Funniest BACK TO SCHOOL moments
Funniest BACK TO SCHOOL moments
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Funniest BACK TO SCHOOL moments


  • Two Fabulous Girls
    Two Fabulous Girls

    *that woman is a horrible driver* Me: 😂😂😭


    I don’t take a bus when I was little

  • Esmie McCarthy
    Esmie McCarthy

    I can

  • Pari Zari
    Pari Zari

    I never get a school bus for school

  • future fox
    future fox

    I can do a front hand spring

  • Cassandra McAlister
    Cassandra McAlister


  • Cassandra McAlister
    Cassandra McAlister

    As a child I had a crush on jazzy 😅😅

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl

    I will be gifting my next 70 subs also good job Azzyland

  • Olivia Craig
    Olivia Craig

    No Azzy i did not tack a School Bus

  • Autumn Fall Kim
    Autumn Fall Kim

    9:06 the dog was trying to catch his tail LIKE LITERALLY EVERY DOG DOES.

  • Flamingo Editz
    Flamingo Editz

    No I have never have used a bus to go to school

  • Galaxy GachaMations
    Galaxy GachaMations

    P.S XD because if someone tried to wake me up with fire extinguisher I wouldn't wake up

  • Galaxy GachaMations
    Galaxy GachaMations

    4:08 everybody do the flop

  • Mark Lamirande
    Mark Lamirande

    I can’t do

    • Mark Lamirande
      Mark Lamirande

      But I love your video

  • maram moh
    maram moh

    Azzy i went to sky zone and i am 7 yo and everybody in my team got hit except me Azzy i sear

  • Olivia Jones
    Olivia Jones


  • play 0
    play 0

    Nooooon azzy

  • Eliana Marino
    Eliana Marino

    I got banned from dodgeball

  • Hager Diaaeldin
    Hager Diaaeldin


  • jose castro
    jose castro


  • Katie The Bunny
    Katie The Bunny

    My birthday was the day she posted this

  • Nawres shawkat
    Nawres shawkat

    Yes yes

  • Steven Oke
    Steven Oke


  • Amazing ARUSHI
    Amazing ARUSHI

    I love doing flips front and back 👍🏼

  • Rami Rishmani
    Rami Rishmani

    My brother really wants homework

  • Th e Pizza Man
    Th e Pizza Man

    Today is the last day of fall break for me!!😑😑😔😔😔

  • Monster Gaming
    Monster Gaming

    When I walk out the bus and some scary being scares me........* walks back in bus * TAKE ME BACK TO SCHOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loreta Tafalla
    Loreta Tafalla

    i can only do side flips

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family

    Yes I can flip

  • Leah McNamara
    Leah McNamara

    Schools boring

  • Jerrionna Smith
    Jerrionna Smith

    4:22 I did not sign up for this she said

  • Lynn Parham
    Lynn Parham


  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    I can plip

  • Paul Sinapi
    Paul Sinapi

    i hate school

  • iiexrilla uwu
    iiexrilla uwu

    March 21st is my bday xd

  • Doggie_an _Kittylover
    Doggie_an _Kittylover

    I really think she ran into the lockers in purpose because she hates school so badly she wants to die....

  • Doggie_an _Kittylover
    Doggie_an _Kittylover

    I really think she ran into the lockers in purpose because she hates school so badly she wants to die....

  • Robin Nash
    Robin Nash

    You were talking about how people fall asleep in class well my new teach told us a story in how he did it to his last class here it is So a kid fell asleep so the class went to the hall way and turned the lights off then my teacher went back in the and hit the table and said “ THE BUSES LEFT GET UP “ and He was so scared that he ran out the class room it was crazy

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez

    I went on a school bus for all my life

  • I just like food ok!?!
    I just like food ok!?!

    The first one I have done before but my brother called me out before I left he’s like Sis it’s 7 pm not am pm sis I literally felt like an idiot

  • gaming Queen
    gaming Queen

    I take a school bus to go to school

  • Nicole Chicas
    Nicole Chicas

    I love your emanations you find

    • Nicole Chicas
      Nicole Chicas

      Where do you find these funny animations

  • Jetia Harrah
    Jetia Harrah

    I have a locker in 4th grade

  • Moana5414 Peterson
    Moana5414 Peterson

    I LOVE school alright And I don't like the weekends because I don't have anything to do beside my iPad.

  • Usman Mahmood
    Usman Mahmood

    I go by 🚘

  • rande hilliard
    rande hilliard


  • Oliv Bailey
    Oliv Bailey

    4:08 Everybody do the flop!!

  • Philip Dixon
    Philip Dixon

    I swear word candles but it's sometimes hard for me because I'm usually don't get on my trampoline or on a bouncy house and also there's usually a bunch of people there so

  • Anne Al-kiyumi
    Anne Al-kiyumi

    Give me more mathshomework

  • Sydney Benton
    Sydney Benton

    I feel sad for the girl that slamed on the locker.😂😂😂😂

  • Tyson Gerstenberger
    Tyson Gerstenberger

    This is just my brothers account

  • Tyson Gerstenberger
    Tyson Gerstenberger

    My name is Ella and the girl who was saying love it was named Ella

  • Хээлэн Алтангэрэл
    Хээлэн Алтангэрэл

    I dont hate school i love school

  • Werewolf Gacha
    Werewolf Gacha

    I cry bc I have to much home XD he is my opposite twin 😂😂

  • Werewolf Gacha
    Werewolf Gacha

    My name is Chloe and the little girl who ran is me every morning! XDD

  • Juan -Roblox
    Juan -Roblox

    At 9:46 my sister always wants homework

  • Adela Mejia
    Adela Mejia

    I went to sleep to at school im silly😋

  • Maggie Estrada
    Maggie Estrada

    Azzy I wish to see you one day you are my favorite IT-myr❤😃👭

  • Maggie Estrada
    Maggie Estrada

    If you are a big fan of azzy make the thumbs up Blue👍👇💙 and subscribe to azzy land❤💜💚

  • Gabe Coin
    Gabe Coin

    Azzyland is the best

  • miguel ibarra
    miguel ibarra

    I go in a car

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller

    the little girl just doesn't want to go to school leave her alone

  • April Thomas
    April Thomas

    I've been on the bus for two years

  • Aubrey Reviews Stuff
    Aubrey Reviews Stuff

    I can flip 💑💏💑💏💏

  • derek ellison
    derek ellison


  • Fred Soto
    Fred Soto

    I can’t flip

    • Fred Soto
      Fred Soto

      Omg what just happened 🤣😂😅

    • Fred Soto
      Fred Soto

      WTH wen there’s a pole don’t put decrachons!

  • Lucy Rodriguez
    Lucy Rodriguez

    8:44 that happened to a boy I was sitting by and he cracked the window😂🤣

  • Udaya Koirala
    Udaya Koirala

    This is funny the one the girl splattered on the lockersXD😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gamingunicorn

    His book was called furious

  • Games GAMES and more With molly
    Games GAMES and more With molly

    I can flip

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