Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)
The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

  • saiko

    anyone knows where can I watch GOT online for free without having to risk my personal information by creating some account on some random site? I can't do hbo because I live in europe.

  • Dan Dacuro
    Dan Dacuro

    I just completed season 1. I'm so excited. imagine yourself eating spaghetti while watching haha. If you don't know how to cook spaghetti this may help you just click the link. thanks

  • Starnet 96
    Starnet 96

    The fact that we only see scenes from episodes 1-3 makes me even more nervous

  • President Donald J Trump
    President Donald J Trump

    Brace yourselves. The illegals are coming. Wall Now!

  • Pramila Honhaga
    Pramila Honhaga

    I am just wanting for the movie

  • Monalina Phukan
    Monalina Phukan

    Why I am seeing the white walker chasing Arya? The long hair white walker 🤔....... I can see two clips, in one arya is running and the other clip showing the white walker, but both the clips are combined with so much smoothness that it can't be distinguished easily.... Is anyone there who can see like me?

  • I AmJhanice
    I AmJhanice

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  • Rafael Saret
    Rafael Saret

    This is the best GOT Season watch this

  • marko j
    marko j


  • JCV

    i am so fucking scared for arya oh my god


    is that arya running from the mountain in the beginning. she still has cersei and the mountain on her list. if it's not the mountain i would bet that arya does take on the mountain in the 5th or 6th/last episode and when she's about to lose the hound comes in and sacrifices himself to save her and then she gets the upper hand and defeats that freak with the hound dying

  • Jer of Jers
    Jer of Jers

    Podrick better get all his gold back from all the white walkers!

  • Armando Alvites Lavado
    Armando Alvites Lavado

    Algunas de estas escenas ya salieron en el primer capitulo. Se pone cada vez mas interesante la serie.

  • федор зайцев
    федор зайцев

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  • Lucas Bueno
    Lucas Bueno

    It's amazing cause they actually didn't show a single scene from episodes 4,5 and 6 I mean there's most of episode 1, then 2, and the battle scenes wich are in episode 3 (confirmed) so I'm so excited and worried at the same time

  • anderson silva
    anderson silva

    ae, se liga nas informações que vou te dar: os vagantes tem um dragão, e os outros 2 dragões não vão atacar esse dragão, por reconhecer ele como um irmão. e adivinha quem vai entrar na mente do dragão para poder lutar de igual para igual ??? bran !!!

  • John

    I've never seen the game of thrones. Looks like alot of people who needs to shower.

  • Luka Stankovic
    Luka Stankovic

    1:22 direwolves Group ?

  • Husain Rasd
    Husain Rasd game of thrones season 8 for free

  • James McD
    James McD

    Anyone know what the music is called

  • miko

    Just started watching this show recently waiting for it to finish so I can do all in one go. And I have to say that for its reputation it’s actually very very overrated. Some characters are brilliantly acted but some are one big mistake. 4th season and so far 6/10.

  • PenguinWolf 88
    PenguinWolf 88

    Before I saw little ned umber nailed to the wall killed and turned and also with body parts and even with Hardhome episode i still didn't believe the NK was evil but now the show must end with him and his army slaughtered everyone.

  • Magdalena Mandušić
    Magdalena Mandušić

    the trailer makes much more sense to me now that i have watched the first episode, honestly i feel like crying....fckkk

  • Taranjeet Kaur
    Taranjeet Kaur

    0:21 The weapon Gendry makes for Arya!

  • BananasAndSalads

    Lil Dicky is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne... Video explaining why on my channel.

  • Morne Du Toit
    Morne Du Toit

    Call me

  • Quavo Quack
    Quavo Quack

    i came from 2021 they made 2 movies and a sequel coming soon B)

