Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
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So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on IT-my. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, despite the coming launch of Google Stadia, they have built a platform that will not support it. Sit back and hold your favorite game close, Loyal Theorists, the future isn't looking bright.
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#Storytime #E3 #Gaming #VideoGames #Fortnite #Cyberpunk2077 #Minecraft #Fail #Matpat #GameTheory
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • BernardoOne

    Erm, Mortal Kombat is the best selling game of 2019 in the NPD so far, and the fastest selling title in the franchise. You didn't do much research, did you?

  • Dez Dark
    Dez Dark

    "Demooonitization" cuts to she shed burning add.

  • Kilravok

    The visibility of games can be secured if people and companies went back to games being traded on physical disks in shops in stead of only online. If you see the disk box in the shelves, you know it exists and can buy it.

    • JamesGames 11176
      JamesGames 11176

      Kilravok yeet

  • Jon the Misunderstood
    Jon the Misunderstood

    There is a prophecy that Minecraft shall Rise again. And it's already started.

  • Specky

    When someone talks about Maximillian Dood. Everyone: Doods: BENNY BENNY BENNY

  • Aiden Swan
    Aiden Swan

    goddamn it not again

  • jermaine ervin
    jermaine ervin

    Where is the petscop vid

  • Apple Apple
    Apple Apple

    i miss old youtube :(

  • Aiden Asar
    Aiden Asar

    Fortnite is dead tho

  • Dan White
    Dan White

    If profanity causes demonetization, how come the Vanoss Crew still has ads?

  • ethan 14
    ethan 14

    All of this stuff about brands being unsafe is just stupid, those companies are going to make this platform super boring

  • Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore


  • El_Froggo303

    I hate fortnut its annoying

  • Supgamer

    10:14 Summoning salt? on a game theory video? pog

  • Xendor Dawnburst
    Xendor Dawnburst

    Thanks for talking about this! I may not be into severe "mature" content, like $3x or severe swearing, but I've noticed how overly-sensitive creators have become! They aren't able to be themselves, and it's having a negative affect on them. And in an age where many parents are letting their kids watch R-rated movies (once more, not something I'm okay with, but okay), it makes no sense to be so sensitive against such content.

  • Eurandómien

    5:34 Yikes, that's not how graphs work. Like at all. Maybe some more thorough quality control?

  • Sonic, sega, and puppets Fanner Cote
    Sonic, sega, and puppets Fanner Cote

    Granny! FNAF! maybe undertale...

  • RavFrom Yetti
    RavFrom Yetti

    if there is a holy grail then it all makes sense, this singularity is corrupted!

  • mohammed tahmid
    mohammed tahmid

    Nowadays it feels like youtube cares more about keeping money in their pockets than keeping the creators and the content in a good place

  • Distance

    You actually can blame IT-my a bit for this: the issue isn't that gaming is "fringe:" the issue is that there are "journalists" out there who feel threatened by new media who routinely write smear pieces attacking IT-my directly for gaming content that - all things considered - isn't really that bad. For example, Ian Sherr from CNET recently wrote about how there are IT-myrs who make gaming content who get angry in their videos and ads appear on this content, which is bad for some reason. Seriously, he cited Jim Sterling, who does some rather good research for many of his videos, as one of the "problem" creators. He also directly contacted some of the advertisers and used leading questions into scaring them into withdrawing their ads from IT-my. This has happened many times in the past, where predatory "journalism" will attack IT-my directly for the content its creators make, and IT-my always makes the wrong call: rather than saying that this is a platform where people can just put up the content they like and IT-my is in no way responsible for said content as they are just the platform, IT-my instead apologizes, demonetizes a bunch of creators - some of whom may deserve it, others of whom most definitely do not - and leaves itself open for the next attack. If IT-my would stop caving, if it would stand up and say that enough is enough and they're not going to be held accountable for content on their platform that falls within legal use, then many creators, gaming creators included, would be in a much less precarious position. IT-my is one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world, so it's not like any advertiser with a solid head on their shoulders is ever going to pull out permanently: they always come back. IT-my is more than capable of weathering the storm of smear pieces until people realize that there isn't actually anything of merit to what these "journalists" are saying. But in order for that to happen, IT-my first needs to stand up for its creators and put its foot down. The problem is that it doesn't want to

  • Josiah McMillian
    Josiah McMillian

    this is not breathtaking

  • Smiles

    Poor indie developers. The lord giveth and taketh thy exposure


    No IT-my is free advertisement for games.

