George Floyd death homicide, official post-mortem declares - BBC News
BBC News
The death of George Floyd, which triggered widespread protests across the US, has been declared a homicide in an official post-mortem examination.
The 46-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest while being restrained by Minneapolis police, the report found.
It listed Mr Floyd's cause of death as "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression".
Meanwhile, President Donald Trump vowed to use the military to end the unrest.
A video showing a white police officer continuing to kneel on Mr Floyd's neck even after he pleaded he could not breathe has reignited deep-seated anger over police killings of black Americans.
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  • Heather Lingard
    Heather Lingard

    So the cop should of just let him kill a pregnant woman and her unborn baby ? He was a nasty criminal yes the cop went to far and should of just arrested him instead of killing him but he is no saint he as done lots of bad things and has already been in jail once or twice

  • jean sebastien
    jean sebastien

    Fight racism and discrimination. All people are equal and deserve to live in dignity.

  • English Language&Literature Lectures by Abdul Basit
    English Language&Literature Lectures by Abdul Basit A beautiful tribute to George Floyd by a Pakistani Artist.

  • English Language&Literature Lectures by Abdul Basit
    English Language&Literature Lectures by Abdul Basit

  • Chin Tu Fat Dum Gai
    Chin Tu Fat Dum Gai

    "America is racist" a good 70% of all the protest going on is attended by white people

  • stuart beaumont
    stuart beaumont

    Were the other 2 not from minority groups. If so does that not take the racism out of the argument. Also why have you not reported the toxicology report. The man was a gangster that prayed on women. Why dont you tell people about his criminal record

    • TheDictatorial 99
      TheDictatorial 99

      They conveniently leave that info of the drugs out to make people think he was murdered. He had lethal drugs in his system, in addition to numerous heart conditions as well as extremely narrowed arteries which could all have played a part in his sudden death. His autopsy report makes no mention of cardiopulmonary arrest aside from the title. It isn't mentioned anywhere else aside from there. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

  • Boon Huat Tan
    Boon Huat Tan


  • Captain Buzzkill
    Captain Buzzkill

    There's a pain in my shest...😖 And I can't breev! 😫

  • AestheticKenxieX


  • htflsteve

    You are not telling the truth, what sort of man was George floyd? and what was the conclusion of the autopsy? And yes i do believe this should be treated as a homicide. What you are doing by leaving out important information, is contributing to further break down in the trust of the media, and fuelling already very angry people into more civil unrest.

  • Ермак

    То есть по вашему, "демократия", это когда черные под прикрытием "протеста" грабят и громят магазины?, попутно избивая хозяев, которые (прям как бесстыжие расисты) пытаются самостоятельно защитить свой бизнес, в то время, пока толерантные полицейские стоят на коленях, а остальные бараны целуют черным ботинки и каются? Да пошли вы нахер с такой демократией...У вас с толерантностью долбанулся уже не только голливуд в кучу с нетфликсом. Она у вас давно уже вышла из берегов, за грань адекватности и здравого смысла. Аааа..подождите, я понял! они грабят магазины в память об умершем и в знак солидарности с ним, ведь он тоже судим за грабеж был. другого объяснения этой вакханалии, я просто не нахожу. Да это не мое дело, но пишу, раз вы сукины дети, тоже постоянно лезете в наши дела и в дела всего другого мира со своей "демократией" ханжески поучая нас "диких варваров" что такое - свобода и независимость

  • DarkIsMyThing :b
    DarkIsMyThing :b

    They should sufficate the four officers.Give derek 1hr.

  • m i
    m i

    The 4 cops deserve not to be in prison! They deserve a DEATH PENALTY.

  • David Turner
    David Turner

    They won't be able to breathe when they get coronavirus

  • Blahblah Think
    Blahblah Think

    Neither can i, whats happened?

  • Geo Pipe69
    Geo Pipe69

    Why aren’t they talking about the meth he was on???

