G-Eazy - K I D S (Official Video) ft. Dex Lauper
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  • Matthew Meyers
    Matthew Meyers

    When the old G and new G become one G. OG.

  • JustDash

    imagine two g eazy verses without a feature. *oh my goodness.

  • Steve Enyeart
    Steve Enyeart

    Kids 🔥

  • k money
    k money

    G eazy is riding round with a stain by hanging out with this guy

  • Slime FBG
    Slime FBG


    • Nitrosetheprodigy

      much love slime

  • Nina L
    Nina L


  • Jade Shernowitz
    Jade Shernowitz

    Thank you for this song. It means more to me than you know.

  • Queen James
    Queen James


  • k money
    k money

    So wait... this DeX Lauper guy is just frontin and doesn't even have a brother let alone have a brother that got clipped in front of his grandmother's house? He just the son of Cindi Lauper and his other songs are wack as fuck? He got 500 subscribers? Kinda just ruined the song for me

    • k money
      k money

      @Nitrosetheprodigy this guy ain't never been close to nothing like that lol

    • Nitrosetheprodigy

      u never heard of friends who are like brothers to us? o ok. plz dont dog. plz

  • Mark Siegfried
    Mark Siegfried


  • Mark Siegfried
    Mark Siegfried

    Mac miller vibes fo sho

  • Darnell Washington
    Darnell Washington


  • Mandie Booth
    Mandie Booth

    DeX Luper, your voice is amazing.


    Newyork City This city is Heaven ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mandie Booth
    Mandie Booth

    Fucking allrighhhht

  • Nitrosetheprodigy

    cant wait til this gets to 2 MIL

  • Felipe Ferreira
    Felipe Ferreira

    Muito bom

  • Quarantine For Now
    Quarantine For Now

    G doesnt smoking weed?

  • Stefan Eckert
    Stefan Eckert

    I put it on 720p, the quality is still shit haha

  • Omar Trejo
    Omar Trejo

    Señorita babok señorita babok the naniiiii

  • Pepe’s Meme Lab
    Pepe’s Meme Lab

    Ouch 🤕 he murdered that beat

  • Austin B
    Austin B

    6 pm is pretty early actually so I agree

  • Brittney Spangler
    Brittney Spangler

    dex sound better than G on this

  • Steven Javier Lopez Ortiz
    Steven Javier Lopez Ortiz

    I knew this was inspired by Mac Miller.

  • Ian Santiago
    Ian Santiago

    Listen to this while high af = nostalgia

  • Omar Trejo
    Omar Trejo

    El babo is your blooded blood majicianz would you belibed or wen i rraised mi arms to be carried .

  • Zachary Bernard Carlton
    Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Bring a camera. Hey show though. Show dough. Back at the door ho-old up. Nah. Your motorcycle is chill. Bicameral Billy. Lost trills. Still Philly. Got my blue back. Steel Zach. Emotional like ice-cold racks. Stacks. Bishop. Mowgli Cappuccino. No dice. Still nice. Real Superman Superior. Superstars at the pier. Range Rovers. Rover rover. Blue rover. Stay over. Rover rover. Blue rover. Stay over. Bring a camera. Hey show though. Show dough. Back at the door ho-old up. Yo yo.

  • ydemi

    G Eazy and Mac Miller both got inspiration from the actual movie KIDS (1995), it's about the day in the life of some teens in NYC wrecking havoc. The film also touches on some more serious topics as well

  • Flava

    New generation kids didnt know film "Kids" But they dont have to know it.

  • Destry Jones
    Destry Jones

    Is there a name for the style for this video? Like the old kinda effect.

    • Sprucegum

      Dusko yeah!

    • Destry Jones
      Destry Jones

      @Dusko Thanks you !

    • Dusko

      VHS type video

  • Jorge Siqueiros
    Jorge Siqueiros

    This a sick one.

  • Mosab Bittar
    Mosab Bittar


  • Devon Zastre
    Devon Zastre

    This shit really does make me think of my brother, Matthew 2020 this Wednesday March R.I.Paradise brother.

  • ken _jeet
    ken _jeet

    if every song were like that first verse

  • Justinas Kubilius
    Justinas Kubilius

    Turn on 480p and it looks like 144p xD

  • SwissMarksman

    Beat is giving mad melancholic vibes

  • Lawrence Franks
    Lawrence Franks

    Power jus wanna ¢wanted. Wanna fire$

  • Lawrence Franks
    Lawrence Franks

    No ponche

  • Lawrence Franks
    Lawrence Franks


  • Kid Literate
    Kid Literate

    Dex is so underated

  • Dino Iyere
    Dino Iyere

    Dope track bro keep up the good work I m very proud of you bro

  • delson Seow
    delson Seow

    Just me or G-eazy looks like rafe from uncharted

  • D.L Gray
    D.L Gray

    Your voice...