  • caCTi bOwMEn
    caCTi bOwMEn

    *_hOw miNeCrAFt lOre iS rElAtEd tO tHe aSsAsinATiON oF jFK: gAmE tHeOrY_*

  • Jadon Hermanson
    Jadon Hermanson

    Everyone: **IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate IT-my hate** IT-my: *puts ear plugs in their ears* Lalala I cant hear you!!

  • GalaxyCrafter04

    IT-my: *demonetizes games for kissing* My ads between my suggested videos: *two women making out for a game ad* Me: “IT-my YOU MAKE NO SENSE!!!”

  • 8-Bit Logan
    8-Bit Logan

    I agree with you Mattpat

  • Silver Ink182
    Silver Ink182

    I can see where he's going with that he's definitely saying that there's a circular effect when it comes to certain games that are hugely popular especially when he mentions mortal Kombat 11 which I'm super wishing I had the money for even if it's $10 cheaper but like advertisers especially gaming advertisers should be like flocking to IT-my cuz what better way to get your newest hardest game to the general public then throug IT-my would just blow it up look at Minecraft in fortnite

  • Lara Dixon
    Lara Dixon

    bruh why is matpat getting more and more orange each on-the-couch theory video? he looks fine in livestreams! or am i imagining things? regardless, youtube really is getting crappy for gamers :(

  • Aidan Gonzales
    Aidan Gonzales

    Last time I was this early, the thumbnail for this video was Mat sitting on his couch, not Keanu

  • Emarldknight2

    At this point, I think it would be better if IT-my made a whole new website just for kids. Since they would be making it for the ground up they could make sure that every video and IT-my channel that goes on to it is kid friendly, which would make IT-my only for adults and their new website brand safe for adds.

  • Leaglestalon

    congratulations on completely screwing up this by totally ignoring. Which almost seems"deliberate" Mixer. Which has been steadily growing. and many u-tubers have went to. I understand where your focus is in this episode but if you going to do facts and figures about streaming platforms ."DON'T" completely ignore one ...thank you

  • Jazz

    IT-my will just make an exception to the rules for their own games like they did for the music industry and TV talk shows.

  • Denzel Weathers
    Denzel Weathers

    You need info about The Internet/Online Matpat is your guy.

  • Frei

    you should make a channel called Conspiracy Theory where you talk about real world controversial topics

  • DirtyPlatinumGun

    Remember when people played games because they were actively excited about said game, and not because some "influencer" told them to?

  • Neutral Karma
    Neutral Karma

    Make a theory on the roblox game called identity fraud, it really confuses me with its story and the monsters within it

  • Woozey_Fanatics


  • Tristan Powell
    Tristan Powell

    To be fair, it's not like IT-my feels exactly like it's best friends with game companies. Look at the Nintendo music on IT-my, and how it is DEAD. Barely any still exists.

  • Merlin2videos

    please, @IT-my, put this video on the top of everyone's suggested list if they work for google or IT-my.

  • Reagan Brazeale
    Reagan Brazeale

    The only thing I've heard about the Mortal Kombat franchise in recent months is that the people who have been working on the fataities have actually developed PTSD because of how much they were forced to expose themselves to gore and violence on their computers and the company that made the game being completely unsympathetic towards them, only caring about their bottom-line. One of them admitted that they can't look at their dog anymore without seeing nothing but gore and organs and blood, and it made me really sad. No game is worth that level of psychological damage. On the other hand, I am very unhappy with this recent cracking-down on what can be viewed on the Internet. I do want people to be safe, but I also want people to be able to make money doing what they like to do and have easily accessible platforms to do those things. On other platforms, like Tumblr, "adult content" really just meant "queer content," and so stuff like this is worrying because who actually gets to decide what counts as "suggestive content" and can those people deciding those things be trusted?

