G-Eazy - Had Enough (Official Video)
G-Eazy - "Had Enough" out now!
Director/ Creative Director: Lauren Dunn
Prod. Co. : Happy Place
EP: Tara Razavi
Creative Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt
Dir. Rep: Emily Sanders, Reveur Agency
Producer Valerie Bush
Producer: Nicolette Moreno
Production Coordinator: Sarahi Salazar

Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
Chief Staff Manager: Kathleen Wathen
Creative Art Director: Jessie Camp

DP: Russ Fraser
Steadicam: Bill Hunt
1st AC Bobby Pavlovsky
1st AC: Sergey Nikitenko
Camera PA: Angelo Clarizio
Electric: Sven Van Ostrand
Gaffer: Dimitri Christofordis
Gaffer: Graham Wade
Key Grip: Taylor Reick
Grip: Chris Ginnaven

Prod. Designer: Haley Appell
Art Director: Cameron Nawaz
Set Decorator: Hensel Martinez

Post Producer: Tony Stackhouse
Post Coordinator: Brandon Moody
Editor: Julian Conner, Frame48
Compositor: Enrique De La Garza
Colorist: Jacob McKee, Forager Collective

Styling: Anastasia Walker
Grooming: Sabrina Bates-Whited

Label: RCA
Social Team: Leah Mack, Abir Hashem, Jasper Graham, Chris Maldonado
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  • Elisabeth V
    Elisabeth V

    Anyways the song is a bop

  • the cranky foodie
    the cranky foodie

    Men who say their exes are crazy, are manipulative narcissists. This kind of guy treats a girl like absolute shit and then wonders why they are so pissed about it.

  • Luvkim Xo
    Luvkim Xo

    I'm glad you chose to do a different genre, next project show off more production skills Plain rap is boring.

  • Vera Zinca
    Vera Zinca

    I think they were right person wrong time , they both heal how they are use to so if he makes 10 songs about her , that’s his way and no one should be allowed to say different

  • Michael Osgood jr
    Michael Osgood jr

    Narcissism at its finest.

  • Juels Santana
    Juels Santana

    Yungblud wack

  • Andrew Achoy
    Andrew Achoy

    El mejor de todo el mundo

  • Pacific Oh
    Pacific Oh

    love! love! love it! this should have way more views

  • PrincessLyrics

    this is nice this whole album is nice ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • johnas yogarajah
    johnas yogarajah


  • UntrainedKiller

    It’s about time. I’m a fan of both, but damn Halsey dropped two songs about this man saying some really nasty stuff, and he sat back and let it go. The only time he said anything was in I wana rock, and that was one small thing. Hopefully she can just move forward now and stop puttin him on blast.

  • Samuraisahsah

    I fucked with Gerald forever but I gotta keep it real, this is kinda whack. I’m not rly feeling his new tape

  • smart ass
    smart ass

    dude 'i feel so sad' and 'i had enough ' have completely different vibes!This shows how different they are as artists and people.


    Mediocre ...

  • Sapna Katole
    Sapna Katole

    Stupid song

  • Dilan Carrier
    Dilan Carrier

    should so a music video where your stuck in a night mare with halsy and u finally wake up cold sweats in a room full of naked bitches

  • Iva Ursa
    Iva Ursa

    My song 😍

  • Johnson Grath
    Johnson Grath

    The one who loves you will be the one who can't live without you. Rest all is just a facade.. Love is not something we do but we live.. And we gotta live to love.

  • Pamela Clark
    Pamela Clark

    I had enough you had too much

  • Linh Lưu Trần
    Linh Lưu Trần


  • LonelyChick

    Still like g tho, I like me a toxic mother fuc*er guilty as charged

  • LonelyChick

    The Hasley look alike in the vid but it’s not about her lol men love to pretend they don’t love the girl but be the ones who fucked it all up and have much regret

  • Real Time
    Real Time


    • Real Time
      Real Time

      Max Crichton oh well thanks i guess

    • Max Crichton
      Max Crichton

      @Real Time you're good lol

    • Real Time
      Real Time

      Max Crichton i was triggered

    • Max Crichton
      Max Crichton


  • Mael Santtoz
    Mael Santtoz

    Esse câmera Man vai aposentar filmando o rosto do G-Eazy 😂

  • Shelley Lewis
    Shelley Lewis

    Sad you guys were good together.

  • V R
    V R

    Nice Nine inch nail reference at the end man

  • Sharon Khalsa
    Sharon Khalsa

    Damn this is good

  • Gemini Gypsy
    Gemini Gypsy

    G eazy: Halsey.

  • Deezy C
    Deezy C

    Did he put an image of Halsey in the video at 1:35? Or am I tripping??

  • Luis Alvaro
    Luis Alvaro

    Halsey who? This song is fire!

  • Yugal Sharma
    Yugal Sharma

    Imagine a song like this- G-eazy ft. Eminem, Macklemore, Lil Wayne

  • Adriel Cornelio
    Adriel Cornelio

    Does anyone know what the white short hair model is called?

  • Douglas Harvey
    Douglas Harvey

    damn this guy really out here whining and getting millions of views

  • Máel

    Not feeling it. Stop simping bro..

  • Dan Chase
    Dan Chase

    Greatest musician ever!!

  • DJ & Charles Howard
    DJ & Charles Howard

    Both these two, say they hate each other. Yeah right! They both spend countless hours writing about the other, performing songs directed at one another. Lovesick should be their next track together.

