• Pat Mahon
    Pat Mahon

    Well, she wouldn't have to ask me twice… his loss.

  • Bandsquad Familia
    Bandsquad Familia

    Sexual harassment

  • D eb
    D eb

    Wendy, "She put that on." "Did she cheat? Wendy." Wendy mined your business. You know what it feels like to have someone use an cheat on you. You are such a miserable horrible person. If she was Kim K. you would have been defending her. Sometimes you are very annoying.

  • Ang Casa
    Ang Casa

    ☹️awe I can’t believe they are divorcing. I really thought they were happy. I hope they can work things out and stay together I love them as a couple. If not I hope they both find love and happiness again❤️❤️ And he is barely getting out of a marriage I highly doubt he wants Wendy, she’s like hella pressuring him.

  • Chaos Army
    Chaos Army

    she doesnt even care at this point..somebody get the horny police

  • Danillo Duarte
    Danillo Duarte

    She's sliding from the chair because of the moist, isn't she?

  • MaJane

    Damn divorced at a certain age is painful but im sad that people break up after so long. Im watching garys show now, him and kenya look happy so it makes no sense to me.

  • sank dhit
    sank dhit

    Gary smashed

  • Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams

    Don’t do it Gary

  • zeke2solid

    She tryna make her move "rawr" 😂

  • Mscaligyrl72

    She can't differentiate between disinterest and intimidation? Damn, Wendy.... thirsty much??

  • Mary Samson
    Mary Samson

    Wtf, is wrong with her face , dammmmn

  • Asiya Sann
    Asiya Sann

    She so desperate

  • Family Fun Time Adventure & Toy reviews
    Family Fun Time Adventure & Toy reviews

    Wendy Wendy that was so bad taste..Yes we know Gary likes chocolate but he is going through a divorce..When he said technically still married that was your clue to chill out..When he said he belongs to the street that ment HELL NO WENDY IM NEVER GOING OUT WITH YOU..lol then thirsty as Wendy says me too lol at that point it was just embarrassing watching you belittling your self..lol..

  • Danny Dusse
    Danny Dusse

    Wendy broke her tailbone when she sat down

  • Danny Dusse
    Danny Dusse

    Gary only likes black women

  • T Clarke
    T Clarke

    Wendy just bc he was married to a black woman doesn’t mean he will just tag ANYTHING?! 😂 she’s so desperate and he doesn’t want anything to do with that man dude.

  • Rebecca Rugrat
    Rebecca Rugrat

    Wendy looking like the weeknds mam

  • Mike Jay
    Mike Jay

    Gary got hit on by a dude

  • PBWK

    I'm only watching this to get an update on Gary in his own words. Then I'll remind youtube again to never recommend Wendy videos.

  • C m
    C m

    She kind of reminds me of the gremlins after midnight 👀

  • dMoneyD

    //: Nothing like a high value single whyte gentlemen lol. Women call all "X" dead beat.

  • Toni Roni
    Toni Roni

    Wendy Williams is not attractive: she looks sick and dragged but still Love You..

  • Jay'Rell 4Real
    Jay'Rell 4Real

    He was terrified af !!! Wendy should be ashamed for acting like this, this is actually harassment. If a man did this y’all would be going off !

  • Lucyylui

    She looks like Kenya on that pink picture

  • Lucyylui

    I had to rewind the first 10 seconds like 5 times. I immediately caught she was flirting sounding all like a man introducing him. Lortt if she wasn't just throwing herself at him! & He's still married wtf is wrong with her. Desperate isn't the word

  • Lex



    if you look at other times Gary was on the show, Wendy was always tryna holla at Gary. now she knows she has a chance and is tripping over herself to take it. id be impressed at her boldness if I wasn't cringing my face off.

  • Jason bourne
    Jason bourne

    Wendy u should've been in think like a man act like a man too u even look like a man! 🤣

  • Jason bourne
    Jason bourne

    Cuz u literally look like a man Wendy Williams! That's y nobody wants u!

  • Instead Nelly
    Instead Nelly

    why do black women get overly thirsty and excited when they find out a white man likes black women? But will cuss out any white woman dating a black man?

    • Jay'Rell 4Real
      Jay'Rell 4Real


  • iLMCR

    One word: CRINGE 😬 !!!

  • Gabriella Pope
    Gabriella Pope


  • C W
    C W

    Wendy is messy. She was trying to push him into some foolishness.

  • Cathy Reilly
    Cathy Reilly

    Wendy thinks every man is interested in her. They are obviously NOT!

  • roter13

    Honestly, this is the best he's ever looked.

  • Nika R.
    Nika R.

