "LisaRaye McCoy" (2021) | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • M. Doreen Bigham-Richardson
    M. Doreen Bigham-Richardson

    Lisa Raye can get all the help to work on herself but if she still has toxic free loaders in her house ( daughter + mother) they have to go! Then she can't complete the work Iylana is telling her💯

  • Erma Smith
    Erma Smith

    Not everyone, not every woman gets that in there lifetime, support is short lived!

  • NuGrowth42 NuGrowth42
    NuGrowth42 NuGrowth42

    How can a woman with a African Name make such a big deal about men having more than one woman!!!! Almost every society outside of mainstream Western Society doesn’t practice monogamy. I wonder would she feel the same way if this was about a middle eastern upper middle class family? Americans have to start to realize”Hurley maybe our way is the unnatural way”.

  • Nig Nig
    Nig Nig


  • Legacy A Kingdom Culture #CherryonTop
    Legacy A Kingdom Culture #CherryonTop

    go follow our ig page @legacyXKingdomCulture

  • 1faithMKnuggets

    God bless each person who reads this! John 3:16

  • Patricia Deveaux
    Patricia Deveaux

    Lisa Raye you're very intelligent lady and I admire you take your burden to the Lord and he'll take care of you and you are a strong lady 💗💗💗😘

  • Mariam Rizvi
    Mariam Rizvi

    Tamar Braxton should come back on the show herself. I feel like she would benefit from individual sessions with Iyanla.



  • Charlestine Johnson
    Charlestine Johnson

    Ms. Iyania, you are God sent, full of wisdom from the Lord, knowledge and understanding. I love how you express with love how to help other overcome their demons in life.

  • Weruche Okonkwo
    Weruche Okonkwo

    She wasn’t ready for that throne. I really thought she would not sit.

  • Shyla Girl
    Shyla Girl

    She ain’t hurt off of da brat, she just talking on her cause she wants too throw another name out there🙄

  • Shyla Girl
    Shyla Girl

    Damn hope her daughter don’t hear this too say your disappointment in her is so sad, no one wants that and too hear you was spoiled but want to say your disappointment in your child that you “raised” smh

  • GlamGawd Bri
    GlamGawd Bri

    Da Brat was not on the show simply because they are not biologically real sisters.

  • Sunshine Williams
    Sunshine Williams


  • Yvonne Henderson
    Yvonne Henderson

    That face made me click on this channel lol...... this my girl though. Badazz

  • Emma Mullins
    Emma Mullins

    I found a lot about myself in this compelling life journey. Thank you both. ❤🙏😇

  • Jessica Littles
    Jessica Littles

    They should. be. wearing. seatbelts

  • Shanelda Harris
    Shanelda Harris

    Oh how I love her

  • VeLita Hill
    VeLita Hill

    LisaRaye McCoy love her, she's just like one of your girl friends! Real problems just like the rest of us! Stay strong Sister

  • neshabby92

    LOL Lisa has that mean face 😂

  • Amara Pindrews
    Amara Pindrews

    Watching this helped me alot! I cried so much during this episode. I think I cried more than them! Lol

  • passionsrundeeply

    Iyanla is crazy. This is why black people don't seek help. She first told her not to make opp her business. Then she tried making Mrs. Raye feel bad cause she wasn't. Mrs. Raye asked her a question and she, immaturly rejected her. Tell me, how does that help?. I used to love Iyanla when she first came out. Even bought her book! But since she joined the cult of oprah, she's just egotistical & disrespectful. She can't fix no ones life until SHE FIXES HER OWN. Keep your emotions & personal issues OUT OF YOUR CLIENTS HEALING SESSIONS. It VERY evident.

  • Toni Marion
    Toni Marion

    When you go IN! You see clearer. Awesome job ladies!

