Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!
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Today Loyal Theorists and FNAF fans, we get ready to lock in another piece of the Five Nights at Freddy's puzzle. Remember the awful brother in the Foxy mask from FNAF 4? Well I have finally figured out the true identity of Foxy Bro! That's rights, I'm saying I've CONFIRMED a new piece of FNAF lore... until Scott decides to chance things....
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Inkyink

    *PLEASE HELP MATPAT SEE THIS. THIS IS THE SOLUTION TO THE LOGBOOK* OK Yes the Faded text *really* did seem like it was talking to Mike, right? But HERE'S The pivotal mistake everyone made. *It's not talking to Mike.* There are TWO spirits inside the logbook! Crazy right? Want proof? I've gotcha. I direct you now to pages *89* and *109* Where we see a spirit REPLYING to Faded's questions through altering the text existing in the book. THEREFORE, We know that Faded (Who may be Charlie and not Cassidy but that's a whole other debate) is *NOT* talking to Mike, but talking to *Mike's Brother, who is also in the logbook* Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk, and Good day to you all.

    • Max Dubbeldam
      Max Dubbeldam

      nuneung balachandra one word Charlie

    • •gothic• •gurl•
      •gothic• •gurl•


    • Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!
      Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!


    • Hinemoa

      @Vody Your current theory was my old theory, but him being a robot wouldn't work. There were a lot of factors debunking that theory but I can't remember them to state rn, so I respect your theory while I am now on Mikebro. (:

    • Lillian d
      Lillian d

      Omg it says "I can hear sounds " and "it was for me" on 89 and on 109 it says "i can't see " and "I'm scared" WHAT HOW HAS NO ONE POINTED THIS OUT

  • Elwin

    Rewatching this, now I remembered, isn't the AR game state Animatronic have... stealth?

  • FlowHow08

    matpat the animatronics in special delivery have invisible clock features

  • Alex GR
    Alex GR

    Did anything happen with that ending when he was like im supposed to be dead but im not and im coming for you or something like that?

  • SpeakDaTruth11

    I'm just glad you understand that the Fazbear Fright books are representations of things that actually did happen in the game canon. It's not literally in the same canon.

  • Vaibhav Shukla // Imaginate Studios
    Vaibhav Shukla // Imaginate Studios

    Imagine the Kasey story story being one of the most important stories in the franchise

  • Kelsey Doty
    Kelsey Doty

    Dear MatPat, Take this with a grain of salt but I have a theory why William Afton is Orange in one mini game even though he is usually shown as purple. Michael Afton tells us. Whatever happened to Michael after Ennard left his body is what happened to William after the point when he was shown to be orange. I think he showed him orange to show this was a time before he started experimenting on his own body. And I hear you say well what about the timeline. Well I have an answer. It would be incredibly easy to track the timeline just based on color if it changed gradually. I think that orange William Afton is a flag to us saying 'this is the moment before a pivotal time in his life that made him the complete monster we know now'. You hear about the progression of serial killers beginning with grim fascination moving to animal mutilation and so on. People aren't born serial killers. in fact there are murderers who get released that never do it again (feeling guilt/regret). After Afton began experimenting on himself the part of him that felt any remorse or caring for those around him died. His search for immortality literally cost him his soul. But that's just a Theory.....A COMMENT THEORY!

  • Bush Gang
    Bush Gang

    Calling this right now, when and most likely, when the next new channel will be based on blue

  • Shadow Wendinger
    Shadow Wendinger

    Ho yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleassss make a really life fnaf place pleasss

  • Ben Garrett
    Ben Garrett

    I should not be watching this at 4 A.M.

  • LiveLefty Me
    LiveLefty Me

    Fnaf theory:What If Foxy Bro Is Actually Name Is Terrence

  • Bexar Husky
    Bexar Husky

    how do you dont get a little scared when making ur vids?