  • Audrey Hoeschen
    Audrey Hoeschen

    The video started and my inner musical trash went: OOH MY GODS A SQUIP NOBODY LISTEN TO HIM HES EVIL

  • Joel Deakin
    Joel Deakin

    Then check this out!

  • Cor Atro
    Cor Atro

    Matt. This got to be one of the best and well-researched video. I hope more content creators move towards not-so-mainstream video service sites (Like BitChute. Hahaa! A little bit of earned media right there!) and expand. They wouldn't need to terminate nor abandon their IT-my account. As someone who aspires to develop and release a game (or a book) this video has been very informative. Thanks, Matt!

  • Internet savior Carlton
    Internet savior Carlton

    Minecraft is getting a second golden age

  • Contrail Productions
    Contrail Productions

    Hate theory: mats ruining theory’s Those that hate this joke keep your fan boy urges to destroy me calm it’s a *joke*

  • Rodgers the Immortal
    Rodgers the Immortal

    UMG be like: *"Nice royalty free/original music, mind if we monetize it?"*

  • lavameltsice

    Or they could get a monopoly on they own platform by only monetizing games that comes off of the google game platform

  • Costa Kassinas
    Costa Kassinas

    How DARE you make fun of John!

  • Russia/American Gaming
    Russia/American Gaming

    IT-my is broken The system is broken Gamers should run youtube no a computer.

  • Ismail AldienRazi
    Ismail AldienRazi

    8:30 MatPat do you think the samething could happen to fortnite

  • Axel "Sooty" Roo
    Axel "Sooty" Roo

    Doesn't this also hurt IT-my itself as they severely decrease the surface of which they can run ads on? If gaming was such a huge chunk of viewership, wouldn't that in scale be a huge hit in revenue for IT-my/Google?

  • Will Martin 2
    Will Martin 2

    Minecraft has past fortnite on IT-my matpat

  • AJ

    Is he wearing.....make-up?


    Newsflash IT-my is ruining everything

  • Radical ED
    Radical ED

    Biggest video on MK 11 is a video talking about how you cant do a video for it.

  • ItxShadow Teh Nightwing
    ItxShadow Teh Nightwing

    Next Video: How Valve is destoring the literal meaning of pc gaming, with their new beta app.

  • ImsRandom YaBoy
    ImsRandom YaBoy

    Everyone hide your minecraft from the mean people

  • Hingle McCringle
    Hingle McCringle

    To add insult to injury, I got a Stadia ad for every single ad break this entire video. The Same Ad Each Time 😒

  • Santeri Hulkkonen
    Santeri Hulkkonen

    Is it a requirement to be a Google employee to have a lobotomy

  • Googs

    I like Fortnite (if you don’t like you are yag backwards)

  • Eelstrike_The_Warrior

    *Game Theory: IT-my fell down and cant get up*

  • chritopher kassier
    chritopher kassier

    simple solution to the problem, make age restrictions on the video's. There has to be a way to do it mabye it's simple as putting in your date of birth or parental control settings. There has to be some precaution they can put in place other than demonitizing a video because it has some blood. They don't seem to have a problem with advertisment on video games where the 3rd wird is ****.

  • Yeah Man
    Yeah Man

    Based on everything said in this video and the whole corporations taking over with T-series and stuff, the main takeaway is that youtube is no longer what it once was and there's a huge opening left that is waiting to be filled by a new content sharing platform, the question is just who will it be?

  • DAN ofDybukon
    DAN ofDybukon

    The world is going to be a pretty boring place if violent games are demonitised to the point no one wants them, Along with things like horror which is my main genre 😅

  • Anthony Ambrose
    Anthony Ambrose

    I don't understand isn't there a IT-my kid so why don't they restrict that

  • Nelson jr Tomas perez
    Nelson jr Tomas perez

    You havent finished hello neighbor theory

  • Tlasan Dukats
    Tlasan Dukats

    Matpat is orange

  • Charolette The Vampire
    Charolette The Vampire

    Maybe 1.14 will revive minecraft lmao *gets an ad for stadia at the end*

  • Heme Jimmy
    Heme Jimmy

    IT-my 2014: we help the gamers out with views IT-my 2018-2019: we want to destroy monetization everywhere on this platform and gaming channels STONKS

  • Elkius StoryShadows
    Elkius StoryShadows

    This video has a very scishow vibe. I like it!

