Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Test
Battery test between Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max to see which phone has better battery life.
CONTEST CLOSED: Congrats to @abir_shahriare for winning!



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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Test


  • Aditya Shrestha
    Aditya Shrestha

    If only iOS was as good as Android, I'd buy an iPhone.

  • mxdiggitydom

    lmao even with the galaxy having a larger battery its still doing soo much more than the iphone, with the higher refresh rate and larger screen

  • letterjam

    Samsung have been undercharging their batteries since the s9 to increase its longevity with the trade off being it loss in capacity and therefore less battery time, quiet often they are skimming 10%ish off the actual capacity therefore there 5000mah battery actually only using 4500mah. although this test is great for real world usage and actual results, its fair to say its not comparing apples to apples because they are completely different phones (obviously) but also that there are methodologies at play such as improving battery life in the long term. This may be better than gaining 10% of battery life per full charge. Great testing btw PhoneBuff, this does really show real life comparisons and useful to all who don't have the money and time (which is probably everyone) to test the best phones before buying them, keep it up!

    • letterjam

      I can remember an article from samsung for the s9 stating that the battery life reduced per year is less than 5% with there new charging regime. wear-as my s5 was practically lost 25% of its original capacity after 2 years. with the battery technology being pretty much the same since then im guessing the iphone 11 would experience similar losses.

  • Maxim Maxim
    Maxim Maxim

    S20 Ultra Exynos 990?

  • Vlad

    With your great gear I would suggest you guys to have a look a a video done by other team: which I find way more reasonable, I'd love to actually see that with your programmed robots. Can't believe you are so clueless about how much battery 120hz is consuming.

  • Vlad

    17% tho is exactly the price you pay for 120hz on Samsung according to many tests online. 120hz is a huge battery consumer, so testing like that, given your obvious huge experience, I'd rightfully call biased. I use both company's phones guys, but come on, comparing 120 to 60 is just super biased, give us an actual reasonable comparison next time please, I love your order videos tho for a very scientific approach. You said Samsung is advertised as 120, well it is also advertised to have a reverse battery charging, which iPhone can dream of, let's now use tat feature on Samsung to further drain its battery, and let iphone sit and watch. With all respect to your great content, I completely disagree here with your methodology.

  • Vlad

    120hz is a huge factor guys and comparing to a 60hz phone is not very fair imo, you should have at least run two tests, have you done the second test tho? Its been a month now, would love to see that, as I consider 60hz to 60hz is way more reasonable and apples to apples comparison. GALAXY gives you an option to have 120, and not all people even use that. But its great to have that option when needed.

  • Myanmar Media Light
    Myanmar Media Light

    TBH, Samsung back camera placement is really ugly.

  • Max

    While my iphone 6s lasts for 20 minutes in standby

  • Malik Sulaman
    Malik Sulaman

    looking forward to see s20 ultra battery test for 120Hz vs 60Hz

  • Prashant Vyas
    Prashant Vyas

    So many nerds here this battery this processor this and all that shit

  • thymmai syiem
    thymmai syiem

    What’s the battery health of the iPhone during this test?

  • Roga

    And considering Apple hasn’t even released their 2020 phone yet. The s20 ultra is gonna get wrecked in that comparison.

  • Roga

    25% larger. 1031 MAH bigger. And yet the iPhone won and had a massive 17% left when the Samsung died. Lasted 1hr and 30 mins longer. What a humiliating defeat for Samsung. Reminds me of when the iPhone 6s beat the Samsung s8 in the speed test even though the Samsung was 2 years newer. 😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Ruben Freitas
    Ruben Freitas

    Of If you use 120hz against 60hz, it's normal that iPhone will win ... cuz 120hz consume more battery as 60hz but ok Samsung will be better than iPhone anyway

  • Mxhsinn

    This was a waste of time because you should've kept the s20 on 60hz... sigh



  • Marry Yuum
    Marry Yuum

    But iphone takes too much time for 100% charging as compared to samsung

  • Manthatknows

    Well that was a surprise


    i think thw screen in apole is not as sharp as to samsung.


    stop the exynos variant on samsung flagship.. our money is not that valued.

  • LyricalWax

    Needs to be done on 60Hz otherwise there is no point

  • Poke - Leaf
    Poke - Leaf

    Sa critique la batterie iPhone mais en attendant elle sont meilleur que vos Samsung 😂

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan

    I experimented with WQHD (S20 ultra Exynos) on a single charge with daily usage, Netflix, Call of duty, IT-my vidoes, instagram and internet browsing. Surprisingly, 7h55m of screen time. I did heavy testing just now. Shouldve recorded it 😅

  • gaming with harman hh
    gaming with harman hh

    Select on 60hz samsunge Galaxy s20 ultra

  • Mike B.
    Mike B.

    Apple should reduce the refresh rate to 30hz.

  • Abd ElAleem Edojaoa
    Abd ElAleem Edojaoa

    why the brightness is not maxed it really affects the test

  • Ashfak Ashu
    Ashfak Ashu

    U r the best comparison

  • JA Ramdom
    JA Ramdom

    I dont Have any Phone🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • JA Ramdom
    JA Ramdom

    Plsss Idol choose me❤️❤️❤️

  • JA Ramdom
    JA Ramdom

    Manalo sana ako

  • Cookie

    The only reason why I would ever want an iPhone is for that awesome matte glass, and so I could stop getting harassed for my choice of operating system.

  • Abdul Karim Razak
    Abdul Karim Razak

    I still choose the S20 ultra as am never going to sit with my phone for that number of hours expecting miracles from my battery life.