  • Arun Kimar
    Arun Kimar

    People who one trust are the ones who break the law. World already has a lot on its hand. Now this. One bad police doesn't mean everyone is bad. One must try to contain oneself and show the example. People in power have to be compassionate.

  • Robert OSBORNE
    Robert OSBORNE


  • world tuday
    world tuday

    All people around the world especially Black people must be Muslim,in Islam there is no difference between rich and poor and black and white.

  • Parminder Grewal
    Parminder Grewal

    This is just a distraction from the awakening to the plandemic and the loss the civil liberties coming around the corner , so the few can dominate and dehumanize the many.

  • Kenneth Ketchum
    Kenneth Ketchum

    P.S. their defense will be, "If George Floyd had been an Olympic athlete, well, he would be alive today! So, we can hardly blame these poor officers who were just doing their jobs, sitting around, on George Floyd's neck and body, compressing him to the point he couldn't breathe!" And they will be found innocent, and collect their pensions....

  • Kenneth Ketchum
    Kenneth Ketchum

    yeah, he had a bad tooth, surely that must have contributed to his death, I mean, strangulation/cutting off the blood flow to someone's brain as well as compressing them after you choke them out, well uhhhh, there you have it, if you have high blood pressure or possibly a hangnail, well, could kill ya, yep, sure,

  • Bhagyashree Dubey
    Bhagyashree Dubey

    That vdeo of police officers on George's neck was barbaric


    uhm,, i think people here almost forgets the covid19 already -- no social distancing..

  • Toufiqul Islam
    Toufiqul Islam

    we mourn! we mourn!! we mourn!!! My condolences to the family of George Floyd, I wish his bliss in his life in paradise. The following link represents my very little bit of contribution to the honor of his soul and supports the present movement. But I do not support any violence.

  • Omar Camacho
    Omar Camacho

    More protests

  • Sanaa San
    Sanaa San

    Im so sorry but I never Trust you (POLICE) 😔 #BLACKLIVESMATTERS

  • Jules E Patten
    Jules E Patten

    I am crying, my heart is broken, there roils in me a multitude of emotions that is hard to contain. I cannot (and I will not) reconcile Mr Floyd's death with our place, as humans, in history. A global pandemic threatens us, the dominant species, of our very existence and humanity is on the precipice of annihilation. Now Mr Floyd is dead, no reason, a misunderstanding, his killers defy any kind of apology. Is there a hidden, collective mind-set stipulating that every few years a person of colour must die, very publicly - a modern day lynching (and I'm not supposed to cry).

  • Nicolas Tesla
    Nicolas Tesla


  • Klaus NT
    Klaus NT

    If the cop was black, hispanic or asian nobody would know who George Floyd was. The media finally found the white cop (apparently) causing the death of a black man and made it a story. By the way, George Floyd was a seasoned criminal with 5 previous convictions including armed robbery of a pregnant women. He had amphetamines, fentanyl and morphine in his blood at the time of his arrest, and died of a heart attack. Believe the media if you want but a bit of critical thinking doesn’t hurt.

  • Amy 04
    Amy 04

    Why does it have to get this far for us to realise that racism surrounds and chokes us. #letsendracism. It's more important that we don't return to a previous mentality and change for the better. #georgefloyd

  • tazz rocks
    tazz rocks

    I don’t need likes but black lives matter I can’t breath we’re all the same 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 I see you I hear you i Stand with you black lives matter

  • CforComfort

    You mean it was a murder.

    • Halima Umar Isa
      Halima Umar Isa

      That's what it means yes

  • Rabia Khan
    Rabia Khan

    Complete video George Floyd death

  • Rabia Khan
    Rabia Khan

    George Floyd death video

  • pok cop
    pok cop

    This country should stop whitesplaining.

