FUNNY SIBLING STRUGGLES || Growing Up With Siblings Moments by 123 GO!
123 GO!
You love them but can’t stand them... You’d do anything for them but take everything from them…
Yep, we’re talking about the classic tale of the sibling struggle. Sure they may copy your every move and cramp you style from time to time
But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re your blood and will have your back for life. So as mad as you may get at them, just remember, they’re your #1 bestie.
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  • Ebenezer Godlovesme
    Ebenezer Godlovesme

    Me and my sister are exactly like that last one but not just that last one like all of them

  • Dania Garcia
    Dania Garcia

    I have a big sister.

  • Stefania Šavlinskaja
    Stefania Šavlinskaja

    Kõik õet on vaest samates rietes

  • Glitch Chara
    Glitch Chara

    I always do that to a bully UwU

  • Ermida Meneses
    Ermida Meneses

    I have a brother who is always tricking me and I hate it 😠😡😠😡

  • Aliyah Palmer
    Aliyah Palmer

    Are lana and lily real twins?



  • ctlyall

    Me and my brother don't fight over it because we have three

  • Arie Sussely
    Arie Sussely


  • Jesica Hinojosa
    Jesica Hinojosa

    how much lana are there

  • Alona Martinez
    Alona Martinez

    Am lucky i dont have siblings like if you dont have too

  • Leilani Zavala
    Leilani Zavala

    Its not that bad to sit in the back seat u can always kick the front seat (were your sister is siting)😒😒😒Duh

  • Margarita Bondar
    Margarita Bondar

    I hate them

  • Ashley Castro
    Ashley Castro


  • Kendall Outen
    Kendall Outen

    I love 123go

  • Kendall Outen
    Kendall Outen


    • Kendall Outen
      Kendall Outen


    • Kendall Outen
      Kendall Outen

      Pooooo oops

  • Alex Lichty
    Alex Lichty

    Is Lana and lilly twins

  • Gaming Triforce
    Gaming Triforce

    I have three bathrooms in my house and I don’t have to wait for someone to get out 😅😂

  • puppy team paw team
    puppy team paw team

    My sister helps me with bullys to

  • puppy team paw team
    puppy team paw team

    Sometimes I take my sister clothes

  • Tony Rae
    Tony Rae

    its so funny

  • ok cookie heart
    ok cookie heart

    I can totally relate with all of this with the bathroom and all of the ether stuff

  • Lasquite family
    Lasquite family

    They are really sisters cuz there hair is the same color Do you have a sibling? Like if you really have some, like it please??

  • Excellant Slime
    Excellant Slime

    I try to watch all of them😃😃😃

  • Excellant Slime
    Excellant Slime

    I love all you're video's 123go there just so amazing😅😊😘😘

  • racheal naidoo
    racheal naidoo

    Please make more videos I think I watched all

  • unwxnted

    I barely relate to this I only have older brothers. Except I steal their shirts thats almost 2x bigger then my size

  • Sofheya The Family
    Sofheya The Family

    lana its great when you are in the back sit

  • Gracie Rose
    Gracie Rose

    I protected my sister many many times it was so easy!

  • Unays Ibrahim
    Unays Ibrahim

    Sisters are so annoying I have three sisters like if you are watching this in 2019

    • Moses Anyona
      Moses Anyona

      Not as.annoying as brothers

  • crazy person
    crazy person

    Fuck Lily fuck lily

  • Faru Said
    Faru Said

    Are you glued to the couch lily

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    Are lily and lona twins?

  • Samantha Hamilton
    Samantha Hamilton

    Me and my little sis love to wear the same cloths and we fight over the remote all the time

  • nahzatul zety
    nahzatul zety

    Not kid

  • Emma Mora
    Emma Mora

    Please sub to my you tube Channel it's Emma more vlogs

  • Kelsay xoxo
    Kelsay xoxo

    Hi 123 go I love your video love it love it 😍❤️🥰😘😻😍💎😇

  • Laylah Unicors
    Laylah Unicors

    How is there hair so long!

  • rp tripathi
    rp tripathi

    I like Lana

  • Gillianne Reyes
    Gillianne Reyes

    Lana is so rude🐖🐖🐖

  • Yashashree Hajare
    Yashashree Hajare

    The last one was really very funny. Ha ha ha

  • SunnyBears Games
    SunnyBears Games

    I can't relate to the clothes stealing, I have a brother lmao

    • Gaming Triforce
      Gaming Triforce

      SunnyBears Games what if your brother wants to wear one of your stuff?

  • Shirley Fernando
    Shirley Fernando

    Lana's hair is longer than lily's hair

    • Gaming Triforce
      Gaming Triforce

      Shirley Fernando really? Cause I can’t really tell

  • Shirley Fernando
    Shirley Fernando

    They look just like sister's

    • Gaming Triforce
      Gaming Triforce

      Shirley Fernando Ya Ikr! Maybe they are sisters! Or not

  • Angela Mancini
    Angela Mancini

    Siete bravissime a fare i video e io sono Ilaria 😘😘😘

  • Hina Hasnain
    Hina Hasnain

    Who is the older sis

  • Sara Sanders
    Sara Sanders

    You do not have to bathrooms

  • Brian Trueman
    Brian Trueman

    But they look like twins????????

  • jennifer nguyen
    jennifer nguyen

    My family don't play dirty on the bathroom 🐶🐣🦄😂😂😊 👇🏻 click here if you agree XD

  • Purple lps kitten Purple lps kitten
    Purple lps kitten Purple lps kitten

    I can TOTALLY relate with this especially the part with the bathroom,the scaring,the bullies and almost the rest of them 😂

  • Keavy Jessop
    Keavy Jessop

    I love 💖 this channel

  • Journey Johnson
    Journey Johnson

    Lillys sister is not pretty

    • Mattie Johnson
      Mattie Johnson


  • To Ri
    To Ri

    I super hich lily

  • Aurora Lei
    Aurora Lei

    I don't struggle who sits in the front because my mom tells us who sits in the front today tonight and tomorrow night and we agree with it 😀

    • Gaming Triforce
      Gaming Triforce

      Aurora Lei That sounds good 👍👌

  • Jamiah Swift
    Jamiah Swift

    Lily is so cuteee!! And lana is so pretty

  • chaudhry umar
    chaudhry umar

    MY BROTHER Pees on the tolit seat 🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡👿😡😈👹👺

    • Dorothy Densing
      Dorothy Densing

      me to 😡😡

  • Polyana Gomes
    Polyana Gomes

    Lily couldn’t reach the soda from the coffee table.I couldn’t reach mine right in front of me.

  • Ash Shaikh
    Ash Shaikh


  • Skylar_ btsjin
    Skylar_ btsjin

    Did u die in there? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Manju Sajeev
    Manju Sajeev

    Lana is sis or lily is sis

  • Bless child
    Bless child


  • aqueel ethans
    aqueel ethans

    Just look like twins

  • Has Abrahamyan
    Has Abrahamyan

    Are these girls twins?

  • Abrar Ahmad
    Abrar Ahmad

    I have 2 sisters we all fight like wild animals but no one can even touch us in front of eachother

  • Bella Bustos
    Bella Bustos

    That's me and my sisters

  • Alexa Trinity
    Alexa Trinity


  • Liezl Mariano
    Liezl Mariano

    Hair tips plsss

  • Sarah Samora
    Sarah Samora

    Yep I can relate the bully

  • Zyada's Fun World
    Zyada's Fun World

    In the end there

  • Autumn’s wolf pack Wolfs
    Autumn’s wolf pack Wolfs

    My sis acts like she’s the boss to bullies

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