  • Renee Jones
    Renee Jones

    The value in the valley. Is definitely Iyanla Vanzant drop the mic 🎤 Book. This is my goto book. Because I still find myself back in a few valleys and I need to pull myself out. A amazing 👏 book

  • D H
    D H

    My heart chakra opened, thank you Iyanla! 💛

  • that_ girl888
    that_ girl888

    For me it was the divorce from her husband , I felt the pain that she was going through. Every time I see her I feel the same pain that I felt years ago for her . I think her ex-husband stole all her innocence and just kicked her to the curve . Like most men do. 💔🇺🇸

  • Lotus Sutra
    Lotus Sutra

    All these women, including Iyanla Vanzant, in this video are masculine. The sound of their voice. The pitch in their tone of voice reveals a manly spirit that was indoctrinate into their mind and soul by the power structures of white supremacy---->feminism, racial stereotypes, and welfare reform . There's nothing soft, serene, and sensible about these three generational females living under one roof which is why neither of them were successful with a man. As I look at Lisa Raye McCoy, she was too masculine and hard core to be the queen of Haiti which is why she failed as being a queen. The sound of their voice and the tone of their voice is too manly which is a turn-off to heterosexual men of any race.The way a father interacts with his daughter determines how his daughter will interact with other men throughout her life.

  • S. Koiley
    S. Koiley

    But she never put on the crown!!..I can see Lisa Raye really got "it"..good for her..she connected her heart back

  • Tara Williams
    Tara Williams

    My twin

  • Naturally Us
    Naturally Us

    OMGOODNESS!!!! These comments. Everybody's a psychic, psychologist, psychiatrist and Social worker. These shows are what they are...a show. Sure some can relate but come on you don't know these people.

  • Ankh-em-Fentu

    How do you know if it wasn't her Mother disrespecting her Father? Or, exploring the reason Why her father did what he did? Ooh, that's right he can't speak for himself.

  • richard masters
    richard masters

    I love Lisa

  • Nonoe Chibs
    Nonoe Chibs

    Thank u Ms Iyanla yu are such an amazing woman, we all go thru this and tend to ignore the red flags .Thank God m healing thru this channel

  • Melvina G Davis
    Melvina G Davis

    Amazing!!!! I love Lisa Raye and this lesson was for me too!

  • Avis Clewis
    Avis Clewis

    Lisa Raye so pretty still

  • Macky hot-tech
    Macky hot-tech

    Neesee 💋💖 from All of us with Robert i fall in love ❤️ Follow her everywhere

  • martialbeast

    Lisa Raye look could melt iron

  • Tim Morakinyo
    Tim Morakinyo

    Family broken by their egos, expectations and conformity instead of acting from the place of acceptance, compassion, equanimity, ying/yang is powerful energy required to make our internal and external world, is very important for both parents to be aware of themselves(feelings, emotions and thoughts) and how raised their kids consciously and be aware of our state of being(emotional intelligent),because we unconsciously programmed our kids through our behaviour, emotions and state being(be present and stay connected to those souls/kids)Parents raised your awareness and be grounded/stay connect to center of your own being.

  • Lola Caldwell
    Lola Caldwell

    I wish I had you in my life to turn my world around just by listening to your videos you're the best therapist I know and it's a journey for me I want to thank you for your videos and protecting me to go that journey and I'm getting there slowly but surely admire you so much I wish I could afford you have the knowledge that you could give me to forward my life is such a beautiful beautiful lady I always tell them I wish you could change my life and you have I'm just not with you and going through the experience with you and talking to you that's what I really want but I'll keep listening and watching thank you so very much I'm getting there

  • Keith Mason
    Keith Mason

    Loss woman..... I'm not talking about who y'all think I am.

  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston

    That voice phewwww.

  • Nooks

    Was she gonna loose Daddy

  • Jennifer Hizzy
    Jennifer Hizzy

    I see some narcissism.

  • Jennifer Hizzy
    Jennifer Hizzy

    Daddy's princess syndrome is a hell of a drug.

  • Renee F.
    Renee F.