  • Richard Halverson
    Richard Halverson

    Hey it’s Richard here to tell you why the The iron throne is a lie. im also gonna brag that when season 7 was coming out I predicted the night king would somehow lure danys dragons and get one for himself to destroy the wall and cross it. True story. Ive been right about theories before and I feel more right this one than anything but we shall see. i don’t expect you to read this all but I Cant stop thinking about the show anyways so screw it it and I want this theory documented incase I'm right. The history that everyone including dany thinks happened is that aegon the first conquered the seven kingdoms and took over Westeros and than built an iron throne off the the thousand blades of his enemies to rule over the seven kingdoms. In one episode, Little finger was talking to someone and pointed out that there isn’t even 200 blades on the iron throne and that the history is a story that everyone tells themselves over and over until they forget it’s a lie. This could suggest aagon the first had nothing to do with the iron throne even being built. What George Martin just slipped out during an interview was aegon the first may have conqured Westeros 300 years ago to unify the seven kingdoms against the long night that is happening now in the events of season 8. If aegon the first knew about the long night and night king returning in the future, the only person who can see the future and know that.... is the three eyed raven. And remember...the three eyed raven before bran was killed before he could teach him everything so there’s definitely some important information about this history that bran still needs to find out in season 8. And if the three eyed raven knew about the long night, he probably knows who the great hero is. The great hero, (azor ahai) (the prince that was promised) is supposed to be born in the targarian family lineage. I believe that the three eyed raven promised aegon the first that if he unified the seven kingdoms, a prince born in his lineage would be reborn azor ahai and defeat the long night for good and save the world but for all that to happen, the kingdoms needed to be unified first. Again, George Martin has said that the ending will follow the main points of the books. In the books azor ahai became azor ahai by stabbing his lover called nissa nissa in the chest and having his sword turn into lightbringer from all her power inside her going into his sword that becomes a flaming sword that defeated the night king in the first long night 1000 years ago.I think Jon is obviously the prince that is promised and dany is obviously nissa nissa. I think dany is fireproof because she has the power of lightbringer inside her. Not because she’s targarian. In an episode In the earlier seasons when Dany’s brother viserious had his head burned in hot gold by khal Drogo, they asked why he burned to death and she didn’t. She said because he didn’t have the blood of the dragon. So dany thinks that she is fireproof because of her targarian blood along with almost all the fans. But George Martin has already dismissed that saying its for more magical and mysterious reasons. So with what’s going on now. Throughout the show, Jon has always been pure. He’s without question the purest character In the game of thrones, pointing that he’s going to be the lord of lights champion (azor ahai). Now dany is very likable but you can’t overlook the facts. Emily Clarke the actor who played Dany said the ending of dany fucked her up and she had to drive for hours and it left a bad taste in her mouth. Throughout the show they keep mentioning that targarians have a bad history of going crazy. They actually mention this a lot like every season...Dany has already shown some signs that she’s a little power crazy. Killing everyone that doesn’t bow to her kinda shows. She thinks she’s the prince that is promised but every character throughout the show who has believed themselves the prince that was promised has died. Stannis for example. Like I said Jon is the purest character. The lord of light brought him back to life already. He’s the song of ice and fire. He’s never wanted the throne he’s only wanted to protect people. Caitlyn stark mentioned that everything that has happened to the starks happened because she didn’t love Jon and that would actually make sense if he’s the lord of lights champion and the lord of light punished the starks.. Now back to dany. dany has gone through a lot of shit. She tells Jon all the shit she went through when they first met in season 7 and she even said to Jon that faith in herself has kept her standing through it all. She has faith in her destiny is to rule and conquer Westeros like aegon the first. But what’s gonna fuck her up and make her go crazy is that she’s gonna find out that’s she’s not even the heir to the throne and aegon didn’t do what he did for the same reasons she did. She loves being queen. You see it throughout the show. Watch episode one of season 8, she’s a bit full of herself. (Yes, arguably she has the right to be.) but how would the lord of light favor that over Jon. Also dany is fireproof, it’s almost obvious that magical thing about her is the power of light inside her. Now where everything connects. Jon being true heir will fuck dany up forsure. But what I think is going to set her off and make her lose her mind is bran is going to find out and reveal the true reason aegon the first took over the seven kingdoms, to unify and ensure Jon is born to defeat the night king. Not to conqure and rule, and she has come so far to be queen and to find out that was never the point in the first place, she’ll just lose it, she won’t believe it. She’ll think bran is just making shit up and the the north is trying to manipulate her. Jon will be forced to kill her so and her power will go into his sword like the prophecy nissa nissa and azor ahai. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • niklas kartberg
    niklas kartberg conspiracy theories !! and other good shit !!

  • Shri Shri Entertainment Guru Ji
    Shri Shri Entertainment Guru Ji

    Want to seee wild sex

  • Aakash stn
    Aakash stn

    No one is watching this trailer now.. We are No One.

  • Mister X
    Mister X

    Ich habe eine Frage zu Game of Horns. Trifft West Eros Ost Julia?

  • Tharindu Gunawardana
    Tharindu Gunawardana

  • සඳමාලි වළකුඹූර
    සඳමාලි වළකුඹූර

    Never want to see that word "FINAL". Its heartbreaking.

  • Stricker134

    I just completed season 1. I hope that season 2 is just as good.

  • the janeerye
    the janeerye

    Who has started watching from season 1 before s8 ep 1 just to reminisce all the characters? 😊😂

  • Deserve your likes
    Deserve your likes

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  • Farman Ullah
    Farman Ullah

    *Possible Spoilers* I think tyrion will betray daenerys and after she finds out she will command her dragons to burn tyrion ( that is why we see tyrion looking up in fear and then immedietly after this the dragon is shown breathing fire, although these may be two different scenes but is this a hint?) But the fire will cause no harm to tyrion proving that he is a targaryan.