  • eliskeatchavenue

    Chuck the chump?, Chris the crying child? coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • Lil 'bowla
    Lil 'bowla

    i just ate pizza

  • Lil 'bowla
    Lil 'bowla

    uh wut

  • Pow You are dead
    Pow You are dead

    In my head canon Michael has and always will be the crying child

  • Quinn Florence
    Quinn Florence

    Hey, matpat there a music video on a fan song about ballora from sister location where is shows William Aston zapping ( mrs.Afton) and she turned into ballora or her soul takes over ballora body. It was sad but maybe that also the connection that Scott trying to point out, maybe??? Or maybe ballora a mother figure from the game because the mini dancing 💃🏻 dolls look up to her or something???

    • I am BREAD
      I am BREAD

      The song has no meaning at all.

  • XandvierCatsYT

    in fnaf ar, animatronics can become invisible! INCLUDING THE NEWELY ADDED BALLORA

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger

    Omg that intro was beautiful :( 1:00 2:50 3:30 5:00 6:00 6:40 7:30 8:00 10:30 11:30 13:00 14:20 15:00

  • Aaron Dry Bio
    Aaron Dry Bio

    Food theory? HERE I COME!

  • synical reaper
    synical reaper

    So then, who is the crying child?

  • Fnaflover Fazbears
    Fnaflover Fazbears

    about the invisible theory it kinda does exist in the lore I guess if you can call the AR game as cannon the animatronics in that game can go invisble but i forgot the name of that mode

  • •Melanie Stuffz•
    •Melanie Stuffz•

    The fact that Pete is a organ organ doner matches up with join us for a bite-

  • MadMad Marley
    MadMad Marley

    I love how he starts to start off with that creepy intro!!

  • RandomnessUltraTV

    Here’s a bombshell: FNAF 4 _was_ a dream. A nightmare, to be exact. If “The Man in 1280” tells us that Afton is suffering nightmares (and if that’s what UCN is), then FNAF 4 is showing us the nightmares of the Bite Victim right before his death. All the pieces are there: the childhood bedroom, the ‘days til the party’ snippets, the end message. That kid died. We’re seeing his dreams.

  • Tristan Sauce
    Tristan Sauce

    Animatronics have turned invisible in the series though. You know, Special Delivery? The mobile game you said also had lore implications and that you would talk about at some point?

  • green Canarie
    green Canarie

    ‘No invisible animatronics’ well in the AR phone game it’s full of invisible animatronics that can only be seen through the phone.

  • not ethan
    not ethan

    Back in my day there was just 5

  • computer head
    computer head

    Real fred bears Pizzeria holy

  • Grant Cravey
    Grant Cravey


  • Brett Patterson
    Brett Patterson

    Aight yall. Hear me out. "I will put you back together" refers not to the child, but the Afton Family as a whole. And what if sister location is that family. Literally put together. Ballora: Mrs. Afton Baby: Elizabeth Funtime Foxy: Foxy bro Funtime Freddy: Crying Child, as Freddy is the one that bit him.

  • MelodyLin0319

    Petition for Matpat to actually work with Scott and do the whole fnaf pizzeria thing

  • Riley Young19
    Riley Young19

    No invisible or holographic Animatronics huh? what about special delivery?

  • MisterSpeaks

    Please stop using that crying child face, it genuinely gives me chills


    What about robo Michael.

  • Weezy weezy
    Weezy weezy

    So wait would that mean Michel afton is foxy

  • Lily Albaugh
    Lily Albaugh

    Ballora is the mother of the afton kids and her name is clara nd she just drive of a cliff while being drunk because william and her had a big fight and foxy bro is michel afton the son of william afton and Chris is the name of the crying child and Elizabeth which is also there kid is circus baby because she didn't listen to her dad and got pulled into her body and Elizabeth got crushed to death and william afton is the dad and he went on a killing spree after Chris died and got chased by the souls that he murdered and got spring locked by spring Bonnie Wich is called spring trap now and he only killed people because a virus in his head which was called glitchtrap controlled him because he looked in his eyes and controlled by his purple eyes

  • Fernanda Figueroa Campos
    Fernanda Figueroa Campos


  • Connor McAlister
    Connor McAlister

    Okay then, if you think that Michael Afton truely is foxybro, then what is the crying child’s name?

    • I am BREAD
      I am BREAD

      None? His name is never stated?

  • MrFangs06

    Food theory..... Whats next? Color Theory?

