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  • Maria Ochoa
    Maria Ochoa

    Hi beautiful

  • Desiree Carrasco
    Desiree Carrasco

    Watching this after knowing the gender, and damn the reasonable tales really predicted her baby’s gender

  • Ariana Torres
    Ariana Torres

    I think the one of the how if you think your pretty or ugly is wrong. Because your skin is so clear and your getting a pregnancy glow so it should have been a boy not a girl.

  • Mandy Araiza
    Mandy Araiza


  • Alexis Valdez
    Alexis Valdez

    I thought girl at first

  • Sadphire

    What is the link for the Chinese calendar y’all use?

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez

    The Chinese calendar is REAL, it was accurate for me both times, my sister both times & my other sister. Lol

  • Marisela Bernal
    Marisela Bernal

    Just realized I haven’t fully watched this so after watching the reveal, let’s see which ones were accurate 😆💙🎊🧸

  • yesenia t
    yesenia t

    Girl what r u talking bout feeling feita 😅 jaja u look great

  • Rosa Torres
    Rosa Torres

    Congrats to you both! So blessed are you!

    • Julissa Cruz
      Julissa Cruz

  • Kathy DaSilva
    Kathy DaSilva

    boy! do you have a PO box we can send stuff?

  • Sandra Cuevas
    Sandra Cuevas

    Omg so the ring one was RIGHT !! I just came back to try this on myself and supposedly I’m having a boy to 🙈😭💍

  • Katherine Salazar
    Katherine Salazar

    It’s crazy watching this after watching the gender reveal and knowing what the baby’s gender actually is! Some of those tests were actually accurate woahh

  • ex girl 09
    ex girl 09


  • Reyna Flores
    Reyna Flores

    Les what Chinese calendar did you use ??? ☺️

  • erikaysargon

    Who came here to see what preddictions were right🤣

    • Desirae Marie
      Desirae Marie

      Haha same!!! 😂😂😂

    • Nataliz Roze
      Nataliz Roze

      Omg same 😂

  • Andrea Portillo
    Andrea Portillo

    My Chinese calendar was rite for me it said I was gonna have a girl and I did have a girl 🤗💖

  • Valerie M
    Valerie M

    Anyone else watching this before the reveal ♥️♥️

  • Yabelly

    I have cold feet always and I'm not even pregnant. Lol. I'm watching this again to compare to your gender reveal. I keep refreshing your videos

  • PrincesaBubblegum

    Baby girl I keep refreshing your YT page waiting for your gender reveal!!! Came to watch this video again while I wait! #TeamBoy! #BoyMom 💙

    • Estee Carrillo
      Estee Carrillo

      PrincesaBubblegum same!!! Lol

  • Princesz Peach
    Princesz Peach

    Omg baby girl hurry up I’m dying since yesterday watching ur snap !!!!!!! 😭😭♥️♥️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I cant wait to see !!! U looked amazing 😍 hurry hurry Urgh I hate technical difficulties!!

  • Mi Familia
    Mi Familia

    I think it's a boy

  • Linda Jocelynn
    Linda Jocelynn

    I'm 100% you having a girl !!!

  • Chikis Vel
    Chikis Vel

    #TeamBOY 💙

  • sweetest sin 559
    sweetest sin 559

    I’m 100% sure you’re having a boy #teamboy

  • hunneedrops

    I say baby boy

  • Starstrucksince84

    Team boy lol

  • Estephanie Alonzo
    Estephanie Alonzo

    I believe the Chinese callander for a fact !! It predicted all my pregnancies and my sister is pregnant now we did the Chinese calendar and it said she was having a boy and we recently found out last Tuesday that she indeed is having a boy!!!

  • Yezzy Rodriguez
    Yezzy Rodriguez

    i have the feeling its boy 🙂💙

  • Lisa martinez
    Lisa martinez

    Do the ring and string test!!! that one was always accurate for me and I have four kids!!! ♥️

    • Julissa Cruz
      Julissa Cruz

  • Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes
    Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes


  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez

    Baby girl you are glowing 🤩

  • Andrea Torres
    Andrea Torres

    I did the spoon and fork one and I had a girl . We tested it on my coworker who already knew what she was having and it was accurate a’f

  • maria estrada
    maria estrada

    I think is a boy 👶💙

  • Felicia Valencia
    Felicia Valencia

    🎀🎀🎀 So TRUE it's based off of Genetics (Mom, Abuelas, Tias) on both Yours and Your BD side. If your Breast are growing while you're pregnant, studies show that it's a girl. 💖💖💖

  • Shannon G
    Shannon G

    Im due in September and SWORE I was having a boy, turns out it's a girl! These tests are deff just for fun but congrats!! xx

  • Piaah G
    Piaah G

    I'm team boy here love you God bless yall Les ♡♡♡

  • Gorda Felix
    Gorda Felix

    Yo pienso ke vas a tener ni~a a las 13 semanas por medio de un examen de sangre ya puedes saber el sexso del bebé

  • KRYSt512

    Everything that you got a girl for happened to me & I had a boy!! Lol I even felt the same way you did. Boobs, symptoms, everything. Lol

  • Mayra Dominguez
    Mayra Dominguez

    When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a dream that I was having a girl and it was a girl lol

  • Lydia Elaine Orozco
    Lydia Elaine Orozco

    The Chinese calendar was wrong for me! It said girl and I had a boy!