  • american dream
    american dream

    Who's in season 2 and so excited to see this season?

  • mayamol1
    mayamol1 Final season GoT predictions

  • Eldredge Knot
    Eldredge Knot

    1:27 Are those wights climbing up? Holy shit, I hope Arya survives

  • Aocy Mulatoto
    Aocy Mulatoto


  • Apsuva5412

    Hangi siteden izliycez

  • Love Doraemon
    Love Doraemon

    i thing that's not a final its a new start

  • mcatv

    If Jaime dies I riot. Just me if needed. And naked.

  • Alexandria Michelle
    Alexandria Michelle

    Theon is Azor Ahai im sure of it.

  • Hicham Bouchoul
    Hicham Bouchoul

    الجزء الثامن تحت شعار #يتنحاو_قاع

  • sid ahmed
    sid ahmed

    تتنحاو قاع

  • lov1piece

    Our generation's M*A*S*H


  • jordan2ZE

    Who's rewatching this trying to fit all the scenes into order after watching episode 1??

  • Nathan Wallace
    Nathan Wallace

    you think Bran is talking about Jaime?

  • Aman Goyal
    Aman Goyal

    Jaime Lannister should get to sit on the Iron Throne. He has done more than any other character for the kingdom, yet, he does jot even get respect. Most TRAGIC character...

    • Zooqan Pawar
      Zooqan Pawar

      He pushed a 10 year old out of a tower.

    • Teens Corner
      Teens Corner

      +Aman Agrawal yep

    • Aman Agrawal
      Aman Agrawal

      Only one to deserve the throne.

    • Anil Kumar Goyal
      Anil Kumar Goyal

      I totally agree.

    • Teens Corner
      Teens Corner


  • KeybladeMasterMind

    The voicoever from Bran...most would say he's talking to Jon, but something tells me he's talking to Jaime...we'll find out in two days...

  • Rashed Rana
    Rashed Rana

    Nice super hit

  • Rarejewelz

    Jaqen told Arya that Braavos was founded by Faceless Men.. I think the men from Iron Bank of Braavos are Faceless Men and the one in the city to personally give Cersei her coins is one and I don't think its a coincidence. He (I think Jaqen) is there to kill Arya and that's the opening scene of her running in Kings Landing (not Winterfell).

  • Piece of Cookie
    Piece of Cookie

    I Hacked HBO and watched every ep of GOT... OMG what unexpected ending.... Best TV Show for a reason

    • Piece of Cookie
      Piece of Cookie

      I can but i dont want to ruin a best season of GOT. Season 8 is masterpiece.

    • saqib khan
      saqib khan

      +Piece of Cookie OK can you give me any other major spoiler.

    • Piece of Cookie
      Piece of Cookie

      I can confirm all theories about Night King are false

    • saqib khan
      saqib khan

      +Piece of Cookie yeah I have read few theories about why knight King want to go to winterfell. May be there are some dragon eggs in the crypt or any night queen in the crypt 😂🥚.

    • Piece of Cookie
      Piece of Cookie

      Night King have a very good reason to attack Winterfell and you will see it in next episode thats all for me.

  • astirmichael

    Dear HBO after games of thrones I will be getting rid of you because I don't pay extra to watch CNN.i pay to watch movies not your political views.


    Night King sabko marega...... Sirf Trivedi bachega😁😂

  • Baby Eagle
    Baby Eagle

    Do you see any interesting games like this?

  • t mac
    t mac

    SPOILER!!!!! Jon can walk thru fire like D!!!!!!!

  • Kira Alexander
    Kira Alexander

    Getting MAJOR Helm’s Deep vibes from the battle clips. I can’t wait!! 🙌

  • BrownColoredAmericanChristian

    Did you miss Brauns secrete message to Jon Snow? GOT Season 8! Episode 1

  • Michelle

    I rlly want to try n watch this show but i'd have to watch the first 7 season, can't handle

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez

    I think this will be the end of the second episode 1:40

  • raymar santos
    raymar santos

    ive been waithing here for a lon time die hard fntci for GOT since before "_0

  • preen _
    preen _

    Now imagine the night king stabbing Jamie at the chest and Jamie says, "you should have gone for the head" and he slaps him with his dragonglass hand

  • Asgore

    Why Jon snow even Go to the while walkers in the first place And now we lose 1 dragon which make things worse

  • T B
    T B

    Now we've watched the first episode, notice how they removed Jon from Rhaegals back in the trailer lol

