Game Theory: The Stolen Souls of Minecraft
The Game Theorists
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Today Theorists, we are diving back into the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft lore! I bet you are saying to yourself, "MatPat, what is there left to uncover in Minecraft? You've solved so many things!" That may be true, but there will always be more. In this episode we are peeling back the mysteries of the Minecraft Vindicators and the power of souls introduced in the new Minecraft Dungeons. We're about to get spooky!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Robo Bunny763
    Robo Bunny763

    Matpat: as in, souls, spirits of the dead. William afton: hold my soul formulas.

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G

    Wait didn't you mention how they might've created herobrine in the last theory and said you were going to talk about it in this theory. I understand if you scrapped that idea but you still said that you would talk about that so you want to do something about that. Eh he's probably not going to see this anyways.

  • Joey the lips
    Joey the lips

    Please do a theory on how souls work in minecwaft and how skeletons now spawn in the nether alongside wither skeletons

  • Shalla DeSpain
    Shalla DeSpain

    theory- you are the only surviver of the achent socieaty of bulders, struck with amesia.

  • Ottersatnight

    I just found a vindicator strolling around my base

  • Emmit Cannady
    Emmit Cannady

    Can we get some nether update lore

  • Scott Voisin
    Scott Voisin

    I hate your video you put up bad memories in my head about dog hunt oh wait it’s called Doxy

  • Foxythepiratefoxlover476 Ya boi
    Foxythepiratefoxlover476 Ya boi

    0:00 - 0:11 I love how he tried to make a meme like memenade

  • RouxlsKaard5

    The Vindicator model used looks like he is yelling ‘HI’ to someone across the street

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    I can garentee that the people at mojang have seen these videos and I think you may have helped em start paying more attention to the lore they are creating

  • - Fexxis -
    - Fexxis -

    The illusionier needs a theory

  • XxDark_SpyderxX


  • Texa redwine
    Texa redwine

    Can you play mincraft my name is dreadkibbles896

  • One hundred buds
    One hundred buds

    Vex and those gray villagers things have the same eyebrows

  • magnumpd74

    Do a theory on zombie pigmen.

  • Camden Welch
    Camden Welch

    All of this just to prove evokers are magic when we already know. Lol

  • Camden Welch
    Camden Welch

    Wow ur the best theorist I need to go to collage so I can be Gud at theoriysssssss

  • TanTheManPlays

    Could the souls be your deaths when u respawn?

  • rufus gamer
    rufus gamer

    In minecraft 1.16 the soul sand now scream !! And that means it has souls? Can you guys plz like this cuse i was in crative and i was placing soul sand and i herd a litle bit of a scream

  • a fox named Bryce
    a fox named Bryce

    I think the laugh of the vexes is the evoker forcing the vex souls to laugh, he’s trying to erase his crimes, he’s trying to *vindicate* them

  • star boy
    star boy

    Vindicator also drops emerald after killing them


    more theories

  • IcyPandaXD

    their asking for a new update (villagers turn into vindicators during a raid)

  • Marcus Gaming
    Marcus Gaming

    You know why is it lapis cause you can enchant with it rigth and it brain washes them

  • napbooks

    Lego simulator: Roblox: ha i can finnaky make a meme with this Roblox : your weak Minecraft: im you

  • Sol Virt
    Sol Virt

    Hey The Game Theorists!! I have battled 3 vexes and one they still burned by lava..

  • Eman Kpu
    Eman Kpu

    Next theory: how can the player/us respawn and the "ancient builder's" can't?

  • Ida Mechlenborg
    Ida Mechlenborg

    Jack Torrence wasn’t just a normal guy though, he was already a violent guy, he did after all dislocate Danny’s(his son) arm, just because he messed a bit around with a few papers of Jack’s (Jack is an author), so when he came to the hotel, he was already a quote on quote the bad guy, so that piece of evidence is unusable in the way Matpat explains it.

