[FULL] Shaq and Ryan Hollins debate: Will LeBron James be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore? | First Take
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[FULL] Shaq and Ryan Hollins debate: Will LeBron James be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore? | First Take
[Jun 18, 2019] Shaquille O'Neal joins First Take to debate whether LeBron James will ever be on the Los Angeles Lakers' Mt. Rushmore.
0:00 First Take introduces Shaq as a special guest.
1:45 Shaq shows up on the First Take set to discuss the possibility of LeBron James being on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore.
2:42 Max tells Shaq he wouldn't qualify for the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore.
3:22 Ryan Hollins calls LeBron James the GOAT, but Shaq disagrees.
5:22 Hollins' Lakers' Mt. Rushmore.
6:00 Max's Lakers' Mt. Rushmore.
8:00 Shaq asks Hollins about ranking LeBron above Kobe Bryant and almost leaves the set after Hollins' comments about Kobe and Michael Jordan.
8:48 Could MJ's Chicago Bulls beat the 73-win Golden State Warriors?
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  • ESPN Archive
    ESPN Archive

    0:00​ First Take introduces Shaq as a special guest. 1:45​ Shaq shows up on the First Take set to discuss the possibility of LeBron James being on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore. 2:42​ Max tells Shaq he wouldn't qualify for the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore. 3:22​ Ryan Hollins calls LeBron James the GOAT, but Shaq disagrees. 5:22​ Hollins' Lakers' Mt. Rushmore. 6:00​ Max's Lakers' Mt. Rushmore. 8:00​ Shaq asks Hollins about ranking LeBron above Kobe Bryant and almost leaves the set after Hollins' comments about Kobe and Michael Jordan. 8:48​ Could MJ's Chicago Bulls beat the 73-win Golden State Warriors?

    • Jonathon Monk
      Jonathon Monk

      LeBron is only brought up because he runs around with the narratives. That's the only thing saving him. He's no match for Jordan or Shaq.

    • J A K E -
      J A K E -

      @KB 2x i agree but i don’t see bron passing MJ within his career

    • J A K E -
      J A K E -

      @Michael Townley naw bro, look i love the warriors wit all my heart, but they’re not beating that bulls team. Who’s even guarding mj???

    • KB 2x
      KB 2x

      @Wendell Wright As of now yes. So is Kobe. However, LeBron's book isn't done.

    • Wendell Wright
      Wendell Wright

      @Michael Townley I'm no Michael Jordan fan,but he is better than LeBron James

  • Joe Morales
    Joe Morales

    Kobe ain’t even top 8

  • Adrian Chandler
    Adrian Chandler

    Shaq wouldn’t have dominated Wilt! He tripping on that one!!!

  • Pilot 7766
    Pilot 7766

    If shaq is a maybe for the mountain, lebron is the easiest no ever

  • Curtis Thomas
    Curtis Thomas

    This guy is sniffing lebron's jock. He must be crazy. Lebron might, MIGHT make my top 15 list of greatest players. Please.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    Don't let him back on the show please

  • Eliphaz

    Alright bruh 💀 were not gonna act like the 2017 warriors wouldn't destroy the 1990s bulls😂😂

  • WSE DJs
    WSE DJs

    The host just fucked it up. I want them to continue. They were killing Hollins.

  • Chris Malnar
    Chris Malnar

    When was this taped

  • Greg Dickey
    Greg Dickey

    What idiot really thinks that LeBron is better than Jordan?

  • Hayden 123
    Hayden 123

    max needs to understand this is a teams game its not about scoring

  • some guy
    some guy

    Kareem - Magic - Kobe - Jerry West (Honorable Mentions: Shaq - Wilt - Worthy - Elgin) LeBron and Anthony don't even make the second string. What a joke!

  • Christian morales
    Christian morales

    Ryan Hollins was a baby when mj won his first ring,he clearly didn't see mj play

  • Henry McCarty
    Henry McCarty

    Shaq has so much more to like ie personality than Lebron who is so easy to hate.