  • Miles LeBlanc
    Miles LeBlanc

    You literally whored out the channel with Fortnite theories to capitalize on the cash cow....

  • Byrne Kahler
    Byrne Kahler

    How to trigger the 9 year olds: Well Fortnite is a garbage game, its a trash and doo doo

  • Equinox

    So as always, IT-my is broken beyond repair and destroying it's own system

  • DankTheDragon/Draggy

    And Matt forgot discord.

  • Shadow Hedgehog
    Shadow Hedgehog

    F**** youtube

  • Lord ArabianShark
    Lord ArabianShark

    So here's an alternate theory:n IT-my wants to discourage everyone from posting videos of the games off which it intends to make a buck so it can have near monopoly later on.

  • Wyatt The Creator
    Wyatt The Creator

    I have NO Idea what your complaining about... My feed is Full of Final Fantasy Stuff.

  • Grant Oof
    Grant Oof

    Ummmmmmmmmmm mine craft is more than more than just a video game it is life

  • Merlin2videos

    huh... this seems like something that should have been shown at E3

  • William Cail
    William Cail

    Twitch is currently the most popular platform for streamers. ... This means that Twitch had an average of 12,982 streamers per day throughout January-that's almost three times higher than IT-my's number (4,505). Twitch streamers are also likelier to stream for longer.

  • Darkalloy

    You know this might be a paranoid delusional theory, but what if the filter is... Softened for stadia games? A " Oh we won't demonetize your videos on Doompunk Dogs 11 if you play it through stadia. We green light our stadia creators." situation. I mean it's a thought as to why those super violent games would be the flagship for stadia and the neat IT-my integration?/compatibility?/something.

  • Mr.Pink849

    Remember when Markiplier played a jerk off horror game?

  • Darkness Lord
    Darkness Lord

    Minecraft, music, how about BOTH. I present to you MINECRAFT MUSIC, oh wait that already exists....

  • Channel 42
    Channel 42

    11:54 It would seem so, but a simple math calculation shows it's three and change times as much. Still impressive, but not as impressive.

  • Broken Luck
    Broken Luck

    there was a nice guy on pornhub who make videos. Who knows you might could be a gamer on pornhub but then again imagine watching “it” then u see a game on it lol

  • Arthur Rodrigues
    Arthur Rodrigues

    I think youtube is shooting itself on the foot, because youtube kids was created for a reason, and yet, regular youtube needs to be perfectly child friendly as well. so, as someone in this comment section said: What's even the point of creating youtube kids?

  • video games in real life
    video games in real life

    Matpat mentioned Thanos a lot in this episode... SNAP-PAT?

  • MrMicroSpy

    Master level editing there at the start.

  • JAYNJames

    How the frick is this a game theory? This is a history lesson and the effects of the history. MatPat. You don't do theories. Stop calling them theories

  • Fierce Wolffo
    Fierce Wolffo

    Why do I feel that this video is going to get demonetized for knowing too much...

  • Evelyn Rivera Garcia
    Evelyn Rivera Garcia

    I'm surprised this video's monetized

  • can't get a laugh
    can't get a laugh

    You watch a lot of lazerbeam

  • blue lasagna
    blue lasagna

    4:11 It's just nice to have new games to look at, talk about, play... Me: *and theorize about-*

  • Sharifa Khatun
    Sharifa Khatun

    I feel like I’m the only one who watches Game Theory and plays ROBLOX! ._.

  • GalaxyCrafter04

    And all this also counts for Red Dead Redemption....😞😖

  • Super Mario Plush Series
    Super Mario Plush Series

    youtube demonetizes matpat for revealing the truth

  • Richard Corrales
    Richard Corrales

    I still cant belive your in your early 30's

  • XxxDesacratedxxX 0
    XxxDesacratedxxX 0

    Your a bloody LEGEND

  • David Ritz
    David Ritz

    🤔🤔 hmm This video could have been on Film Theory cuz youtube is a film/video platform

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