  • Atenas Was Here
    Atenas Was Here

    For me, all of the “predictions” said I was having a boy and I’m having a girl so I don’t believe in none of that lol congrats Les ! 💗

  • The Velez Family
    The Velez Family

    The ramzi theory and the ring test both were accurate with all of my pregnancies so I really think your gonna have a boy girl💕

    • Julissa Cruz
      Julissa Cruz

  • Lizette Ochoa
    Lizette Ochoa

    acuestate y mira si te mueve feo

  • Lizette Ochoa
    Lizette Ochoa


  • Maritza Gomez Valle
    Maritza Gomez Valle

    OMG LES!!! I felt I was having a boy too but was definitely team girl! Turns out I’M HAVING A BABY GIRL ❤️

  • Ameena

    I had to move my playback speed to 0.75x to understand her. Slow down ur talking please

  • Elisea Villa
    Elisea Villa

    Chinese calendar was wrong for me once and I have two girls #teamgirl

  • loveangelcakess

    Ahhh I’m so excited for you’s!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁💜💜💜💜💜 Hint hint: One way to get the grease stain out is to use hot water & dish soap on the grease spot & scrub the shorts together where the stain is to get it out & then wash them in hot water after!

  • Ileana Garcia
    Ileana Garcia

    It’s going to be a girl because you keep saying it’s a boy . That’s exactly what happened to me after I did all these myths too 💕💕

  • Andrea Batres
    Andrea Batres

    I'm thinking it's a boy I go for the ring test

  • Pablo Venegas
    Pablo Venegas

    My mom never had morning sickness with her kids i have and my feet were always cold i had 2 girls lol and i wasnt sexually active with my second girl buti was with my first girl

  • Lizbeth L
    Lizbeth L

    Usually mommy’s instinct is right

  • Pamela Garcia
    Pamela Garcia


  • Nathalie Lizarraga
    Nathalie Lizarraga

    Team boy forsure 💕💕💕

  • Valeria Juarez
    Valeria Juarez

    I strongly believe in the ring test ! It’s always been right !

  • Kalie Blair
    Kalie Blair

    I’m such team boy. I think a little boy would suite you so well if that even makes any sense lmao 😅

  • Shae Babyy
    Shae Babyy

    Les for future reference, if you ever get oil on your clothes... put dawn soap on it directly and rub it in it let it sit a little soapy then rinse

  • Mercedes Gonzales
    Mercedes Gonzales

    Your having a boy

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    The ring test I did to my mom like 2 years before she got pregnant and it said the last child would be a girl... she got pregnant( not on purpose) last year (around July) and I did it to her again it said it would be a girl... at 12 weeks they said it was 75% chance it was a girl... at 20 weeks it was confirmed to be a girl and now June 27, 2019... I have the cutest little sister of the world!!! ( today she is 3 months old)!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • dalia barrera
    dalia barrera

    I had a boy and had severe morning sickness.

  • Cook With Me Ann
    Cook With Me Ann

    Your having a boy 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Marisol Hernandez
    Marisol Hernandez

    I feel she’s having a boy .

  • Je Ra
    Je Ra

    The fork and spoon gender game is sooo true Les! All the mommies on my hubby’s side and my side of my family have done that game when pregnant, including myself, and it’s ALWAYS accurate. I 💯 percent believe it’s a boy!!!

  • Bentley's Adventures
    Bentley's Adventures

    The Chinese gender calendar never failed me #TeamGirl Can’t wait to find out what you’re having!!

  • 17716 Mia
    17716 Mia

    Yayyy it’s Bebita, she’s gonna be pretty just like her mama...💕

  • Stephanie Trejo
    Stephanie Trejo

    I am Team Baby 👦 Boy !!! 😍👌🏻👏🏻

  • Mary Mua
    Mary Mua

    Your having a boy

  • Anahi Martinez
    Anahi Martinez

    I think it's going to be a boy! 💙 either way your baby will be the cutest!

  • Jess Delea
    Jess Delea

    Baking soda test was a boy it wouldn't do anything at all if it was a girl

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