  • Michael Sargeant
    Michael Sargeant

    And who gave him that counterfeit note he tried to spend


    Black pride 🎉🎊💃 Gay pride 🎉🎊💃 Latino pride 🎉🎊💃 Mideastern pride 🎉🎊💃 Asian pride 🎉🎊💃 Mexican pride 🎉🎊💃 -White pride- 👿👹👺 FUK THAT. Be PROUD To Be White.

  • Seid Mohammed
    Seid Mohammed

    Ya GoerGe = Africa american. +. Trump = rusian american

  • Seid Mohammed
    Seid Mohammed

    Don't say Don't shoot -------say ---- Daun Daun Tramp

  • J R
    J R

    I guess not,when your body ingested FENTANYL and METH.

  • isha diko
    isha diko

    Life in jail the video so all over the world's in Africans see the videos the police officers can't lies before off the video I can't b.... calling the mum name 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka

    Makes me wonder why the police would have to use that much force to restrain this man in that manner in the first place? Bit odd to say the least.

  • Kerice Aka Little Ranks
    Kerice Aka Little Ranks He should go to jail for Frist degree murder

  • Prince Lenny
    Prince Lenny

    He was murderd on the street by racist police officers, my bad....I mean racist police scumbags in broad day light for the WORLD to see....why cant these reporters say it the way it is?


    Trump must be resign!!!

  • Prins Ricky
    Prins Ricky

    They just gonna charge this man with man slaughter which is 3 years and out in 2 with good behavior

  • Shnarf

    Why are there not such protests for women's rights. We have suffered longer and harder than any group. Thousands of years of suffering.

    • ReclusiveDuck

      Probably because men have had to listen to you suffering for thousands of years and wish you'd just shut up :)

    • Halima Umar Isa
      Halima Umar Isa

      What right do women not have?

  • Mark Duggan
    Mark Duggan

    Oh I see, I can’t have more than six p round and have to social distance yet it ok for mass protests in the street. Sounds like “phase two” of this plannedemic is martial law.

  • Ken Sturm
    Ken Sturm

    A black man who was killed

  • سوسو الجميلة
    سوسو الجميلة

    The officer was pleasuring the moments of the killing. You can see it in his face.

  • fern Haloo
    fern Haloo

    This whole thing smells like an op; "spontaneous" protests appear highly organized, and refusal of officialdom to restore order by dealing with perps has me searching for the puppeteer in charge. An occult working of the highest degree.

    • Grant Le Bon
      Grant Le Bon


  • Rose xRose
    Rose xRose

    For gods sake WHEN ARE THEY GONNA WAKE UP trump be talking bout how he's gon release the army in the streets to stop the protesters, talking bout how the protesters are "disrupting the peace" why doesn't he actually solve the problem then? it's ayt for him, it's ayt for the police officers who murdered George coz they white and that's facts. Man them officers where enjoying killing him, George was unconscious y'all and that officer still did not take his knee off his neck. He shouldn't even be called an officer he is a disgrace to the badge they all are. History is repeating itself again Emmett Till, George Floyd, who next? Y'all know what pissed me of the most? When the officers told him to get in the car whilst they were pinning him down what do u want the man to do? he was begging u to let him go he told u so many times he can not breathe he started calling for his mom for god's sake so y'all wanna stop the protesters? We'll stop when the racism stops "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO RACIST POLICE" "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO RACIST POLICE"

  • Taty Max
    Taty Max

    Four cops should take full responsibility in this murder + their bosses who have been covering them for many years. It’s not first time

  • Wits End
    Wits End

    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

  • David Scott
    David Scott

    A few police officers behaved badly, so protestors take it out on everyone! ...the violent rioting is no way to confront this problem, those who have used this event as a means to direct their anger over a frustrating lockdown should be ashamed! ...and would the media please STOP emphasising the fact that this man happened to be of African American heritage. If it was any other colour of man, the media would just say 'a man' ! Yes racism exists, but don't take it out on the world!! ... I have never been, or never intend on being a racist, but yet I have 'Black Lives Matter' interrupting my spotify music with ADS reminding me not to be a racist, OH THANK YOU VERY MUCH, but I really don't need to be reminded to treat everyone with the same respect despite the colour of their skin.