    😳 What is happening? This is awkward to watch 😬 Wtf is she doing This is more of an application process for “love” not an interview 🤦🏽‍♀️ Don’t do it Gary. Don’t.

  • Lilith

    When women put other woman down instead of lifting them up says more about you than them.

  • Alison W
    Alison W

    Oh Wendy, your behavior is so 🤮

  • Alison W
    Alison W

    Wendy should give up the flirting with Gary. She needs to change her name to Groot. I don't think I need to explain why.

  • Nena X
    Nena X

    I haven't seen this show in awhile but what has she done to her face??

  • Caramel And Chocolate
    Caramel And Chocolate

    He is smart…. He waited to get out of the relationship till the kids were over 18 so he didn’t have to have child support.

  • dan parish
    dan parish

    If it was a male host and Gary was a woman going through divorce, this would be a #metoo moment.

  • Micah Thigpen
    Micah Thigpen

    I’m blushing geez 😩😩😩

  • Alexsa Anderson
    Alexsa Anderson

    He still loves that woman... Wendy needs to chill

  • Mickey Locklear
    Mickey Locklear

    He’s not divorced and he could get into more trouble with his wife. I heard she had an addiction to pain pills or she was high almost all the time, but again that is a rumor.

  • ELove352

    "Wassup Bri" he shouts out the woman he's been cheating with 9:44 he gave himself away lol

    • Kyra Woods-Buckner
      Kyra Woods-Buckner

      I noticed that also....that's just more ammo for his wife since he's been denying it...stupid move

  • HeroCity

    Wendy wanted a little cream in her coffee that night

  • Creativity By Carol
    Creativity By Carol

    I can’t believe the network can’t see this lady being high as hell

  • Junior-Corrado Soprano
    Junior-Corrado Soprano

    What's wrong with ur face.

  • cayasm

    So embarrassing, poor guy just looked uncomfortable.

  • Batirtze Urkiaga Etxabe
    Batirtze Urkiaga Etxabe

    He's obviously going through a hard time, but he looks like he's taking care of himself.....😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • Crystal

    Yes, he did say "What's up Bri @9:44 but so what! They are separated and getting a divorce. I understand shes hurt and want to vent publicly but eventually im sure she'll move on. I think she want Gary to be hurt too but he's not. He's moved on quicker like most men do. I just wish she didn't vent so publicly. She comes off as petty.

    • ELove352

      I really love the fact that he chose a so called "ordinary" woman. Nurse at a hospital. I love it when famous people Don't date other famous people After becoming famous and while being famous.

    • ELove352

      She came before the divorce and marriage ended. She's part of the reason is why it's relevant. And disproves his statement of not cheating with her. She is very well most likely to win the divorce settlement and rightly so.

    • ELove352

      She came before the divorce and marriage ended. She's part of the reason is why it's relevant. And disproves his statement of not cheating with her. She is very well most likely to win the divorce settlement and rightly so.

  • C. Allen
    C. Allen

    what’s up bri, I’ll be cheating on you too, but not with Wendy…..

  • JamGirl35 Yawd Girl
    JamGirl35 Yawd Girl

    I don't think Wendy was serious about flirting with him. Why would she do it on the air?. She couldn't have been.

  • C C
    C C

    What’s up, Bri. We see you, Kenya.

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera

    What is going on with Wendy's face???

  • Lupita Chagolla
    Lupita Chagolla

    “ What’s up bri! “ i see you Gary smh

  • Evans Evans
    Evans Evans

    Who's Bri🤔

  • Michele Miller
    Michele Miller


  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones

    She's changing the whole shoe is almost unwatchable. He's talking slowly like her.🥴

  • MySisterIsAFoodie

    09:43 “What’s up Bri” 👀👀👀

  • Marky mark
    Marky mark

    How inappropriate can you be, I find it odd she is a talk show host. She's acting like a honey trap!


    Wendy Garry simply isnt into you

  • Irene RN future MSN
    Irene RN future MSN

    This is terrible. I have secondhand embarrassment

  • Noveau Bleu
    Noveau Bleu

    Wendy shoots her shot.... and .....brick city

  • 08bcaan

    He said I belong to the streets! Ha ha. Translation: he will be thotting for a few years b4 he settles down again 😂😂😂

  • Naj Subira
    Naj Subira

    This is so uncomfortable to watch

  • anigma0308

    He still didn't answer if he cheated or not. He just said he didn't cheat with that chick

  • Malcolm Chibby
    Malcolm Chibby

    dude…. women’s egos man. they can’t even fathom the thought of someone not being into em. it’s truly wild

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