  • BigfootBionic

    I love shack but he's tripping if he thinks he would have dominated Big Dipper Charles Barkley is stronger than Shaq and the Big Dipper would have moved lazy out-of-shape Shaquille around like a little Raggedy Ann doll. Write it down Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest single basketball player/ athlete. That ever lived

  • Worldwide Redd
    Worldwide Redd

    “I knew it, Patron America” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CDoty MMA
    CDoty MMA

    That dudes a complete moron

  • Truth Spewer
    Truth Spewer

    He's not on any Mt Rushmore. Just because ESPN asks the question, doesn't mean it's a relevant question.

  • Dnice va757
    Dnice va757

    Why do they let bums like Hollins and perkins be on the show

  • Sayed I
    Sayed I

    ryan hollins is a moron

  • Civtex

    Magic, Kobe, West, Worthy.....all Drafted by the lakers, won championships for the lakers, and stayed with the lakers till the end of their careers.

  • Andrew McCabe
    Andrew McCabe

    Kareem punched on with Bruce Lee , In my books he is the goat........

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    LeFraud's "Decision" was self admission that he can never be on that level. He failed to bring 7 consecutive titles to the losing organization that drafted him. To add insult to injury, he got destroyed 5 times after ditching teams to chase rings to join all stars to ease/cheat the path of success. In a league softer than Charmin ruined by refs. A severe character flaw becomes apparent when he faces adversity. Lack of a killer instinct when it matters most. LeFraud needs scapegoats to save him from elimination or use as excuses and blame when he fails to impose his will. The anti Michael Jordan.

  • VakP79

    Shaq's reaction on Ron Harper was nice. He rememberd playing against Harper and knew he was a tough guy to play against.

  • Kanyes Son
    Kanyes Son

    Bron got 1 chip in LA and think he should be in the LA Mt. Rushmore🤣🤣

  • Tibon Richie Jr
    Tibon Richie Jr

    Ryan Hollins is Lebron's lover 🙊

  • Amari Jackson
    Amari Jackson

    Ryan ain't been seen since.

  • Amari Jackson
    Amari Jackson

    Forget the Mt. Rushmore, LBJ should have Three peated in Cleveland, period.

  • User 1
    User 1

    A lil breakdown for Ryan on Warriors v bulls Pippy make house in shirt of cheffy Denny make toilet in face of kevvy Mikey make tail on thompsy Roddy no be guarded Mikey be doubled Pippy take ball Ball be outside everyone be outside Roddy go inside be lonely Roddy get ball open layup

  • Hero Fitness
    Hero Fitness

    Ryan Hollins is smoking crack

  • kc070

    Lebron doesn’t have enough time ..I don’t understand why this is even a debate..bron is clearly on the nba Mt.Rushmore

  • Victor Latayan
    Victor Latayan

    The question is whose gonna guard mj?

  • James Pickler
    James Pickler

    Didn't he say you can plug whoever in? Ok, Steve is golden state's head coach, right? 🤔 wonder who Steve played for?

  • Tomato Potato
    Tomato Potato

    Lebron is on China’s rushmore with pooh bear.

  • Lee Hank
    Lee Hank

    Shaq said it all. We playing big boy era or this cupcake era where u can't touch anybody. Have we not just seen this week in 2021 lebum grabbing his head and in replay not even getting touch. LeFlop

  • Michael Crews
    Michael Crews

    What year was this?

  • King Lav
    King Lav

    Always people with no skills talking the most, they don’t want to give lebron the credits he truly deserves at the end no matter what they say lebron a beast

  • Rick P
    Rick P

    How many points does Shaw score against that warrior team?


    LeBron too expensive not useful enough

  • Mental Beatz
    Mental Beatz

    Ryan Hollingsworth still alive?

  • the continuous one
    the continuous one

    max : laying facts shaq : giving respect hollions: needs a career change

  • High Fly Bart
    High Fly Bart

    No kizzy that probably be Jordon's first game 7 but bulls would win.

  • RichBay9

    Ryan Hollins is loud mouth, LeBron fanatic and out of real stats. For the first time, I realized that Shaq is a wise man in topic of NBA skill and valuing NBA Superstar players

  • Marcell Johnson
    Marcell Johnson

    Get this light bright off the panel. This is what happens when you argue with your children.