  • Nino. Exe
    Nino. Exe

    Why. Just why. What has the world become,instead of being one,people are turning on others for being diffrent. Racism,Homophobia,and anything like that is just shameful. I wish we didn’t live in a world like this..

  • Zahid Khan
    Zahid Khan

    Honestly a dog would have been shown more respect than George.... sickening

  • yewMP5

    Yo BBC, why didn't you talk shit like what you did previously during Hong Kong riot? Bash the US government like how you bashed China. Oh wait yall don't do that because the gun should always point at yellow and black skinned people right :)

  • Edgar R
    Edgar R

    In the mean time yesterday in Atlanta, GA black students in their car filming the riot with their cell phones, the police smashed their windows, tasered them, pulled out of the car and handcuffed :

  • Lion King
    Lion King

    Yes , arrest all the four stupid idiotic police officers and charge criminal convictions against them and then lock them up in the guintanamo bay prison. American cops should be sent to Africa for an intensive in depth training before starting their career in the US. This will stop the inborn racist attitude of cops in America against ethnic minorities and migrants from Africa.

  • Danny 'Dharma Zen' Tseng
    Danny 'Dharma Zen' Tseng

    They should be protesting the 7+ MILLION human beings (according to the World Health Organization) that die worldwide due to the burning of fossil fuels. Learn how to reduce your energy bills by up to 90% withOUT a single solar panel by learning about Passive House & watching the energy conservation videos on my "Solar For Dummies" IT-my channel at: or

  • Major1 daughter
    Major1 daughter

    When your plea for life was not heard ,you call out "MAMA ". So heartbroken . 💔💔😭😭😭 God plant LOVE where there is hatred ..

  • mo brown
    mo brown

    The police need to be arrested and charged pure and simple this is not about white agains blacks it’s about Racists against people, the first doctor needs to be prosecuted too

  • Mr Jacko
    Mr Jacko

    There is no evidence whatsoever that this was racially motivated. Yes it shouldn’t have happened and the cop should be jailed but why is everyone making out this is racist? This is just a heavy handed cop that would probably have done exactly the same to a white suspect!

    • Mr Jacko
      Mr Jacko

      Chris Bridges truth hurt?

    • Chris Briggs
      Chris Briggs


  • Weikun Chu
    Weikun Chu

    Think if it happen in China and Hongkong

  • Jnr O C
    Jnr O C

    Hello BBC it's not just America problem, it's a global issue. UK you're not innocent either!

  • cuttyranks shabba
    cuttyranks shabba

    All 4 cops need be in jail if judge let them off he or she is criminal just like them am not from USA ok what I see if in my country cops be in jail all people need justice the first man day Trump should talk to people from he did not ok what kind Trump are criminal just like them cops he not for people he not good run country all care about white people cops

  • Beautiful Villian
    Beautiful Villian

    There's no different between murderer and these polices. Trust me, when I was in the USA, what I was afraid the most were them. They could kill me although I did nothing wrong. I saw a female police harm a white American womam violently in NYC, she pulled her hair to get her out from the car and hit her with it. These polices are insane and love violating, harm the car drivers. But too lazy to manage real criminal in NYC and DC although the tourists were robbed in front of their sight. I was robbed either, but they just have done nothing, but chatting with their friends. 👎

    • Beautiful Villian
      Beautiful Villian

      I never forget 1 news, police shot a black woman in Texas either. She did nothing wrong.

  • Miss A Peal
    Miss A Peal

    If you have 1000 cops & 100 of them are corrupt while the other 900 look the other way, you have 1000 corrupt cops. How many more people need to die before they do something about the very big problem that is the police force in America?

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