  • monzerrat pineda
    monzerrat pineda

    So no one else hears tell me when to go by e-40 ? Towards the end

  • Beiseii Vanchhawng
    Beiseii Vanchhawng

    It' 101% truth these song is about Halsey

  • Max G
    Max G

    Don’t do drugs. They ruin relationships

  • LMZ

    That's exactly what f*ckboys say: "you're crazy, it's all in your head, you probably think this song is about you"

  • monica Reyes
    monica Reyes

    Halsey is a hard one to lose she is pretty ,talented, deep, we feel you G-eazy song should be i need to grow as a man lol

    • monica Reyes
      monica Reyes

      @Knives Only "im bad at love! but you know I be tryin!" :)

    • Knives Only
      Knives Only

      Hahahahahaha Halsey deep? I don't even need to listen to her music to know that's not true 😂

    • monica Reyes
      monica Reyes

      @Amir nope but aint it obvious ? From homeless to rock stardom takes balls.

    • Amir

      Do you know her personally?

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Sometimes life gets u down but this track turnes my froun upside down...piece...

  • Debistuti Saha
    Debistuti Saha

    That laugh!!♥️

  • IamZashX

    "But let somebody say GEAZY you go ApeShit " this reminds me of that concert

  • Lupita Alexandra Angulo Arellanes
    Lupita Alexandra Angulo Arellanes

    The girl with red hair looks like Halsey. LOVE the song btw, I'm obsessed.

  • Alana Lubach
    Alana Lubach

    I was wondering if he would come back with something! Props, he stayed quiet for quite a while...hence the "had enough" I suppose lol

  • Jesus OneGod
    Jesus OneGod

    Макс из кухни повзрослел

  • Ktrl

    Watch the video when you are drunk. Thank me later 🤘

  • Mandie Booth
    Mandie Booth

    I probly do. ...annnd, whatcha gonna do now @

  • shshshs ndb
    shshshs ndb

    It doesn't matter if its for halsey or not the song is litt

  • Salahe Eddin
    Salahe Eddin

    About halsey

  • roli


  • Monica Pineiro
    Monica Pineiro

    I love your music G, keep up the amazing work!!

  • Sara Holcomb
    Sara Holcomb

    Oh come on. His issues with drugs and cheating have been reported all along his career and with several of his more-famous-than-him ex girlfriends. Don't play victim dude. Just get well.

    • Knives Only
      Knives Only

      *coughs* Halsey Stan

  • Jarvis II
    Jarvis II

    Isnt that the girl from tublr girls seems to alway be in his music videos

  • heyimjonas

    808s & G-Eazy

  • natasha gonzalez
    natasha gonzalez

    Who knew G-Eazy and Halsey would have the best couple song and break up song

    • Stanley GlueGun Kelly
      Stanley GlueGun Kelly

      “The best couple song” ur shitting me

  • Guillaume Perachonne
    Guillaume Perachonne

    This is a fcking nice song, really

  • Mira Serious
    Mira Serious

    Nice respond 👌

  • Luis E Rivera
    Luis E Rivera

    They both still care about each other, which is the sad part.

  • Jeanette Kaari
    Jeanette Kaari

    no matter how much y'all complain ,they will still be separated

  • Give me rent.
    Give me rent.

    I want to point out that the lyrics "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you" are from the song Nince Inch Nails-Starfuckers which was written by Trent Reznor as a "fuck you" to his ex girlfriend Courteney Love (Kurt Cobain's wife).

    • Give me rent.
      Give me rent.

      Swizzel Stick so you’te saying that Trent stole it from Carly Simon, I had no idea hahahah

    • Swizzel Stick
      Swizzel Stick

      You're so vain was written by Carly Simon back in 1972

  • BarFightFiasco

    Halsey is still winning the feud as far as the music portion is concerned 😂 love ya g eazy but this song kinda whack

    • five seconds of summer FAN
      five seconds of summer FAN

      Halsey will always win

    • Stanley GlueGun Kelly
      Stanley GlueGun Kelly

      BarFightFiasco LMFAO!!

  • Damal J
    Damal J

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-viApm4kZZqM.html Santrinos Raphaël MAWU NA DEMO by YOUNG GÉNÉRATION

  • Milana Kitana
    Milana Kitana


  • Holly H
    Holly H

    You need help w lyrics or ideas or something on this one bro sorry!

  • Grace Hudson
    Grace Hudson

    Ngl I like Halseys song better but they both 🔥 🥵

  • FrostyFireDragon

    I’m obsessed with this song😍🖤 Loving the newer music, keep at it Eazy🔥🤘🏻

  • Zoe Marie
    Zoe Marie

    Honestly if I wasn't married and Halsey wasn't taken I would want her to be my gf. I would give her the world unlike someone who treated her like trash.

    • five seconds of summer FAN
      five seconds of summer FAN

      Me too.....❤️ Oh i am bisexual 😂❤️

  • Ann's Spirit Away
    Ann's Spirit Away

    G-eazy you suck as usual and you let a loyal women go then you feel you had the right to speak ill of her in a song as a comeback. What she said was true, what you said was just self defense mechanism bullshit to cover your fakeness the moment you got caught👍🏼💯

    • five seconds of summer FAN
      five seconds of summer FAN

      @Ann's Spirit Away yeah!

    • Ann's Spirit Away
      Ann's Spirit Away

      Dnt think i was taking anyone's side cus i just stated the obvious. Shame on this bastard

    • five seconds of summer FAN
      five seconds of summer FAN

      Oh my god..thanks for taking halsey's side❤️❤️

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