  • Merky_G

    nice video bro. keep up the good work bro your amazing.

  • Sully KW
    Sully KW

    if someone is considering to buy an iphone the proper test would be in 60Hz regardless of what the other phone is capable of

  • lile margvelani
    lile margvelani

    woooow the video was great a great quality everything was explained very clearly well i just wanna say I AM SATISFIED

  • Shahzad Yousaf
    Shahzad Yousaf

    I think iPhone always best

  • Edmond Edilo
    Edmond Edilo

    Iphone all the way always hold the crown if you want phone look cool then go to samsung but if you want preformance iphone is the best in every single way in performance witch is more important to the phone

  • Ifty Tushar
    Ifty Tushar

    Actually both phone are awesome 👌

  • Gleison B.
    Gleison B.

    Optimizations really sets the bar. Typical iOS. 💁🏼‍♂️

  • Raheel Lashari
    Raheel Lashari

    Gota have both at same fps setting right!!

  • Pai Monie
    Pai Monie

    That's not fair iPhone has 60 Hz refresh

  • Roland Coulibaly
    Roland Coulibaly

    To make a fair comparison you have to put the 2 smartphone in fhd 60 hertz and disable the 5G on the S20 because being in an area without 5G the fai increases energy consumption due to permanent network research

  • mohamed reda
    mohamed reda

    The screen size and resolution play a big role I prefer better resolution with slightly worse battery

  • King

    Don't forget the iphone has a 10% smaller screen at 102.9 square cm vs 114 square cm on the samsung and with much higher resolution too . Screen is the biggest battery drainer. Also the refresh rate, 120hz vs 60hz will save at least 10%. So you are not comparing on equal grounds. I know most ppl will use the max setting normally. But this is not the setting they will use if they wanted the battery to last 2 days. I am sure if apple put a 2900mah battery on iphone SE, it can outlast the 3900 battery on iphone 11 max pro. But you can't say its better just because the screen is much smaller.

  • Giany

    Oh my god, i don't expect that!

  • Abner Hernandez
    Abner Hernandez

    I have the s20 but disabled 120htz because my battery didn't even last a day and I hate charging my phone throughout the day.

  • Tanay K
    Tanay K

    I'll follow you you follow me back 😁

  • lukmly013

    Who doesn't have Instagram?

  • renRytoku

    I came to see iPhone win lol

  • ullekh bodhanker
    ullekh bodhanker

    Can you do the test with 60Hz rather than we can c if we use it on 60Hz how much battery we can time when we will be away from the charger

  • B Floyd
    B Floyd

    I would like to see the battery drain again at 60hz if possible


    Team Apple

  • #jerro • 8 years ago
    #jerro • 8 years ago

    At least Apple doesn’t sell different variants of the iPhone 11 pro. The whole ‘snapdragon and exynos’ is a whole joke lmao.

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa

    Wonder what apple could’ve done with 5000

  • Marco C
    Marco C

    OnePlus 8 pro vs iPhone 11promax

  • Arjun Shinoj
    Arjun Shinoj

    The iPhone 11 pro max is ahead of the time, I'm not joking look at the clock it is literally ahead of time 😂

  • Degou RJ
    Degou RJ

    Samsung fanboys. 3, 2, 1

  • Rash TV
    Rash TV

    My iphone 7+ didnt do so well after each ios updates. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal

    The thing with iPhone is the battery drops a long time later once you take it off charge at any percent even off 80 like I do. It doesn't drop to 79 until an hour or so of screen on time. That's a good advantage. Maybe s20 ultra will match the iPhone if the refresh rate was lower

  • Iron bolt
    Iron bolt

    I don’t think that 120Hz has much effect on the battery life in this test. The few scrolls per hour is not very accurate, most people scroll much more. So the result really shows that iPhone’s battery life is better. Maybe because they don’t have to overkill the specs like Samsung to get great performance. (Seriously, 16 gigs is as much as my gaming pc has). If android has to have 4x the ram to outperform iOS device (and just by few seconds in the PB Speedtest), it means someone is doing a very bad job @ Google.

  • maxbg

    Charging time matters as well. How long to fully charge both phones?

  • Mahbub Rabbi
    Mahbub Rabbi

    60hz test please

  • imicca

    Yes. Optimisation wins, again, android fanboys

  • UnscriptedAZN

    Part of the reason Samsung lost this test is because it was on 120 hz and had a bigger screen. Perhaps 60 hz could've made the difference.

  • Nina Sakhi
    Nina Sakhi

    0:30 what is Damoled

  • paper2222

    samsung has that thicc phone with lots of battery yet iphone still wins

    • paper2222

      also look at 3:24 the iphone is losing battery a tad bit faster than the s20 ultra, since it didn't use any 120hz features, since the phone is off

    • paper2222

      soulreaper well if you lower it down to 60hz, it's like giving samsung a little more handicap, and so the tests aren't really fair.

    • fast action clips
      fast action clips

      Samsung s20 ultra is a bigger phone with 120hz

    • INK MTK
      INK MTK

      @soulreaper Samsung s20 ultra can't won iPhone 11 pro max

    • soulreaper

      Samsung has 120hz tho. If it was 60 Samsung would've won.

  • Sunapu Mohit
    Sunapu Mohit

    Compare with new SE2

  • Marta Krol
    Marta Krol

    What is resolution in Samsung my friend?????

  • Mario

    Great test. Now make it actually fair, by cutting out any of the gimmicky features on either phone and run them both at 1080

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