  • Sarah.j Lol
    Sarah.j Lol

    Ok but we’re no closer to finding out why we or steve is the last person of their kind in the world I mean if every last human being was killed and went extinct then there’s no way for Steve to be alive I mean he could’ve survived somehow and ended up blacking out and waking up in some random part of the world but what if the indicators created him like you said it is a possibility that there using wool to recreate the human beings but just ended up being zombies you even said there’s this cult that people came witch is Steve’s population and left and the indicators didn’t know where they went and recreated there practices so maybe the one that introduced themselves and there freinds to the indicators was Steve maybe Steve was probably there hero he was well known to the indicators but ever since his population went extinct the indicators took the colors of what Steve wore and tried to recreate him and his people but those were all probably failed attempts but maybe somehow one of those recreations went right and Steve was born but it doesn’t explain how Steve wakes up in the middle of the woods also we don’t know if Steve remembers the indicators he probably ran away because he saw what they were doing and ended up in the woods.... ethier way that’s what I think not sure if it makes senses or not but it could explain how Steve is still alive and why he’s the only one of his species alive.

  • HaydenSuperSpeed

    The evokers used lapis lazuli to enchant the villagers

  • 陈明汾

    The vex saids ya hahaha ya hahaha

  • Daniel Tuch
    Daniel Tuch

    On the fake portal theres a trapped chest connected to TNT... Its some kind of a warning, meaning the enderman and the ender dragon are way more powerful than life and death...

  • Tristan Hardy
    Tristan Hardy

    :) minecraft dungeons

  • Cassandra Belyeu
    Cassandra Belyeu

    I thought the Steve-colored wool was from stripping the corpses of Steves.

  • Mysteryman

    Matpat can you do the canon gamemode of minecraft like is it survival or hardcore

  • eunice liou
    eunice liou

    Matpat: "rUiNiNg YoUr ChIlDhOoD sInCe 2011" Me: How can you ruin my childhood if these theories are so awesome? Plus I don't have a childhood yet. :) Sooooo you started trying to ruin people's childhoods after a year that I was born? Wow, weird. Also isn't basically your childhood in the past? How is it possible to ruin someone's *PAST* ???

  • Mangle girl
    Mangle girl

    I’m surprised you managed to get through all that talk of souls without making a single FNAF reference Or maybe I just think about FNAF too much

  • Will MM
    Will MM

    No one: That one guy in the soul sand: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Taylor Hobbs
    Taylor Hobbs

    I feel bad for them, hopefully if said theory is true there could be a mechanic that would cure them or liberate their souls or something

  • NotYourGreatestPlan

    Matt keeps saying that they were trying to make steve but I always had an issue with that theory, and a few moments ago it finally hit me why. Steve, still kind of exists, you can still be the original "steve" model, and that is his original form, what/who he IS. So steve is still around. You know who isnt around (or never was?) Herobrine. all the evidence that would have pointed to steve points to them as well but you also line up both thematically and chronologically. Evil cult + herobrine, checks out. same with reviving or bringing back a cryptid as opposed to a still living person.

  • queen of nightmares
    queen of nightmares

    Wow '_'

  • Dead Skullz88
    Dead Skullz88


  • Daniemac

    that could mean that the wither, being made of soulsand, is just a much much larger soul monster like the vex

  • It’s Slacky
    It’s Slacky

    12:41 *YOUR* Minors! (Knocking) *FBI OPEN UP* Someone needs to check his basement

  • jose el bro
    jose el bro

    12:41 goodtimes with scar hereeeee

  • Ender's fedora
    Ender's fedora

    Next theory: how does Steve exist after the ancient builders died out

  • Hostile Threat
    Hostile Threat

    I feel like all previous versions of minecraft and removed features are cannon, the sky dimension seems to be the place where phantoms come from, the evokers seem to be trying to remake Herobrine, the pig villagers from the old minecraft versions were forced to flee to the nether and became corrupted and feral, and Steve's people were killed and possesed. Some probably fled to the nether which would explain the ruined portals and why we see endermen in the nether and the rest went to the end.

  • Joshua C. D'Silva
    Joshua C. D'Silva

    How about a Game Theory about the fossils in Minecraft? Where the heck did THOSE things come from?