    She hit the nail on the head at 13:49. Those "Daddy's Girls" are something else because the huge lack of accountability is reciprocated between them, and they don't want to share their father with ANYONE, hence why "in love" kept being stated; they act like their girlfriends instead of daughters. That can be blamed on mother and father for not setting boundaries/teaching. When daddy does wrong, the daughters ride for him and gang up against mom/or girlfriend/or step mom, and vice versa. With Dad being the first "man" or heartbreak in their lives, their future relationships with other men reflect that. When he's absent, they expect other men to compensate. It all starts early (in childhood).

  • Tyra. Nicole
    Tyra. Nicole

    Thank you both for the healing

  • Melieka Anaekwe
    Melieka Anaekwe

    That's DEEP..... And some just MORE Then OTHERS. GOD BLESS

  • Yazmin Rodriguez
    Yazmin Rodriguez

    Iyanla is over dramatic

  • Rose Ramsay-Chatman
    Rose Ramsay-Chatman

    LisaRay, I am proud of you for doing your work.

  • Yoru Tesfazion
    Yoru Tesfazion

    In tears looking at Lisa's face the sadness & broken can relate as a woman 😭😭😭. Some of the things we do with out realizing where it's coming from. What a joy to see Lisa the peace and calmness. Thank you Lyanla for your wisdom was edifying and eye opening. Love to you both 🙏💖

  • Wavy BLKQueen
    Wavy BLKQueen

    Wow I thought her and her daughter were close ? She’s become a lover of money ? I’m actually shocked

  • gerard remy
    gerard remy

    Ms Iyanla's work is very difficult to do!!!!!

  • Price patricia Price
    Price patricia Price

    I respect the information R.I .p x man

  • Raszsa

    Amazing work!!! Love every bit of this!!

  • Jaclyn Cruz Miller
    Jaclyn Cruz Miller

    💜💝👍🏽🦋 IM SO HAPPY FOR HER 🙏🏽.

  • Duece & DaMarcus Momm
    Duece & DaMarcus Momm

    Lisa and dabrat dont have the same mom or dad 🤦🏾‍♀️how are they sister 😩

  • Brandy Scipio-Walker
    Brandy Scipio-Walker

    All I'm hearing is lisaRaye flipping iyalna words as if she come up with them...I could be tripping though

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    One of the beautiful things about Lisa Raye, is that on this show she was willing, to be open minded enough to heal. And try to change herself for the better. And Ms. Vanzant is a phenomenal blessing to many... ♥️.

  • Val

    Love Lisaraye

  • Nicala McLoughlin
    Nicala McLoughlin

    Lisa is beautiful - dig deep and heal. Loads of Strength to you 💪🏼

  • D. Glorious
    D. Glorious

    Look at Iyanla talking about the "OPP" hehehe. But she used it differently. 😁

  • Joyce Fredrick
    Joyce Fredrick

    That was good.

  • D. Glorious
    D. Glorious

    Oh so she's back. Watching. 🍿

  • Roda Triplett
    Roda Triplett

    As a grown 54year woman Lisa Eay look and act like a woman who is living a Lie. I never thought how much she is in a lot of people's business...including R Kelly business.,why is this woman always in people's mess.

  • Janée Wells
    Janée Wells

    If you’d really like spiritual healing, surrender your life to JESUS CHRIST and ask Him to guide you. As He is GOD ALMIGHTY. NO ONE ELSE!!!

  • Carla J. Action
    Carla J. Action

    Lisa and her daughter apparently suffer from the SPOILED PRETTY WOMAN SYNDROME. "Pretty" may have got them where they are--- but it can't get them where they need to be.

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    Wow I knew there was something wrong with Lisaraye but I didn’t know it was this bad...

  • Haute Lexy
    Haute Lexy


  • LaTosha Stanfield
    LaTosha Stanfield

    I love Iyalna she is so wise. Lisa Ray’s mom looks like scrappys mama, mama d

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