  • Marcell Johnson
    Marcell Johnson

    A half a championship for Lebron

  • Marcell Johnson
    Marcell Johnson

    Kobe Shaq Magic kareem My Lakers Mt Rushmore

  • TimrodTV

    8:19. They heads went down 😂😂😂😂 so funny

  • Bigchris Big chris
    Bigchris Big chris

    I love how Rollins trying to act like he been knowing Shaq since diapers! And molly sucks

  • Bigchris Big chris
    Bigchris Big chris

    I guess I never seen him stand, I always thought he was about 5’8” maybe

  • timothy chichetti
    timothy chichetti

    I could be wrong but I thought they had 17 already.....sorry I didn't Google

    • timothy chichetti
      timothy chichetti

      Oh shi....this is old

  • erwin barrientos
    erwin barrientos

    Hollin's argument is laughably stupid.

  • Kirstin Aerille Ileto
    Kirstin Aerille Ileto

    Ryan hollins can have a career in comedy bars.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Shaq was about to choke slam Ryan on that table

  • HeavensFolly

    Lol lebron wont be he has issues of jumping teams when things get tough I give him a year or two more on the lakers if they start losing hes gone

  • Daniel Sisterson
    Daniel Sisterson

    WHY IS RH EVEN ON THIS SHOW!!! I refuse to watch any video he is in. Complete idiot.

  • jomar Nieva
    jomar Nieva

    If there is one credible man who could vividly define & differentiate the best players of every eras... It's no other than Shaq...

  • Josiah Rhodes
    Josiah Rhodes

    Wait. Forget lebron just winning 1! He's only been there not even 3 whole years. To me longevity matters in these Mt Rushmore conversations.

  • Anwar Anfield
    Anwar Anfield

    The producers before the show. Ryan, I need you to say anything that gets Shaq's voice to rise at least two octaves.

  • Spee Bar
    Spee Bar

    This boy needs to close his mouth

  • King

    Kobe can not fill lebrons shoes. Jordan yes but Kobe ain't better than Lebron

  • Malcolm Castle
    Malcolm Castle

    Shaq is a cool dude. With his size he could've easily reached out and flicked at Ryan's wide forehead to see if there's some sense lurking in there - but choose not to.

  • TrapSwish

    Who tf is this labronsexual

  • Get Lotion
    Get Lotion

    Warriors could beat the bulls 24/7 in the regular season but in the playoffs, that's a whole different story, also Wilt is on the Warriors mount Rushmore not the Lakers.

  • Aiden Rogers
    Aiden Rogers

    Who is this young man dnt think he knows what he’s talking about and I’m English

  • Touche Gavino
    Touche Gavino

    that man is stupid..shaqs right. whose payin himbto say those things?

  • Hopeton Barnett
    Hopeton Barnett

    Why is Ryan there maan. SMH.

  • James Sgian
    James Sgian

    Lakers’ Mt. Rushmore: Kareem; Magic; West; Kobe. For their contribution to the Lakers and greatness. But four best basketball players ever in a Lakers uniform? Then we gotta go with Kareem, Magic, Chamberlain, and LeBron. Kobe, great as he was, was the seventh best basketball player in Lakers’ history. Fifth would be Shaq and sixth Elgin Baylor. Mt. Rushmore of Centers: Kareem, Wilt, Russell, and Olajuwon. Shaq is fifth. But in ten years we may be adding Jokic to the mountain. Mt.Rushmore of GOATS: Jordan; Wilt, Russell, Kareem. Shaq v Wilt would have been a war. Shaq heavier, but Wilt stronger. Would love to see it. Wilt bench pressed over 500 pounds. Could he pick Shaq up and move him?

  • Dan Joseph Del Rosario
    Dan Joseph Del Rosario

    Hahahaha Shaq is funny, “I knew it, patron America!!!”

  • 2K_VEGA

    This is a sloppy segment. Hollins is an idiot

  • Joshua Nash
    Joshua Nash

    Max: “Shaq 3peated as finals MVP and he’s here to tell you HE’S NOT ON THE MT RUSHMORE!! Lebron’s gonna get ONE and make it???” Argument over. Max Kellerman is the goat.

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