  • Bobby Balogne
    Bobby Balogne

    That block is called ancient debris not netherite.. you don’t mine netherite you craft it from netherite scrap and gold.. matpat doesn’t actually play Minecraft smh... BUT THATS JUST A THEORY

  • That Guy Jeff
    That Guy Jeff

    I have a theory. Steve is the only human surviver after a nuclear fallout

  • GrumpyDuzz

    So Minecraft’s a horror game?

  • John Tom
    John Tom

    When will you do some new minecraft theories now the nether update is out with broken portals and new structures and biomes bet theres lots to unpack there

  • Cat Power2231
    Cat Power2231

    Hey I have a theory! It’s about the journals, well I think all of the enchantment books where all at one point a journal to one of each of the people who where here in Minecraft before us and became enchanted because of the way they DIED! Like blast protection, they died from a creeper

  • Salizar6206

    What is the reason for spawners?

  • Cassandra Wrenn
    Cassandra Wrenn

    I have been watching you for YEARS, I didn't know I had a YT account and I just subbed to you...

  • Jackson Worthman
    Jackson Worthman

    So, here's my headcanon. As the Illagers evolved into modern form, the evokers, who were the leaders of the cult decided to limit the ranks of their cult, so that their species didn't go extinct, as the pillagers and vindicators were very lethal, entire villages would be slaughtered by the time the Illagers left, and there would be very few prisoners, also the Illagers bred even faster than the normal villagers, as there were no rules amongst their culture. When an Illager dies, a message is sent to all of the other chapters of the cult, and one of the chapters will be allowed to use one of their captured villagers to create a new Illager. One of the villagers is taken from the dungeons of that chapter's Woodland Mansion, and a ritual is done before the green eyes Illager statue, with a piece of lapis laid upon the villager's forehead, and a spell is cast so that the villager becomes a vindicator, in time, if the evokers decide to, they will release the Vindicator from their spell, and by that time the Vindicator wishes to join, at which time they'll become a Pillager, once a Pillager has been a captain for long enough, and an evoker is dead, the captain will drink a special potion, which has lapis dust fused into it, which unlocks the psychic powers of the Pillager, and he is then an evoker. To create vexes, an Evoker will train for months to pull a soup out of a piece of soul sand after he does he put it in a special enchanted bottle from which it can't escape, this process will be repeated untill all of the souls have been extracted, after which the Evoker will attempt to put all of the souls together to form a single being, which is relatively easy after having trained for at most a couple of years to do this. A few more times at this and the Evoker will be able to pull souls out of nowhere and put them together and create a flock of vexes. After the Evoker has managed to create a bunch of vexes, he'll join his Illager chapter's council.

  • Zoe Reynolds
    Zoe Reynolds

    You should be most excited about netherite is very very very rare

  • Hien Do
    Hien Do

    Is Minecraft dungeons fun?

  • Sans Jones
    Sans Jones

    Wait a second I haven’t looked at one of those mansions yet maybe there’s a new room that never seen yet almost like it’s full of soul sand as a power source =)

  • Earv Gotti
    Earv Gotti

    Game theory: a soul Me: hmmmmmmm soul eater

  • kieran gamez
    kieran gamez

    theory busted boi

  • kieran gamez
    kieran gamez

    the souls in Minecraft dungeons shine on the ground

  • derp

    Still can't believe he hasn't talked about the broken nether portals or the ship wrecks smh

  • :3 Spinel
    :3 Spinel

    Soooo........What this is saying is that there Pink Diamond.....But hey........tHaTs jUsT a ThErOy......

  • Anais Dexter
    Anais Dexter

    This is funny look at this click on 0:00

  • Eliot Bell
    Eliot Bell

    11:42 at the beginning of that audio, I could hear the sister location jumpscare

  • Jackson Perkins
    Jackson Perkins

    Can I have a carry-on why you were able to add mods in Minecraft

  • Anna Faye Price
    Anna Faye Price

    i just like the peepachu

  • Sploten TheManokit
    Sploten TheManokit

    Notch:*makes a blocky cute game* Gametheory: IT WAS ALL A DEADLY DREAM!

  • Sarthak Doshi
    Sarthak Doshi

    The more deeper you dig in Minecraft it becomes a horror game Like if agree

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