  • Charlotte Emily
    Charlotte Emily

    YES I KNOW IT!!!!

  • Haha Panda
    Haha Panda

    Make a security breach video make a security breach video make a security breach video make a security breach video make a security breach video

  • Jeremy

    Fnaf 3: the puppets reflection is shown in the water on the ground when looked at through the camera despite being a phantom animatronic. Just saying

  • Gareth Butler
    Gareth Butler

    My pants are wet

  • Charles Ludy
    Charles Ludy

    #matpat is Scott coffin

  • Wafflegamerrr

    Theory i made a long time ago: [fazbear and meeting clara happened already]Crying child/chris afton born. William Afton murdered yeah. Birthday of chris and rip. Elizabeth got scoop o: . Now she baby. and fazbear thing shut down. Freddy fazbear has born O: !!!! [Time zoom] clara divorced and car crashed. She now Spider mom. Michael is in facility and officially named eggs benedict. Now he got scoop too o: . Now he ennard. After that William will protec, He attac, He always comes bac

  • MedEvilEye

    There’s so many theories and stuff with Fnaf I forgot what we’re even trying to solve 💀

  • Vampirekid Gacha
    Vampirekid Gacha

    7:17 FNaF AR: **uno reverse**

  • oscar jeavons
    oscar jeavons

    youtube theory ??????????

  • The goofy gamer
    The goofy gamer

    this is my fourth time waching all the fnaf theorys in order

  • Micah Brunet
    Micah Brunet

    FNAF Chuck E Cheese is a terrible idea

  • Trina McGowan
    Trina McGowan


  • Le Editor
    Le Editor

    What if mike was actually Pete but Pete’s forgot his name and thought it was mike

  • triforce

    Ok so could they make the fnaf playlist in order of upload date I would love to watch them in order

  • Missy Keith
    Missy Keith


  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff


  • Lilredrobyn TDOT
    Lilredrobyn TDOT

    wait a minute foxy's not missing a arm but phantom foxy is!

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf

    What If the crying child doesn't remember a lot of things about himself so like if he was looking for something to jog his memory maybe he came across his brothers book and that's why the name is crossed out a cassie is talking to him but some things that his brother left behind are still there and so maybe he thinks he is Mike and not the crying child

  • Galaxy Man
    Galaxy Man

    you should do book theorist!!

  • DexterTV

    AYE! Chuck-e-cheeses pizza is not bad 😤

  • Calvin & Hobbies
    Calvin & Hobbies

    I think that (at least to me) the "terrible" chuck e cheese pizza is a bit unfair, yes it's not great, but I mean it's not AWFUL. It's still pizza.

  • No One In Particular
    No One In Particular

    On page 99, of the loge book, under the caption "my child said Freddy bit him!" It's written in red pen "He tripped and fell on Freddy's teeth. Not our fault." This might be a clue that helps this theory, I'm not much of a theorist though. For all I know their the same person. MatPat did think one was a robot.

  • gallade gamer
    gallade gamer

    17:45 Orrrrr, we talk about golden freddy again.

  • Turbobist 28
    Turbobist 28

    Animatronic hologram coming closer to you is literally Glitchtrap.

  • Soda Kat
    Soda Kat


  • Payton Commack
    Payton Commack

    SCOTT, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustANormalOtaku

    I dont think "the empty tomb" from Ballora's music isnt referring to her daughter's empty room, but yes literally her empty tomb, since she was inside of Baby and its possible that no one ever knew where her body was (other than Baby herself and Will A.) so her grave (sorry if its not the right word, my english kinda sux) is empty because they never got to get the body and bury her there. Though her empty room is still referenced in the music.

  • Draginn

    Theory: Scott gave up on the lore of the series when FNAF 4 came out and MatPat is just hurting himself for no reason.

  • TheFallingFlamingo

    What if the log book was a hand-me-down from older brother to younger? When the crying child inherited the book from his older brother, he simply crossed out the name because it was his now.

  • Catherine Bloodworth
    Catherine Bloodworth

    Is it possible that Michael Afton is schizophrenic or has DID or another personality disorder

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