  • Alfred Shaju
    Alfred Shaju

    online job for students👇👇👇

  • Smoke LK
    Smoke LK

    Night king skipped leg day

  • darka darka
    darka darka

    💎Brienne looking amazing! 💎

  • Death Rival
    Death Rival

    OMG after all this wait GameofThrones Season 8 is only 8x Episodes? You must be kidding me And also this season is the last? then you must be joking with me I don't know if anyone of the workers of this legendary stunning series aware that the worldwide fans Of the Game of Thrones want the series to keep going on we want more episodes we want more Game of Thrones This is unfair for the fans I hope you guys listen to the world, don't build something that we love and like then put a quick end to it, with all my respect this one of the most worldwide successfully series, therefore, you must consider work more to satisfying your fans 8 seasons is not enough. More GameofThrones is demanded not by a person, not by a country, it's a worldwide demanding. Whoever with me hit the like button show yourself to this series team.

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      Anf it doesn't matter how many people wants it to continue, if the story is over its over, get over it

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      *6 episodes

  • Mathus Q
    Mathus Q

    No ghost in episode 1, and Daenery's white fur coat is giving me the creeps.

  • Central FLA
    Central FLA

    Never saw this show . Is it like The Hunter Games ?

  • Gabriel Avalos
    Gabriel Avalos

    People say this series isn’t about storytelling anymore. Is that true? Thumbs up if you think it’s wrong

  • Joshua Fernandez
    Joshua Fernandez

    Never seen the show.. is it really that good?

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      you will only know when you watch it

  • três patetas
    três patetas

    Aí tudo ok eu quero chamar um amigo De escola e ele se chama Brayan

  • lil Dede
    lil Dede

    Littlefinger ain't dead and will win the throne.

  • Ece Ceylin & Brothers
    Ece Ceylin & Brothers

    Search Ece Ceylin & Brothers

  • Mal Mal
    Mal Mal

    Bran is speaking to the night king in the trailer meaning he is a Stark. Possibly a lord. Winter fell is the night kings home

  • Joomah Abu zaid
    Joomah Abu zaid

    Peaky Blinders , Viking , friends and many other shows are such an incredible series . but game of thrones have numerous of interesting event and unpredictable end .that makes it is spectacular and the most beautiful show in the history who agree with me ?

  • Barrack Lankii
    Barrack Lankii

    Hands up...!! if you are seeing this trailer again after watching so8 ep 1 I wonder who did bran talk to ..?? In this trailer..!? Is it Jon.

  • Tanmay Saha
    Tanmay Saha

    I watched all the 7 seasons in last 5 days..... I just watched s08e01 before I watched this trailer 😅

  • Alex hater
    Alex hater

    We all wait to see the 6 episodes of the season finale of GOT, and they give us 55 minutes only? Are u fucking serious?

  • jhklguidf

    i used to knock the show saying it doesnt look that great. i caved in a watched it now im obsessed wit it.

  • Certified Production play lists
    Certified Production play lists

    wow nice graphic movie its so very nice movie in this year.. but im hungry i want spageti like this

  • Captain Mujib
    Captain Mujib

    Are GOT's(season 8) episodes available on You-tube..?Please tell me kindly..!

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      Why would it be ?😂

    • TheBlaze


  • Jay Hoang
    Jay Hoang

    When you realise 70% of this is in the first episode already...

    • Starnet 96
      Starnet 96

      Jay Hoang it scares the hell outta me

  • Kn allaboutme
    Kn allaboutme

    I have seen the first ep. and now I m here again. I don't think the trailer is give us something expect ep 1 and EP2. scenes. They took really good measures so nothing is spoiled. That means they 're will be lost of twists. Good job.

  • Kalsaur Wolf
    Kalsaur Wolf

    the trailer is from episode 1 and 2

  • VijayNanavare
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  • Show live
    Show live

    #1.25 arya's new weapon

  • Daniel

    Es währe echt super wenn ihr euch mal mit den the Witcher 3 Machern zusammensetzt um ein richtig gutes Game of Thrones Spiel zu machen

  • Preacher

    What if kingslayer is now become a Night king slayer !!!

  • theFreebornBrothers

  • Jacob Avila
    Jacob Avila

    Let’s see, how much of episode 1 do we see in this trailer lol

  • Imani Brooks
    Imani Brooks

    What’s a game of thrones?

  • Nazir Ahmed
    Nazir Ahmed


  • Sudip Adhikari
    Sudip Adhikari

    Is there anyone who hate game of thrones besides me

    • D. Robinson
      D. Robinson

      "becomes it's popular"- you're a fucking genius, no wonder you like it. You probably think it's a documentary.

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      yes plenty of trolls and cunts like you hate it because it's popular

    • D. Robinson
      D. Robinson

      Me. I keep expecting it to get better or at least make more sense but it never does.

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