  • Elysian Haze
    Elysian Haze

    Im loving this G-Eazy vibe

  • Wus Good
    Wus Good

    I really liked the vibe of this song until Lauper came along. Sounded awful when he came in.

  • Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval

    Your bro’s voice fucked this up

  • Brecka Reilly
    Brecka Reilly

    The G-Eazy we know and love 👌🏼

  • Postyyy_303

    He means it

  • Mariah salazar
    Mariah salazar

    That part

  • Leah Renee
    Leah Renee

    One of the hottest guys, EVER......

  • Bart


  • Avril Miya
    Avril Miya

    Missed these things happen daddy

  • Movies Geek
    Movies Geek

    Haha (Nitrose) This a sick one, yeah New York City, the city of dreams Yeah, uh, yeah Staying up, they're like, "What do you got against sleep?" Playing Donnis first tape, presented by 10.Deep Spending money like, "Fuck it, " because I ain't cheap Look, when you go away, it ain't shit that you can keep Feel like fuck it, we partying, going mad dumb Up&down, all these Soho girls wanna have fun Life is easy when all you doing is taking photos She got a couple of scars, but she don't like to show those Her agent books her a cover and everything is great I can't recall where I met her, a simple twist of fate She ain't used to all-nighters, so she thinks 6 is late The sun is up and these demons still tryna pass a plate Couple drugs in my system, faded, my vision is blurry Phone on one percent, I called an Uber quick in a hurry Die, fuck it, I'm here, now my phone is dead I'm fucked up, I know I should go to bed, but fuck it We don't never really sleep, I'm still up now Dodging raindrops, tryna duck clouds I don't fuck with people, I don't like crowds It's my world and I don't give a fuck now, yeah Got me thinking 'bout my life If I could do it all again, I'd do it twice If I could do it all again, Lord, forgive me for my sins This city never sleeps under bright lights, yeah Can't believe my brother died outside of grandma house He just took a bullet to the brain, now I'm standing under a cloud No one ever gonna give a fuck about you now That's why I ride around with a stain and there ain't no looking down As a youngin, the devil pulled up and mama gave him my soul When you try and buy your masters back, and then your death's the goal But how you gon' tell me about this life when you ain't got your soul? Drug you up like a puppet, and then they go and take control I lost my brother, had to go 'head and look at my life If I regret it or I'm just go'n 'head and just get that ice If I'm in Inglewood, then I'm just with my blooda Ice I'm on a time where I might just go ahead and risk my life See all them times when you do wrong, know you gon' pay the price I swear that karma the biggest bitch I met up in my life In this industry, that's all they know is sacrifice They tried to go tell me they just wanna take my life We don't never really sleep, I'm still up now Dodging raindrops, tryna duck clouds I don't fuck with people, I don't like crowds It's my world and I don't give a fuck now, yeah Got me thinking 'bout my life If I could do it all again, I'd do it twice If I could do it all again, Lord, forgive me for my sins This city never sleeps under bright lights, yeah

    • Nitrosetheprodigy

      lol ayyye

  • Loke Smithix
    Loke Smithix

    Dex goin in

    • Nitrosetheprodigy

      per usual

  • Hollow squad Hernan
    Hollow squad Hernan

    This reminding me of a old BONES music videos mixed with asap Rocky ...

  • Yolonda Treat
    Yolonda Treat

    If I could do it all again id do it twice

  • Ace

    Nobody mention the fact Dex def gotta ghost writer and lying asf, he doesnt have a brother to get gunned down out his Gramma house" I can't stand that kid.

    • Nitrosetheprodigy

      u shud speak on what you know bout. Dex writes for other ppl for one. Two aint nobody else on the credits but him , g and me and the co producer. FYI

    • GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

      “brotha” means “friend”, dumbass

  • Daniel Palhano Oficial
    Daniel Palhano Oficial

    Old g eazy vibes 🔥 from Brazil

  • MentalHealthSelfCare Channel
    MentalHealthSelfCare Channel

    That was a film, action packed. Dope song

  • Osito Cedar
    Osito Cedar

    Every chick he with he like this one and make a video glamorizing his latest squeeze 😝

  • MF Anal
    MF Anal

    Who’s here after he cheated on Yasmin.

  • Gabi jones
    Gabi jones

    This give me old eazy vibes I missed this 😭

  • little panda ֆ
    little panda ֆ


  • Gasss Gaming
    Gasss Gaming


  • Next up Last one
    Next up Last one

    Megan thee stallion ;c

  • Aiden Owen and More
    Aiden Owen and More

    Yo g-easy - Gerald is my favorite rapper you talk crap it’s your funaral

  • BabyGirl Javis
    BabyGirl Javis

    I love the way G Eazy voice sounds he is so sexy!!! 💋


    This reminds me of the movie K.I.D.S (1995)

  • Mandy

    Mac I love your music...

  • 9.5 33 Lý Minh Sang
    9.5 33 Lý Minh Sang

    Fuck u

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